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Arrest Meles Zenawi at the Reagan Building in DC – Friday 7 AM

The khat-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi will be attending the 3rd International Food Security Symposium at the Washington DC Ronald Regan building on May 18, 2012, on the invitation of President Obama.

This is a great opportunity for all Ethiopians residing in and around Washington DC to protest and make the world know about the destruction and atrocities his regime is committing against the people of Ethiopia.

Place and date of protest:

Friday, May 18 2012, at Ronald Regan Building, 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC at 7 AM.

For more information call (571) 278-5346 or email [email protected]

Addis Dimts Radio will have a special live broadcast Thursday starting at 7 PM EST on the protest against dictator Meles. Listen live by calling 712 432 3920 then pressing the conference id 854226#. Or at

27 thoughts on “Arrest Meles Zenawi at the Reagan Building in DC – Friday 7 AM

  1. Elias the great: we do not expect anyone to arrest the Khat addict to be arrested by anyone other than the Ethiopian people; he is the trusted messenger boy of some policy makers of the west. As long as he says, “yes mom or yes sir” to the western interest in the horn of Africa he will be protected be it in Susan Rice miniskirt or Obama boxers!!!!

  2. Why u call him a dictator, instead of a none citizen immigrant invador? He never ever say he is an ethiopian and all his recruited supporters ie, aiga forum are all immigrants from adwa a place where anti ethiopian elements spring for centuries. the aiga forum are more Hamasien than a region in ethiopia, sadley the hamasien hate to deat to them. Now they claim Waldeba is thiers and made a map in thier own distored history and immage.

    Down Legese zenawi

    against denkoro replies:

    I urge you to change your name here! You can’t insult “tigre” ppl as a whole…dinkurinah kelk alfual!!

  3. All of you dooms-dayers!!!

    I have told you not to even mutter a single word while our beloved son is in town to conduct more important diplomatic affairs with our beloved President Obama. I have given you an order to stay home and watch the live streaming of the conference. That way you can find out yourself how genius Meles is. There has never been a leader like him in the history of the entire Africa . The Ethiopian people love him so much they cry when he goes out of town. So I am giving you an order to stay home and shut up!!! You hear me, shut up!!! Otherwise, if you disobey this strict order by coming out lambasting and stinking the entire town with your dragon breath, I will snap pictures of all of you loafers out there for my record. But if you want to come out and greet our beloved leader you may do so by lining on both side of the plaza and sing you lungs out to the tune of Hail to the Chief. I want you to use my most favorite poet Sir Francis Drake’s version.
    Hail to the chief, who in triumph advances,
    Honour’d and blest be the evergreen pine!
    Long may the tree in his banner that glances,
    Flourish the shelter and grace of our line.
    Heaven send it happy dew,
    Earth lend it sap anew,
    Gaily to bourgeon and broadly to grow;
    While every highland glen,
    Sends our shout back agen,
    “Roderigh Vich Alpine Dhu, ho! i-e-roe!” and so on!!!

    Let’s go out and greet our super genius leader. Meles and I, genius!!!!!

    damo replies:

    Tera woyane. Since when shiftas are able to conduct diplomacy. The day we take your klashinkov tour looting and killing will stop. You will go back and resume eating tour beles. Maferia Woyane.

    Anonymous replies:

    Tekle the little termite.
    the day coming for your kind to be fumigated soon..

    abdi replies:

    My dear Ethiopian friends, look how this termite woyane is thinking. He has started worshiping Meles his master like the North Koreans do. Do you see how they think. I don’t blame him because dogs love their masters who feed them. it is the same with all TPLF members they are being fed by their master with a stolen treasure of the Ethiopian people.
    You can call them morons, childish . It is hard to believe many people are to blame for producing such a stupid Guy like Tekle.

    Any similarity between Tekle and other human beings is pure coincidental.
    Believe me, Believe me I don’t want to make a dog out of Tekle and get all the credit.

    Tekle, your relatives in Mekele don’t say you are stupid they are saying you were twenty years old before you learned how to wave goodbye.

    Now the funniest thing is you even try to warn people to shut up. I think your whole purpose in life is to simply exist.

    bonger replies:

    tekle and all woyane dogs:

    zenawi has been having countless number of meetings to discuss food aid with G8 and others, and yet no amount of food that he begs and gets at every meeting seems to be adequate. G8 should ask where is all the aid going. is it sustainable to keep Ethiopia on food aid perpetually? or do western aid agencies and governments have an agenda by making Ethiopia dependent on food aid.

    Zenawi is willing to appear at this meetings with his begging bowl, and is not ashamed of it year after year, and even complains that the food shortages were caused by the donors not supplying enough of their quota to keep the starving in Ethiopia fed.

    The food aid agenda has been a thriving business for zenawi and the TPLF politbureau. Emaciated children with their rib bones sticking out, and little children with blotted belly and bulging eyes suffering from severe malnutrition and starvation has become a symbol of Ethiopia and a means for begging for the woyane. this is what the west and the aid agencies do not want to know. The aid business is there to perpetuate more aid and not to eliminate hunger and famine.

