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115 thoughts on “ATTENTION: All Ethiopian businesses in the Diaspora

  1. I have made a copy of this letter and will distribute it to all local Ethiopian-owned stores, restaurants and other relevant business establishments over this coming weekend.

    I wish there was a printable version of the letter so other Ethiopians can print and distribute it in their city of residence.

    Elias replies:

    Cherkos, click on the letter for a printable version.

    kidi replies:

    Although this is a noble idea, how are we expected to know which stores and restaurant are woyanes supporters. I think it would be nice this comittee can come up with a well researched stores list from all states so people can avoid shopping or dinning in the restaurants. But to ask people to boycot all at once might put the business of those ture ethiopians in jepordy. Please if you or the comittee decide to post names of store and restaurant make sure the people are true woyane supporters and provide us with tangeble facts.
    Mot lewoyane and Jelewochu!

    Elias replies:

    Kidi, we will list the names of those who are not cooperating. Currently we are at an education stage, i.e., explain why we are boycotting TPLF and how we can be successful. The next stage is ensuring compliance by as many people as possible.

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Kidi, that is a good question. I guess they(“Ethiopianists” have to look at one’s color of eyes and just decide if he is TPLF or not. You see, anyone, including you, can exploit this phenomenon for his or her personal ego. Let’s say you had a situation with someone who owns a business. All you have to do is screem,”Woyane Business”!!

    Something similar to this reality happened during EPRP-DERGU era. Many young Ethiopians who were not part of Dergu’s or that of EPRP became victims for not belong to either side. Derg called them Mehal Sefari, losely translated as middle-sweller. When it comes to EPRP there were number of times these young Ethiopians were labeled as Banda by those members of EPRP who had beef with them somewhere and sometimes. At times the punishment was bullet.

    I guess what was said about history could become true: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto A.K.A. Hodam Amhara

    Anonymous replies:

    Elias .proper Diabthe likes of u? I am ashamed of being in the dame nationality to b called by. So long with ur moribund nightmares
    I am sure u suffer from sleep social logic common sense wisdom and normalized life deprivation.Actually im wandering if u have a life at all and energy left unto u? los
    Delusional Cheap and demagogueros man Wake up how long do u live with nightmare .How sorry i am for a bad rotten apple u r.Boycotts this boycotts that what a fool alien to the abc political economy u r lacking .As ignorant as u r u r addressing ur

    Abera replies:

    you must be a big full of s— person who does not have a clue about history of economic boycotts in other countries and on International level too. What is wrong with you? Economic disruptions of governments is a common practice.
    Please suggest what kind of struggle is best for us. Would it be writing letters to Meles to resign?

    Ahadu replies:

    ( Either you dont know what nightmare means or you misuse the word for your tiny ego)

    Dude what you dont know is it is long over due to say the least,and it is not Elyases idea rather it is another very effective way of confronting Dictators to minimize the lose of lives as tyrants only power is killing distribute fear as prooved in the last 21 woyanne years which now is above human capacity and seems to backfire the shifta gang.I advice you to read about Ghandis struggle rather than defending the most hated animal like families and cult members who are incapable of raising kids to lead this grat nation.

    kidi replies:

    hey dude/dudit,
    you are a perfect example of hodams who bark when their never satisfied belly is touched. i am sure you are one of those enabler who is mortified of losing your business. Elias is one wonderful Ethiopian that you would never be. He will expose you and will make sure you don’t make a dime from us. one more suggestion, pls spell check before you post anything. mot endante lalu wodamoch!

    anonymous replies:

    It looks like a nervous dog wrote the comments. Go to Helllllll! We are Ethiopians. Our Nationality is Ethiopian. deal with it.

    Buta madingo replies:

    let’s be together ppl.i know at list we can do this so stay together and let’s act like one person and fight this killer TPLF regime for the last time.God bless Ethiopia.

  2. Boycott those who don’t boycott; in other words, forget the groceries because you know very well they are not going to follow order or listen to pleas. Eat your vegetables, fruits and nuts – eat healthy – Ken Esqeweta Deres.

    Derese replies:

    This is really a “Win Win” solution lol! 1- You support the boycott by boycotting businesses that don’t support the boycott and, 2- You get to stay away from the high fat and high carb diet. You will eat your Veggies and fruits. So, you win on both counts. Who cares if the others lose as long as the purpose of the boycott has has been served well .
    I really really like it.

    I call this a real “WIN WIN” solution.

  3. Gooood Job the boycott committee, there must be s system to monitor that it works perfect and kill the right target and brings the result.

  4. TPLf are suffocating the life out of ordinadry Ethiopians. the misery of the people can never be told. this is because we allowed TPlf to divide and rule and to manipule and use us.

