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Woyanne claims it has foiled Ginbot 7 activities in Ethiopia

Ginbot 7 has issued its own press released regarding the Woyanne cliam. Click here the statement. Below is a report by the Woyanne-controlled Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ENA) – Terrorist operation being advanced by a terrorist group calling itself “Ginbot 7” was foiled, the National Intelligence, Security Service and Federal Police Joint Anti-Terrorist Taskforce, disclosed.

In a press statement it sent to ENA on Saturday, the taskforce said the subversive activities of the terrorist group, which was established by Dr. Berhanu Nega, has declared an armed struggle to dismantle the national constitutional system through force saying that there is no more peaceful struggle.

However, the taskforce said, the activities of the terrorist group was foiled by the security force.

It said the operation of the anti-peace group has organized a military and civilian sub-team in the country with millions of Birr which it said has been foiled.

The military sub-team embraced some members of the army and a lot of x-army members who were dismissed from duty for disciplinary reasons, according to the Taskforce.

It further said the civilian sub-team comprised employees working in various private and government organizations.

The taskforce, which has been closely following up the activities of this terrorist network for a longer period, detained 35 suspects on Friday based on the country’s law.

In addition to this, the taskforce through a search warrant issued by the court has caught different arms, bombs, satellite, computers, radio communications, military uniforms and planning documents, among others.

The taskforce said it is investigating the cases on the suspects and will disclose the details soon.

It expressed appreciation to the cooperation shown by the public and the active participation of members of the army in foiling the conspiracy against the national constitution.

18 thoughts on “Woyanne claims it has foiled Ginbot 7 activities in Ethiopia

  1. That is woyane’s drama to terrorise dissents. Otherwise how can one civilian and one former soldier could do a coup. This is just a pretext to continue the harasment and terrorising the people.

    shame for Woyane

  2. Woyane is in crisis. Now it is trying to make Ginbot 7 a scape got. Historically Woyane is self serving and narrow minded tribe. Let’s see what it did when it controlled Addis Ababa with the help of the EPLF. It ordered Every tigrian associated to it to steal a car from the government ministries and drive it to Mekelle. I remember every store in a place called industry, Mekelle, was full of stolen Toyota cursers. For your surprise even a famous Tigrian singer who abandoned the TPLF long time ago was asked to steal cars. Weyane dismantled generators from Bahirdar and transported them to Mekelle. Woyane stole Coffee from Ethiopia and hide it in Zalambassa. The funny thing is Shaebia knew that and captured the coffee and exported it. Woyane stole Arms from stores in Addis Ababa and buried it in Endayesus Mekelle. Woyane is the cruelest and hated government in Ethiopia. Look what it did to the Somalis. It turned its Army base to burial ground of young innocent Somalis. What did those young and innocent Somalis did to deserve this. They never killed even one Ethiopian. The answer is Woyane did not care about them. It was looking at the donation it was going to receive as a reward for being a messenger. Woyane was created by Shabia. Rember what it did to Eritreans who used to live in Ethiopia for generations? First it used them to establish itself in Addis Ababa. They were asked to vote as Tigrians. Later it deported them without a night cloth. It sold their property and used it for its narrow objective. Somalis fed Meles during his difficult time and give him a passport. Look now what it is doing to them. Its objective is just to establish greater tigrai at any cost. It took land from wello, Gonder and Afar. It tried to do the same with Eritrea and it did not fare well. Weyane thought by blocking Eritrea from the Ethiopian Market and replicating Eritrea’s Manufacturing in Tigrai it will achieve its narrow objective. The factories in Tigrai that were established without plan and detailed feasibility study are now useless. Woyane has to come to its senses and recognize the right of others to live in peace. If not the fate of those who wield power and do not use it in a responsible way will eventually lose it.

  3. Meles and his Woyanne thugs are realizing that they are at their last stretch of the occupation of Ethiopia. The international political situation has also began to favor true democracy, justice and respect to human rights. The era of Meles and Woyane deceit, murder to a degree of genocide of Oromos, Sidamas, Agnuaks etc is quickly coming to a close. So far Woyane was very comfortable with the pseudo opposition, the likes of Beyene Petros, Merera Gudina, Bulcha Demekissa, Bertukan and “Arena Tigray”. Meles and his Tigre thugs, however are scared of OLF, ONLF, EPPF and now Ginbot 7. They used the same lies and propaganda against OLF, ONLF, EPPF, Kinijit.

