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U.S. Supreme Court cites an Ethiopian scholar’s work

By Selam Beyene

At a time when many Ethiopians in the Diaspora are disenchanted with President Obama’s gestures toward the Ethiopian tyrant Meles Zenawi, it is ironic that the work of an Ethiopian scholar, Dr. Berhanu Alemayehu, is cited as significant scientific evidence supporting the concurring opinion of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) decision. The article Dr. Berhanu co-wrote with Dr. Kenneth Warner, “The Lifetime Distribution of Health Care Costs”, was cited approvingly as evidence of the skyrocketing cost of health care in the U.S. The citation to the article follows the majority opinion which ends on p. 59. Justice Ginsburg’s concurring opinion immediately follows and the citation to the article appears on p. 4.

Asked about the significance of the citation, Professor Al Mariam of California State University, San Bernardino, wrote: “While such citation in a U.S. Supreme Court opinion may not mean a whole lot to those in the scientific community, those of us in the legal community appreciate its significance in the outcome of one of the most important constitutional cases of recent decades. It is a great honor to have one’s work cited by the highest court in the U.S. on such an important issue. I am sure there were thousands of other scientific studies on health care costs the Court could have cited, but Dr. Berhanu’s article was selected because it made a special impression. We should all be proud of Dr. Berhanu for his exemplary scientific work.”

The link to the U.S. Supreme Court Opinion is:

It is common knowledge that most Ethiopians in the Diaspora have stellar records of unparalleled sacrifice and unrelenting tenacity in their fight against tyranny and injustice perpetrated by successive authoritarian regimes in their native land. It is therefore befitting that the work of one such remarkable Ethiopian is used to support a landmark decision that will positively impact the lives of millions in his adopted country.

It may be recalled that Ethiopian-Americans passionately supported Barrack Obama’s presidential bid in 2008, and were optimistically inspired by his promise of support for those fighting against tyranny and injustice all over the world. Unfortunately, the misguided policies of his administration toward Zenawi and the continuing association of the Pentagon with the dictator as an ally “against terror”, have caused many Ethiopian-Americans to reevaluate their support and options in the coming presidential election.

Many observers now believe that Ethiopian-Americans have a unique opportunity to assert their electoral potency in the upcoming elections in the various swing states. It is important that all Ethiopian-Americans who stand for democracy, freedom and human rights should demand of their congressional candidates and presidential contenders before the November 2012 election to officially censure Meles Zenawi’s regime for its continuing abuses of human rights and denial of the democratic rights of the people.

(The writer, Selam Beyene, Ph.D., can be reached at [email protected])

17 thoughts on “U.S. Supreme Court cites an Ethiopian scholar’s work

  1. Obama is finished as far as his chance of re-election is concerned. The Ethiopian vote does not matter he is losing the money war 2:1(2 billion to 1 billion)and the white vote too by a big margin. Obama-care miraculously survived the supreme court with just one vote but it is still unpopular, not because it is bad but because of negative coverage by the corporate media. Money rules in America and American democracy has degenerated to corporate theocracy.

    Tee replies:

    Unfortunately, by hook or by crook, BO will be reelected. All he has to do is side on where the money is. And he is doing just that.
    Folks, money and interest groups are everything!

    What is disappointing is not just that BO is supporting tyrants like Meles but US is also fast becoming a police state. Example: NDAA.
    Those of you who embraced globalism…lo and behold… it is a trojan horse – it will give you the destruction of sovereign nations. Very bad news!

    Obamacare is not a solution for this country’s healthcare costs. More than like it’ll bankrupt same. Example: burden of cost of Medicaid on States; and penalty imposed on employers and individuals should they elect not to buy insurance.

    Whereas I don’t want to take away from the good work of Dr. Birhanu, citation of his work may not rise to the level of significance.

  2. Even, myself, as an Eritrean, that sort of remarkable work by an Ethiopian scholar fills me with pride.
    Well done Dr Berhanu and hope your work extends to to the betterment of Africa….

  3. The sad thing is that these scholars are not serving their country and people and Ethiopia and Ethiopians are left to killes and looters. It is high time diaspora to do everything possible to free Ethiopia from Tigrian fascists as our grandparents did to free Ethiopia from Italian fascists.
    Our grandparents had no scholarily work to be cited but their faith in their religion and love for their country was immense we inherited a free country until it was no sold to the highest bidders and ruled by the unique “leader” fascist Meles Zenawi who hates the people he was supposed to serve and the country he was supposed to administer using the law of the land.

  4. Wow! I got goosebumps all over reading this! What an honor! Dr. Berhanu Alemayehu is undoubtedly the Abraham Hannibal of our time. May God bless him abundantly and continue to give him more wisdom to share with the world.