    TPLF politbureau through a network of cadres and spies operate day and night to dismantle Ethiopia and to degrade the people. It is no secret that TPLf politbureau are in total control of businesses in Ethiopia. The economic arm of exploitation, they call it EFFORT.

    It is only the woyane and those associated with them who can buy and sell goods both locally and internationally, generating millions of dollars to finance the repressive and ethnicist-fascist woyane. They even control the sell of berbere, shiro, injera, bunna etc which many Ethiopians in the diaspora use.


    Our cash is being used to torture, kill, imprison and repress our people.

    Lets wake up and stop our resources being used for repression. this is the most effective way to combat the woyane repression peacefully.

  5. It is wonderful start but there is a lot of things to inform the people of diaspora. Think about it. For example, some diaspora are investing in Ethiopia but we do know how much they are calming in tax return. so, it is very important to ask the professional(CPA) personal to find out about the tax return processes. This is a lot of way to find out the information.

    Anonymous replies:

    I thought that is a superb idea-I know recently here in Canada the government has uncovered billions of dollars from citizens who stash their income oversea evading Tax returns,hope the same can be done in other countries if we have concrete evidence to approach authorities of respective countries.

  6. A nice job. I also to draw your attention to Ethiopian tourism and airlines dealers too!

    Anonymous replies:

    I think that is good suggestion brother!!!

  7. I agree with boycott but we need to list which injera not to buy,because some of them are made in us, so please list the name of injera.Good job.

  8. Good call. It is guarantee we will stop Woyane from shipping teff out of the country making it inaccessible to our people. As to the business here that sponsor Woyane’s commodity, it will be easy. They can’t survive without us. We are their market and they have to provide only what we demand. They will be out of business if they don’t cooperate with their customers, us. The success of this mission squarely lays on our dedication to the boycott. So don’t worry about whether businesses will cooperate with us or not, but worry about if we call all boycott to buy injera, beer and other commodity Woyane ships to us.

    Deres replies:

    Good idea but not enough to hurt Woyane.
    May be you haven’t heard the “South Sudan Market”? It is currently sucking every thing edible out of our country. Nothing is left for our people. That may be why God gave both Sudans the the current crisis. As long as they have oil money and no food we will have nothing affordable to eat.

  9. Sorry but I’ve to have my teff injera! Unless you give me alternative,go to hell with your propaganda

    Koy tebiq replies:

    Ante hodam, koy gid yelem. When the shop stop selling teff injera “anbeta” enasmetalihalen.

    Asmamaw replies:

    That’s an alternative

    peace replies:

    greedy. You want your beyond comfort while Ethiopians are starving. You can be creative from your dumb mind by inventing your own injera, better yet, buy Teff from U.S. Selfish individual. Can you imagine? Anten andsew lememegeb sew yimotal?

    Asmamaw replies:

    It has nothing to do with greed….All I said is I wanted a teff injera…no one has given me an alternative….and I dont think there is a teff injera made from a US teff available for sale..That my friend is called an alternative…instead of propaganda and threatening the lively of local businesses, why dont you or someone provide the alternative teff injera and kill the business that you claim is coming from TPLF. I or any one of you dont know for sure the injera is from Woyanne….The last time I was at the shops in Virginia, there were at least 10 Brands from ethiopia…and can you distinguish which one is owned by the woyanne and which ones are private???? So my friend, simple boycott will not have sustainability…

    Jegnaw replies:

    there is an alternative.. there is a TEF company that sales American farmed TEF call ELIZABETH 1.888-822-2221 call and check it out..but i am not all sure, some one gave me this number..
    so do you Owen little search but there is always alternative as long as we have a little willingness.that is all it takes!!

    peace replies:

    We really need to understand the ins and outs of what is going on in Ethiopia in the context of TPLF and their inside and oustide associates. The reason what I am saying is that we need extensive research, form committees. For instance there should be study, who ships all the commoditites from Ethiopia? As we all know, EFFFORT now controls everything. Ethiopians boycotted or not, are not getting any better and they are being raped and exploited by EFFORT. That being said, we have to make sure (which requires research) businesses that benefit primarily to TPLF, then which businesses are semi beneficial to TPLF and which ones are not and somehow the benefit helps families survive. This resarch must be credible. Once the research is done, print out news of the history of its business and details how it exploits Ethiopians. Then spread campaign against this business for boycott. People need to do survey by going to the businesses. However, the shops in diaspora will not be willing to provide informaton. The other issue to look at is that those groceries that are making a living in U.S, how do we boycott? Can we identify individual owners who really fully support TPLF? If so, these grocereies or businesses must be boycotted.

