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EPPF seeks support from Diaspora Ethiopians

As the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF) intensifies its military operations against the Woyanne regime in Ethiopia, it leadership is calling on Ethiopians around the world for more support. One way Ethiopians can support EPPF is by joining its chapters. For more information on how to join an EPPF chapter, write to [email protected] or visit

The following video is Part 2 of a 5-part series that has just been released by Ethiopian People Patriotic Front (EPPF). To watch all the videos click here.

6 thoughts on “EPPF seeks support from Diaspora Ethiopians

  1. this is a good opportunity to help and free our country, i have donated to EPPF uk chapter $400, i do also donate every monthly, $50, i hope this it will help the people on the front line, i am planning to do more for EPPF, it is about time we all come together and free our country.

    Long Leave EPPF

  2. Hello to all Heger Wodad Ethiopians,please let us stand behind EPPF and support.Every one must know that,we have to have an armed force.With out this,we will never get free.We need to support this ARBEGNA[EPPF] do not forget ginbt 97
    our mothers,fathers,sisters and brothers took a bullet.The crime was the “free election”.Any way EPPF, EPPF GO,GO,GO>>
    I am supporting the eppf and I donate the DC chapter $900.00

    Please do your part and destroy the Woyane regime.WA,WA,WA, the day is coming.

  3. EPPF is a pioneer patriotic armed organization to start the journey to democracy and unity in Ethiopia. Ethiopiawinet is the foremost cause to Arbegnenet. EPPF has many supporters in my area and we will do any and every thing to see a united, democratic and prospers Ethiopia.

    NO to divisive ethnic politics.
    YES for unity and democracy

  4. I was expecting a lot of positive answers to this posting. The majority of Ethiopians in the diaspora need to wake up to the fact that there is one organization who is doing the real work of making Ethiopia trully free and united.

    In my view it is every Ethiopian in the diaspora’s patriotic duty to support the efforts of EPPF. Not doing so will expose post Woyanne Ethiopia into an unimaginable horror. There are many forces at work in Ethiopia that will expose it to disintegration if the Ethiopian diaspora doesn’t act now because Woyanne’s plan is to divide Ethiopia into ethnic enclaves so they can have their Abay Tigray after their defeat elsewhere in Ethiopia. This is a dangerous trend that needs to fought now, not some time in the future.

    Every Ethiopian in the diaspora should wake up and stand up to be counted, none of these political parties based in the diaspora or those so called parties under Woyanne control in Addis can affect any change, it is only the EPPF that can affect change, it can’t do that without the overwhelming support of the Ethiopian diaspora. Not only should they support materially and monetarily, they should also send their representatives to the field to see for themselves the progress being made the needs of the patriots in the field.

  5. Eritrawi,

    At this moment, the one factor that made Ethiopian Diaspora a bit skeptical to support political groups is the failure of kinijit and hibret. Many were disappointed and embarrassed by the division within CUDP and the name calling following the split. Now the trend is being “let’s wait and see”. The problem that we had within EPPF international is also another factor. I believe people will eventually realize that the only way out of this disgrace and for a united and democratic Ethiopia is an armed resistance and will support the front. We need to work extra hard to reach people. It is a matter of time.
    I personally am thankful to Elias for what is doing to help EPPF. God bless you Elias.

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