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Andragachew Tsgie and Elias Kifle are guilty, court rules

By EthioZagol

In a remarkable precedent in Ethiopian legal history, the court in charge of the treason trial of CUD leaders, independent journalists and civil society members ruled today that Andargachew Tsgie, Mesfin Aman and Elias Kifle are guilty of outrage against the constitutional order even before they are given a chance to defend their case. Although both of them are tried in absentia, they still have a constitutional right to defend their case.

The court either dropped or dismissed the case against other defendants who are tried in diaspora including Tamagne Beyene, Negede Gobeze, Abreha Belai and Brehane Mewa.

Civil society leaders Daniel Bekele and Netsanet Demissie were also ordered to defend their case. Kassahun Kebede, however, was set free.

Ethiopia’s greatest civil rights advocate Professor Mesfin Woldemariam was also ordered to defend the charge of outrage against the constitutional order. The court reasoned that eventhough as a non-member of the CUD council he didn’t have collective responsiblity, professor Mesfin had made speeches advocating the dismantling of the constitutional order and institutions.

The Kangaroo trial continues Monday.

One thought on “Andragachew Tsgie and Elias Kifle are guilty, court rules

  1. By. Dershaye

    I read Mr.Kifle the article he wrote about Mr. Alamoudi. It was very interesting piece; I have great respect and admire Mr.Kifle’s courage writing about the most powerful man in Ethiopia as well other part of the world. Mr.Kifle, wrote his opinion, not libeling Mr.Alamoudi. When people are telling the truth in our culture the elderly people as they saying “Fuse yalbete zelaye Aychelm”. While pride harms only the proud, arrogance due to overbearing pride brings contempt for others, an arrogant man is often rude and very fond of offending his friends, relatives, colleagues and everyone else who comes in contact with him. I believe in this case I know why Mr.Alamoudi cried foul, obviously he has good connections with Ethiopian government or should I say he is running Ethiopian government also and he also has lobby in Washington working behalf of him and the government of Ethiopia such as Vernon Jordan (lawyer) and former US ambassador to Ethiopian ambassador David. I like remind Mr. Alamoudi should know there is freedom of speech or write outside Ethiopia I am sure he has experienced that since he lived or visited other part of the world.
    This is deeply puzzling me because as Mr. Alamoudi libeling case against Mr.Kifle it raises a huge question about the purpose of moral thought and decisions, or do we simply dismiss the suing him as an irrational person, and cling to the claim that if it has to be done?
    It’s the morally right thing to do! It is tempting to hold that the elder expresses the simple bias of being convinced that his moral views are correct, even in the face of a situation that suggests otherwise. There is nothing wrong with being judgmental. Judgments if made for legitimate reasons are not wrong.
    I judge people all the time if we don’t judge one another then society falls apart. We should raise society’s standards and not lower them in the name of tolerance. Being intolerant of people does not imply an ongoing hatred or a persistent thorn in your side for life. Nothing eats away at the soul, so to speak or expresses your opinions as Elias did. I am sure Mr.Alamoudi is reluctant enough who has desired to make his own way and wanted to push Elias aside, he didn’t like Mr. kifle standing on his way. I should point out Alamoudi always has his way, but my understanding goes a little bit different, he can’t drive a car in congested traffic better because he drives his vehicle in no traffic area and on top of that all the traffic management is someone else responsibility. He can’t keep patience in Road traffic congestion because he is not habitual of facing that. He can’t drive a car better because he is habitual of driving the vehicle a few kilometers and rest of the time it is auto driven which is this explain why Mr.Alamoudi is not able to take the heat or punch , professionally one can achieve new highs but until n unless he has surroundings clouds of ego, superiority and proud he could not shine.
    There is a distinction to be made between apathy toward an infraction that cannot be made up and is long past, and being apathetic toward the behaviors which cause them. This also reflects the view of academicals right decision, Mr. Elias expressed his idea also he crashed Mr.Alamoudi ego and a way out the court has found itself should not be punished Mr.Kifle.Is it constitutionally acceptance in UK ?or option other than holding that the laws may not favor some people like Mr.Kifle.
    The court of law judges prosecutes and incarcerates, socially ostracizes. If not for holding one another up to a standard of conduct there would be no society, no civilization. People preach about being non judgmental all the time, but when in truth they have nothing against being judgmental.

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