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Bereket Simon says Queen Elizabeth II has Ethiopian roots

By Edward | Politics & Poetry

A spokesman for the Ethiopian government said on Sunday that the English monarch Queen Elizabeth the 2nd was descended from a 19th century tribeswoman from the Semien Mountains in northern Ethiopia. Records from the nation’s archives apparently provide evidence of a secret liaison between the then king Edward VII and a local unnamed peasant women. Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandfather, also known as the “uncle of Europe”, was said to have enjoyed numerous hunting trips into the heart of Africa during his lifetime.

Sceptics claim that the Ethiopians are trying to follow in the footsteps of their southern neighbour Kenya, who have a legitimate connection to the newly elected US president Barack Obama on his paternal side. Both the Kenyan and Eritrean governments were quick to squash the rumours regarding Queen Elizabeth as ‘absolute and crazy nonsense’.

However, an English historian who has chosen to remain anonymous said it could well be possible. Speaking from Addis Ababa airport, he said:

“I think there is a case to be made that Queen Elizabeth II is in fact partly Ethiopian. From the documents I have seen today, it is apparent that her ancestor King Edward VII had had a hushed up sexual relationship with an albino woman from a remote village in the northern mountain ranges of Ethiopia. If we can get some DNA from her majesty and begin some tests then I think we would establish this claim as a fact beyond any doubt”.

Scientists have often studied the features of the long reigning English queen. Some German biologists pointed out in 1985, that her mouth and cheeks were not typical of the northern European facial structure. French hair salons and famous stylists have often been silenced for mentioning the incredible lengths the monarch goes to in order to take the tiny curls out of her hair.

Paris hair dresser Paul Prideux, who was once her personal stylist, said in a radio interview last year:

“It is impossible! Impossible! ‘er ‘air is like a golli… er… an African! No more I tell you. She must get ‘nother ‘airdresser!”

Buckingham Palace has yet to comment on the speculation but is expected to issue a denial in the coming days. If the claims prove to be true it could mark a major change in British-Ethiopian relations. Some royal experts and supporters even think it could mark a revival in pro-monarchist sentiments amongst the usually hostile Liberal-Left, Socialists and the BBC who would warmly welcome an ethnic minority Commander-in-Chief. Somalia, who has been in conflict with Ethiopia, is said to be worried about the possible repercussions of a future alliance of a major Western power with its enemy.

The two nations are awaiting further developments with much interest.

– In satire

40 thoughts on “Bereket Simon says Queen Elizabeth II has Ethiopian roots

  1. What is up these days Elias. Don’t confuse some of our population who are challenged by the English language. Be serious and don’t complicate stories for the striving readers.


  3. There are many things ancient monarchs hide from the public. It is believable assertion. In light of Ethiopia’s ancient civilization and encounter with Europeans, this may not surprise us. I will be equally unsurprised if Buckingham Palace denies the connection. They may not be interested to be connected with a poor nation. Monarchs, historically, connect with beautiful girls in the dark and isolate themselves during day light.
    By the way connection with Queen Elizabeth is nothing than ordinary. If we believe in the equal dignity of all human beings what is the big deal then?

  4. Hello , this guy who raped the Ethiopian woman must be denounced. The family should pay compensation to any surviving family Ethiopia. I guess Elias can play a vital role.

  5. britain is an enemy of ethiopia and this funny story would not change anything,there was a story of lincoln being partly ethiopian, another nonsense, usa remains an ethiopia enemy and death to english language.

  6. Aderech Arada Aderech Arada yene Birtukane Yene tsegereda, i think We have had enough of them from Queen Sheba to His Maiesty H.S the first and need no more from others,

  7. Ethiopians come day by day losers, at one time they clamed they are Israeli, once the Israeli hear this they used them as soldiers to fight the Arabs now we are hearing Ethiopians are now claim they are British, my advice to Ethiopians is why don’t you sit your ass down and become a little proud Negro. why you want to be what you are not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We don’t feel proud to have a blood relation with Queen Elizabeth even this crazy concept by a lunatic official proves to be legitimate, we had better Monarchs in the past that we are proud of, no country can have better Kings than our Axumite Kings, Lasta Kings, and Kings likes Menelik, Queens like Sheeba who continues to fascinate generations to come, as for me, I am a proud Ethiopian who is perfectly related by blood with all Ethiopians whom I love and proud of. I don’t need to relate myself with a British Monarchy whose wealth is built on conspiracy and blood of innocent people around the world, If I have to relate myself, its easier for me to do so with the US, a country that gave refuge for my fellow Ethiopians at hard times, if it wasn’t for the British, there wouldn’t have been a country called Eritrea but a great province called Eritrea,


  9. Instead of talking about these rubbish matters, Bereket should work hard for the well being of his place of birth,if he has got the courage to do so.
    whether the queen has got Ethiopian blood or not it is immaterial.
    what is all about this dilly-dally?
    Let us say her majesty The Queen could be proved to have Abyssinian heritage, so what. We are all homo-sapians, after all.
    One important thing that Bereket should bear in mind that he is accountable for the tribal conflicts within the multi-national state of Ethiopia.