    However, they are now anticipating peoples uprising anytime soon led by this united legitimate political forces who can sweep them from the Ethiopian territory and bring this group of criminals to justice. The current Woyane move is out of desperation reminding me of the last days of the Dergue. Hope and pray, Ethiopians of all creed and background will rally behind, Ginbot 7, OLF, ONLF, EPPF and other legitimate opposition who are committed for the establishment of the democratic republic of Ethiopia on the graves of Meles and his Woyanne thugs!!!

  4. Bravo ginbot seven it is a good start. Ethiopians are not only 35 people. They might arrest 35 today but they will have another thousand tomorrow. Woyanes arrest game should lead him to his final collapse. Oh my God how desperate woyanes are.

  5. I second Yenatulij. According to Denden above, those guys around TPLF have outwitted every possible protagonist in the Horn. Am I wrong? Then, waging a battle or trying to chase them out of Addis by force using ‘urban insurrection’ or ‘coup de etat’ is deemed useless or a fantasy. It looks that Meles does not give a hoot to what is coming out Hillary’s office or the white house. Just look at the most recent carnival given by Meles to the accused genocide criminal from the Sudan. After 18 years in power, Meles is gripped with the same madness that gripped Saddam to his demise. But what Meles is not afraid or feels secured that he will not be invaded by the mighty US forces for a variety of distinctions. First, he seems to have a much better rapport with the west than Saddam. He is well educated both academically and in politics of the bushes and cities. And and above all, he has a completely blind support and following from his native province Tigray. I have had several somber discussions with academics and other common people from Tigray. Here is how they look at it.
    1) They think and adamantly believe that they are the ones who created a much disciplined organization and army that toppled that blood sucking Mengistu’s Derg.
    2) The region where they were born and raised is sans any natural resources to sustain any sizeable population let alone in millions. 99% of the land is bare rock not suitable to farming. That means more than 90% of the population is always exposed to devastating famine. This has been told again and again in history by domestic and foreign writers. They believe that they were neglected or left alone to die in millions by regimes in Gondar or Addis. The only way they can save their people for mass starvation is by controlling the central government and its critical organs and, and, I repeat, and decide how big a share they should be sending to Tigray. They have told and brain washed their compatriots from Tigray in believing this: Relinquish power and you are guaranteed to starve to death. This has turned almost 99% of Tigrayans into fanatic followers. They will die for him. If he tells them jump in the lake they will stampede to do just that. That makes them the most fanatically dangerous group of people in the Horn. What a pity!!! I am related to a few people of Tigray by marriage. My aunt, niece, cousin and other close relatives are married with children. They are all very nice people and excellent family men and women. Some of them had attended some gatherings organized by Meles followers. We are friends until we bad mouth Meles. All of them with out exception have told me the same conclusion about the fate of Tigray if Meles and his cohorts lose grip of the government – Death by millions from starvation. It is really very worrisome. This iron-clad following has his swollen to a point where he really believe in believing he can fight and beat any foreign power or at least to a stalemate. I don’t think they will think twice from torching Addis to the ground if they are overwhelmed. If they are convinced that they are going to be driven out of town, they will not hesitate to burn it to the ground and leave. By the way, before they leave they will invite our knuckle-head mooncalves from Minnesota into the come to come in to finish the job and kill every Amharic speaking creature in the city. Therefore, Meles does not give a hoot about Obama. He will continue to round up those who he thinks harmful to his wicked governance. Coup de eta or urban insurrection will be tantamount to utter suicide. And look what is doing to Birtukan. He threw her in jail because she told some reporters overseas that mediators helped secure her freedom. She is the same age as my daughter and cry out for her all the time. She was not violent and in fact had condemned violence. Every time I pray I think of her as if she is my daughter in jail. I hope President Obama and Hillary will sound off to this guy and try to bring him to his senses.

    In the meantime, if those people who have been just rounded for plotting a coup were really guilty as accused, it was a stupendous thing to do. It is irresponsible. They could have caused untold loss of innocent lives of Addis citizens. As I mentioned above Meles followers have reached a point where they think they are superhuman and will not think twice about torching that city to the ground. They don’t give a damn!!!!!

  6. Gabra,
    Your comments reminded me an Ethiopian who I met years ago who told that if Mingistu Haile Mariam ever feels losing the power that a certain Ethiopian ethnic group will fight for him to the end and that in desperation they will burn Addis Abeba to the ground. Now we know that nothing of that sort happened. And I would expect the same thing to happen this around.
    When the time comes for Meles and his TPLF criminals they will be concerned about and focussed on saving their skin and looking for the shorter and safer route to escape, that is if they can make it.

