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VIDEO: Deliberately starving people to death – Channel 4

The nomadic people of the eastern deserts accuse the Ethiopian government Woyanne regime of deliberately starving people to death, reports Jonathan Rugman of Channel 4 News.

Deliberately starving people to death: that’s the accusation being levelled at the Ethiopian government ruling Tigean People Liberation Front (Woyanne) by the poor nomadic people of the country’s eastern deserts.

Here, famine threatens as people go days without food. Channel 4 News has learned it’s not just the failure of crops that’s to blame – it’s also the Ethiopian the U.S. financed and trained Woyanne army.

Channel 4 News travelled into the Ogaden desert, where most of the inhabitants are Muslim ethnic Somalis, trapped in the middle of a war between rebels fighting for independence autonomy and the Ethiopian Woyanne army. Watch the video below:

23 thoughts on “VIDEO: Deliberately starving people to death – Channel 4

  1. Hello ethiopians

    This is very serious , what are we waiting for? Did we need to be said on the news that “Ethiopia is no more existed country since the people are destroyed by weyane”

    Come on people, you tell me……

    I don’t get surprise anymore with the endless lying machine of Meles and its self owned TPLF dedeb members and supporters. Weyane symphtyzers are created to lie. The no. 1 policy in the weyane criminal group is to lie,,,to lie….to lie….period. Weyanes have never fail to tell truth. But their lies are so silly that would not even convince a 4 years old kid. Since weyanes are so damn they think they can convince the public by taking their stupid lies using radios, presses and their stinky mouth.

    I am so surprised why we all Ethiopians are doing? Why don’t we stop talking and spend more time on practical things to help the struggle against the dedeb and doma weyanes. Weyanes are always very busy in killing, harassing and destroying the whole Ethiopia. They are also very busy in looting the entire money, asset and resources from Ethiopia. Why don’t we fight them tooth to nail by reducing other arguments with the dedeb wayenes.

    Lets join the best group of Ginbot 7 who is getting a lot of people attention and support from inside to outside of Ethiopia. Lets contribute everything that we have to Ginbot 7 since there is not going to be a better time to save Ethiopia by joining Ginbot 7 than now….

    Death to all weyane members and supporters.

  2. Did weyane try to hide such inhuman treatment for the average Ethiopian people or the western nations are hiding weyanes crimes behind their skirts. Didn’t Carter and Dr.Frazer approved of weyanes treatment to Ethiopian people? Didn’t AU, UN, and other NGO members decided to remain silent while Ethiopians were mowed infront of their door steps? Aren’t they still silent while the Somalians are being mowed infront of their door step? or they just found out about weyanes hoopla?

  3. After PHARAOH is ZENAWI, then HITLER of germany. TPLF IS putting alot of effort not to be seen what is going on in OGADEN and the entire of ETHIOPIA…..To chanel 4 it couldn’t have been said better.

  4. I will also say that the western is also support the regime to this kind of issue, beacuse if they did not help him melese and tplf would not survive and did such kind of HUMAN CRIME.

  5. The Woyannes think foolishly that they can use brute force and mass starvetion to control us but they cann`t.They take all the food and animals from the poor Ogadenis and eat infront of them.The Woyanne soldiers are fat and flappy from the blood of Ogadenis because they are ticks and bedbugs.I say to them and their supporters,”Beware of our hunger and unger”.

  6. Meles and his Gruops are evil ,when they orgonaiesed TPLF,They agrey to destroy Ethiopian History,culture,territory and step by step destroy each ethnics !!! I know them.For some time,

    I have been working with this EVIL!!!!

  7. This is just heartbreaking! This is the time we ak the US government or the US to intervene in tis genocide!!! This is a genocide!!! We need to organize a big protest for our people in te Ogaden! We can’t sit quiet while our brothers and sisters are dying of starvation by woyane!! This a plot to destroy our nation using the weapon used against mankind – starvation!! This is also time for all opposition forces to team up and attack woyane! ONLF, OLF, and Ginbot 7…what in the world are you waiting for???????

