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Susan Rice, you are the idiot

Ambassador Susan Rice, who led the U.S. delegation to Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi’s funeral on Sunday, has said this:

Of course he had little patience for fools, or idiots, as he liked to call them.”

There is no doubt that she was referring to Meles’s opponents, the opposition groups.

Susan Rice, you are the one who is idiot to have been fooled by a riffraff, tinpot dictator like Meles Zenawi. May be you have not been fooled at all. May be you wanted to be fooled, as the great Ana Gomez, member of the European Parliament, and a true champion of freedom, has described individuals like you who promote dictators around the world. You are a lost case, so there is no need to try to educate you about who Meles was. But your bosses at the State Department and the While House might want to know. Here it is:

1. Meles was leader of a rebel group, TPLF, that used to kidnap foreigners for ransom. In the definition of the U.S. Government, that would make him a terrorist. [read]

2. Meles was engaged in a war of mass terror and genocide in Gambela and Ogaden. This makes him a genocidal dictator. [read here, here, and here]

3. Meles ordered his security forces to shoot and kill pro-democracy protestors in 2005. This makes him a mass murderer. [read here]

We can list thousands of similar crimes that have been committed by Meles Zenawi, but the above 3 alone would have been enough to bring him to justice. It is this dictator whose hands are soaked with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians that Susan Rice referred to us a dear friend.

Shame on President Obama for sending this morally bankrupt person to represent the United States of America and insult the people of Ethiopia. You can stop counting on the 50,000+ Ethiopian votes in Virginia, which is one of the must-win states for you.

19 thoughts on “Susan Rice, you are the idiot

  1. I expect President Obama will take proper desciplinary action for susan rices un diplomatic & shameful speech she made saying “stupids & idiots” insulting, disrespecting 90 million Ethiopians in thier own media and land to please the outlawed Woyane regime which is not recognized until now by our people.Susan, we Ethiopians in Amharic simply say you “Balegie” to express what you have said.

  2. I have been Obama suporter, but not anymore, I am going to vote for Ramny, and I will try convice close friends to do the same

    Anonymous replies:

    My fellow Country man, I hear you loud and clear. I am also seriously reconsidering that. In the past, I was not legible voter. Nevertheless I was able to garner so many support for Obama based only friendly conversation and debate with my colleagues at work. God bless America, I was able to do that and I had the freedom and right to do that. had it been Ethiopia and under TPLF Meles regime, this act would have endangered my very life, and that has indeed happened to me. I did not do any crime, but I spoke my mind saying that TPLF Weyane is no good for my Country. That was more than two decades ago. Now I have the vote that counts in this election, I am going to use it wisely. I am not sure who I vote for, may be Ron Paul, but certainly Obama would not receive my vote. Ms. Rice’s accolade of this brutal dictator is the last straw that broke the camels back for me.

  3. The speech given by Rice would have been more proper for Azeb, the wife, instead Rice was crying like a grieving wushima. In her use of the disrespectful and dura language of Meles, Rice has merely confirmed who she is in the inside, rude, cursing ‘geto’ unprofessional who is ignorant of our polite and civil culture. You are speaking to Ethiopians, stupid!

  4. Why are people reluctant to blame Obama himself instead of his foot-soldier Susan Rice ? US policy on Ethiopia will not change much whoever is in the White House. As far as US foreign policy goes…. Keeping “US interest” and standing for democracy/Human-rights are rarely compatible. And US interest always comes first. And democracy and Human-rights end up getting mostly lip-service if anything.

  5. Well there were people in the US who believed that she was not even human to drink from the same fountain that they drank. Therefore, no matter what she says the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians know that Meles is not even Ethiopian, that he is an occupier put in place by the historical enemies of Ethiopia to advance their own interests. No matter how many times they called you nigger, put you down, or kept you in the back, even you have achieved to becoming equal. Something the majority of Ethiopians who have been sujbugeted, looted, and humiliated in their own land their forfather bled at will eventually take their destiny back. The ethnic bantustan will fall apart like a house of cards, you will sit in a far away place weeping for the disgusting racist system you helped and advanced, just like the Russians hepled Mengistu. Hoenecker is dead, so is Breznev, so is Yanus Kader, so is Andropov, you will cease to exist as they did. Ethiopia will be the only one that will be left standing.

  6. I will sit at home this coming election day. I am already feeling bad I voted for Obama last time around. this stupid and idiot rice calls me names in my own country for being against a murderer Meles.

  7. Elias,
    Could u able to organize a demonstration against this morally & politically bankrupted african-american lady [i wouldn’t call her diplomat]in front of state of department to discredit her move towards a dictator who killed thousands innocent citizens.

  8. American foreign policy is funny. So in eyes of Ms Rice the life of Meles’s sons are more worth than the lives of those killed in Addis streets and around the country. And the ideological standing of those university students killed and jailed are not a penny worth while Meles’s crazy autocracy is an amazing feet. What a loser are you Ms Rice you may get a job as a lobbier for one of this African autocrat in case you loose your UN job. That probably was the aim of your shameful speech. One thing is to be a diplomatic representing your country another is your insult to the majority of Ethiopians that have been submittedby this ethnic minority rule. Is like the US ambassador blessing Stalin himself. What a crook and unworth woman.

