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Hundreds of Ethiopians and Somalis dead off Yemen coast

YEMEN (AP) – Hundreds of people are missing and feared dead after boats carrying about 400 African migrants capsized near Yemen on Saturday, the UN says.

At least a dozen bodies have washed ashore in Yemen, said Laila Nassif, who heads the United Nations High Commission for Refugees office in the coastal city of Aden.

Nassif said two boats carrying some 300 migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia capsized in the Red Sea. Only 30 people have been rescued so far, and rescue efforts were complicated by bad weather in the area, Nassif said.

In another incident, a boat carrying 120 migrants capsized in the Arabian Sea and 80 of the migrants made it safely to shore, Nassif said.

All of the ships originated in Somalia, the UN official said.

Hundreds of Africans die every year trying to reach Yemen, with many drowning or being attacked by pirates and smugglers in the dangerous waters separating Somalia and the Arabian peninsula.

The UN refugee agency last year reported that more than 43,500 migrants – mostly Somalis – arrived illegally by boat to Yemen.

In 2007, Yemen had reported more than 1,400 dead and missing while crossing into its shores from Africa.

5 thoughts on “Hundreds of Ethiopians and Somalis dead off Yemen coast

  1. If hailu shawel and his eprp eyasu distructive elements did not kill the struggle, we wouldn’t loose all these life by now or ethiopians wouldn’t get killed by now. Unfortunatly, hailu shawel and his eprp gangesters are still attacking UDJ and Ginbot 7, while our people still dies with weyane mercyless activities.

    We have a big inside enemy that is attacking and killing the struggle more than weyane do. It is the hailu shawel idiot groups and the EPRP eyasu desturctive power and money mongers that are dragging the struggle.

    Let make sure we get rid of them or simply expose them to the ethiopians that it is the aste hailu shawel and eprp eyasu elements that are destroying the sturggle more than weyane.

    For your better information go and visit the websites of debeteraw, ethiolion and mahder, they have already posted numbers of articles against the Jan. 14 world wide demonstration of ethiopians against weyane. Even weyane has not write a single thing yet while these eprp eyasu menga has tried to bombard the ethiopians struggle.

    These groups had continued thier attack against ethiopians this past weekend, through thier paltalk distructive ALUBALTA rooms, including Diaspora room, International women room ( 2 rooms that are divided by personal egoes), ethio assimba room, and the monday room ethio swiss room that is moderating by the weyane new cadre room Laureate Tesgaye.

    anyway let the sturggle continues, it is time to say enough is enough for weyane and poor propagandist of eprp eyasu cultish and insultish groups. no more argument among oppostions. Time to say WEYANE IS THE NO. 1 ETHIOPIAN ENEMY, IS TIME TO GET RID OF THE WEYANE GANGS FROM ETHIOPIA.

  2. It is a heart wrenching story. What an ever ending human misery, these people were trying to live in peace somewhere far away from Meles and end up dying searching for it. Meles is to blame; he is the cause of all these human misery in the horn of Africa.

  3. People tend to migrate becuase they think they can easily get money and survive abroad. This is inculcated in everyone’s mind who thought of migration becuase of the arrogance of the diaspora who tell only the good things of being away from home ( i.e they show off the dollars that they hardly earn by doing stuff that they won’t do in Ethiopia and brag about the joy they are having in their second home( which in reality is not a joy but… name it whatever) rather than telling their compatriots at home about the the difficulties they face.

    Diasporans please point unto yourself before you point it unto other party/person for the causes of death while migrating.

    Hope Ethiopia will prosper and keep its people at home.

  4. Back in the days during the Ethio-Italy war days, there were Arebegnas defending their land by taking over Italy’s battle ships and crashing the ships with each other with no fear to their own life.They made sure the ships won’t reach the shore.I wonder if this new generation got the spiritual awakening and braveness of its forefathers to stand up and fight for self preservation.We need to revive our dignity as human beings.By remembering who we came from we need to give our precious life a higher value .

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