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Ethiopian Review Asmara trip – video

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A short video presentation of Ethiopian Review’s trip to Eritrea. The music is by Elsa Kidane, currently Eritrea’s hottest musician.

49 thoughts on “Ethiopian Review Asmara trip – video

  1. I do not know why but I am crazy about Eritrean music, do not understand a word. I hope Elias you are truly opening a new door to love and closeness again. My views about Eritrea is upside down these days.

    Elias, thanks you are truly a brave man. There is nothing to be lost by talking to Eritreans.

  2. Aigaforum starts crying about your trip Elias. They are barking before the interview released. Elias you are Weyanes nightmare. keep it up the good job. God bless you.

  3. I watched the video twice and I enjoyed it very much. When I watched it the second time I even learned more about Asmara. Hopefully, soon we visit each other. Thank you very much for your tireless efforts to bring Ethiopians and Eritreans together.


  4. Hi Elias thank you on behalf of peace loving peaples on both sides. You are going out of your way for the love of your country peaple. As Eritreans we respect all nationalists like you who are working for mutual benefit of our region.We are ready to help you destroy weyane who is doing the dirty work of his masters.Our beloved leader have told us in many occasions that every Eritrean is ambbasader of his country.So dear brother Elias by the power invested in me I am giving you honerary citizenship of Eritrea & welcome to my lovly hometown Asmara &enjoy your visit.To all Eritreans inside the country & all over the world Happy independense day.Peace & love to Ethiopans & Eritreans &the whole EAST AFRICA.

  5. I can not wait for the full interview Eli, you are courageous man and thank you. I hope the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea rekindle their friendship and prosper together. You are doing great service to mend the open wound between the two people.

  6. The thing I like about Elias is that he knows how to get woyannes run like a chicken cutoff its head. Every weyanne site is going nuts with his visit to Asmara, and Elias to make it even more spiced up for weyannes he posted a video depicting his trip to Asmara and calling Asmara the cleanest city.
    This should open the gate for Ethiopians to visit Eritrea and enjoy the Red Sea which belongs to habesha race than anyone else. Elias, thank you for opening the gate. Like they say the weyane dogs could bark all day/night long but the camel (Elias) keeps marching on.

  7. I can stop to celebrate this moment, Mr kifle you are the trailblazer , Thank you. We don’t have the word to express our gratitude to PIA. We will never be able to establish solid, one Ethiopia without Eritreans help. We have a lot of work to do in Ethiopia. PIA is a political prophet of Africa. Watch his word and it happens as his predictions. He is fearless and trusts his people. As we know, it is that knowledge what helps Eritreans to stay in their track regardless of the 10 years unrelenting political and economical bombardment of the WEST. If i were the president of Djibouti, i wouldn’t like to be on the bad side of PIA’s people. As for TPLF, Mr Kifle, you gave them a stroke. They are good as dead. Bravo.

    Regards, Ted

  8. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed watching every bit of it. Hopefully even if Eritrea never comes back to Ethiopia, we can cross borders like the US & Canada and have better arrangements. Until then we are at the mercy of Elias and the like to show us the way and break barriers… How safe/if possible is the trip from Ethiopian to Eritrea? Sorry for my ignorance, but that is how little i know about the Ethio-Eritrea arrangement!

  9. Hi brothers and sisters of Ers and Ets. I am one of those more that 70,000 Eritreans deported from Ethiopia by tplf regime in 1998.It is a good step done by Elias Kifle to bring about a sisterly relationship between the two countries. No for hostility, yes for love.

    Well done Elias

  10. Elias, thank you for introducing Eritrea to those of us who has never seen it before. Thank you this is the beginning of understanding, at least for many of us Ethiopians who have been left in the dark, including by our previous leaders. However, it is just killing these woyane menace and its hodam sympathizers. I have only seen the aigaforum’s of the web react once this way before, during the election of 2005… PANIC… I wonder why! Woyane is afraid that we are beginning to pave the way for a great relationship with our brothers and sisters in Eritrea. Only Seytan could be afraid of that.