    So nice try. Tigranians are neither three metres tall nor supermen and women and that will soon be proven. So once again, nice try and let us all wait for THAT day.

  7. Woyane was not and will never be an Ethiopian,
    Denden you are right. Woyane’s first objective was to establish Tigrai state. However last minute it changed its idea. It changed its cover and started stealing the whole Ethiopia and transporting it to Tigrai at night. Prior to 1998 woyane’s stealing corridor was Massawa. Heavy equipment was unloaded in Massawa and transported directly to Tigrai. This was done without the knowledge of Ethiopians. The machines were so big and the massawa road had to be modified so that it would accommodate them. Currently the stealing corridor is Port Sudan. Coffee is stolen from central Ethiopia and exported through Port Sudan. Don’t be fooled when weyane tells the coffee traders they are hoarding coffee. It is a distraction. Other goods that are specifically ordered for Tigrai are imported through Port Sudan. Don’t you get surprised when Meles imprisoned Tamrat for corruption? It is like “saikedmeng Libelew Leba”. That is why Weyane never been and will not be an Ethiopian. How can an Ethiopian kills young kids whose only crime was telling wayane you stole our parents vote. Woyane is insecure and it will fight hard to stay in power. It will kill anyone who dares to tell the truth. However its destiny is already determined. It is not going to be long to see wayane being History. There is one card left to play with though. Open war against Eritrea and Use Oromo and Amhara kids as a cannon fodder. That way it will control every movement in Ethiopia like derg did in the name of national security. Given the weak economy and the dwindling foreign support that will buy woyane only a short survival time. Yet the end result is elimination of Woyane from Ethiopia for good. It is time for the people of Tigrai to come to their senses and tell Wayane it does not represent them. By the way it has already started in Aiga.

  8. Dear Omos,

    I agree with you regarding what happened to Mengistu. But one thing is starkly different. He does not have ethnically-fanatic followers. And the people around Meles have proved themselves in the past that they will scorch the earth if they know are going to lose. I am not trying to scare anyone who stands in active opposition against this guy. Mengistu did not have followers who lost brother, sisters, mothers, fathers and entire family clan to famine and that somehow he found sanctuary for them. Didn’t Meles and his group persuade almost the entire people of Tigray to walk on foot all the way to the Sudan to pick up their food supply? Didn’t he? And didn’t they do just that? He will not hesitate to order these people and make Addis another Mogadishu. And they will obey his orders no question asked. You know why? Because they are being told that if those ‘Amharas’ and their Oromo friends of the opposition seize power and he is not in charge any more, these new rulers will ask (order) all Tigrayans to go back to Tigray. And they will not accept that. Thinking about it is enough to give them nightmares. That alone will transform them into absolute monsters and wanton killers. Remember they have the best armaments in the area. Mengistu does not have to do that. He was provided with a perfect safe haven and sneaked out of there without even telling his closest friends. But Meles is a different story. Where will he go? DC? Seattle? London? Kampala? Where? But I hope some of his ablest followers will come to their senses and do away with him quick. Send him somewhere with a one-way ticket. If they send him back to Aduwa and let him live there will also be fine. Then they should call upon all opposition parties and groups to form a transition government. I know perfectly well that Tigrayans are not something of a special race nor they are indomitable. Not at all. But I see for the first time in my life so blindly fanatic followers of an ethno-centric ruling clique (group). I am pointing out something I observed about these fanatics to the opposition so they can come up with a prudent plan. I am also pointing out to the western powers who are dealing with this guy and hence what these ethnically fanatic followers are capable of doing or the will they have to inflict upon innocent people. They are beastly murderers.

    But I have lived long enough to rest my faith in God that He can do his usual miracle to bring some of the people around this guy to their senses. Above all 18 years in power in more than enough.

    By the way, I am an old man with a proud Oromo heritage and with equally proud Ethiopian heritage. I am not a coward but I always tend to be aware of my surrounding. I am not also spreading hate against all Tigrayans. There are a lot of them who know this guy very well but they over shadowed and overwhelmed by these fanatics. Just look what happened to those former leading members of TPLF. I forgot their names but you know who I am talking about. They are overwhelmed by his fanatic followers and are relegated into silence. Well semi-silence.

