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Conference on Ethiopian transitional government formation – Day 2 Update

ENTC conference on Ethiopian transitional government

ENTC conference on Ethiopian transitional government

ENTC conference on Ethiopian transitional government
The historic conference called by the Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) to discuss the removal of the Woyanne junta in Ethiopia and replacement with an all-inclusive transitional government is in its second day of session.

Today’s session will follow up on a successful meeting yesterday where participants laid out the need for transition from dictatorship to democracy.

At yesterday’s session; Abune Filipos, Ethiopian Tewahdo Orthodox Church Bishop for the Sate of Maryland, opened the conference with his blessings and gave advice on freedom.

Also on the first day, renowned scholar Professor Georgie Ayittey, author and president of the Free Africa Foundation, spoke about how to remove a dictatorship. Ms. Anuradha Mittal, founder and executive director of the Oakland Institute spoke about the lasting damage of the ongoing land grab in Ethiopia. Noted activist Wzr. Lemlem Tsegaw delivered a presentation on the role of Women in the struggle for freedom. Prominnet Ethiopian Scholar Dr Messay Kebede gave a presentation on the need for a Transition Process and endorsed the concept of a Transition Council.

The second day session was opened this morning with blessings from the Abune Filipos and Imam Khalid Mohammed of the Ethiopian Diaspora Muslim Ustaz.

Various stakeholders, including representatives of civic groups, women and youth associations, religious institutions, political parties and prominent individuals are present on the second day of this conference.

Wzr. Mekdes Worku, ENTC Vice Speaker, introduced the day’s program:

* Proposals from various stakeholders on how to remove and replace TPLF/EPRDF with an all inclusive government
* Conference resolution will be passed
* Agreement to continue the national dialogue


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