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6 thoughts on “Video: TPDM forces put 294 Woyannes out of action

  1. bravo.
    We will join
    weyane only understand force.
    all evidence was avialiable weyane lost the attack
    uniform, weyane Genral ID
    amazzing. How strong TPDM is strong in few years
    weyane & cadre time is up.
    weyane only understand force

  2. This is so sweet ahhaahahah Woyana has too many enemies they are going to be done soon. Teach those dedebit woyanas a lessongs. Now, I say there needs to be internal revolution as well.

  3. Struggle and fight Woyane from different direction and any means. I hope that Woyane is at agony of death, but I am afraid, after death of woyane, the same fragmented freedom fighter groups will be orineted in the way that Woyane had eneted in 1991 period. This shall lead to back to square one. So, UNITE and have comon goal : TPDM, GINBOT 7,Arbegnoch Andinet, etc.. (all ETHIOPIAN

  4. I agree with all of you that EPRDF is not doing good. But, I am really amazed why people say Weyane, because the name weyane includes also to those fighters who died for their country. It also refers to the people of Tigray. Those people who call EPRDF as Weyane are those who hate the people of Tigray. So, please let us come to identify what do Weyane and EPRDF mean.

    Another thing is, no one is responsible to think for hsi country. Even those who are in America are because of their interest for power and position.

    Better some of the excellent opposition parties like Birtikan Mideksa,Professor Beyene,Lidetu Ayalew form union with Siye Abraha, the true man for the country,Gebru Asrat—-

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