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Gebremedhin expelled from Ethiopian church in Jerusalem

The Woyanne-installed illegitimate patriarch in Ethiopia, Aba Gebremedhin (formerly Aba Paulos), was chased out of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem last week, according to Ethiopian Review sources.

Aba Gebremedhin, along with Aba Gerima and other members of his entourage, had traveled to Israel on a working visit after his agents in Jerusalem promised him that he will be received well.

When the monks, priests and other members of the Ethiopian church in Jerusalem found out about his presence, they started shouting: “get out”.

Shaken by the opposition, Aba Gebremedhin (aka Aba Diabilos) sneaked out as he sneaked in like a thief.

The gun-toting Aba Gebremedhin was named “patriarch” in 1991 only because he is a loyal Woyanne tribal cadre. He has no qualification and no moral standing to become a patriarch of the EOTC.

After he was named patriarch by the Woyanne regime, he built a huge palace for himself in Addis Ababa while ancient Ethiopian churches fall apart due to neglect. Extremely rare church manuscripts have also started to be sold to tourists by other Woyanne cadres he brought with him. Such national treasurers as the cross that belonged to Abune Petros, who was gunned down by Fascist Italian forces for refusing to cooperate, were handed out to Qes Zebene and other friends of Aba Diabilos as gifts and wedding presents for being loyal agents.

Aba Diabilos travels with an army of bodyguards in armored vehicles. A short time after he took over the EOTC, one of his bodyguards shot dead an unarmed monk, Bahitawi FekadeSelassie, right in front of him. The Bahitawi was trying to deliver a complaint letter when he was gunned down in cold blood.

After the 2005 elections, when students were trying to hide from death squads of the Federal Police and Agazi special forces, he ordered churches in Addis Ababa to close their gates and those who managed to get inside were handed to the security fores.

The damage that has been inflicted on the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) by Aba Gebremedhin can only be compared to that of Ahmed Gragn hundreds of years ago.

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37 thoughts on “Gebremedhin expelled from Ethiopian church in Jerusalem

  1. Aba Gebremedhene (also known as Abune Paulos) has been damaging the Ethiopian Orthodox Church since was installed by Meles Zenawi. He has other collaborators such as Abune Gebriel, “Abune” Abraham, Kes Tadesse Kibret and others. Particularly, Abune Gebriel is in charge of spying the churches the USA and reporting periodically to the fake patriarch.

  2. አባ ገብረመድህን (አባ ጳውሎስ) በኢትዮጵያ ቤተክርስቲያን ላይ ከፍተኛ ውድመት ካዳረሰቸው ከዮዲት ጉዲት በከፋና በባሰ ሁኔታ ክርስቲያኖችን እያስጨፈጨፈ ለጎሳ ሿሚዎቹ እድሜ ማረዘሚያ ሲንደፋድፍ የሚውል ተራ ወንበዴ እንጅ ሌላ ስም ሊሰጠው የሚችል አይደለም። በተለይ በእስጢፋኖስ ቤተክርስቲያን ውስጥ ያስፈሰሰው የባሕታዊ ፈቃደ ሥላሄ ጣዕረ ሞት በሄደበት ቦታ ሁሉ ስለሚከታተለው ወንድሙን በግፍ እንደገደለው እንደ ቃኤል ሲባንን፣ ሲደናበርና ሲወራጭ ይኖራል። አንድ ቀን ግን ለሰራበት ወንጀል ከጎሳ አለቆቹ ጋር የፍርድ አደባባ መቆሙ አይቀርም።

  3. All CHRISTians must fight against TYRANNY. The monks and the priests have done their job of Christ–stand with poor and oppressed people of injustice.
    Aba Diabloes plays dress-up everyday for a never ending Halloween Party. He can not be trusted; he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    This man is not at all qualified to be a head of a church, but his lack of EMPATHY highly qualifies him to be an honorary member of Axes of EVIL.

  4. This is a joyful news to even greater herald for yet to come. That news which we will witness soon is;…. the final eradication of Woyanne and its fake patriarch from Ethiopia.

    God Save Ethiopia! Amen


  5. LOL Nice try, let alone Jerusalem you know well even at your back door in DC every other Church is going his way, actually as i write this ……there is a big meeting organized by him to bring the rest of renegade one’s

  6. That is good to hear such a nice and timing response against agents who are banda. The lesson we learn from this is all things should be done on the will of people. We do not have to be kind of person to impose something on others. I would like to give you a coment. I do not care whether u post it or not just, read it. The history of ahmed giragne is negetively represented. This is not to mean that the war between him and the high landers was right. The cause of the war should be clearly stated. Still, there people claiming Ethiopia as “christian’s island”. They always causing trouble in the life of muslims. what he did was defending of muslims. I think what we should learn is we have to respect any citizen of Ethiopia regardless of the religion they are following. Extrimists and idiots in every religion are very few in number but causing fatal mistake in the nation which could result in loss of many innocent people. We should not give them a room to play a nasty game. We, the majority are the referee sothat we should give them RED CARD while they are making mistakes in the pitch.

