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9 thoughts on “Watch Eri-Tv live

  1. Eri/TV the real Ethiopian TV. The reason more Ethiopians watch Eri TV is that Ethiopians trust Eri TV more than they trust the woyanes. For those who does not have Eri TV, will transmit live. I saw it and I could not believe what I saw. Thank u eastafro. In case u do not know, Eri have Newes on amharic and oromo twice a week. I spoke with my sister today and told me that she watches Eri Tv every day in Addis Abeba. She has been watching the tribute to the late Dr. Tillahun Gessesow for two days.

  2. Dear Ethiopians/Eritreans

    The access code is right below the video console on eastafro page, and I think the code changes daily, just watch out for that.

    Thanks for ER to inform me of live ERI-tv and thanks to Eastafro to broadcast live ERI-TV

    May the realtionship between Eritreans and Ethiopians live forever.

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