  9. I was to write a few things after watching her speech but I would rather bite my tongue and wait until I walk into the voting booth on that decisive date of November 6, 2012. I am getting an idea that Obama and his followers like her do not give a hoot about my vote. They really don’t. They feel so assured about being re-elected that they are telling me to stick it. They may be so right in that expectation. When I voted for Obama in 2008, I did not choose him because he was smarter than Senator McCain. McCain had better resume than Obama. McCain’s patriotism was tested in the raging battlefields of Vietnam and had paid for it in blood and honey. But I thought Obama’s election would bring a new era and had a significant role in the history of the United States and the world by putting a black man for the first time in the White House. I voted for him just because he was a black man like me and billions other worldwide. That was the only reason I voted for him. He was a layman in every aspect of governance in spite of the fact that he is a trained lawyer. He was a junior senator and was a novice when it comes to the knowledge of the American economy and how it ticks. But as tens of millions of American voters I cast my ballot for him. I cried like a child on his inauguration day but I did not know that I was also crying for those 200 innocent people ruthlessly gunned down in the streets and back alleys of Addis under the watchful eyes of the entire world. I am still crying for them. I have a feeling that Mrs. Rice and other like him around Obama seem to believe that those 200 peaceful demonstrators brought their demise upon themselves. They believe Meles and his cohorts have nothing to do with it and they deserved to die in cold blood. That is why I am still crying for those 200 victims. In the era of the Obama administration victims have been found guilty of murdering themselves. Eskinder Nega was found guilty by Jury forewoman Rice for ‘predicting’ something Meles did not like. Now I am afraid to predict that Obama will lose the November election!!!!!! I can’t say this is hypocrisy since that is not sufficient to define it. I would rather someone else coin up a new term for it. For me ‘Obama enough’ already.

    The state of the economy has something big and glaring to be told. 14 million former proud employees are out in the streets looking for work with fewer vacancies to go around. Obama’s response has been the reincarnation of the late Huey Long from the 1930’s with ‘wealth re-distribution’ rhetoric. Just watch this speech by Huey Long from the 1930’s. Seven decades have passed since that speech and USA has won a World War, beat communism to oblivion and currently dealing terrorism telling blows. It has gone to the moon and came back safely to earth. Since then it has groomed and helped many free enterprise countries around the world. So take from the rich by force and give it to the rich has and will never work. That is just feasting on desperate people’s emotions. That will not create jobs. At the end of the day all those 14 million unemployed are still looking for jobs. Many of them had given up looking for work here and seeking employment overseas in places they never heard of before. Just go in side some of the countries in Asia like China, you will find many US citizens, and proud of it just like I am, toiling for a living. Decades ago I used to meet Americans in such places as tourists but now they work and live there. I am not saying Obama is to blame for this but he has not done a squat to reverse it. Nostalgic Huey Long’s rhetoric from the 1930’s has not and will not work. This is a country of good doers and a country built on free enterprise and entrepreneurship where such people keep every dime they legally made after taxes. I believe that President Obama has accomplished his historical mission by being the first black man to be the President of the most powerful nation in the world. He is a charming and very likable person. But the US economy is not looking at him eye to eye. Now, that being accomplished, it is time for him to go back to his tenure at the University of Chicago.

  10. We as people of Ethiopian descendants, has to do what the Cuban Americans doing. They give their vote to the person who give respect to their community, and their country of origin. Especially Ethiopians living in swing states, like Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio can make a difference by not voting for this government.

  11. I think she is the fool who had been fooled by some one who had fooled President Jimmy Carter (until he caught on). She should have rade well and check some facts. Her neglegance to check the truth about Meles, and her name calling of his victoms should cost her her job.

    Deciding not to vote for the Presidrnt I dont think is a solution. Name calling and coming down to her level is not eather. We need to be smart about our reaction. We need to have a pettition signed asking for her resegnation. I am not going to decide to vote for Romney with out atleast trying to see how the President is going to solve this issue.

  12. What she said doesn’t surprise me at all! She and the Dead dictator have been manufacturing lies after lies against Eritrea and it’s people so that Eritrea is sanctioned economically and from importing arms to protect its territory and its people.

    Allah/God is great – we have seen the end of the tyrant!! And we will soon see that the weapons purchased by the regime for years and those provided by the US to invade Eritrea shall be used by the Wyanes against fellow Weyanes.

    I guess it is time for the Somalis, Eritreans and Ethiopians to live in peace! 2012 is really a blessed year!



  13. Susan Rice herself is idiot. She knew for sure what had happened in the near past, how Meles was brutally inhuman and a murderer. But she just wanted to cover his bad deeds using the event of his death. And she might have been advising his successors that they will be loved more by the US if they follow his footpath of killing innocents. Stupid America!

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