  10. What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can believe about Peter Ustinov’s blood line being linked to an Ethiopian roots and it was somehow proven. This one must be a satire and prank pooled off by this website or others. If it is so, then it is very funny and humorous.

  11. Way of grabing money … engineered by Meles and barked by “weshawe” Bereket!

    Now they have no money and they already captured and detained every one whom they think their enemy so the only thing they left is fabricating story and getting money because they had tried all other way of begging … those westerners already fed up of them.

    Meles, I have a message for you simply bad luck leave the office and it will be your turn to be thrown to jail like your friends Tamirat and Siya instead of dreaming asking asylem in England in the name of ancistor bla bla!

  12. ሰላም

    አዋቂ ለመምሰል እንዲሁ በሜዳ እንንጫጫለን:: ለነፈረንጅ አምላኩ ይግረማቸው እንጂ ለኛ ምን ያስገርማል:: የሙሴ ባለቤት (የመጽሐፍ ቅዱሱ) ሳራ ኢትዮጵያዊ አደለችም እንዴ? ማክዳስ? ፑሽኪንስ? ብዙ ላለማውራት-የዖለም ሕዝብ በሙሉ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው!!እንዴት ብትሉ-ግንዱ ድንቅነሽ አይደለችም እንዴ? የቀረው የቤት ስራ ይሁናችሁ:: ከአያያዛችሁ ለዚህ ብቁ አትመስሉም:: እውነት ነው ግን ይቅርታ !!!!!

  13. Well, it seems surprising for most of you. My father used to tell me that the Ethiopian lady with blood connection with the British Royal family/Queen Elisabeth is called Nigist Zeliha…One more thing, i believe the Queen came to Ethiopia and visited that particular region…Gondar. Apparently she was warmly welcomed by a certain official called Fitawrari Bezabeh Ademe during H.I.M Haileselassie era. He arranged a huge traditional ceremony with well dressed horses for the occassion in an area called Kosoye town some 25 KM north of Gondar City. There is a standing symbole in Kosoye mentioning the Queen’s visit to that place.

    Anyhow, the Ethiopian lady mentioned in the story is a beleive Negest Zeliha…i can contact my father and get more updates if you want.

  14. If this information was written by a respected man I would have considered to say some more interesting things. Elias stop such criminals from using your site. Bereket the known anti Ethiopian cannot create bridge between Ethiopia and Great Britain. He is a hooligan who has been damaging Ethiopia so deeply with TPLF. I feel the main purpose of this saying is to divert the people’s mind from the appaling crimes he has committed in the last 17 years. YEWOGA BIRESSA YETEWOGA AYIRESA! Better for him to keep quite and wait for his punshiments.

  15. It is interesting to hear this from historical prespective. I dont think we should all focus on the negative.

    Ethiopia is considered to be the creadle of civilization. One additional “truth” if its true does not harm our image against the western world.

    I hope it is the truth!!

    Good work who ever have the time and resouce to put this news in the public domain. For those of you haters, don’t just hate the news… there is nothing bad about this particular news…..

    God blesse U, ETHIOPIA and its PEOPLE!!

  16. it is surprising and also very sad how the derg regime created a clueless generation. I came to this world when the Ethiopians’ values turned upside down. Thanks to God i do not think like them. I read only three or four constractive comments or non-vulgar comments.please try to speak what your brain processes than your mouth.

  17. Actually, researchers were able to show that humans spread around the globe through a series of migrations that originated from a single location near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
    But, does that make us a better person than the guy standing next to you from another country?? Absolutely not!! We-r-all bro/sis. Queen Elizabeth II and everyone else in the world is descended from Ethiopia whether we like it or not, at least scientifically but that makes no difference for us to move forward, be the best we can be and help our brothers/sisters who are in need to make a real difference. What Bereket Simon doing is not doing nobody no good but give them false sense pride. It will only make us cling on pride and that will only lead us to sin!! Good night and good luck, God bless us all!!
    “Even as the fingers of the two hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any right, nor any preference to claim over another.” WE-R-ALL-ONE!!

  18. This story is 100% true, it is actualy Meles Zenawis banda father or mother who is the direct decedent of the British monarch, so forget the Yohannes or Minilik or Haile Sillasies’s ethio monarch, We have a new decendent who is the direct decedent to imperial majesty of the British monarch. Ay Weyane, Gud New AZafa

  19. The queen had a love afair with HIM Hailesselasie. He used to call her Elsi affectionately and she used to call him haile. She still carries the tatoo that reads “Moa Anbessa ze am negede yihuda…” on her upper tigh. Oh the land of folklores … the land of this dispicable Bereket and Ergiman.

  20. This is incredible! I seriously doubt that the powerful Illuminati, hell-bent on world domonation and obsessed with genetics, would allow African DNA into their esteemed bloodlines. It just doesn’t make any sense at all!

  21. This is incredible! I seriously doubt that the powerful Illuminati, hell-bent on world domination and obsessed with genetics, would allow African DNA into their esteemed bloodlines. It just doesn’t make any sense at all!

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