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Eritrean opposition reacts to ER’s “Person of the Year”

The mere mention of the words “Issayas Afewerki” or “Shabia” causes Woyanne thugs to lose their mind. We’ll say more about the Woyanne reaction shortly, but for now here is a sample of how the Woyanne-backed Eritrean opposition reacted to Ethiopian Review’s selection of Eritrea’s president as “Person of the Year.”

The story of Eritrea tyrant Afawarki gets curiouser and curiouser! A very popular Ethiopian website selected Eritrea’s tyrant Afawarki the 2008 “Person of the Year” for contributing “the most to the betterment of Ethiopia”. As to Afawarki persistent strive for a United Ethiopia, it is no surprise. It is a manifestation of what he publicly proclaimed following the referendum in 1993. At the time Afawarki has let Eritreans know in no uncertain terms “that the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia will soon vanish and that Eritrea and Ethiopia would enter into an association of one form or the other.”… [read more]

29 thoughts on “Eritrean opposition reacts to ER’s “Person of the Year”

  1. It´s no wonder that Weyane paid agents get a headache by Isaias´s name conected to something good, finally he throws them to Weyane who was hunting them on Isaias´s command. Everybody knows that Isaias wants a united Ethiopia that is concerned on development and biz. Even that despite the injustice Ethiopia did on them, Isaias is reaching out his hand and this shows his greatness.
    Long live Ethiopia and Eritrea. Peace to the people of horn of Africa.
    Long live ER.

  2. Dinqem..”opposition” qiqiqiq

    As Elias elequently put it, these are the foot-soldiers of the Woyane thug…nothing more, nothing less. These so called “oppositions” are the rif-raff eaters of the Hodam Sheki at Sheraton Addis. As usual, The mere mentioning of P.I.A would send chill through their pants.

    Once the true Ethiopian gov’t takes its country back from Woyane junta, these Hodams will be picked-up from hotels and villas in Addis and send back to Asmara to face the ‘music’ of traitors… is just a matter of time.

  3. Eritrean oppositions are those who don’t have futurity they are use less and can’t do nothing at this time they are hope less and garbages. they can’t wag a war aganist aritrea they are bla bla bla only

  4. Dear Ethio-Eri friends,

    the guy who owns eritreadaily, Mesoud Filli or Berhne M Tekeste (a Jeberti Tigrayan), is a person whose hobby or occupation is bashing the Eritrean president. It is worth notng that Mesoud Filli’s parents were deported by Ethiopia to Eritrea in the 1930s. Obviously this Jeberti Tigrayan is on the brink of mental collapse if he really believes that Eritreans will let Jeberti Tigrayans and self-serving traitors and Weyane-sponsored dimwits run the country. The funny thing is that Google News is posting every article posted by this Tigrayan Jeberti masqueraded as an Eritrea despite the fact that according to Alexa the ‘eritreadaily’ website has bassicaly no visitors. This is funny, and this proves how desperate Eritrea’s enemies are.

  5. Ethiopian review is the real voice of Ethiopia today. It is not flip flop or deserter like Ethiopiafirst or not hot or cold like Ethiomedia. It is real and to the point. Very bold and straight forward. A banch of cowardice websites out their. Good wishers not good fighters. Brvo! Mr Elias. You must expect a lot of critics because today Ethiopia has more betrayers than patriots. Ethiopian adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  6. Well Let’s think Issayas is helping ethiopia but i dont see
    helping his own people the reason is there is no democracy in eritrea and most young eritreans are fade up of his administration and most would like the country by any means
    possible that shows the eritrean leadership is not doing the right thing for me if some one can’t help his own how could he help others i know there are many ethiopian opposition groups helped by isayas that does not mean is genuine and i am not trying to say let him not help them i want the woyanee to be removed be any means want i mean is if issayas is real let him give democracy to his own then he may bring democracy to others….

  7. I check the ERitrea website to see they being accused for GaZA war some how. Check yourself their response. It seems they are unleashing all their anger at BUSH before he depart from white house. As for Eritrean oppositions in Ethiopia, i dont want to dig more toknow them because only fly magotts are attracted to a rotten fish(Woyane). My observation, As far as i know most Eritreans are hot headed people, at least most of my friends are but these guys(Shaebia) can take punchs like a Boxing bag and shrugs it off as nothing happened. SUDAN,YEMEN were foes, they vowed againest Eritrea, now things are different only because the two countries came to thier senses. The djoubuti president cries every time he gets a chance, Eritrea calls him- cry baby. TPLF/NATO against Eritrea,if they get a chance they will drop atomic bomb on Isayas office, to say the least. And Another victory with Somalia people ,the ICU. These man is like God send to Ethiopia.The unity of Ethiopians created in Eritrea is never seen in our history. It is for the first time Ethiopian opposition group work in harmoney for one goal,One Ethiopia for all. We can count on him to mediate with Sudan and somalia after TPLF crimes and dealings. We need to come to our senses as the Editor of these site(ER) has walked over the land mines of TPLF propaganda to show us the other side of the story,the man who is dedicated to his peoples safety and well being. We Ethiopians like safety and well being too. We cant go wrong with Eritrean Goverment.