    When Ethiopian food or business is scarce in the diaspora, I am sure you can become creative in making the same type in the diaspora. Better yet, you can even survive without it while Ethiopians in Ethiopia are dying because they don’t even have a meal a day. TPLF is using food for political game. What Ethiopians are consuming right now since farmers are prevented from produing food, they are consuming GMOs being imported from rich countries. These GMOS sterilize the 2nd generation of population, so form of depopulation. Decrease of population must come through family planning not through war, systematically killing popualtions.

    Asmamaw replies:

    As much as I would love woyanne to disappear, the solution is not killing ourselves… threatening local business who are trying to make a living?????That;s exactly what woyanne wants you to do…kill each other…Diaspora should not be fooled by this….with all the differences out there, support your fellow Diasporas… don’t pressure or scare them…

    Jegnaw replies:

    you seems to talk on both side your mouth we are not against Ethiopian business. only Woyane Owen business and there hodam supporters. and we are not killing any one. we in fact are uniting our people against a regime that has been doing the killing on in sent Ethiopian for the last 21 body everyone has given you some kind of suggestion use it…

  10. I wonder how ignorant our Diaspora political activists are. What is the benefit against the boycot and begining the down turning Western Economies to negatively understand our poor country? Isn’t there other feasible meanses to overthrow the regime that we don’t accept? Please don’t show your lack of patriotism for your country’s foes!

    Jegnaw replies:

    Ante neh ignorant! Wait and see the result! We will make tplf kneel down like a goat!

    Anonymous replies:

    Fikru, Mr. Genius, why don’t you tell us how to overthrow your government, better why don’t you do it if you have a better idea.

    Waka replies:


    If we are ignorant then you are still a chimp that is still on evolution kkkkkkkkk

  11. Now, this is what I call a genuine method of struggle.

    We are with you 100%.

    Anonymous replies:

    then, Eat your Big Mac and drink your XXL Coke.

  12. wow…this is funny…no battle will be won with this kind of approach…but do what you think is right …

    feel good website replies:

    this is just one method of straggle.and remember when you cut the roots of the threes one by one that three will not be a three any more. and that is what we are doing to woyanne .therefore brother/sister we have to do our parts..
    God bless Ethiopia

  13. This is a good start. Perhaps a study of which companies do business with TPLF and the outing of the list will further help. GOod job ER and the media consensus.

  14. Elias, can you list us the stores or businesses by city? Maybe your committee can assign ppl in every major city to identify those businesses. Me I live in the twin cities… if you tell me the businesses, I’m ready to boycott them. Good job btw

  15. This something should have been done along time ago. However, this is the right time that we,Ethiopians who live in US, to show our Ethiopian families back home that we feel their pain and we are united to bring change in Ethiopia by doing whatever we can. This is a small price to pay compared to the suffering Ethiopian back home subjected to everyday.
    This committee should also print the list of these known woyanne agents and businesses in each city.

  16. Good idea! Let’s also boycott those artists who elected to work and live in Woyane’s Ethiopia! The list includes:
    Aster Awoke
    Solomon Kindibu/Hodamu
    They are all pro-woyane and anti-Ethiopian forces and they should be boycotted ASAP.

    wizard replies:

    Don’t forgot to mention all those donkeys

    Jegnaw replies:

    Wizerd, don’t you thing we are going in good directions?

    Lema-Thanks Yes Ethiopians are going in the right direction,in the direction of taking Woyanne down.

  17. Someone mentioned the most outstanding idea(the tax calming) therefore we have to write to warn the diaspora. This is the most concert information to send a message to the other side of mountain. It is good idea to warn others not buy teff and beer but the tax calming is the vere important to choke the fellow of the money.

  18. I promise i will not buy any product that has been imported from Ethiopia. and i will tell all my family and friend to do the same and boycott any woyanne owned business and there hodam supporters..

  19. All of you are “DONKOROS” who wants to do bad consequence for the Country who wants to escape “LIMINA”. You do npot heart TPLF but yourself in the long run. Very ridiculus specially when it comes from the son of Dejazemach Kifle Dadi

    Meysaw replies:


    You are one moron woyane. Do you want us to wait till the carcass of that banda girazmach Asres (Your pig master’s g-pa) tells us to boycott the TPLF businesses? If Elias was the son of Dejazemach Kifle Dadi as you put it, he would be more proud. He is not a son of a “PASTA QEQAYE AND SOLATO BOOT LEAKER BANDA’S SON LIKE YOU” Period.