    Tekle replies:

    You Anonymous – How dare you said that? Fumigating me, my family and all Tigrayan people? How dare you say that? But I can tell you this with confidence that Dachau, Treblinka, Auschwitz, Belzec, Sobibor and Chelmno will not come and happen to my people. You will never be able to put a single Tigryan in a gas chamber. You are trying to re-create völkisch nationalism in our country for the purpose of alienating and exterminating me, my wife, my children and the entire Axumite people. How dare you even think about that? You gonna throw me into a gas chamber just because I say something you don’t like? I can not and the entire audience here can not believe you thought about and said that.

    You abdi – You can’t call a human being who God (Allah) created in his own image a termite. You can not say that. According to your own religion it is a blasphemy. Haraam Alayk!!!

    You guys have no discipline and called me stupid Agame, moron from Tigray and all kinds of ugly names. But I know I am more intelligent than everyone else arguing with me. I have two degrees with honor under my belt and going for a 3rd one. You guys are very rude with no respect even for our dear leader. If you don’t stop calling me and our leader names I may decide to leave the debate. So leave me alone and I want to say what my super intelligent brain is thinking. I say leave me alone!!!

    In the meantime, don’t forget to come out and cheer our leader wishing him continuing success in his huge task of taking our people out of abject misery. So far he has found success upon success in this endeavor. For me and the entire people of our country, he is just one echelon below Jesus Christ!!! So I want to borrow a line of a sonnet authored by one of those chauvinist Shewan Amharas for their King and I am ordering every one of you to join me in singing our lungs out to the tune of Beethoven Symphony 9 at the 4th Movement Finale. Or we can sing to the tune of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Let’s go:

    Ende Matusala endenne Abraham
    Edmehin Yarzmew Amlak zelalem.

    That is good!!! One more time!!!

    Ende Matusala endenne Abraham
    Edmehin Yarzmew Amlak zelalem.

    Now I am good and I feel good!!!!

    Hagos replies:

    you are full of it. Education is not finishing school, there are many Ethiopian farmers who have more life experience than you do. So don’t count on your “degrees”. You have no idea who is who. It just shows your stupidity. you know what I suspect? you are not even from Tigray and you are not Woyane. Because this kind of talk does not help the people of Tigray. This type of garbage talk aggravates the hate people have against Tigres, so you are not a Tigre, you are just trying to make people angry at us.

    Tekle replies:

    You Hagos and company!!!

    You are bowing to the demands of terrorists and chauvinists. Stop this disgusting grand standing of yours. You are embarrassing yourself and becoming a disgrace to my people. Why don’t you simply renounce your ethnic identity and call yourself an Amhara? That is what you are telling me to do. But you can not do that to me. I was, am and shall be the proud son of the glorious people of Tigray(Axumite). You are also offended when I start bringing back the glorious days of my people from the Axumite period because I suspect you grew up being spoon fed with history of the Shewan Amhara. In stead of desperately arguing with me you should shut up and start reading your own history even if you are a clueless Eritrean. Otherwise, get lost!!! Lackeys like you among my own people just disgust me. So beat it!!!

    And to the rest of you cry babies!!! Have you read the latest economic data about our country? The GDP at PPP of our country has skyrocketed in 2010-11 reporting period to US $3,500. How about that? It will definitely join the middle income countries by middle of the 2013. You kids don’t know what is going on out there. So shut up!!! I say shut up and instead come out to cheer our beloved leader. Lets go!!!!

    Tekle replies:

    I mean Sir Walter Scott’s version. While you at it, see if you can read one of his poems to your loving wife, if not your sweat heart you will marry, Lochinvar!!! It closes with this:

    So daring in love, and so dauntless in war,
    Have ye e’er heard of gallant like young Lochinvar?

    That is the story of Me and my wife who I love to death.
    Meles and I, genius!!!

    Diversify your skills!!! You 9th and U Street loafers!!!!!

    Meyesaw replies:

    Tekle befurushka yadegew!

    Your master is here to beg for more yeferes furushka for you and your clan. ZARE MECHEM INANTE BET KEBERO SIDELEQ NEW YEMIYADEREW. INOUAN DES YALEH BETEH BEMULU FURUSHKA BEFURUSHKA LIHON NEW!!!! Wodi Telemanit!

    Waka replies:


    Your beloved son ?I think you are also a killer hiding some where after killing Ethiopians any way your days are numbered not a single woyanne will over come the flame of Ethiopians which is now half way
    and becoming more flammable day by day.

