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Woyanne-backed rebels claim killing 285 Eritrean soldiers

Source: Sudan Tribune

MEKELE, ETHIOPIA – An Eritrean rebel group, the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization [armed and trained by the Meles regime in Ethiopia] claimed killing over two hundred Eritrean government troops during an attack carried last week against a military training center inside Eritrea.

The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) on Sunday said that its fighters have killed at least 285 Eritrean military officers including top military leaders in what it called was the most devastating assault taken earlier this week at a military training base in the remote central Denkelliya region of Afambo local area.

The attack comes after 200 Eritrean Afar-ethnic government Militias willingly surrender to the Afar rebel group two weeks ago, according to RSADO.

RSADO’s Executive committee member and head of information and communication, Yasin Mohamed, back from the borders to coordinate the mission and now in Mekele (capital of Tigray Region, the base of the ruling Tigrean People Liberation Front), says the accomplished mission is well prepared and the most successful and the biggest attack ever attempted by any other Eritrean resistance groups.

“In an unusual attack our gallant fighters on Monday at around 8:30 local time have sneaked a big military training center based at Afambo area and bombarded a hall packed with over 450 Eritrean military officers who were celebrating the end of higher military training,” he said.

The rebel official added they also hit a truck carrying gas tanker and a generator outside which completely turned the whole area into massive fire and end up the fun and laughter into shouts, crying and dead bodies.

The Afambo military training base is the biggest training center next to Sawa, an area where tens of thousands of Eritreans from all wakes of life take mandatory military training.

The group explained the success of the attack saying it was taken along with the 200 deserted government militias who had every inside information needed to accomplish the attack.

“We have confirmed the death of at least 285 Eritrean military officers” Yasin said adding “we believe hundreds of others are also wounded or dead then after”

He also said during the occasion, Eritrean military officials who were engaged in training Ethiopian rebels for cross border attacks and also Ethiopia rebel leaders from OLF, ONLF, Tigray rebels who are based In Eritrea were invited .

“We believe Ethiopian former Derg regime’s commander, colonel Selhadin Ali, currently coordinator of cross-border attacks against Ethiopia is killed during the attack” Yasin alleged, adding “ colonel Birhanu head of the attacked military center and top military leader of Eritrean forces is also dead or seriously wounded.”

Yasin said, the sudden and massive attack taken has created frustration and resentment to Eritrean authorities, higher military officials and to Eritrean troops in general

“Eritrean president Isayas Afeworki had to postpone his scheduled visit to neighboring Sudan for at least one day after he heard the shocking news” He claimed.

The rebel RSADO is a member of the Eritrean democratic Alliance, umbrella opposition of 13 Eritrean political parties. The group which is led by Amin Ahmad, seeks to separate the Afar tribe from Eritrea and unite it with Djibouti.

In a separate incident the rebel group has also destroyed a radar station in the southern Red sea zone same day same time.

“In parallel to the above raid a different force of RSADO has smashed radar stationed at the mountainous area of Ramllo area” He added.

– By By Tesfa-Alem Tekle | ST

16 thoughts on “Woyanne-backed rebels claim killing 285 Eritrean soldiers

  1. Yezefen dar daru eskista new. I think everyone exaggerates the number of their victims but in my view both regimes are extending their life using war as a life support. It looks like they have common understanding on starting war again to divert public attention, probably during election and inflation. This is a sign that the region may be engulfed by war soon.

  2. mot yamarat ayet yedemet afencha tashetalech aydel yemebalew.weyanem motun eyashetetete new .weyane zorbetal yalew .meleyet yakatew neger benor man ertirerawe endehone man ethiopiawe endehone new
    ethiopiawe+eritreawe=death for weyanes

  3. This shows that how the blood thirsty ”WEYANE” are desperate in looking for attention. Let me say this, Mr Meles you days are limited to go back where you came from ”DEDEBIT” and you enjoy it ..

  4. This is 100% correct. I have received first hand information about this from my family in Asmara. My brother was in Afambol- the attacked military training, and is now back in Asmara hospital taking a treatment.

    There is no lie here. Every body will find out the truth for him/herself soo.
    wediomna eba ezom tekalat afar

  5. Why dismiss the number of dead just for the sake of it?

    It is possible that a large number of those attending the graduation day were either killed or wounded. This is not a war but a cowardly “terrorist” attack of unarmed soldiers and civilians.