    A milestone, Elias.

    We are proud of you

  11. I Just checked Elsa Kidane’s song “Sle Fikri” n loved toooo much. I will be murmuring it all day ….. Sle, sle fikri sle fikri…..

    peace again!

  12. Oh Elias Kifle, Nefsehe Ayimareme. You put the woyane juntas in comma. It is funny, the woyane junta sentenced Elias, to life in prison or death. But, the smart kid elias, he got them before they got him. He sentence them life with out parole. KKKKKKK i can not stop laughing. Just one individual shook the whole woyane. Elias, bless you man!!!

  13. Is that really Asmara? wow i didn’t know its a beautiful city like that its look like Europe well i’m glad for my Eritrean brothers shall peace come soon once we kick Meles out!

  14. Yager Lig,

    There is no official border crossing between Eritrea and Ethiopia since Woyanne unleashed a war against Eritrea in 1998 but there is a free flow of people and even unofficial trade between Eritreans and Ethiopians along the border, specially since EPPF and TPDM got stronger and stronger crossing the border is getting safer for people. Eritrean made goods are in high demand in northern Ethiopia. Woyanne might try to create animosity between our people but no goverment is strong enough to stop people from communicating with each other.

  15. I was hoping my kids will one day break the wall, but I guess i will have the chance to see it soon. Elias, THANK YOU for approaching the peace path. Elias is just like Nebey Isaias in seeing the future.No place for color of eyes things it doesn’t apply for Ethiopian and Eritrean people. Those who are taking advantage out of this situation will push hard to stop you, but I guess time is up, next please, time for Woyane is over. History will remember you.Tension with my friends and family soften the last five days, you can’t imagine how painful it is for both people ( Families and friends from both sides )

  16. Good job Elias – you are breaking the back bone of woyanne. Let them know that Ethiopian and Eritreans are brothers and they will live together and grow together

  17. what emama Ethiopia needs today is a true son like you. other websites I don’t really know what their stand is. they simply are keyboard hero’s it’s is simple logic if you want to get raid of woyanes join armed struggle! or put up or shut up!

  18. PEACE is indispensable! there’s no alternative to peace. If there’s peace there’s everything. So, Mr. Elias I congratulate you for the good job you’re doing. Every man is a history maker in his/her own way; you have done one. keep the good work. The people of Ethiopia and Eritrea need peace nothing else. If there is peace both people have a lot to gain.


  19. Hi Elias Kifle,

    Seeing Asmara through your video was an emotional experience. Thank you for sharing. That said, I am concerned that the comments here are all praises, none critical. Does it mean that all members of the Ethiopian opposition are espousing a uniform idea about everything you do? Or are you not allowing differences of opinion in this website. Neither are features of a democratic movement. If you are truly fighting against the dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi, you have to live by example. Allow diverse opinions and ally yourselves with democratic movements. The Isaias regime is no less dictatorial than the regime you claim to abhor. I hope you will post my comment. Thank you.

  20. Elias,


    What an inspirational and bold move. You are showing
    us there is a light at the end of the tunnel on the
    Horn Africa, especially amongst these brotherly/sisterly
    Eritreans and Ethiopians! We are back in to our pre-badme war friendship level, and this is an icing on the cake.
    You crossed and started a bridge where no Ethiopian
    or Eritrean gone. That’s called Courage and Vision.

    You are building a bridge foundations to present and future generations of peace loving neighbors and hope we all put some thing to this bridge finalization.

    Enjoy Eritrea and please do more photos and videos with full titles and Amharic/English guide on it professional done. Show us Massawa, Keren and other beautiful places in

    Peace Loving!

  21. Few months back, interviewd PM Meles and I thought good job was done. Similarly, ER has interviewed PIA and thumbs up for the good job. To me this is unprecedented because normally Eritrean and Ethiopian journalists have no access to their leaders unless they work for the state media.
    Any way, I hope you all had an enjoyable trip to Eritrea.

