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The displaced Ethiopians

By Yilma Bekele

I am sure we are all familiar with what is known as the ‘{www:melting pot}’ concept when it comes to describing how America functions. The term is a metaphor ‘for a {www:heterogeneous} society becoming more homogeneous, the different elements “melting together” into a harmonious whole with one common culture.

The concept was popularized in the 1900 with the influx of immigrants from all over. It was challenged in 1970’s with some questioning the idea of total meld and wanted to preserve cultural differences as valuable part of a civil society and proposed an alternative metaphor the ‘mosaic or salad bowl’ concept. This term has come to dominate the Canadian experience. It proposes the mix of ethnic groups, languages and cultures that can harmoniously co-exist. It advocates multiculturalism.

Both approaches have managed to build a robust and prosperous society. Over the weekend I had a medical issue and went to the hospital. I, the patient is an immigrant from Ethiopia. My admitting nurse was another Ethiopian. The nurse that took my vitals was from Nigeria. The person who took my x-ray was from Eritrea. My emergency room doctor was a white American. The individual who took me thru the discharge process was a female Hispanic immigrant. The hospital functioned like a well-oiled machine.

I was impressed. It made me see how the US has managed to become such a big powerhouse. There is plenty that needs to change but it is obvious the system is based on a solid ground of willingness to accommodate change while not losing a common vision of one country one people.

It did not take me long to come back to ground. My homeland came to jar me back to reality. The ‘ethnic cleansing’ in southern part of my country was a reminder that all is not well on the home front. The term ‘ethnic cleansing’ is a loaded term. I am not invoking it lightly. But it to so aptly describes the plight of our citizens that happen to be ‘Amhara’ and their current tribulations. The Benji Maji Zone Administration has seen it fit to expropriate their land and property and drive them out of their homes. Go back to your Kilil they said. Today they are refugees in their own country. The actual term is ‘internally displaced.’

“Internally displaced” is a strange concept to grasp. How could you be a refugee in your own land? In an emerging Democracy like Ethiopia anything is possible. The government led by TPLF (Tigrai Peoples Liberation Movement) is the Party in charge. When they took power they were not into the concept a ‘melting pot’ nor did they appreciate the idea of a ‘salad bowl.’ Our ḥizbāwī weyānē ḥārinet tigrāy ሕዝባዊ ወያኔ ሓርነት ትግራይ leaders were enamored by the concept of ‘Apartheid’. Building enclaves was their brilliant solution. The plight of the Amhara’s is Apartheid in practice. That is what Meles Zenawi is constructing in Ethiopia. Separate disjointed entities at war with each other while his single ethnic based party fans the hate flame.

Do you think I am being an alarmist? Do you think I am falling into the trap of ethnic identification? I do not think so. If people are forced to flee due to their ethnicity be it in Benji Maji, Gambella, Sarajevo or Kigali you have to call it what it is ‘ethnic cleansing.’ The Serbian Military’s attempt to drive Moslems out of Sarajevo was defined as practicing ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Hutus targeted Tutsis and the blood bath was judged as an ugly attempt at ‘ethnic cleansing.’ During the border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea both countries carried out limited form of ‘ethnic cleansing’. May I remind you some of us showed total indifference while a few cheered. Ethnic cleansing is an International crime. It is crime against humanity. What has happened to the Amhara’s of Benji Maji Zone is ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Their only crime is being an Amhara and finding them selves in the wrong Apartheid designated ‘Home Land”.

This abhorrent crime is committed by the TPLF party, which is led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. They set such system in place. They designed it. Some are claiming the TPLF party has gone rouge and become the party of one family. I beg to differ. The TPLF was born a monster, grew up to be a monster and will die as a monster. It has never ever done anything that could be seen as a positive contribution to the people of Tigrai in particular and the people of Ethiopia in general.

Kilil is not a new idea. It was copied from the book of the Nationalist Party of South Africa. The White people’s party. Their creation of the ‘Apartheid’ system set up ten Bantustans or homeland for Black people. It kept the Blacks apart. It made them strangers to each other. There was no Black South African but an ethnic based homeland citizen. Leaders like Chief Buthelezi of the great nation of Kwa Zulu were reduced to serving the White masters at the expense of their people. Exile some, corrupt a few and bully the rest was the hallmark of Apartheid. Kilil is the son of Apartheid. In today’s Ethiopia Kilil defines who you are and that of being an Ethiopian is secondary. Benji Maji is the outcome of Kilil at work. You area a citizen of your Kilil not your Country.

TPLF’s system is working like a charm. The folks displaced from Benji Maji are living proof. The cultivation of hate has made us mistrust each other. The insistence on separate Kilil’s has caused us plenty of civil strife. No place is immune from this sickness. Even places of higher learning such as the University and Kilil based Colleges are the hot bed of ‘ethnic’ clashes. I am writing about it. It has become our everyday experience. We are in the process of becoming strangers to each other. The meaning of being an Ethiopian is being deflated, downsized, given negative connotations and made something to hide out of shame.

Why some people in leadership do that should be left to psychologists, social scientists and historians to explain. Our problem is here and now. We are all affected by this devaluation of a beautiful proud country. We are not the first to be under this type of calamity. Look Iraq was once a proud nation. Today Iraqis avoid Iraq. Syria is entering that zone of madness on a national scale. Ethnic strife is the common thread between the two. Kilil is the breeding ground for ‘ethnic strife’. The TPLF party is the fertilizer.