    Tekle replies:

    Hey you Waka!
    You name sounds an Oromo name and you must be one of those losers gathered around the terrorist outfit called OLF. Do you remember we kicked your ass fair and square in 1992-3? You forgot it already? Boy, you have a very short memory and no wonder why your own people are waiting for you so they can kick your ass too. You better pray that your redeemer Isaias stays alive and in power there in Asmara so you can keep gabbling up your lasagna. And I heard you guys eat a lot. I heard more Eritreans complaining about it lately. That is why all of your leaders are so fat riddled with Diabetes and Hypertension. So like I said, don’t even think about going back home because our Oromo friends in Oromia are waiting for you with a bull whip in their hands. Ouch!!! Ouch!!! Ouch!!!! That is gonna hurt!!!!! Otherwise, I told you a million times before. Shut up!!! Shut up until I tell you to speak and that is a permanent order!!!!

  4. Meles’s destiny is eternal jail;noting less than that.With countless murder and robbery charges as outsanding as they are today,one can easily predict what Meles Zinawi will face on that special day;the day he is captured and stand trial.

  5. Elias,your comment is full of emotion than substance.Trashing your opponent in personal level doesn’t take one inch in any modern political fields.where is the high light of your main subject?

  6. Dear Elias,

    Yup and please do not forget to bring those hand-cuffs at the protest. Although useless, at least this is harmless than your stupid call for EAL boycott.

  7. Sham on U all…It shows how bunch of morons and looser filled the land of Dc…..I am Happy for U
    Emma Ethiopia,cause all these morons would be out of ur land.If all these edit lived in Ethiopia,I can imagine
    how would it be the environment & the society

  8. Sham on U all…It shows how bunch of morons and looser filled the land of Dc…..I am Happy for U
    Emma Ethiopia,cause all these morons would be out of ur land.If all these edit lived in Ethiopia,I can imagine
    how would it be the environment & the society.

  9. tekle the retarded
    u said u are inteligent than all the guys inhere? Let me have a word from one of those guys u said u are superior
    “it took you 20 years to wave your hands for bye bye.” u better consult good psychiatrician

  10. Meles can represent to meeting the use of food that it can be used as a wepoan’Not only in ogaden and dadabha, he applied all over the country food for famine to extend his dictatoral power for a years.

    If G8 still stand support for meles zenwi,the genocide in ethiopia consderd as a legaly permited by thes group

    Ethiopians would like to know the critque G8.Meles stay on power due to the support of westerns.

    The president Obama elections might be based on the decession on criminals/worst dictators.

  11. Ms Gayel Smith who sponserd meles Zenawi as a good governer under president Obama addminstration, today she must exposed the disappontment.It is strange to recomand a criminal man as innocent. Meles applied knowngly genocide,food famine HIV on diffrent tribes of ethiopia those he may think opposation link.only his tribes are free from such punshment


  12. Ethiopians,help the struggle with your parayers.Amen.

    Survivors,pray for the victims.Zinawi still remains at large.How often have learned about Zinawi,when he lied about his victims? When Gadaffi was briefly arrested,he denied about the disappearance of his victims when he was asked,”Where are are our children?” Drenched in blood,he replied,”Don’t know.” This how murderers lied about their victims.Zinawi is even worse than a serialkiller;he denied his victims their deserved lieves.Ethiopians,this world is full of hope and infinite possibblilies;one day,Zinawi will be captured and arrested.Justice is patient and is waiting to witness Zinawi’s arrest and appearance before ICC.

    Help the justice with your parayers.
    Keep the faith,keep the the fight.Amen.

  13. Abebe, tried first to challenge Meles Zenawi at a World Economic Forum in Tanzania, May 2010 but Meles takes an advantage on his question to make point on abebe’s lack of capacity to explain more in the world forum participant and leaders and yesterday is another great day for Abebe to make a great challenge on Meles in front of the G8 leaders; but he lost great opportunity, due to his emotional action and unethical reaction. I think he choose that way may be he don’t have that capacity or knowledge to challenge the leaders in manner of speech or he did not have ethical approach for his profession. He reaction makes him un qualifying Media reporter what he provide the public with newsworthy information in his major events than his emotions? Where is that good writing skills and professional experience to obtain his media job? What he was doing is not related to his permission for that particular meeting and not related to the media profession at all. It shameful for him and for the organization represents even shame for all international media organization. He right to ask but abuses his right himself. G8 is not concerning Ethiopia therefore, he made it all out of topic and I am sure the national press club are not interested on it.
    I am very sorry to say this, but I am afraid with some of our Journalists and reports qualification due to lack of knowledge.
    2nd I lost trust on some of our Journalists and reports because they are not peace maker but they are focusing on conflict maker and tribalism issues, because media can play an important role in peacebuilding by providing accurate and unbiased information to populations affected by conflicts, and proactively delivering programmes that aim to impact knowledge, attitude and behavior of the population about different groups and issues related to peacebuilding. Effectively utilizing media in peacebuilding activities requires thorough analysis of the situation, careful planning, and on-going and systematic monitoring and evaluation, as in any other peacebuilding project.

    For those sow trouble reap the same. If you sow peace reap the same peace because whatever one sows that will he also reap. Stop making war and conflict the result is clear you get you war and conflict, if you commit yourself for peace, you can get peace.

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