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115 thoughts on “ATTENTION: All Ethiopian businesses in the Diaspora

  1. Ethiopians,our common goal is to break up Zinaw’s brutal regime and build a democratic country because we have people,Zinawi doesn’t have.Before we put a spoon full of rice into our mouth,we always remember our Ethiopians whose life is turned upside down in the regime Zinawi built and ran a rperessive and oppressive system for the last twenty one years.We care about our country and people,but Zinawi doesn’t value human life.We remember- Zinawi did not enter Ethiopia as an entreprenur,and we did witness Zinawi ordered the killing of a lot of Ethiopians ,we knew also he denied and lied about his victims.Now we can see that Zinawi is getting more and more worse and is not showing any sign of having sympathy for his victims,does not understand we are in pain on account him killing and murdering people.Why breaking up communities?

    You,Ethiopians have shown great courage and have been fighting against Zinawi and his regime individually also collectively since 1991,the day the criminals entered Ethiopia.One of the ways to keep the struggle going till victory is to boycott anything and everything of Zinawi and his regime.Many people like to wine and dine,but you don’t want to buy what has been produced production factories and manufacturing industries owned by Zinawi,his families,relatives,associates,and close friends and the regimes keepers.You can start a mental note of products’ brand,origions,manufacturers,and distributors;you can then iedentify and locate where they are in the market both at home and abroad,then connect with other Ethiopians both inside and ourside the country and exchange information and try to follow up their destination,then visit stores,restaurants in and around your neighbourhoods,communities,and shopping malls,when you find one or more,give a pat on the shoulder and immediately inform Ethiopians about the name of the product,the look,the made and what it is and where you located,then take a note,come home thank yourself for a good job done,and plan for more and more;sometimes it willl be less time consuming,but most of the time it will be more time consuming,but then your goal is track down any products and services that are originated from the brutal regime, and look for more additional products that are being dsistributed and sold in the market.Ethiopians,by doing repetitive efforts,you would definitely end up in positive results.Teach other Ethiopians and learn from other Ethiopians the experience and the result encounter and have in your search for targeted products,also what you found out in your day-to-day effort to achieve our common goal;don’t be discourageds,if not succeed for the first time.Focus on services and products.What are the services Zinawi’s agents are providing to customers both inside and outside Ethiopia? Remember,Zinawi and his mafias are looting the resources of your country.For instance,Zinawi and his alliances in the criminal organization stole and deposited $11.7 billion dollars in their bank account,and besides you are sure that the thieves will not keep this huge stolen money for a rainy day for Ethiopians.The money is stolen and gone.Ethiopians,do you really,really think the profit generated by Ethiopians air lines will go to public coiffer to replace the $11.7 billion dollar?

    peace replies:

    Unfortunately, due to lack of mistrust we are on blog here talking great ideas what to do. since this is public, our ideas is being used ahead by TPLF spy agents therefore, when we reveal great ideas, it goes to waste. Discussing Action plan should be discreet so that your antagonist will not plan one step ahead. Since we revealing so many things, then it is no use. Unfortuanately to have meeting in reality, etc, no ones seems to trust eachother due to TPLF people.

  2. Let’s focus more on the Ethiopian Airlines, that is the main source of income for the TPLF, even the high ranking officials of the Ethiopian Airlines are TPLF members. The diaspora should use other airlines to visit home. If the diaspora cooperates in this regard, it would be a major economic blow for the TPLF gangs. Unity is strength.

  3. Elias:

    Which one hurt woyane most? 1) Shortage of food in Ethiopia or 2) the money shortage
    In my view the shortage of teff is going to cause a problem in Ethiopia. We may have to intesify that in my opinion. How much is woyane getting from this trade? We have to intensify both inflation and food shortage to take away the fear of our people. Even bad things happen for reason. Woyane has no brain, let us use ourdto kill them.
    Elias, pls work aginst people who teach tplf on any respect [no constractive criticizem]. They have no brains at all. Look, since Tamange told zenawi not to read on etv, he stoped reading. He started giving it to the journalists as of last week. Pls oppostion leaders should stop teaching them or commenting to solve tplf problems. Let us intensify problems of woyane. Woyane is almost finished. lol

    peace replies:

    wow, that is funny. Read my above comment how we are revealing our action plan. I am sure Weyane will use it or be one step ahead. So what is the solution? Perhaps we need to filter out what to comment here and the good ones share on restricted audio?

  4. Dear Ezana From Toronto: If you are in the Washington Area the main supporter and benefeciary of the Woyane is Etete Restaurant and her croonies. The lady called Etete/Tewaltengus is one of the main hideout of Woyane (Meles’s Azeb) property here in the East Coast. They should be followed very carefully. All the money that comes to build their Mansion here is through this Agent and the Chruch that she is subsidizing.

  5. Ethiopian air line fly mostly the east cost of USA so People who leav in the east cost of USA must avoide to flay. If we can do this we can see the woyne pocket dry withen 2 years

  6. 1-You guys who do you think built the four huge Hydro electric- power to generate Tekeze 300, Gibe II,420 and Tana-beles 460 and in addition Tinchea II 100 MG watts.

    2-Gibe III ,1870 and the Millennium-dam ,6000 MG watts. The two big also on the way to be operational the next one and five years respectively.

    Industrial development and large-scale commercial farmings are impossible to implement with out power.

    The Ethiopian -Government done the right thing.

    3-Who do you thick, built 22 universities in every part of the country and 10 more to be built.

    4-Who do you think, built the condos for low income Addis people to enable the to own a house.

    5-who do you think, build road in the cities and rural part of the country to make unaccessible before now more accessible.

    6-The next two to five years there will be train to reach up to 5000 KM in all direction of the country.

    7-The 10 sugar factories to be built in the next 5 year which create more than 170,000 jobs in rural and remote parts of Ethiopia ever.

    8-There will be more investors from all over the world to come to the country and invest to create more needed jobs for young Ethiopians.

    I hope our sisters and brothers will stop to migrating to the Middle- East to work and support their family with hope staying and finding good jobs in their own country Ethiopia.

    Don’t worry Extremist-Diaspora my country will export Oil in the future to generate foreign currency so we do not need injera and Beer to get dollars any more if you think so.

    Unless you become enemy to you own country, Guys, i think and i am sure you don’t deny that Ethiopia is the fastest-growing country in Sub-Saharan Africa and in the world(economically)according to the World Bank and other independent sources.

    But you have the right to oppose political issues.Like i do but i support any economical-development who ever does it.this doesn’t means i am Hodam.I love my country and i hope every body does so.

    Long live Ethiopia and death for Shabia!!!


  7. It reminds me of thing that, one of the woyanes’s officer from the Southern part of ethiopia, given order to expell all Eretrians from his region. As was reported, he put all Tigrigna speaking men and women in a truck and sent them to Addis Ababa, despite some sceaming that they were not Eretrians. When asked why he separate the Tigrians from the Eretrains, he concluded by saying he could not see the difference between the two. “”They all are RATS”. What a shame?

    But, in order to boycot, it is easy. An Eretrians will answer you “Siwa” when he is asked what is his favorate drink, while the other one say Duka. They are all terrible.

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