  7. hi, elias

    thank u for the info. like jesus said there are those who can not see the truth. they have eyes but they are blind:have ears but can not hear.i’m talking about his followers.To some exetnet succeded in deceiving orthodox ethiopians through out the world.”he is just one man. even he is fake as long as up there on the throne we have to accept him. for the sake of the church do not say bad things about him, bla,blahh…” oh!!!realy…alright..u talking like snake,,like the original snake who decieved adam and eve.

    who want to talk bad about him,,he is bad,,fake and illigitmate, promised to serve woyanne till the day he die. he divides the church along ethnic lines like his lords. modern day pharisea, will do anything to stay in his power.

  8. I think, with their swords of fire, the Angels (the Cherub) that drove Adam and Eve out of Paradise, may have offered help to the Ethiopian monks in Jerusalem to drive out Aba Gebre Medhin from Jerusalem and send him back to Ethiopia in disgrace

  9. Abuna gabriel was sent as messenger here in washington Dc 1991 when woyane in its infacy held power in Addis Abeba. Abuna gabriel was accompanied by aba melaku (now pope appointed by the fake patriarch). The mission was to lie to the memebers of the debre genet medhane Alem church about the legitmate patriach abuna merkorios and to install aba gebremedhene the present fake patriarch. The white lie against the legitmate patriach abuna mekorios (presently serving the Lord and ethiopians in exile at St. Gabriel church here in washington dc) was that, “abuna merkorios had abandoned the patriarchate for health reasons and has said that he is not able to continue to carry the responsibility and has willingly left the post to whoever is able and willing to serve”. in furtherance of his white lie, abuna gabriel said that, after his abandonment, we were left with no other choice but to search for person suitable for the post. and in the process,a demecratic election has been coducted and aba gebremedhene (the fake patriarch)is the winner. and as far as abuna merkorios is concerned, “we purchsased a range rover and hired for him a driver. Including we gave him a living quarter and living expenses. what else does he want”? This is what abuna gabriel said at the membership meeting of the church when members were getting ready to cast a ballott on the fate of ato abera (see below)

    One may ask why debre genet medhane alem church? it was the only known church at the time and plus abuna mathias (ato abera another spy for the fake patriarch), after review of his records by the holy sinod in addis abeba he was found to be incompitent for the position and verification of evidence on performance of other sinful acts not worth mentioning. To that finding, he was cast out as member of the holy sinod and condemend wherever he resides. but members of the medhane alem church (not knowing his back groud and keeping them in the dark), rescued him and offered him a job as the priest of the church in the year 1984. In 1991 the fake patriarch wanted to install ato abera as archbishop of north america to which medhan alem church members rejected the appointment. abuna gabriel’s second mission was also to try and install ato abera as archbishop to north america even when abuna yisahak (now deceased)the legitmate archbishop of north america was still in position. More will be coming on this subject in the near future.
    memebers of medhane alem church have been closely watching every move abuna gabriel has been taking. He has been deceiving the christians and has been successful in hiding his real identity as pope mosad for the fake patriarch. but just for a short time. His associate aba melaku is now an oficial spy to the fake patriarch. Just be patient each one of the new priest mosad recruits will begin to pop up before our own very on eyes.

    readers; I believe information need to be shared
    Communications to a society particularly to those in exile is as essential as blood stream is to life.

    thank you elias keep up the good work

  10. “The damage that has been inflicted on the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) by Aba Gebremedhin can only be compared to that of Ahmed Gragn hundreds of years ago.”

    This is very very misleading and denying the true worst history happened for real in Ethiopia between 1529-1543. There is nothing to compare with Gragn’s atrocities against the religion and the nation in general. Please be careful dealing with some sensitive and important issues. You cannot deny/minimize or give some understanding the worst historical crime Gragn committed because of Trying to portray a useless man like Geberemedhin.

    I agree that Gebremedhin is a satanic messenger. But, comparing his atrocities against with Gragn is wrong. Gragn is the worst ever criminal caused sustainable damages against Ethiopia as we are living today with the bad legacy from his atrocities.

    There are many bad reasons to describe gebremedhin as a criminal without comparing with Anyone.