  8. Elias do not west your time taking about these sell out and leftovers of regionalist and religious fundamentalist. The people of Eritrea rejected these individuals not today but yesterday when our people were suffering under the derg regime because these individuals can’t even agree one another yet alone to lead the people of Eritrea. They have been talking about Wedi Afom since 1970’s because we Eritrean love him. There is a fundamental difference between them and Wedi Afom and that is they are busy spreading lies about Wedi Afom around the world on behave of their masters Wey-ane gangsters, but Wedi Afom is comanding his tropes, the people of Eritrea, to create a confident and dedicated officers of development and Security. Watch this clip from

    Long live to Eritrea and Wedi Afom.

  9. ER and Elias don’t be surprised by the reaction of Berhane M Tekeste because he always opposes Wedi Afom no matter what. I will give you and your reader’s one example when the governments of the State of Eritrea made female circumcision illegal he wrote and argue against it say that the psychological effect caused by such practice was not proven by science and it shouldn’t be illegal. He still suffering from the superiority of man over women and believe that only man decides what’s best for our mothers and sisters.

  10. So called Eritrean Opposition, are handfull Woyane’s rugs,never have a consistant and viable political goal, exept beeing a balking,dog of their masters woyane.
    Thanks “ER’ for the wisdom and courage you have demonstrated,during this defineing period of our country.
    Congratulation for beeing #1 on 2009,and for the selection
    on the right time, the right person of the year 2009:
    the president ” Issayas Afework”,you have changed the political equation of the horn of Africa.
    Happy, healhty, peacefull and prospereus year for all.

  11. To #1, please use another name, I have been posting with the name Eritrawi on ER for a long time, your cooperation is appreciated.

    Back to the main point at hand, these so called Eritrean opposition have a dirty history that all Ethiopians should know, they are the remnants of the old reactionary ELF who left the struggle for indpendence of Eritrea back in the late 1970s. They have an irrational hatred for everything Shaebia and specially a venemous hatred for President Isayas Afewerki. They colluded with Dergh in 1980-81 ordering the two ELF brigades who were confronting the Dergh in northeastern Sahel front. Then started a war against the EPLF while EPLF was confronting the Dergh army, fortunately EPLF wiped them out and pushed the remnants of their forces to Sudan. Most of the rank and file ELF soldiers didn’t want to fight EPLF at that time.

    Ever since then they have been nothing but prostitutes of any foreign force who gives them hope of ruling Eritrea. They refused to vote in the 1993 Eritrean referendum, as far as us Eritrean are concerned they forfeited their citizenship at that time, they are alien to us. Sure enough when Woyanne ingnited war with Eritrea at the behest of their masters in 1998 these Eritrean traitors followed them willingly hoping they were going to enter asmara on the backs of Woyanne troops. These traitors actually participated in the digging and desecration of Eritrean Martyrs cemetery in Shambuko (a town in southwest Eritrea) in 2000. They are definitely wanted war criminals along with some Woyanne commanders who destroyed and stole peoples property in 2000. There are more crimes against humanity these traitors commited that can be listed in due time.

    Now their reactions is to be expected because their days are numbered, we know where they are hiding in Mekelle and Addis Ababa, when Woyanne gets defeated these dispecable traitors will face justice in Eritrea, unfortunately these old and decrpit traitors are dying slow death from old age, alcoholism and most importantly from alienation.

  12. Eritrean Opposition, Ye Eritrea Tarik Atela Nachew! they live on weyane’s handout. I wonder what will happen the day weyane starts running out of addis as mengestu and his crones did at the end of his regime. Mekoyet degu Hulun Yasayenal.
    Eritrean opposition Politically bankrupted has no use or benefit for Eritrea, They are old styled one minded power hungry weyane’s cock suckers. Let all go to Hell!

  13. The Eritrean ” Treason Camp” are a collection of Jihadists, opportunists, sellouts, turn coats, paedophiles, child monsters, rapists,regionalists, ethnic supremacist, disgruntled x-diplomats..etc..etc and ready to deal with the devil for some financial rewards for their survival.

    They have no principles to uphold to, except serving any one with deep pockets and a highest bidder. There is one distinct character though, that equates the Tribal Junta and the ” Eritrean Treason Camp “, they both are in a mission to destroy Ethiopia and Eritrea respectively.

  14. No surprise there.. after suffering a huge blow on new years day, woyanne and friends are just wobbling around, trying to gain some consciousness. I’m just tickeled to death at what ER has done.

  15. Eri-Ethio cooperation,

    you hit the nail on the head. This “Berhane M Tekeste” of eritrea Daily is the stinking Shire *** whose real name is Dr Mesoud Filli. No need to give him the attention he craves. The Weyanes and their slaves are extremely nervous these days. They know that the consequences of Weyane’s defeat in Somalia will be disastrous. They know that the day of reckoning is approaching fast. TPLF stooges like “Berhane M TekestThe” know that this is the noose that will hang their master for good. This Mesoud Filli and other stooges must have the IQ of a rat to become Weyane shoe-shiners in the first place. Is there any wonder then these traitors fantasize about Eritreans descending into mayhem just so that the Weyane stooges can become Eritrean leaders? Even their dreams are the dumbest. VIVA ERITREA AND ETHIOPIA.