    Jegnaw replies:

    you probably don’t know what Dejazmach is? you heard it but i doubt you know the full meaning behind that word..(it means that who conquers for hes land beyond any frontier) did your g-pa did that? i don’t think so.but remember that is your nightmare talking. and your nightmare will never live cos you will always be and feel inferior no matter what mask you put on your woyanne self…

  20. Tribalism at its height!!

    Do you mean business owned by Tigreans? Otherwise how do you know who is TPLF and who is not? After all who is to decide who is one? This to me appears the most racist/tribal action. Go head and show us the true color of what the diaspora opposition is about!!

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    Anonymous replies:

    we may not know all the Tplf but we know you Mr.Ezana.
    Give us a credit we”Ethiopianst” we will show you and tel you who is TPLF who is not.
    and finally we will take all the ferefare that you get.i like to see your face went that happens but i know you will change your tune as soon as you know your fighting a loosing battle hodam.

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Mr Anoying,

    I tell you what..had I a business, I will be the one to boycott you. Let along to provide you service at my business, I don’t even let you come around my business area. I make sure to straining order to keep you away about a 10 miles radius from my business; that goes to all of you self-proclaimed Ethiopiansts, in reality chauvinists.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto A.K.A. Hodam Amhara

    Jegnaw replies:

    OK then Mr.Ezana the sick Woyanne… when Ethiopia is free from the parasite such as you and TPLF/Woyanne it is not me well have restraining order it is you.

    “Ethiopianest” what dos that mean to your little weeny,tiny,insignificant woyanne/hodam mind of yours?

    I am and people like me are the sons and daughters of Ethiopian patriot,who gave there life so i can proudly say I am Ethiopian..Mr.Ezana that,is my Ethiopianist pried. if you don’t like that I, gladly buy the rope for you, so you can do what you like if you know what i mean..

    God bless Ethiopia


    Anonymous replies:

    Just boycott woyanne not me. but if you boycott woyanne you will not have ferefare…LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Meysaw replies:


    Don’t worry! Beahun gize enquan yeTPLF aqatari yiqerena yezinb lijagered enawqalen.

    Helmi replies:

    Ezana korkoro

    We even can tell a fly with crossed eyes let alone gegema woyanne
    who does not have manner ,you can wear clothes with diamond and jewels or hand made suits or drive expensive limousine amd lives in a mansion what matters is your behavier as for example mellese zenawi he has every thing what i mentiond after 20 years looting and at the same time his behavier he comes in rubber stamp 3 hours talk not a sigle truth he did the same in tv windows and his wife she praised him as academiker who can lead africa and officially said that she has financial problem for her kids school fee and stolen 10000 tons of cofee over night and her husband comes the day after to terrorize the small coffee exporters to cut their fingers, and not other with cult members who comes from zero to over night millionair

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Helmi, ha ha ha. For someone who can see a crossed eye fly, you should have been on power; to bad you ain’t. All you do is sing. I have been listening your boarking Kererto at least for the last 20 years. Keep singing. I am sure your son will replace you and will do exactly the same thing for, at leaast, the next generation. Get used to it. There ain’t gonna be life for you in ETHIOPIA!!

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto A.K.A Hodam Amhar

    Helmi replies:

    Ezana! shifta woyanne service man

    you live in a small woyanne world from zero -to an over night millioner and completely blinded from the reallity because of the un expected out come of woyanniasim, i will try to bring you back
    on the ground leaving the woyanne island

    Woyanne is a proxy slave to destruct after their decades trial failed

    Woyannes survival is by the life support machine of the west

    woyannes are thieves, and in closer observaton barbarians and illitrates all the destruction act is the advice of Ethiopia haters

    The 20 years survival of the woyanne is that we had no idea of their jungle manifesto which now a days comes out little by little from the
    Ethiopian Tegrean hero Araya G/Medhin

    Woyanne is like house build on sand no matter the 20 years propaganda
    it is only now Ethiopians get it unity is essential to wipe out the
    gang once and for all which in my view can happen this year means it is not me rather you should be worrisome about your future if you are a father your kids and your rest family members every one has the list of all woyannes home and abroad very dark sizuation is ahead of your
    future there wont be no place in the whole wide world to hide

  21. I never imagined you will get as low as this, u Scums. haaaahaahaaa

    peace replies:

    say no to Tigrean fascists, hodams and collaborators

    Abee replies:

    Scum is the one who’s stealing, Killing doing all kind of lawless things and You proved that right there.

