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Great Ethiopian Run participants say enough to Meles (video)

Hundreds of Ethiopians who took part in the 2011 Great Ethiopian Run in Addis Ababa two weeks ago Sunday turned the annual event into a protest rally against Meles Zenawi’s dictatorship as the video below shows. The Federal Police arrested over 50 of the runners and released 27 by Friday. Their crime is peacefully voicing their opinion. The fate of those who are still in detention is not known. The runners chanted:

Woyanne Leba, Leba Leba, Woyanne Leba, Leba, Leba (Woyanne thief)
Ende Gaddafi Aykeriletim Tifi (He [Meles] will be slapped like Gaddafi)
Sanifeligachew 20 ametachew (They stayed 20 years without our wish)

The video was smuggled out of the country by Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit.
For Youtube click here:

100 thoughts on “Great Ethiopian Run participants say enough to Meles (video)

  1. Who start the fire?!!!!! The greate Ethiopians with Ethiopian blood.
    Watch out all Woyanes and supporters,Bandas. we Ethiopians are not amatters in bringing Revolution, our History tells it all.
    Ethiopia will be saved from Woyanes once and for all period.
    Thank you for listing this greate Ethiopians voice.The time is coming!
    Ethiopia will Prevail!!! Amen

  2. Elias: Don’t be stupid. I know you have wachted the Algazira propoganda machien that tried to mislead the people and brought a change (which is upto now is not clear weather it is in a good direction)but this one is totaly 0 IQ jornalism. Please for the sake of joranalism do’t try to abius the profession of jornalism. If you continue like this people losse trust and belive in sale idea of jornalism.
    By the way i write this only on the stand point of the truth. But don’t mix up me in any political catagories. I am an Ethiopian wishs for my beloved country the best.

    back off! replies:

    hahahah huhuuh ……
    Who is this another looter, pretending as an Ethiopian!!
    you think this vid is not legitimate???
    go to hell men, looseeerrrrrrrrr

  3. Yenesew has put us in the map of world protest against tyranny.The time magazine pin pointed this week all countries starting from the arab spring to occupy oakland under the weekly issue titled protestor
    I am glad to anounce that ethiopia and yenesew are pary of the list.

  4. The only master for Woyane are president Isaias Afewerqi of Eritrea.Why??In 1975 Woayne were in Nakfa (Beliket) and meet Ísaias and he used them bcs he know them his finger and sent to Tigria fight with themselves and he won.He is very cleaver and play game them like colwn and he is Jerry and their are Tommy.All from Meles To Seye,from Bereket to Aregash from Ghezaie to Halafi Mengedi fm Agazzie to Berhe Shire are our dogs.They can kill Ethiopia for one dollar.believ me and they did.

  5. Meles will understand this. Meles will only understand when angry Ethiopians insert wood into his anus like Gaddaffi. That time will come sooner or later. It is my prayer God help Ethiopian from this demon. I personally pray Meles to disappear like a chaff and we decolonize Ethiopia from Arab, Indian, Chinese and others who scrambling for Ethiopia’s land.

    We angry. We are burnt from inside out because of Meles. I can see angry Ethiopia mutiliating Meles Zenawi body in addis. He will pay the ultimate price for selling the country to anyone.

    EPRDF, we do not hate you, but we hate your corrupted rotten leader Meles Zenawi who is anti our people. Meles has hell bent to destroy Ethiopia. Meles has refused for 25 years. Now it must be the turn of the Ethiopian to tear him apart, not only his aparthied system, but tear his body into piece.

    Are you angry? I am angry. I do not even sleep because of Meles Zenawi. Meles Zenawi has taken peace from our lives by selling Ethiopia.

    I pray God help Ethiopia from this man. He is the most corrupt human being on earth. He is rotten. Human being ? can you define human being?

    What can says about this corrupt leader from our own country? He consider wickedness civilization? selling everything civilization?

    Down to Woane Meles. I am angry and burnt from inside out. I have tried to correct and to be consular even if with all the crimes gone against the country. But he thinks the earth moves around him and he never listen to the Ethiopia.

    I wanted to see Meles’ life ending like Gaddaffi. My hatred to this rotten despot and ager shech is driving me mad. I hate this man to my bones.

    Down to Meles Zenawi.


  7. A 5 second, feel good clip is named by Elias banda as “The video was smuggled out of the country by Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit.”

    I love this “awqo abed” aka elias lunatic.

  8. I am not sure why the Tigreans are mad with Elias you idiots you should not get mad withElias because of his posting the truth are you begging him to hide the reality just like one of your web sights if you wants that to happen do not come here stay in your sphere of influence because Ethiopianreview does not belong to you Tigreans this web sight or Ethiopianreview belongs to Ethiopians only. Leave this web sight for Ethiopians ass soon as you can and go to your place and try to learn how to prevent the coming flood before it washes you back to Dedebit. By the way before TPLF invasion of Ethiopia was larger than 480,000 square miles with 625 miles or 1000 kilometers of see coast and with 2 sea outlets today after 20 years Tigrean rule Ethiopia is around 420,000 square miles and a landlocked and weak as well as devided through tribal affiliation, is that why you Tigreans are bragging well you can bragg on nothing if that makes you happy your Dedebit brain. By the way I know few TPLF members in Las Vegas and Atlanta and many more places so let us report this people who they are to the USA government I know in my city one TPLF was denied his asylum for good and he lives in fear now, this Tigrean person was pointed to the US government by people he is a spy of TPLf.This man use to have a big mouth and he always insult Ethiopians now days he lives in hiding now days he is mister nice and shy.

    Dan replies:

    Another looser. You cannot win if you hate the people, and as far as I know no Tigrain will be shy for supporting Woyane. Woyane is our life, we paid our life, and we are ready to pay whatever it takes. And you know how we win games.

    Don’t create stories here to look truthful. I am in Atlanta, and I am die hard supporter of Woyane, and I can see what you can do.

    Keep crying as always!

    zulu replies:


    You are one dead Woyane. You are not ashamed of calling others looser? What have your TPLF bandits brought to Ethiopia? Of course, they brought hunger, misery, lies, corruption and all the vices that our country has never faced before. One day you will die a pain full death together with other TPLF sympathizers for the crimes you have committed against the people. You cannot kill and loot for ever.

  9. I have one question for the opposition in diaspora: Why don’t you get yourselves involved in the “armed struggle”? You live here in the US living a better life and making money to send them to only your relatives and yet you want the poor youngsters to get killed or imprisoned in the “armed struggle”. You here are doing your best to bring your siblings from Ethiopia to the US and yet you want the poor Ethiopians shed their blood in “armed struggle”. If you think the “armed struggle” is the best way, then go and fight. This way you will set yourselves as examples and leaders and you may get many to follow you. I have one word for you: COWARD!! You must know that the change in Ethiopia should come from within the country. You have kept talking about Egypt, Libiya, Tunisia and Syria. All the Arab Spring altogether started within the country. You were seen many times to go to embassies and cry their like babes. This is very shameful and never expected from Ethiopians who are well known for their heroism. I don’t really know why you advocate about removing the current government of Ethiopia by force and yet you do nothing except filling the chairs of Starbucks all day long. Please stop advocating wars which the current leaders of our country know much more than anyone else and start to work for the betterment of Ethiopia peacefully.

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