  11. I absolutely agree with Mezegebu #2 above, Aba Gebremedhene (Aba Diabilos) who is illegally installed by Meles Zenawi and Tamrat Layne was able to committing all sort of crimes in our church in particular and in our country in general. He is in a position to do this because he has collaborators like the following:

    Abune Abreham (not even Abune, a.k.a.snake)
    Abune Gebriel (the banda)
    Kes Tadesse (the writer of a fake book)
    Aba Melaku (former refuge now government cadre)

  12. I was in Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago while the patriarch was visiting there.I saw him lecturing people gathered to a certain wedding ceremony.He gave a long lecture that the bishop of the Ethiopian churchs in Jerusalem had to remind him to shorten his speech.
    As I have heard later on,the problems arised when he tried to convince the monks to lease Empress Zewditu ‘s building for 90 years to a certain Israeli company.Given the desperate state of Ethiopian gov’t hard currency reserves,this could be the purpose of his travel to Israel.The Ethiopian church in Jerusalem is an autonomous body(a kind of board of governers) since Hailesellassie’s time and never takes orders from the patriarch’s office in Addis.As such the majority of the members of this body rejected his proposals.As I have heard from people very close to the church, he brought with him two monks from Ethiopia as new members of this body to out number those who oppose him.At this point some of the monks informed members of the Ethiopian community to help them stop him.So he failed.He left Israel very upset,when he got to Addis Ababa he called the the bishop of Jerusalem for councling.He may remove him from his post as Jerusalem’s bishop for siding with those who opposed the patriarch.
    Empress Zewditu’s building is located in central Jerusalem.The Ethiopian church owns dozens of properties in Jerusalem thanks to the farsighted Ethiopians :Yohannes,Menelik,Zewditu,Taitu,Balcha,
    Hilesellassie just to mention a few.
    To give you an idea,Empress Zewditu’s building alone probably worth tens of millions of dollars if not hundreds.

  13. I have seen the film how Gebremedhin and his ignorant cadres killed the BAHITAWI infront of ISTIFANOS church in addis. Elias, you have to get that film. Their cruelity/atrocity against our innocent people cannot be compared with others criminals.

    Thank you our fathers and mothers at Jerusalem!!


  14. I am happy to see this animal chased out of the church. Now Woyane agents are going to work very hard to kill the other priests in a revange.

  15. Gebremedhin is ‘hodam’.He is not spiritual man.He ussually carries gun instead of cross.This man has been creating chaos between Ethiopian Orthodox people not only in the country but in the diaspora ,so he will deserve it very soon.

  16. I’m totally surprised what Aba G/medhin is doing. Ethipian Orthodox Church has been neuteral. As matter of fact, it has been meddling Ethipian politics and affairs long time. Remmember the church was major complecent, if not major primary culprit, of the infamous putsch and concocted hysteria against Lijju Iyasu by Hiale Sellassie’s coterie. It was also primary source of the subsequent discriminatory and bad policy by the morachy, in terms of socio-economic and culture,languages and so on, against Ehiopian Molisms and other indiginous religious groups in the country. So, Aba G/ medhin could be Woyane ideologue as well and there was a precedent case. I don’t get the current brouhaha of the matter. Get over it.

  17. The so-called “Maheber Kidusan” group led by the convicted criminal like Daniel Kibret and Abune Abreham (ordinary TPLF cadre) are running an organized campaign against the legitimate and respected Synod of The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in exile. What the enemy of Ethiopia should know is one day the legal Synods will go back to Ethiopia and lead Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, after the removal of TPLF gangsters from power like the Russian Orthodox Church returned to Russia after the dawn fall of Communism.

  18. It is sad to see the church and the people are detached because of Aba Paulos. Despite so called Mahibere Kidusan’s aggitation to bring all churchs (Ethiopian Orthodox)in America under Aba Paulos, most remain adamant not to be under Aba Paulos.He is the most delikeable bishop in the history of EOTC. Agent Daniel Kibret and his associates want us to mention his name as “his holiness Abune……”during the Kedase, but the fact you doing this will stop every thing from asceding to God.Therefore why mention? His Holiness?! sound crazy to me.

  19. Please don’t use the title “Abune” when you call this canniabl. He is Satan (Diabilos) in human flesh. When Hundreds of innocent people where gunned down in Addis Ababa, Dessie, Ambo, and other cities at various times he was in bed with the Killers. As recent as November 2005, he handed over Hundreds of people who seek the church’s sheleter to save their lives from the Agazi death squad to their killers. This is not Christianity. This is the work of Devil himself.