  5. I agree with Sami, with the notion that Obama is done. Barack Hussein Obama and his wife probably think they can win the second term. However, there is a surprise waiting for them in November. It is to be remembered Obama was voted to office because of certain prevailing condition in the 2008 election.
    One of which is U.S was demonized and hated across the world in particular in the Middle East. Therefore, the need to address this issue how to handle the image problem oversees was necessary then. I guess one might say he was groomed for this very purpose. Soon he began to receive favorable coverage than Mrs. Clinton, even though both of them were members of the minority group. And many white young Americans on his side he was able to beat Mrs. Clinton, and went to win in the general election. Now, His mission to appease Middle Eastern partners is already accomplished.

    In the 2012 election voters are primarily concerned about the economy. The economy was one of hotly debated issue then, and more so now than when takes office.Still, he has not an answer at the present nor is he prepared for. What is more, he is the only president who became champion of gay issue.Hhow disgraceful is that? The majority of Black people are God fearing and are not known for this. His slick wife thinks that if she caters to the misfits she can win the Whitehouse. I believe the economy and the moral issue he is traversing will bring him to his knee. Beside,I carae not for him because he was not my candidate; I voted in the primary to Mrs. Clinton thinking that she will follow similar policy with her husband. I really believe he will lose. If he does, so be it! What has he done for the minority? What has he done for freedom and the truth? To me he is Another Clarence Thomas. Token!

    Aderie replies:

    You guys are full of it. Obama may not be perfect but the etch a sketch candidate RowMoney is not better than O by anyone’s imaginatin. Mitten is a lackey of the 1% and his sole goal is to enrich his buddies buy cutting taxes and slacken regulations so the likes of Koch brothers, and the Sheldons of the world will have a field day. Obama agenda was neutralized by the right wing club whose sole aim was to make Obama a one term president. So give the guy a break-Romoney the private capital artist was cruel to the working class when he was at Bain capital and while he enriched himself trmendously he was parting his employee with pink slips. Definitely he will do the same if he gets near the White House.

    Obama 2012 replies:

    Janamora please stay away from Fox news. Let me explain to you why Obama will be reelected.
    1-He is the first president who passed the ACA (The affordable care, acts) when all presidents before him couldn’t had come even close.
    2-Don’t forget who killed Biladen.
    3-He managed to create 4.5 million jobs during the past 27 months without the help of the tea party of the house or the senate.
    4-Do not forget the American auto companies are number 1 in the world after the bailout.
    5-When Obama took over the stock market was 6000 now 12700 points.
    6-The Hispanic vote 68% Black 95 % women 64% no candidate loose election when you have this much supporters unless someone rig the vote.
    7-Obama is the first president who cut the student loan in half.

    8-Obama is the first president who sign women equal pay act.

    9-Obama has no controversy. Bush had the Iraq war, Clinton had personal issue, and Ragan had Iran weapon trade issue.

    Anonymous replies:

    1-He is the first president who passed the ACA (The affordable care, acts) when all presidents before him couldn’t had come even close.

    Socialized medicine is bad news NOT good news! Likely it would be repealed.

    2-Don’t forget who killed Biladen.

    Biladen was dead years ago and was a patsy.

    3-He managed to create 4.5 million jobs during the past 27 months without the help of the tea party of the house or the senate.

    I don’t know which statistics you read, find other numbers; the economy is his worst suit

    4-Do not forget the American auto companies are number 1 in the world after the bailout.

    LOL, I don’t know where you get these numbers.

    5-When Obama took over the stock market was 6000 now 12700 points.

    It doesn’t matter, it is a rigged game; and can come down in one second.

    6-The Hispanic vote 68% Black 95 % women 64% no candidate loose election when you have this much supporters unless someone rig the vote.

    Don’t forget the white vote; and sure those of you who think the votes are not rigged here, think again.

    9-Obama has no controversy. Bush had the Iraq war, Clinton had personal issue, and Ragan had Iran weapon trade issue.

    LOL, he has many more issues that the others: birther, weather underground, the recently enacted anti democracy laws.

  6. Definitely, Obama will lose the comming election;no doubt about it.Let’s all hold prayers that God shuts the door on Obama.On talk rhetoric,Obama is on top;whereas,Zinawi is the lie master,and a murderer he is.We will not vote for Obama;that for sure,we will stick to.

  7. Obama puts Melese on a pedestal while Ethiopians are jailed and tortured.
    Think of this when you go to the ballot in November. What did we get voting for Obama last time? Just a poke in our eyes.

    Abebe replies:

    With all due respect, do you think the vote of Ethiopians could make a difference in the reelection of President Barack Obama? I do not think so. And on the other hand, with regard to the American policy towards the Ethiopian government, there is not much the President could do by himself. He needs to get the approval of the congress to enact any law. As we all know, the congress, especially the GOP in the senate have been working to make President Obama a one term president since day one. So, even if he had the will, the cards are stacked against him.