  22. Is Boycotting is a good idea for a poor country like Ethiopia and the already divided Diaspora? In the long-term it can only help the goevrnment as it extends the view by many that the Ethiopian opposition is seriously disoriented about bringning change. Clearly there is lack of expertise in the political leadership dreaming up this type of BS on a weekly basis. Think of who would be hurt more if you alone were to boycott your local restaurant? who does it really hurt? To pretend that a boycott of restaurant in DC or Atlanta OR Ethiopian airlines would do anything to curb the dicactaor’s power in Ethiopia is to insult Ethiopians as morons. There is no other explanation for it. But the use of these policies to effect political change is contentious at best and infact it could backfire… as consumer boycotts tends to hurt more local citizens than the governing class. The choice of such a type of instrument is then questionable as it may miss its real target, i.e. the political power, while hurting more the people it is supposed to defend. It creates more division among the diaspora, with-hunt, and rumors. Who will win then? Not the Ethiopian people.

    Hale replies:

    Diasspora is divided in two woyanne camp and Ethiopians so it is the highest time to isolate woyanne affiliated and supporters and cult members as woyanne is a proxy occupier of our country .

    peace replies:

    another investigation to do is that. The funding that TPLF is getting directly from foreigners. Is TPLF using most of its money from the fuding foreigners? We know that now the money going from the diaspora, how much of it goes really for the public use through the means of taxes or does it also go to Weyane’s pockets? The reason why I am saying is that perhaps whether we boycott or not, it may not affect directly TPLF as they get money directly from foreigners anyways other than the diaspora. If we boycott, it might however affect people that are comfortable with getting enriched at the privilege given to them by TPLF such as they are given advantage to control the business for exporting Ethiopia’s goods to diaspora. So we need to do these things. That being said, the boycott may not affect directly tPLF but we will also building more opposition from average business groups that have privilege under TPLF. Can we say that if these privileges happen to be only Tigrayans or diverse groups, what does this mean? Anyways, we need to do critical thinking here. We also should find out that how do these businesses from Ethiopia obrain their goods within Ethiopia? Are they buying their goods from EFFORT-controlled businesses that is snatching from the mouth of farmers? How do we identify these businesses? What about if certain businesses are buying the goods from struggling farmers, should we boycott these businesses? Again how do we identify these “good” businesses? So on.

  23. Avery one need to ask them self what can I do with my ability to give my share to my country
    This is very easy secrfay to pay ….
    Please let’s as organize city by city and implement this . find out the email address of this businesses and send them email
    some of the business have Facebook and we should utlaize that ….

    feel good website replies:

    I second that(AMEN TO THAT)

  24. Bertu! I do not think this will collapse woyane. u guys are funny

    Meysaw replies:

    This is nothing but one of the million ways to fight the butchers.

  25. This is clearly a sign of defeat by talkative hate mongers. since U lost the real game, now you start the talk game. Anyone can talk, but that doesn’t get you anywhere except being disdained & non sense haters.

    Helmi replies:


    ” hate mongers. since U lost the real game” you better say the bitter reality is on the seen and woyanne will vanish like a thin air
    soon you know it as i do.

  26. Demonstrating against fascist Meles and his ethnic politics and then go to a hodam/woyane restaurant and eat “KURT” is not a struggle. Say no to Tigrean fascists, hodam Amharas, Oromos etc, etc………….

  27. It is excellent idea. But it must be more critical. Name and shame those businesses and the owners of those TPLF affiliated ones too. Let the people know them. send them strong letter explaining that they playing with the lives our people. Do it !! Post their names with their pictures and all the activities they do against our people. Send emails and letters to their children showing that the Ethiopian children scrambling left overs with scavangers. Let the children of TPLF know how their parents commite crime against their age mate Ethiopian fellows. and so …on…

  28. You don’t need to be offensive or nasty behind the curtain…be civilized and fight with your ideas rather than deamining some people ideas and hard work. Every idea stays as an idea until some dedicated people take the driver sit and push it forward. Gugssa mon ami, grow up.

  29. Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up!)

    YES, We are getting to the right direction. The time of the beggars to go home is very near. Woyane is already dead. Meles will be assassinated soon, be tuned. We must be ready for this great day.

    A Peaceful Ethiopia without Woyane will prevail

    zarios replies:

    An idiot who did not have a career.

    Dog, son

  30. Good start!

    We have to be more action oriented. We have to show support and take actions in line with the task force guide line. It is also important to follow up the out come. While fighting the blood money coming to our front yard, we can extend our solidarity to our Journalists and politicians languishing under Zenawi by using the American political arena.

    It is an election period here in the United States. Ethio – Americans should get involved actively in the process. From my experience, our local or State candidates are willing to help us more during the campaign period. The State Department officials or the White House officials listen to their candidates. Let us put our effort in this direction. Remember! No White House without Virginia and Pennsylvania vote. Imagine how much effective the White House without the Congress or Senate.