  22. Thanks Elias. This is truly wonderful. Let’s hope that it will be a new beginning for our peoples (Abesha). I have never been to Eritrea so I watched this video with a lot of interest. Again, thanks for sharing your video with us. Eagerly awaiting your trip report as well as a full transcript of your interview with PIA. Please tell us more about your trip. Please write a trip report for those of us who have never been to Eritrea. Did you have any language difficulty?

  23. Thank you Elias. This is like nightmare for the inhuman woyanes. We look forward to see and hear from the numerious interviews that you may bring along besides the PIA’s. We are eagerly waiting.
    God bless you.

  24. A new door a new era is approaching between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Eritreans knows our culture but we are truely sorry we haven’t learn much about them. They are the nicest people on planet with big heart and always friendly. If Eritreans loves you, you see it right there. They don’t have double heart. That is one thing and the most important thing that i love about Eritreans. To bad they close to Trigians that the rest of ethiopian tirbes. but Since Eritrea is rich with two ports we will use Assab as avenue to get close to Eritreans. Thank you All. This time next year Ethiopia is going to be ruled by it true sons.

  25. It is nice to see postive comments here. That is what we need b/n these two people. Peace to Eri and Ethio People.

    Elias, I can’t view the video. Please do somthing, I am eager to see it.


  26. Hi Elias,
    thank you bro and may god love you for this all my love from asmara.May one day I will tell my kids about you.
    I have so much to say may be you will say it one day for me I lost my beutuful brother and my bofriend in 2000 war with this stuped Weyana, so much pain but, you did a good work I love you for this Keep the good work god love you brother.

  27. Hi Elias,

    This is the first I am posting on the internet, because i think what you are doing is very courageous and very important. I am of Ethiopian and Eritrean origin and I love both ppl, and I think this will help open a window of understanding that could lead to a lasting peace in our region. Eritreans are decent and loyal ppl as are most Ethiopians, but a lot of ppl in ethiopian don’t understand the Eritrean ppl, and I don’t blame them, because what they have been fed about eritrea was all garbage and hateful propaganda. I hope you can explain that Eritreans are not against Ethiopians, but they just want to be left alone and their Sovereignty respected , so they can mind their own business, without any external intereference, and thats all.

    I am glad you were able to interview PIA, and I look forwad to hear your interview. Addittionaly, although i don’t agree with PIA all the time, I respect him and choose him over any other African leader without any hesitation, anytime . What you see is what u get when it comes to PIA. He speaks the truth weather you are an Arab, Israel, USA or anybody else.

    God bless to eri and ethio ppl, and hope you are enjoying your visit.

  28. Weak and divided Ethiopia is not in the interest of Eritrea and Eritreans. I’m happy H.E. Iseyas Aforki, and our Governmet have the same view. And I hope Ethiopians know this also, and work with Eritrea for their own interest….we don’t need divided and weak Ethiopia… Because dividing people in Etnicity is a very dangerous thing which Weyane junta did to control Ethiopia.

    I’m happy all Ethiopians know that Eritrean just want to work to better their own country. We hope that Ethiopian people do the same.

    I hope this step taken by Elias will bring some kind of bridge between Ethiopians and Eritreans. So that we could work for a better future. A future without war!…
    40 years of war didn’t bring any thing except destruction, backwardness, hunger and foreigh aid….Enough is Enough.

    Peace to the people of the horn.

  29. One of the precious gifts the Almighty God gave to the human beings is music. I don’t think there is anyone on this earth that hates to listen to the music of his own choice: Italian music, Chinese music, Japanese music, African music, and other countries’ music.

    Ethiopians and Eritreans are gifted musicians; I love the music of these two countries much better than the music of any other country: from the Ethiopian music, I love “Zemual Goradiew Jegna” and from the Eritrean music, I love “Tethahifu Tewedieu” from Abrhet.
    To tell the truth, however, what I love more than music is the scenery of those high cliffs and the low gorgeous gorges I saw from Elias Kifle’s video clip. I want to see more and more of those lovely, majestic, isolated, and cordillera-like mountains.

