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Teddy Afro – Another victim of Ethiopia’s ruthless dictator

Ethiopia’s superstar musician Teddy Afro continues to languish in jail. His crime is caring for his country. The fascist dictatorship in Ethiopia was threatened by that, so they fabricated false charges and threw him in a dark prison cell.

The tyrannical regime has spared no effort to silence the voices of those who dared to challenge it, and by locking up Teddy Afro, while simultaneously disenfranchising Ethiopians once again, it has clearly demonstrated its contempt for Ethiopia and its people.

The Ethiopian dictator is doing what all dictators do — eliminate those who pose a threat to their grip on power.


12 thoughts on “Teddy Afro – Another victim of Ethiopia’s ruthless dictator

  1. Weyane had formulated so many things to destroy and humiliate the Ethiopians from the face of the planet. HERE ARE HOW WAYENE DESTROYING AND HUMILATING THIS GREAT NATION/PEOPLE, 1- the guns, to kill anybody who opposes their slave mentality rule, 2- the weyane cadres, preach democracy, constitution, and development for the peasants who represent the majority of Ethiopia population, and 3- Legesse Z, Azeb Mesfin, Seyoum Mesfin, the bull dog looking Eritrean traitor Mebrahtu G/hiwot (aka Bereket Simon), and others who are looting and robbing Ethiopia to the bone. My friends the after mas of weyane rule will look much uglier than Yugozlavia if these slaves are not stopped anytime soon.

  2. THREE WEEKS ARE LEFT FOR THE VERY FINAL VERDICT. I think this window of time duration will be important in continuing to remember him in publication, tribute, prayer, legal up dates etc.

    Elias: I hope you stick it under your “on Focus” column or your upper right section until the first week of December. The video is also a very good tribute that has more information than most others I have seen so far. Good credit to Eri TV media in the arts and humanity.

    If the person accused of vehicular homicide was a complete unknown and even a total misfit and a reject, having looked at the details of the case, I truly believe that he was framed. So, as a member of the God fearing public, technically we seat on his and the victim’s jury. I would have voted to let Tewodros Kasahun go free based on the evidence and relaying in the all knowing God who knows more than I do that, if wrong, TK’s conscious and God’s future disclosure will be factors to leave open ended.

    My prayer, among other wordings, if in a rush, repeatedly the most common one turned out to be, “ Dear God please give Teddy Afro and the victim true justice”. Teddy Afro is FRAMED MEANS, the KILLER IS OUT THERE FREE and that would be morally and legally wrong for a government who is trying to display such a hypocritical display of care of a member of the citizens who happened to be vulnerable. We don’t even know if any friend or member of the victim’s family had come forward yet.

    Teddy Afro is a very special artist who had tapped in to the psyche of millions of Ethiopians and continues to be gifted and yet challenged under this regime. May the God who gifted him grant the providence to protect him in true justice.

  3. Dear Ethiopianreview publisher/ Elias:

    Although you would have determined where to post priority subjects and content, that you always have the independent choice, your cooperation with a suggestion of a member of your readers is appreciated.

  4. From what I heard while I was in Addis , I’m 100% convinced and sure to say that Teddy Afro is indeed the driver who accisentally killed that miskin deha gojamie guy . The catch word here is “accident” ; which, as we all know , happens very suddenly and generally in difficult to complex conditions. So the question is why weyane treats it like a huge crime . Here in therefore lies my problem . another question is, arguaby ,If tedy was pro weyane; would he be treated like this? Would he be prevented release if he brought the bail ?, etc.

  5. To: mengistu G. hailemariam

    “From what I heard while I was in Addis , I’m 100% convinced and sure to say that Teddy Afro is indeed the driver who accisentally killed the….”

    You are convinced based on “what you heard” from what source?. Personally, I reached my decision after staying objective on the case quite a few months after his arrest until the following sources allowed me to reach a conclusion.

    1. A post on ER web site about the altered Date of Death on the legal certificate of death.
    2. Legal in put from Attorney, Sheakspear Fesha
    3. Legal in put from Attorney Alemayehu Gebremariam
    4. Legal break down /analysis from an expert on Ethiopian constitution, former judge Meshesa Woldemichael
    5. From follow up of the legal court appearances especially through ethiopiazare. com web site.
    All of them had been significant contributors in their own expertise and #5 was raw direct legal report as observed in the court in Addis/Debrezeit/Kaliti wherever it is that they switch around his appearances). Based on the details, I am convinced that he is framed, and the Department of Police under this regime did a sloppy presentation to make it look believable and did not prove its case beyond reasonable doubt. Teddy had very legitimate witnesses especially the Cuban Doctor of MInilik Hospital, an albeit and the very fact there was no impact on the car, distance etc

  6. Dear Teddy Afro:
    “Knowing” you through your music, my thoughts are with you in this message for you, at such challenging times.

    Do not hold tender mercies from me, O Lord let your loving kindness and your truth continually preserve me.
    Psalm 40, verse 11
    Mezmur 39, number 11 (Amharic version)


    Fate and Destiny that crossed
    Time, image, life, death and justice collide
    Whose truth shall prevail in absence
    A freed spirit silenced by chance
    May God rest the parted in peace
    Bless his soul and keep an eye on the case

    A longed journey home, a return to the cradle
    The strange day waiting to happen
    The ground landed by THAT plane
    Arrival in day light changed to the mysterious night fall
    The shadow of trouble before the break of down
    Teddy Afro back in Ethiopia, the music and the people
    The passage of weeks with no questions asked
    Once born, formed, intertwined and discovered
    She; his gem, art, joy, pride, beauty and spirit
    He; her voice, jewel bearer, spirit and artist

    Two years later brought to trial
    Convicted as “guilty” short of testimonial
    Now the singing bird muted at a distance
    Songs of yesteryears reaching out with wings
    Gently tapping into his admirers conscious
    The owner and his gem aligning
    Steady, subtle and thought provoking
    There is a reason for every being
    To be or not to be is challenging

    Hang on strong and pray

    Aden 1
    December 2nd, 2008

  7. From the court hearings and witnesses there is no single evidence that clearlly and without doubt points to Tedy for the killing of the ‘meskin deha’. I’m really sorry for Tedy Afro. This is the price you pay when you stand for justice, fairness, equality and unity. This is how you pay in peaceful struggle. His sacrfice is clear to the faces of the people. In terms of stocking rseistance in the hearts and minds of the people of Ethiopia against weyane such scrifice is much effective than EPPF and etal decade long armed struggles.

    Tedy let my God be with you Tedy

  8. 6 years!?! there’s no justic in Ethiopia. God forbid especially if you stand for the love of your country & unity! Teddye, egzer yabertah, I can’t say anything else STAY STRONG. Justice will prevail one day and the people of Ethiopia will all wake up from ‘ye kefafleh gizaw’ weyane nightmare and be once again the symbol of love, unity in diversity, tolerance & hospitality. May God help us until then. May God help us.

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