    We need a plan for coordinated effort. I hope the task force will come up with strategies.

    peace replies:

    I think campaigning at White House may not be effective, after all nothing happened although effort should still continue to be made. The other is, identifying who has the most power to be able to help from Ethiopia’s plight? Identifying these groups of people in U.S is important. So, perhaps campaigning heavily at the Congress and House of Rep, local and state is very crucial. Only those could put pressure. I wouldn’t oppose democrats and republicans because everyone is different in their own way. For instance, since I am moderate, there are still things I support from both democrats and republicans. So going only to one said while shunning down another will not help the cause of ethiopia. First of all also, what proposal do we have to campaign for? We have to be very objective, clear and concise and identify the pros and cons first before showting at the politicans who have other issues. When they feel too much pressure, I have a feeling they will abandon Meles and go for the next. Although it will still be another cycle for most likely dictatorship but I hope we are not that dumb enough to allow that to happen again. The dictatorship by the way is no one else’s fault but our own. We all have to be in unity and make sure the new system or leadership is not corrupted or become another dictator.

  31. Thanks again brother Elias for doing everything in your power to take the necessary steps to help the helpless. the powerless, the muzzled and abused Ethiopians at the hands of Meles and TPLF back home.

    This is long over due! Ethiopians should have the sense and the conscience to boycott without even being reminded to boycott anything the TPLF looters and the killers are associated with. It is a great shame to buy Teff and Injera that is imported from Ethiopia. There are plenty of food available around the developed countries why in the world take food away from poor Ethiopians!!
    If Ethiopians want to buy Teff, they can buy teff that is grown in the Idaho area by very friendly and nice couple, tt is called MASKAL TEFF and you have a choice of Ivory, brown and white Teff. I have ordered teff from them and very pleased with the teff and with the owners. Please Ethiopians, stop taking food from the mouth of poor Ethiopians who are living under treacherous evil regime. Here is the number to call: THE TEFF COMPANY 1-888-822-2221 or order online at, the owners name is Elizabeth, and very nice lady, I might add.

  32. I think the Diaspora toothless dog is running out of effective ideas that heave the Wayane. Sadly enough you are out shrewd because you simply bark without sincere cause…..get your house in order and grow up.

    Good luck,

  33. Elias,

    You came up with a good idea that will hurt the ruling tribal junta in the pocket book, that is why their supporters are coming out against your novel idea. It is perfectly understndable for Woyanne supporters and those who gain financially from trading with Woyanne businesses to oppose your novel idea, that will show the majority who they are up against.

    The first principle in political struggle is to know your friends and enemies, this boycott idea will flush out those who support the Melles regime out in the open, that will help the people because it will help them identify who they are fighting against. Woyannes are not as strong as they say they are, their will only be strong as long as they divide their enmies, i.e. the majority of the people.

  34. We will continue the capaign against the Meles regime and will continue to work hard and fight against the brutal regime that turned the livelihood Ethiopians to zero.Today,everything and anything that is available below and above the lands in Ethiopia are controlled,ran,and owned by Meles Zinawi and his families and those who support and sustain the regime to keep it stay opperessive and suppressive of Ethiopians for years to come.Manufacturing industries,Banks,Transportation,Food produces,and service sectors are completely under the ownership of those who established and built the regigme.we, Ethiopians,therefore,reinforce our struggle against the regime by stop buying any product that is exported from the regime to the market around the world until the regime is completely defeated to its crush.

  35. We need the list of the Tigrean and Eritrean businesses. Somebody should tell us who is who. After I get the list, I won’t do any business with them.

    Ananymous replies:

    Amare the dog shit,
    Don’t worry Eritrean businesses do not need your support.
    when is the last time you have done business with
    eritreans. chances are never, but 50% ethiopian businesses
    is supported by eriteans,so who is the sole looser?
    you dog shit.

    peace replies:

    Actually there are many Eritreans who are enriched under past regimes. Under TPLF they have become even more enriched in Ethiopia. Since they don’t care about Ethiopia but they also know that Eritrea today is a country that is still struggling, thus, they prefer to continue to profit in Ethiopia. So it is those guys who are lucky ones because obviously they won’t have remorse for the plight of the country as they are now have become Eritreans. They also get full advantage through TPLF because of TPLF favor because they are not involved in anti TPLF campaign thus TPLF would rather support thsoe Eritreans. Another big homework is identifying who is real Eritrean or Tigrayans because Tigrayans have been born and raised in Eritrea and there are many like Meles who are confused. They are not confused however of NOT being Ethiopian for sure but their loyalty to Tigray and/or Eritrea will soon be determnined. If we Ethiopians as a whole would live in paradise, the great thing to do from both Eritrean or Tigrayans side is to bring harmony from all sides: rest of Ethiopians, Tigrayans and Eritreans and let us all live in peace and benefiting economically. I am afraid the latter two may have ill wishes towards the rest of Ethiopia am hoping I am wrong.

    lil replies:

    A mare,

    one can tell you are a wasted woyane cadre.

