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7 thoughts on “Video: Woyanne’s destruction of Lake Koka

  1. to Taddess: who one of the blind woyanna officals.

    when i heard of him saying his theory, i was really amazed. the documentary showed me how woyenes are very short-sighted, including Taddess.they don’t have any long-term perspective of growth.i really support one of the interviewee who commented on the need for balanced approach.

  2. Not only does this tell me Tadesse Haile is a stubborn idiot but it also shows the stupidity of some government officials. Where is the outrage from good people like us to help the suffering people. God must have helped expose this very recless activity. Where is Meles. Where is Dr. Tewolde G/Egziabher, the world reknowned environmentalist who time and time again made remarkable speeches that caused policy changes on the international stage. What is holding him back to use the environmental agencies laws to avoid polution. Is corruption his hurdle or is it Meles. I am sure he would be SICK in bed if he hears Taddesse the idiot speak.

  3. In 1996 I have seen this place and I knew the magnitood of the damage the leather tanning and other companies that use chemicals and drain it in the little rivers and goes to Koka lake. It is a big tragedy. I was telling people that this day will arrive. It is very sad and the owners of the tannery and the government are responsible. The buck stops with the lier and deceptive Prime Minister and his serrogates.

  4. I like the report from the western media about Africa for the first time. It is well balanced and is to the point. I agree the authorities lack capability to protect the environment from big company activity. I know that the annual budget of the environmental protection authority is much limited to monitor all the industries across Ethiopia. We the people can keep the corporates up to their responsibility. Am happy for those household whose life is improved due to the current economic growth and am also deeply sad for those who are suffering from this activity. The authority has to work to balance this situation. Most of the pollutant discussed in this report are primary pollutant and can be avoid by introducing a simple waste water treatment plant. I think we need a sector involved in treating the waste water. In the developed world this sector is well established and profitable. It is hard to push the company to comply with the rules without providing the infrastructure. The private or the public sector has to think of establishing this infrastructure and service. This will make another business opportunity plus new employment to the people and good revenue to the government. we have to promote reuse and recycling by giving a consultant service to the company’s involved.

    but I agree on one thing it involves hard decisions to promote development and growth when we come to the developing world where technology and funds are very limited. I hope the people of Ethiopia will pullout of poverty without harming the environment to a non return point.


  5. woyanna government (i mean bad government) points out that it introduced multi-party elections to Ethiopia after years of military rule.

    it was cheated out of victory.

    now thay do such a bad bad thing in our people pls. God help as.

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