  9. One thing always surprised me is how the WOYANYE (dictator) organizers or BANDA, who sold there own country for small benefit trying to put lip steak on the pig. I am sure the people of Ethiopia knows what WOYANYE “”Mr devil meles” doing to Ethiopia and we the Diaspora knew our people is worrying how to get a food to put on the table, plus since the WOYANYE government took the 4kilo, every thing going down except hate and division…if that made MELES smarter, well indirectly YOU are calling the REMAINING 80 million people stupid, because the people knew there would be NO economic growth with out unity and peace.
    Finally I just want to say this for some patriotic Ethiopians, there are a lot of WOYANYE all over the ETHIOPIAN website , who pretend like regular Ethiopian people and want you still to fight over rise … like by saying … “” the derg”” “”the hailesilasse”” and so on…but do not distract by those fool , who think they are smart azz….((you remember the bible said “there will be a lot of wolfs who wear sheep leather and pretend like a sheep to take you to the wrong way))… those people are the same stupid people, who trying to use the same 17th century European system , divided and concur on the 21st century ..
    One love

  10. This brutal and desparate action of Woyanne shows how weak they are and they know popular support is not on their side, so what they do is beat up, harras and kill defenseless citizens to scare people into obeying them forever.

    This actions also clearly shows Woyanne only understand one language, THE BARREL OF THE GUN. That is why the people of Ethiopia should stand behind the Armed Opposition Groups, specially the diaspora Ethiopians because they can contribute to the well being of Ethiopia by standing behind EPPF and the other groups to get rid of Woyanne once and for all.

  11. What an archaic political maneuverings are going on lately in Ethiopia under the cover of pre occupied nation mourning the death a legendry singer. Don’t they at least wait until he was buried, before jumping onto their dirty old trick? At any rate, how in God’s name can 35 people overthrow a politically and militarily entrenched dictatorship of all time?

    So far as Dr. Birhanu Nega is concerned, he is still the legitimate and honorable Mayor of Addis Ababa, if I am not mistaken, and that off course is for those who believe in the rule of law and the will of the people. Therefore, why would he even think of undermining the trust and faith of the poor people, by endorsing such a thing as boringly code named “terrorism”? It appears Ethiopian politics is very polarized these days than at any other time, particularly, because of those who bark at anyone who scrutinizes the hand that feeds them. Obviously, in such cases truth ends up being the only casualty.

    Nevertheless, the latest development may be the beginning of the real end for those who are using the time-honored abuse of power and archaic method of intimidation of the opposition party. Finally, no matter what the current government thinks they have done in that country as compared to Mengistu’s regime, history will be more severe on them for pretending to be democratic and yet absolutely shutting down every legitimate opposition. Mark my words, they will end up on the worst chopping block than their predecessor Derg, unless they civilize themselves and catch up with already fed up Ethiopian people. But, if they insist that, it is the only way to survive and survival their only objective, then already the clock must be ticking in their ears.
    Ordinary Joe

  12. #8 Gabra, Well said, great analysis. You are absolutely right. As I was reading Omos comment I was thinking what you said. Mengestu and Meles have nothing in common except living in the palace. Yes, Mengestu had spilled too many young Ethiopians blood, but at the same time there is no question about his love and the unity of his country. I have no doubt if Woyanes come to loosing power they will destroy not only Addis but Gonder, Wollo and other town in between.

  13. Gabra,
    If I read you correctly, you seem to suggest that Ethiopian people should avoid the military option of removing the TPLF thugs in power. IMHO, and if history is to be revisited, no military power on earth can defeat a resistance which has strong public support with clear national agenda. Dergue is a case in point. Mind you, Menghistu has had multiple advantages when ruling Ethiopia, amongst which : 1. His strong nationalistic view was a turn on for most if not all Ethiopians who rallied behind his camapign. 2. Though a self acclaimed communist, he was enjoying financial and military support both from the west and the east. Ethiopia was known to have the most strong army in Black Africa during his reign. It was during this period that many military analysts and other experts naively believed that Dergue was in invinscible power. What transpired was that not only was Dergue unable to defeat the insurgency, but it also failed to contain it resulting in its final demise. The reason for such outcome was simple. Despite his nationalistic view, the approach Dergue used to meet its objectives involved harrasing and torturing those with different political view (Red Terror) which causes friction among the people. On the other hand, the oppostion movements took some advantage of the situation and worked hard to get the public to support their cause.
    Currently, we have a Woyane regime who is engaging in the most indispicable and gross human rights violations and in broad day light. There are some who forget a most recent history and think that the enormous military and financial support the Kedami Woyane enjoys would deter the public uprising underway to achieve its goal. But, as I once read a poster during the height of the revolution, at the end of the day it’s not the weapon or the military might but the will and determination of the people to fight that determines the outcome.