    Thank you, Elias, for the video!

  30. I am so glad about the visit of Ethiopian Hero “ELIAS and his colleague” to my beloved country Eritrea and beautiful city “ASMARINO SWEET”. When I watched the video, it reminded me a lot of awesome memories.

    The best thing of Elias’s VISIT is that it is going to be a good opportunity for many Ethiopians to come to know about Eritrea and specially the innocence of Eritrean people and the brave PIA. I strongly believe from the bottom my only one heart unlike “MELES and his ALIKES” that Eritrea people are the loving, forgiving People. They are also one hearted people that is to say “They say what they mean” unlike what our grand parents call the ZIG-ZAG and complicated road from Asmara to Keren “LIBI TIGRAY—- YETIGRAY LIB”.

    I also believe that the rest of Ethiopia people are one hearted and innocent people.

    We all the Eritrean and Ethiopian people are eagerly waiting for the video interview done by the hero Elias with our great and beloved PIA. Here is what I want to confirm you one and the most important thing, whatever our innocent president PIA said is what he meant and every Eritrean people agrees with. Do you know why??? simply because we strongly trust our hero President. We know that he is a dictator according to the definition of dictatorial ship. But we also know that he loves Eritrea more than any body. He also stands on his believe firmly. He never ever knocks Western doors to beg, he never lies and out of all he doesn’t flip flops unlike the five hearted “Meles and his alikes”.

    At last but not least, I am hoping that peace between these two great nations will come soon so that the people of both countries will use all the resources mutually.

    May the hand of God be on these two brotherly/Sisterly great Nations of peace loving people.

    May God bless our hero President PIA.

  31. Thanks Elias. I hope your interview includes questions regarding the peace process, elections in Eritrea, political prisoners in Eritrea, the future between Eritreans and Ethiopians, etc, etc, etc.

    Selam to all

  32. It’ interesting to see eritrea. I guess we have to keep an open mind before we make any judgements. Undoubtedly, eritrea has been a sore point in ethiopian history, contributing to the malaise of our beloved country. it would be intersting to hear how the Assab issue will be resolved. It’s obvious that in this unifying world under globalization, a puny, desert strip state of eritrea is not viable as a state economically or politically. Eritrea’s relationship to Ethiopia thus is a determinant to Eritrea’s survival. Under what terms does a “true” ethiopian government of Ethiopia accept and choose to extend its arms to Eritrea? i would imagine any future Ethiopian goverment will have the restoration of Ethiopia’s rights to a sea port as a primary agenda weather acceptable under international law or not.

  33. #43 you are no body,but the wayane RAT!! in any case why don’t you ask setanawie why he chose to pay Djibouti $7,000,000 a year why can he just demand Djibouti to give you the port!!!oh?

  34. #43 Geography for beginners. Remember Assab and Badme are located inside ERITREA. Ethiopia is paying 640 million dollars every year to Dubai Port authority who is managing Djibouti Port. But after the independence of Eritrea for almost ten years, Ethiopia used the Assab Port almost for free. In case Ethiopians want to use our Eritrean Ports you Ethiopians must first acknowledge the ownership. Remember Ethiopia needs Eritrea more than Eritrea needs Ethiopia because we Eritreans have self confidence and we believe in self reliance and living with your own means.

  35. Tadias Elias:

    Good job, sir. We salute you for this ground-breaking interview you conducted. Leaders come and go but the kinship between the brotherly peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia will always endure.


  36. #43,
    I am a proud habesha and Eritrean who do not believe those Eritreans that Eritrea can live without Ethiopia.
    At the same time, I don’t believe those who say Ethiopia can live without Eritrea.

    Both Eritrea and Ethiopia need each other, may be one less than the other, but they absolute need one other.

    Stop hate mongering and work for unity (whether it’s economic or social, whatever it is).
    The time will come when both of us will work with each joining hands to compete other regions in the world.

    Again, work for peace and love

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