  36. To Mr Elias;
    The idea is good but how the rest of ERthiopian knows about their backgroud if it is not mark that believed they are Weyane.I hate them but to stop them in ever cornor of Restruang is meningloss I think.


    peace replies:


    That is what I thought so too. It requires thorough research. Once again we can’t be effective what ever, politicians, etc. if we really don’t do our homework and what it means to be a campaigners. We shouldn’t be driven by emotions, meaning. At war, we are also driven by emotion, however when campaigning as remote as this, it requries further research. We should act strategically rather than acting by emotion. We should save the emotion after our hard work when Ethiopia becomes the land where every ethnic or relgious groups are living in harmony while developing their nation.


    Thinking through with what is going on and reading many ethio sites, we should also consider especially those opposition Ethio sites how to curb our emotions by not further enflaming what is already burning because of this emotion. If all the blogs come up with rule that to focus ONLY on what is affecting Ethiopia rather than emotionally talking about and insulting on line because of what is going on. Understand, for most of us it is hard not to attack emotionally when we hear bad news on Ethiopia. Therefore, all blogs should ban, just my humble opinion, that strong and insulting and divisive words should be banned and rather focus on the main perpetrator as in the case of TPLF rather than generalizing and branding every single ethnic or relgious groups. Of course there will be many TPLF paid agents or even anti ethiopians who have agenda that might want to provoke and release our divisive emotions. Even with that, although hard, we much learn to curb our emotions and let us exercize this hard to do wisdom. This is not by all means being passive but we will all do continue the struggle, the boycotts, etc, strongly but let us not add fire into fire. Thus, I propose not to generalize when it comes to ethnicity, relgion, etc. rather focus on the perpetrators who did wrong, focus on the mistakes being made, focus on the actual bad act being done, etc. Who are the perpetrators? We focus on TPLF and their stooges. Yes, they may most likely be Tigreans but if one is a lawyer would not generalize, rather focus on where the crime occured and who did it. Period. I think it is time to do this. Other wise, we will end up dividing eachother into pieces and will be blessing for TPLF. I think we should start to be and grow wise.


  38. let’s be together ppl.i know at list we can do this so stay together and let’s act like one person and fight this killer TPLF regime for the last time.If we stand united we could remove asap the regime which is making the big nation in to we know all unity is strength. God bless Ethiopia.

  39. Obama invites African leaders to G8 summit
    WASHINGTON — US President Barack Obama has invited the leaders of Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania to take part in a session on food security in Africa at the G8 summit this month, officials said Thursday. Obama will host the leaders of the rich nation’s club at his Camp David retreat in Maryland between May 18-19. He has now asked Benin’s president and African Union chairman Thomas Boni Yayi, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, President John Mills of Ghana and Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete …

    ebb replies:

    meles is invited to dine with obama simply because he is a good errand boy for obma. obama uses his remote control to send meles to somalia to kill somalis in the name of war on terror. the reward for meles is a pat on the back and basket full of dollar to keep him going. scratch my back i will scratch yours. that is the only thing that keeps links meles with obama.

    Mamo kilo replies:

    Ethiopians are well aware that the U.S.A is life support machine of the brutal tyrant Zenawi like Mubarak and Ben Ali that only prolong their existence but does not save them from the peoples strong arm ,
    after a second of peoples tsunami starts telling all the crimes he has commited which is well documented in the state department waiting day and night for justice day.

  40. Elias
    pleas can you identify those business who are sailing Ethiopian foods that has not been imported from Ethiopia and there location with their consent.and i think it is good business opportunity for them as well.

  41. dear Elias,
    I really hate breaking sad news. However, i must disclose the unfonfirmed street rumours for your safety: The woyane dictator is coming near you soon (this month precisely)to beg a kool combo humburger, washed down by supersized soda that energizes him crushing certain cash-strapped but true democratic freedom fighters like yourself. This is to boost the hard to read vital signs of his ailing regime. So, please watch out your back my dear brother from the bad boy of dedebit. Peace&jsutice loving people from all over the world don’t like loosing such a bold activists that can lead them to the promised land free of corrupt dictatorships.

    best regards,

  42. It is a very good start identifying TPLF stooges in our midst, alienate theme both socially and economically . In a year you will see this effort spreading across the countries. Who ever come with this plan is a genius.