  14. Thank you to you all who critiqued my comment on this revered website. I take this website as the one that gave me the opportunity to say something I feel appropriate. May God Bless the editor of this website and his family. This lad is a national treasure. Let’s applaud him for providing this very valuable platform.

    As an old man who lived here for most of my adult life, I believe I have gathered enough experience in life and seen enough of what has been going on in our country. That country has been through so much travesty and transformation during the last 35 years. So much agony!!! Enough already!!!! Enough!!!!

    It has to go through the dark days of Mengistu where the whole generation of very fine and educated generation was wiped out. All those who actively participated in bringing about changes were literally wiped out. They were either killed, left the country or went to the bushes to wage a devastating war. And he was gone.

    Now we have this one who brilliantly exploited the nationalist emotions of the population to march into towns and finally into Addis. He had well organized and armed followers who believed they had nothing to lose. The mentality he successfully imbued in the minds of his followers and even his supporters here overseas is that ‘we lead and take a lion’s share until we say ‘when’ or we all burn in hell together. We will gun down any unarmed and peaceful demonstrators at all times. We will kidnap and do away with any trouble makers who sound off any threatening criticism. We will stay here in power as long as hell start freezing or we will burn everything in sight if we are told to go back to that forsaken joint called Abay Tigray. We will have none of that’. That is the predominant creed they have now. Just try to have a ‘civilized’ discussion with any of his fanatic supporters here in any city. This blind support may have swollen his ethno-centric head to a point of conviction that he is invincible and he can do away with any pressure coming from the White House, Downing Street or Brussels. I don’t believe he ever received any direct and stern criticism from any of these quarters. I have read stories of individuals such as Anna Gomez who still condemns his governance. But that was that, just an individual. It looks that the more he tightens his grip on individual rights the more the handout is flowing his was in billions of US dollars. That even made him think that the West can not survive with out him. He sends a harmless activist to life in jail because she acknowledged the effort of elderly mediators. And I did not hear any thing that is genuinely stern from any Western powers about it. But he was invited to the prestigious G20 summit after he did just that. It looks that he managed to convince that he is not doing any thing gravely wrong but his ‘minor’ mistakes are being exaggerated by these ‘very vocal’ diasporas in the USA and some places in Europe. That bleeds my heart. I don’t really care whether her stands are stand-out or not. She does not deserve to be thrown in jail to life. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I have a daughter of her age and as a caring father I cry out for her all the time. May God give her the strength and health needed to survive the abhorring condition of the prison life.

    In conclusion, I am not afraid of him but I caution those who are at loggehead with this Diablo to seek ways of draining his support and send him back to Aduwa with full pension pay. You can’t expect him to go back to eating ‘beles’ again. He has come a long way in that respect and his palette has gone through a different conditioning.

  15. Denden and Tiret

    It seems you guys know woyane very well. One thing that I want to add is Meless will stay in power and will never leave office. Do you know what the trick he is trying play? He is going to say he is not going to run for office. However EPRDF is going to ask Meless to run. Then Meless is going to say well I said no but my party asked me to continue as PM. I am committed to my party and I can not say no. It is the old game. Please don’t foget I told you this and remeber this when it happens. It is already cooked. By the way this is one of the factors that will speed up weyane downfall.

  16. what kind of denkorenet is this? woyanes whether you like it or not you are making G7 popular and you are pushing people to stand behind G7 united. This is good opportunity for G7. Till now i was sceptical about G7’s capability to scare woyane. from now on i am supporter and contributor of G7. belive me soon they will arest many opposition party members acusing “working for G7 secretly”….and so on. To all of our people living under woyane tyrany MAY GOD GIVE YOU STRENGTH. We are always with you every second. WE SHALL OVERCOME SOON!!!! Any body who is not sick or crazy could now that woyane (meles) is commiting evil did on every step. I couldn’t single out any thing good that they accomplished for Ethiopia on past years. Derg killed many innocent people. woyane killed many ennocent people and the country itself. Let’s fight this evil with GOD. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA!!!!!!

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