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Devil Incarnate: TPLF and its historic venom against Christian & Muslim Ethiopians

TPLF:  Who were they then? Who are they now?

August 4, 2013

Gog Magog
Gog Magog


Gebremedhin Araya, a former top leader of the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), details the violence this rogue group directed in its early days against Ethiopia’s two prominent religions, Christianity and Islam.  Ignorance, greed and the lust for power sprinkled with shallow Albanian Marxism, were behind the TPLF’s assault on Ethiopia’s spiritual and cultural heritage.

The combination of ignorance and arrogance continues to this day.  The legitimate Ethiopian Orthodox  Tewahdo Church has been exiled.  The TPLF is now threatening to tear down Waldeba Monastery, one of the most revered places in Ethiopian Christendom.  The regime is also waging a relentless war of propaganda, imprisonment and murder against Ethiopian Muslims.  Their only fault is demanding the government to stay out of religious affairs.

 Please click on link below to read the English translation of Ato Gebremdhin Araya’s expose.


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