  20. Hi there,

    Just a thought. I think as Orthodox Christians, we still need to respect our elders, and let God judge those (including the patriarch) who transgress against us, the Church, and God Himself. So, Elias, by calling him (the patriarch) names, you are actually doing a de-service to your soul. If you remember the story about the prostitute in the bible, Jesus asked who among those gathered is pure (without a sin) cast the first stone at her for her way of life…NOBODY DID! And then Jesus said to her, don’t go back to your old ways, you have been spared and given another chance…So as much as I DISAGREE VERY VERY MUCH with a lot of the patriarch’s ACTIONS and IN-ACTIONS during Ethiopia’s difficult period in history including the recent election debacle that resulted in the death of INNOCENT people…

    So, as a christian, as much as it makes our blood boil, we should do our utmost to restrain from name calling…i.e., bringing sin to ourselves!!

    Hope you understand where I am coming from!!

    Alex from Toronto, Canada

  21. Dear Alex # 18 above, Christianity is not a religion of idleness or indolence. It is a religion of action. You have to do good. You have to oppose criminals like Aba Gebremedhe. You have to hate evil. You have to speak out for the truth. You have to be on the side of good people. You have to accept the consequences of your actions. As long as you speak out the truth, you don’t have to fear anything. Our Lord spoke about the truth and challenged those who commit all sorts of sins and crimes. Our almighty gave us the wisdom to distinguish the good from the bad. If you know all the sins of Aba Gebremedhe including the assassination of Behetawi Fekade Selassie and others you would not have said what you said above. You have to do your job, don’t expect GOD to do your job. ወንጌሉ ክፉውን ነገር ተጸየፉት ከበጎ ነገር ጋር ተባባሩ ስለሚል አባ ገብረመድሕን ነፍሰ ገዳይና ክፉ ስለሆኑ በጥብቅ እቃወማቸዋለሁ።

  22. Speaking about Zebene please ask him to return the cross he took from back home ,Abune Petros’s historical CROSS. It is a shame for all Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church followers to be quiet .Secondly Zebene took another cross @ Debre Genet Medahni Alem Orthodox Tewahedo Church on it’s 30th anniversary day which was given to the church as a gift (seilet).The church is in a dip financial crises and it needs all the help it can get. The board members who gave that BIG gold cross will pay for this (ader bay sera) on the cost of this church , shame on you all.If you guys wanted to shower Zebene with a gift you should have put the Cross on auction bid on it so high and win it then give it to him. It is not fair to hand over what is not yours. Didn’t the book say (what belongs to the qesar belongs to the qesar)?

  23. Dear Ewnetu (# 19)

    Thank you for your comments. I agree that Christianity requires us to act and hate evil, sins, and all wrong doings but it does not require us to hate people or call people names. We should hate sins and condemn them in every possible way without violating our christian ways…i believe we should expose wrong doings too with hard facts, not here says… However, we should never hate the people or be judgmental of those who commit horrible crimes/things, that is for God to do not us, not humans since we ourselves however little we feel we sin in the end, we don’t have the right to judge others!

    So basically all i am saying is that we have to be careful in that while we speak the truth and try to expose those who commit crimes, we should do it in a way that we won’t end up entangled in the name calling. Let’s attack and expose their actions without getting personal about it!

    God bless!

    Alex, Toronto

  24. I heard that Zebene and his confidant Abunu don’t have the required the credentials for priesthood. We should not call these guys “Qes” anymore. In fact Zebene is going to Ethiopia very soon perhaps to buy priesthood (clergy) credentials from Aba Diabilos.

  25. A priest with a PhD that lived for many years in a country where there is peace, freedom and justice who claims to know God is practicing the opposite of what he preaches. Christianity seemed to have lost its meaning. We are called Christians because we are the followers or deciples of Christ. If we follow Christ we have to practice Him in our daily lives. How can we claim to be Christians when we lie, cheat, rob, kill, etc., etc….. As some of you alluded to it some of our clergy are the same ones from the time of Jesus. They only want to be praised and worshiped as if they are important. Their importance is in sheperding the sheep, teaching the word of God, converting unbelievers and bringing glory to God; instead they demand the glory to themselves. The few that tried to teach such as Abune Gorgorios brought pesitllence that is devouring and destroying the orthodox religion and its youth in the name of religion. The cult known as mahibere kidusan is about to completely destroy the orthodox faith as we knew it and take over the whole system and drag to hell. This is all done with the help of aba diablos and his entourage. Where are they going to be on the day of judgement? God only knows!!
    Let us pray fervently for our country and for the innocent believers of our Orthodox Religion. God help us!!

  26. Gabremedhin,the devil,hands drenched with Ethiopians’ blood,guns and bullets in hands,the night angels sent him into Ethiopia to rip off the soules of the believers.This devil fights our dear lord,God with his satanic statue and drive the believers from the holly churches into the path of abandonment.Ethiopians,keep the faith and fight Gabremedhin,the evil with your holly prayers and with your mighty feast and crush his presence in the image of satanic stone to its complete defeat.Amen.

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