Are you inoculated against this virus? What do you think when you hear of Benji Maji? Upset? Depressed? Confused? Hope less? You see the current leaders of Ethiopia are free to do what they want. The only way to stop them is by showing them there are consequences to their action. There is a price to pay for bad deeds. The people organized around Timret are building an all-inclusive Front as a solid foundation for our future Ethiopia. ESAT has managed to be our voice. Andenet is still operating under dire circumstances. All these groups and organizations are helping the people of Benji Maji by doing their share so there will be no more Benji Maji’s. Change will not happen with out involvement. We can work together as one to create a “melting Pot’ or a ‘Salad Bowl’ or continue on building Apartheid. It is up to you. Show me rather than tell me.

11 thoughts on “The displaced Ethiopians

  1. The TPLF is an ethnical fascst and a racist organization created to liberate Tigray from what its founders call the oppressive Amhara rule. The political program or manifesto of the TPLF clearly defines the Amharas as the enemies of the people of Tigray. The fascist and racist TPLF leaders like Meles Zenawi have mobilized the people of Tigray and built their power base by spreading their anti-Amhara politics. Meles Zenawi hates nothing more than the Amharas and will do anything to eliminate, uproot or displace them. He is the main TPLF leader who orchestrated the mass killings of the poor Amharas in the east and south eastern parts of the country.

  2. The Seal of the United States says: E pluribus — Latin for “Out of many, one.” The Pledge of Allegiance also goes like…”I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” (Key words: One Nation, indivisible.)

  3. Dear Yilma Bekele,

    “Exile some, corrupt a few and bully the rest was the hallmark of Apartheid”. This is what they are doing now. Very sensible article.

    I just have one honest question to you. I beg you to answer it. I am not a member of any political party. So, I beg you to tell me the truth: You have mentioned about Andinet party, Timret, and others above but never mentioned AEUP party which infact its office is serving as an office for the victims as we write and speak. I am not going to pick any arguement on your possible reply. I just want to learn. May be you will save me from misconceptions when I try to understand Ethiopian Politics.

    Look forward to read an honest explanation…


  4. great article!

    I don’t think TPLF leaders have such a knowledge. They don’t have the necessary knowledge to lead a nation like Ethiopia. They are in this position accidentally. They were bank robbers, and they are the same today too.

  5. With all due respect the so called “melting pot” approach of forcing diverse cultures and identities in to the single power holding single cultural values and speak the single language of those who hold power was/is a complete disaster and a total failure in America itself resulting in a very polarized society of the wretched poor and the over rich where violence ghettoism, etc. prevails in a country being other wise rich. And the forced groups were furiousely resisting to be robbed of their cultural, linguistic and identity natural treasures.

    But now even in America the failed “melting pot” approach is being fast abundant to be replaced by multiculturalism where by each cultural group can freely develop their own cultures, languages, identities as well as also seek, learn and integrate in the values and languages of the majority as well. This is what is called unity within diversity of both being your own self as well as understanding and accepting the other selves with whom or among whom you are living.

    That is also why you often find various US governmental and state services delivered in many different languages both spoken and written. So , please update your knowledge if you are distorting it for lack of current knowledge or better learn to think different in this 21st century if you are dreaming Haile Sellassie’s melting pot policy of Amharanisation by all means where all non Amharas must melt in to the exclusive single ethnic Amharas cultural, political,
    Linguistic and world outlook by forgetting their own languages, cultures, identities and world views.

    By the way, I am not a friend of the tplf tyrants but that does not mean I have to accept utter white lies from the other anti tplf circles insulting public intelligence.

    aba replies:

    I guess you are one of the many ethiopians who live in the uinted staes, but you still have a lot to learn as far as the AMERICAN EXPERIENCR goes,try to read/see every thing in context, there is no way you can justify the recent action by the woyane against innocent ethiopians, unless of course you have an issue with Amharas

  6. 3#.Melted down and Purified,

    To put it the otherway, let all of us Ethiopians melt in to the Tigre culture, values, traditions, languiages, world views, flag, etc. or else as a matter of democratic choice melt in to the Oromo culture, values, tradions, world views, Gada democratic values, languages, etc. and simply become one and the only one under Oromo flag “Melting Pot” with no diversity and with no ethnicity, etc. Or even take guraghes, Somalis, Sidamas, Gambella, etc, when seraching as to in to whom to melt inorder to form a single solid melted everlasting purified steel body.

  7. Elias would u take minutes and think what you are doing instead of killing your time moderating comments and injecting poisons among the Ethiopian people. what do you get in return of hate??? did not you learn something from your ansistors?? Amhara kings had created animosity among the ethiopian a result the poor amhara people have been targeted since then…and seems now at its worst stage. poor Amharas are evacuating from South Ethiopia and I doubt if it stops there. you may curse woyane as usual but the underlying cause is not absolutely woyane, if you have the gut to swallow the truth. the root cause is your Amahara kings. in fact woyane is trying to create equality among the people. Amhara is no different. however it has been challenging as many peoples have had feeling of revenge.
    what I want to tell in here is that as a ‘journalist/politician’ why do not you think positive, being patient and long-sighted instead of repeating the same mistakes as your kings??? Hate will not take you any where.
    you will not have a gut to post this, but I just wrote it for you. I always feel to join the opposition camps openly but i feel sick when i see the attitude and intention of the oppositions. lets work for love. the outcome of hate is FAILURE ALWAYS. we don’t have to try it time and again. if we are not good from heart, the return will not be good at all. forget woyane and work for the betterment of ALL ETHIOPIANS…i give respect to long-sighted individuals!! ETHIOPIA PREVAILS!!!

  8. The late Apple CEO and co-founder’s favorite personal and business motto was a quote from that of hockey’s great Wayne Gretzky, ” I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Knowing the intents of Woyane, the Arabs, Extremist Islam etc., its the anticipation of their next salvo that would give us an edge, and preemptive defense, not responding to their ever deceptive and tricky moves. We are always steps behind.

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