    This is what must be said
    – A rebel, let alone an Afar rebel from the desert, can not inflict this kind of a surprise attack without help from Ethiopia.
    – killing unarmed soldiers and civilians is not a sign of bravery of the Afar rebels or the Ethiopian government.
    – Any kind of terrorist attack or killing of UNARMED civilians or soldiers must be condemned!
    – Eritrea will not stand and watch, it will certainly retaliate.
    – Finally, this is a well-planned and coordinated provocative attack to start war with Eritrea.

    Another sad news!!

  6. I am wondering why sudan Tribune broke the news first instead of walta or Aiga. lol
    All eritrean military training Camps are all in open plaine, not sorrounded by montains or trees for miles and miles.They do this to control the deserters, on top of that around it, all those area are infested by heavey millitary camps. There is no way, let alone rugthug militia can attack those area, even well trained woyane machanised birgade could not attack it. Thats a pure and desperate lie as usuall.

  7. The Weyanes have participated in this opperation which killed a handfull Eritrean soldiers, but the number is not too high as it claimed by Weyane and Afar rebel leader who is under the control of Weyane by himself. Recently, Weyane is training and arming the oppositions of all neighbouring countries of Ethiopia to wage an attack on their governments. One of these example is, the continues sending of heavy weapons to southern Sudanese SPLA and paying some gangsters to attack the kenian police stations in northern kenya. By the way Weyane is digging it’s own graves to be thrown into it.

  8. Woyanne desperately needs good news, this so called attack on the Eritrean military base in Dankalia is nothing but a wet dream, Woyanne couldn’t stop the armed Ethiopian opposition groups who are getting support from Eritrea in all fronts so they have to fabricate a phantom victory over the Eritrean defense forces. All African and Arab countries abandoned the Somali people when they were invaded by Woyanne except for one country, Eritrea, that is called sticking to your principles and standing tall against imperial control of the horn of Africa, at the same time it is no secret that all the Ethiopian armed opposition groups have only one nation that supports them, and that is Eritrea.

    Eritrea doesn’t gain much by supporting legitimate fight for freedom, Eritrea was threatened by the Bush junta countless times and didn’t flinch from its principles, even when the Bush junta threatened it with listing Eritrea on the terrorist supporting nations. Now that the tables are turning on Woyanne and they know they can’t stop the tide of opposition in Somalia and within Ethiopia they are resorting to announcing phantom victories by a non-existing rebel group. We all know there are a few Eritrean traitors who live in Mekelle, they never ventured outside their hotel rooms let alone fight the mighty Eritrean defense forces and inflict casualties. This is nothing but pure Woyanne propaganda.

  9. He is dreaming.
    He acted safely.
    He returned happily.
    He reported enthusiastically.

    He is just dreaming.
    He is dreaming how to cross
    the Danakil depression as
    a dromedaries animal!! Wow!

  10. Semay,

    You are a lier and obviously you do not even know how to lie and convince non suspecting people like the readers of ER.
    This is a cheap propoganda on the part of Weyene in a futile attempt to get a reprieve from the noose that is being tightened by the heroic Ethiopian forces. Remember these same group were used for Weyane halucination when just a couple of months ago, we were bombastically told that they had killed 30 Eritrean troops. Even that reasonable claim was never materialised.

    By the way I like it the way the Tigreans call weyane as “wey- ane” meaning “wey – inie” in Amharic!

  11. Weqaw,
    you are stupid, nonsense. I am telling you that I have a brother wounded in that particular attack and is now in hospital.
    It is people like you who are dragging the country into utter darkness and misery.
    Oh my God.

  12. Do you remember the News Kunama rebels have destroyed 900
    eritrean Troops as reported by Woyane Tv.If you are
    looking for some Entertainment watch Woyane TV the desperate gang of criminals

  13. don’t joke from outside while our people are dying. This is an insult to our brothers and sisters who died to defend our country and we should give credit and give them honour and be strong to defend, intead of ignoring their gold life. They died and we should follow them to die while defending our country.

    don’t floosh ur slef saying woyane is lying, lying or other else. woyane is doing what he should do and we have to do what we are supposed to do.

    Peace for all!

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