  16. Ethiopian review stay strong because we have the moral authority and legal one against those critics i.e woyanne journalist and backwards people who still think Eritrea is not independent any way as anyone can see the purpose of this SITE is to bring regional stability, commonsense and justice back to east Africa I for one who vote to see you in government as Ethiopian leaders since you have the bravery and object mind to bring lasting peace and prosperity to all in the east African region.

  17. Elias,

    Please don’t litter your website with scum from EritreaDaily. He’s not “opposition” and does not deserve mention by ER. This Berhane M. tekeste or Messoud Fille (a Woayne by race and creeed) is a disgrace to the so-called opposition, to himself and a great disservice to cyberspace.

  18. No surprise there.. after suffering a huge blow on new years day, woyanne and friends are just wobbling around, trying to gain some consciousness. I’m just tickeled to death at what ER has done

  19. the so called eritrean oposition are self centerd and has no eritrean blood at all.those are mersineries of woyane,and no eritrean trust them in grneral they are losers in the westrn countries and losers inside the country imagen thirteen poletical parties for not more than four million people.

  20. Eritrawe, please don’t speak of ELF. You lack the basic knowledge or understanding of history to even start. Isaias Afwerki was an ELF (jebha) fighter FYI. Don’t confuse the proud ELF Jebhas for this donkey from Tigray who owns Eritreadaily and who is sponcered by Woyanne, who in turn get their money from American tax payers aid relief.

  21. Who? Eritrean opposition? Do they exist? I know that they regain consciousness when Pres.Issayas’s name is mentioned. This time it is not only his name mentioned, but a bomb shell.

  22. The Eritrean oppositions could care less about Ethiopian people suffering. Their only wish is Meles to stay in power and be their friend so that they can get help from him to fight Isaias. Those are the very same people who are working very hard to create hatred mango Eritreans and with some ethnic group Ethiopians, and saying that the government of Eritrea is helping Ethiopian terrorist, the enemy of the Eritreans people.
    So, the question is , would it be the Eritrean government or the Eritrean oppositions be helpful for our straggle? Imagine if the opposition takes over the power in Eritrean.

  23. The webmaster at EritreaDaily website, Berhane Tekeste, by his own admission he is from Tigray. On several occasions at the Paltalk chatrooms where he spends his day defending the TPLF junta and spreading anti-Eritrea woyane’s propaganda, he had presented himself as a Tigrayan who pledges allegiance to Tigray.
    Mind you, there are many people who were born on the sidewalks of Asmara from Tigrayan prostitute mothers who now call themselves ‘Eritrean opposition’, and to his credit, Berhane Tekeste of EritreaDaily website is not shy in admitting his Tigrayan blood line, and his opposition to the Eritrean independence is not a mere exercise of political decent but rather a devious act to resurrect the now defunct “Abay Tigray” dream, a dead and buried TPLF’s dream that came crushing down in a spectacular fashion during TPLF’s third offensive in 1999.
    There are many Eritreans whose moral qualifications makes them credible critics of the the Eritrean government. A coward TPLF operative such as “Berhane Tekeste” who hides behind a pseudonym cannot and will not have the requisite credibility to comment about the dignity and rights of Eritreans.

  24. Jebha,

    Having been in Jebha myself as a combatant mind you, in many areas of Eritrea from Kebesa, to Agurdet, Barentu front and Semenawi Sahel, I am well qualified to speak about the reactionary Jebha leadership who stabbed their own Tegadelti in the back, not to mention the massacres they commited in the dark of night and in some cases in broad day light. Mind you, I don’t confuse them with the heroes who fought wholeheartedly for Eritrea’s independence despite the incompetent, tribalist and in many cases religious tendencies while proclaiming to be democratic.

    Trust me, my story is not second hand, I fought, sweated and bled in Meda Ertra, some people don’t want to see the truth exposed and the fact that EPLF is the true political organization that realized our freedom. Just because in my younger days I was in ELF doesn’t mean I will shut up about the immoral deeds of its leadership. I knew most of those cowards in person too. Except for a few in the leadership of Jebha like Ibrahim Toteel, Zemehret Yohannes and their comrades the rest were sub nationalists, tribalists and now Woyanne stooges. The truth hurts and the sooner it is accepted the better.

  25. Yes Issayas needs an opposition or competitor but I’m afraid the ones that acts as such they are nothing but self serving, out of reality of the horn of Africa and in particular Ethio-Eritrea, outdated oldies, and weyanes masters/advisors.

  26. Elias thanxxx, there is NOOOOOOOOOO Eritrean oppoition in this earth those r our ENEMY, or WEYANES DOGS n BORING n OLD PPL ///LONG LIVE 2 THE LION OF NAKFA,/// n ERI-N ETH–PPL

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