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8 thoughts on “Azeb Mesfin speech at the late dictator Meles Zenawi funeral (video)

  1. I see one ambicious woman. She is asking the position man!

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Gudu Kass, that is a wise observation. I suspected something like that during watching her speech at the funeral. She stated that she will raise her children with the people of Ethiopia beside her. I was asking myself what is the people got to do with her raising the children?

    If they announce tomorrow that she will be the one to replace Meles, going against their own constitution, I won’t be surprised.

    Good day


  2. You stupid lair.You and your late husband were my enemy.First return the the money that you and your husband stole from the poor people.What you said was a lie.You thief.Get out and go to hell.Evil !!!!

  3. Once a Gedarif prostitute, ALWAYS a Gedarif prostitute. Even her own family despise and hate this ANIMAL. This could have been an opportunity to improve on her image, but the inferiority complex and hatred in her will not allow that. Hizboch, Hizboch, Hizboch and misikkiru Hizbi new. I wonder which singular hizbi she is talking about? You are a looter, you are an occupier, you are a disgusting ethnic pest, the ovewhelming majority of Ethiopians despise you. Fourteen days of Soviet style propaganda, and orders from all corners of Ethiopia did not even bring out 10% of the people who came out on May 08, 2005. Remember that, you are sitting on a dormant volcanoe that will eventually devour you.

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    TO: Shewarega from Shewa:

    Have you just called Azeb Mesfin a Gedarif prostitute? com’n, you gotta be real. Even according to Mekonen Zelelew, a former TPLF ledership and currently an opposition to Meles Zenawi, spoke on ESAT TV about Woyzero Azeb. He said, ” she was a courageous woman.” He was the man who was supposed to be recruiting members in Sudan to join TPLF. He didn’t even ask her to join the organization. She volunteered. Even as he tried to discourage her, she insisted that she had to go to the battle front. You call this lady a prostitute? You are only lying to yourself, jack ass.

    Good day.

  4. Just let me think about his contributions…. Changing Ethiopia to a land of prostitution, killing people or steal from poor people, and oh yeah education I forgot his major contribution in manufacturing college students that don’t know anything as the criteria to attend college is no longer intelligence, but ethnicity . You see God is good. Although the damage that he caused is beyond comprehension, his God let him shine even after his death. So, I will just let God be the judge. Regarding Mrs Meles you witnessed the death of your husband. You remember the ppl that have been killed for no reason? They were also fathers, mothers , sisters, brothers and sons. This is how it feels when you lose someone that you loved. There were mothers that lost their only child and might faced death crying as they had no hope or no future. You you should be good in terms of money as you guys have been steeling enough for generation. But please learn, God is giving you an opportunity to better yourself. Start doing something good for a change. We Ethiopians forgive but we don’t forget!! Nissha is good respect church while you can .

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