  8. Obama may have disappointd a whole lot of us Ethiopians, as indeed he has a good section of his own political base– but if you think that Romney would be any better, you are a bunch of fools or political neophytes at best. Stop blaming Obama or US policy for that matter for the suffering of our people under the clyptocracy that passes for a government in Ethiopia today. We Ethioipians are our own enemy first and until such time that we forge a common front against the Meles tribal dictatorship and come forward to meet the West, Meles will continue to enjoy the support of the US and other members of the international community. Meles is the bulwark against expanding Islamic terrorism in a strategic region of the world and rendering him unreserved assistance is crucial to the global scheme of tending to the West’s security interests. That’s the West’s percetion, not mine. It’s up to the Opposition to negate this disposition by presenting a viable option. Then Obama and whoever individaul we may need would pay us attention. Paramount to the calculus here are hard national interests rather than sentimenatal or humanitarian considrations.

  9. Have you ever heard of a book “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists”? You probably can say it is a book based on conspiracy. However, this book exactly tells you why Obama is in the white House. “The Manchurian President” details with shocking precision how the extremists and radicals continues to influence Obama and the White House and involved in drafting policy aimed at reshaping not only America but also the rest of the globe.
    Since June 2011, I have been three times in Ethiopia. What I have discovered and lamented on was that due to his policy the moral fiber as well as the economic wellbeing of our beloved Ethiopia is being destroyed. As of now, the Obama administration is not only financing Woyane but also enforcing abortion clinics as well as gay life style in Ethiopian and the rest of the globe. If you get the chance to walk on Piazza and Bole streets during night, you would get shocked seeing many Ethiopian boy prostitutes walking besides you pretending as if they were girls. For that matter, few months ago, I read there was a gay Ethiopian beauty constantan.
    Obama has advocated and wasted the majority of his time and energy advancing the will of 0.5% of U. S. population (gays) at the expense of 25%, i.e. blacks and Latinos the group who entitled him for the White House. Because, Obama is “The Manchurian (a brainwashed) President”. If given second chance, Obama vowed the first thing he would do is destroying the moral fiber of the nation by repealing DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). As it is known, Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is the federal mandate that defines marriage between a man and a woman. Surprisingly, during 2008 referendum 80% of Californian Latinos and Blacks were the one who furnished him their full vote while voting against gay marriage. Now, this president is running against the will of the majority who put him in the white house.
    For that matter, there were some shocking accusations against him for practicing bisexuality and use of drugs while he was in the U. S. senate. You can watch Larry Sinclair’s testimony at Press Building in Washington, DC . Now you might have some clue why he is there and dedicated in doing do.
    As a health policy student, however, I want to credit President Obama for one important accomplishment, which is the passage of the Affordable Care Act. But now it is time for him to go before it would be too late to recover.

  10. It is good that somebody is recognized for his or her outstanding achievement, but I must say it is sad to see every work of recognition is being pulled in to the political gutter just to make some political statement. The guy is just doing his job as a scientist or health professional. Let me make my self clear.The politics I am referring to is Ethiopian politics not American.

  11. People are obsessed about Obama, and they are not opposing on my point but are commenting on the tangent. What I pointed out in my previous comment is this-the economy and the moral issue Obama is traversing will be problematic for his reelection. I say nothing about Mitt.Some even have said ‘stay out of Fox news’. Please don’t let your imagination have free reign in this. I listen no Fox news period! In fact I am not one of those who get my news from mainstream media. For years now, my source of info. is the alternative news-radio, and internet.Hoever, I cannot say I am completely shielded from its influence. Even when you don’t want to have anything with it is there in my face at work or in the public place.

    Some have said Mitt is for the 1%; which implies Obama is for the average people. What a jock! Wake up from your sleep. You are the one who drink deep from the main stream media. The alternative media has clearly thought me that the paradigm in Washington is not between Republican and Democrat, Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal, But this-Between the few powerful banking oligarch elite and the people. Gus what? These powerful elite is on the process of imposing a one world government that will bring many nations in to the fold through security and technological cooperation. Ultimately, to bring together the different regions of the world in to interlocking system there by imposing control upon the population of the world. Remember Melese’s announcement to have a national data base of all Ethiopians within few years. Well come to the new world system that is on the making before our eyes. My friend, if you think Obama has done anything for the average people, you are sadly mistaken. Ever since he is elected he was bailing out Wall Street, G.M and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.Bottom line, it matters little whoever gets elected. Either way the globalists will see to it plan implemented. The good news in this is that the general public is aware of the danger posed by globalism and it is being contested in Canada, U.S, Britannia, and across the world. And the one positive means to the Ethiopian opposition to link up with the people’s struggle. Someone has said Obama does not have controversy, really? What about the controversy associated with his pastor, also read the message by, Watch Out’ above .One of the things that why he was groomed for the presidency is because of he is an advocate of socialism. The financial elite wants control of the population, this can only be secured through government sponsored legislation such as health care and others.

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