  8. It’s very sad to witness the tragic loss of life at the hands of the brutal, evil Woyanes. Today, it’s ogaden tomorrow maybe the Amara or Kembata. We’re all Ethiopians until the Woyanes began to divide us and insult our intelligence by telling us that the kelil system will lead to democracy. The Dedibit Mafia group is amassing wealth by selling fertile Ethiopian lands to foreigners while the people are suffering and dying. The challenge for all of us is what we will do about it. If we still have any humanity and love of country we must all work in what ever capacity to hasten the demise of the Woyanes. We have inherited the only African nation that defeated the European colonialism at the battle field, it’s within us to rise up and do what our children expect us to do.

  9. Where are you? ONLf, OLF, AND GINBOT 7. Just talk talk talk and meeting, where is your action?
    1 ONLf- 15 years old

    2 OLF – 45 years old.
    3 GINBOT – 4 years old. 

    we did’t see anything.

  10. My dear compatriot what are we waiting enough is enough,we need to set aside our differences and get united to promote Egypt and Tunisia style protest in Addis and abroad in New York,Washington,London and Canada.My brothers and sisters this is the time to do it.Please all the high scholar Ethiopian people come up with definite plan to start peace full protest.Where is Tamagn,Al Mariam and Dr.Berhanu.Please give them a call or e-mail them to start the real revolution.

    Let us stop being a wimpy Mighty Eritrea are on our side,they are the one the brought Woyane regime and I believe they can bring down the Aggames regime at these critical time.

  11. Once again, the never ending heart wrenching story coming from woyane controlled Ethiopia. A very heart-touching Open Letter in behalf of all Peace Loving Ethiopians need to be send to the former president Bush Sr., Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, major news media around the world, to the Socialist and Democratic countries around the world and most importantly to the Obama administration. They need to be informed and reminded that the tears and the blood of innocent Ethiopians is in their hands for ignoring the man-made human miseries in Ethiopia and keep on supporting a mad man that has spilled the blood of so many Ethiopians.

  12. Thanks Ethiopian Review for always being on the side of all Ethiopian people, despite of their ethnicity. What Meles and his thugs are doing in the Ogaden is complete shame to all Ethiopians. This is clear crime against humanity, one that we all need to speak out against and say NO in one voice.

  13. dear ethiopians look what is going on. woyane is true enemy of ethiopia and the people :then if it is our enemy who is acting every time to destroy our country and devide our people :why we are not fight and overthrow soon gentelmen youth ladies all wake up join the struggle .victory for ethiopans death for woyane .

  14. i am calling all ethiopians with unity to stand ones and say mot lewoyane enough and fight to overthrow soon.wake up wake up stand up for your right .freedom is born through struggle .

  15. All of you Men of Ethiopia including Meles Zenawi You all do not have it to protect your country. May be Meles’s arm being twisted for some twisted deal he had made. Mr. Melese tell the truth why they are making you do this to your own people and die with dignity like Atse
    Theodros. The rest of you fight like a man.

  16. Ahmed

    Indeed it is very serious! How long do the Ethiopians need to wait? To me at least let’s share such news with all our friends, family members and those in our mailing list so that we raise awareness of those who think that Ethiopian economy is growing by double digit …blah, blah….. The Weyane minority regime has destroyed Ethiopia and I am 100% sure that the ethnic politics that they saw will have long lasting effect. Ethiopians need to be united against the evil minority regime and work together like the Egyptians and overthrow the Government. the best days to make demonstrations are after Sunday mass at Churches or Friday prayers at mosques. we really need to be united and end this before it is too late.


  17. እውነት አሁን እትዮፐያ ወንድ ተፍቶ ነው !
    እረ ጎበዝ እትዮፒያዊነታችንን ምን ሰለበብን !Why are we so quaite this its unlike us I mean (Ethiopian)Genbot 7 Kenget Olf ….. Where the hell are you what have you done so far nothing !
    People killed , starving there is no hope for Ethiopian if we don’t act right now. Insted sit & backstabbing each other we should stand as one & bring a new Ethiopia with a full of equal opportunity evey etnic in evey aspect
    One love . Pece for Ethiopia .

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