    Long live

  43. This is good idea. “Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go war.” (Albert Eisenstein) If the people of diaspora are working hard to stop the flow money, there is a lot of way or methods to cut down. For example, money transferring system, import goods, diaspora investment accountability (tax calming), building house or buying investment business,air ticket,(providing cheep air line or informing) and so on. This is very important idea to start our assignment as soon as possible.

  44. It is high time to starve the beast that is TPLF by boycotting its source of hard currency. I hope the task force will do its due diligence and clear up the muddied waters. From the comments above it looks like there is confusion about the spirit and the extent of the boycott. This boycott is not only about singling out a business because we suspect the owner/owners to be ardent AFKARI WOYANIE. This is to boycott all goods and services that we know directly like EAL, or indirectly like the corner injera/shiro SOUK that we suspect adds dimes and nickels to the TPLF coffer. And therefore it is incumbent upon all of us consumers as well as business owners to refrain from buying, selling or utilizing services that benefit the TPLF.

    I. We all know that 99% of the export of food articles from
    Ethiopia is owned or co-owned by TPLF businesses or their affiliates and therefore let’s boycott things like:

    * Teff Injera, DIRKOSH, etc. imported from Ethiopia and give the groceries notice that they need to stop importing teff and/or injera from Ethiopia if they want us as their future customers.

    * Spices, mitmita, shiro, Kinche, boula, coffee and similar items, because our blind willingness to buy this articles at high prices, in addition to benefiting Woyanie, is causing untold harm to our people at home. We all know that given a choice between feeding Ethiopians and getting hard currency by exporting these goods, TPLF always chooses the latter.

    * Beverages imported from Ethiopia like beer (Bedele, Harrar, Meta, etc), wine (Gouder, Saba, etc), weintej, soda (Ambo, Babile, Tosa, etc) and so on and so forth. Let’s understand that the above goods are sold in the Diaspora not only by TPLF minions but unwitting Ethiopians who don’t understand the consequences of their activities to our people back home. But one thing that I am one hundred percent certain is this: In the packaging, distribution, export or sell of the above goods, there is a TPLF hand somewhere.

    II. Let’s boycott all goods and services that we know directly benefits TPLF, and therefore let’s NOT:

    * Fly Ethiopian Airlines. There are multiple other airlines to fly from anywhere to Ethiopia and if it costs a little bit more, please consider it as a down payment towards the future of our country.

    *Buy land and/or build homes and apartments in Ethiopia until TPLF is out of power. Trust me, the land will always be there and there will be time enough to invest and grow our country once there is a genuine Ethiopian government elected by Ethiopians.

    * Invest in Ethiopia as long as TPLF is in power

    To all patriotic Ethiopians: I understand the boycott may inconvenience you or your family. Please understand that we need to close rank on this and sacrifice our comfort for the time being. Just compare your inconvenience to the sacrifices of Reeyot, Eskinder, Woubshet, Birtukan and all the other heroic Ethiopians. After all, the task force is not asking for a hunger strike you know, just to slightly modify your nutrition for a while, to effectively STARVE THE TPLF BEAST.



    peace replies:


    It is for my knowledge. You said boycott any exported stuff from Ethiopia but invest in Ethiopia by buying land and doing business, etc. Can you explain that part? Since TPLF will force to allow to pay tax on them, they are still benefiting are they not? How about, TPLF has been forcing people who are successful in business in ethiopia to get the portion of the profit or be partners. They have been doing that. Thus still benefiting. I understand however that the presence of Ethiopian investors in Ethiopia is better, hoping that they will have consciousness? What have diaspora made difference so far in Ethiopia except perpetuate the same thing? There could pro and con about that. TPLF could be pressuring these investors not to help the needy, hard to know. There are however, brainwashed diasproa who are perpetuating as well. By the way there are Ethiopians in diaspora who act like neoliberatlists, copied from the West who go there repeat the same thing and they want to justify it. They campaign by saying develop the country, bla bla. But when there is bad news coming out from ethiopia for example the death of Alem Dechasa, etc, they are silent about it. It is good to identify these Ethiopians not to attack but what is it that driving them? I think they are recruited.

    By the way, we need to set up questionnaire for Ethiopians in the diasora ananymously of course what they think of Ethiopia to day, what their wish would be, etc, preparing several questionnaires. Once it is collected, then we open podium and debate on the questionnaires. That will give us our sense of who we are.

  45. Hagos says;Elias you are the only Ethiopian who is truly fighting the tegre bandits. I assure you if we Ethiopians stop talking to all tigrian friends and their business in no more than a month, the children of Seul Mekael will kneel down and submit to the real children of Ethiopians and go back to their former tigry province and cooperate.

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