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Death and drama in Ethiopia

By Yilma Bekele
I am hoping this is the last discussion about our emotional response regarding the disappearance then death of Ato Meles Zenawi. As controversial and in your face individual he was alive his death has brought drama, division and ugliness to our life. The person is refusing to go away in silence and dignity. I am very much conflicted about his going away. First and foremost I want to make it clear that I am definitely not sad at all. It is not because I am inhuman or lack empathy. Far from that, I consider myself caring and always concerned about others.

When it comes to Meles Zenawi my blood turns ice cold. It is not because of any of his physical traits but rather it is all about his record as the Prime Minter of my motherland. How he used his office and the power it comes with it is how I judge the individual. By all accounts he was not a pleasant human being and for over twenty years he rode rough on our poor nation and seemed to enjoy the wanton destruction he visited on his people. When I think of him what I visualize in my head are memories that bring negativity, sadness and rage.

I remember his constant put down of anyone that dares to ask a question not to his liking, the display of that stupid smirk on his face knowing the individual dare not confront him or else. I will not forget his cold blooded response after murdering over two hundred fellow citizens because they marched in peace because he cheated. His non-challant response to a reporter regarding the health of Judge Bertukan Mideksa whom he threw in jail for no reason by joking she is fine except she might have gained a few kilos and the display of that same smirk on his face is etched in my brain forever. Meles Zenawi was a despicable human being, a mad person that should not be trusted with authority over a family let alone a nation.
The current cry fest sponsored by his fellow criminals even after his demise is what worries me. In Ethiopia they are using the power they accumulated the last twenty years to assert their authority. The citizen is at the mercy of the TPLF mafia. Land belongs to the government, the regime is the number one employer in the country and such essential items as flour, sugar, oil and others are regulated by the dreaded kebeles. The average Ethiopian is a prisoner in his own land. There should be no surprise if they cry when told, march when ordered and ask how high when instructed to jump. It is sad but true. The fact they are obeying the instructions of the TPLF cadres does not mean they agree or are convinced. No deep inside they are laughing and bidding for time. Our people are not stupid nor cowards but they are not into suicide either. They are like mount Zukala volcano, dormant but not extinct.

The Ethiopians in the Diaspora are a different matter. There are those from the regime’s ethnic group that will support the regime due to commonality of interest. Most have vested interest in the survival of the TPLF regime. Then there are those that have used their dollar power to buy stolen land, stolen property and are intricately connected to the ruling party. They are the ones that are easily coopted or blackmailed into obedience. A vast majority have their head in the sand and refuse to hear or see no evil. They wait for the most opportune time to see who will come ahead and join the parade. They are sometimes called the silent majority. Unfortunately their silence works against themselves and the loved ones they left behind.

It is the combination of the TPLF party sympathizers and their puppies they keep on a leash that are making noise regarding holding a cry fest in the Diaspora community. A few of them rent a hall or a community center get their video or picture taken to be beamed by Woyane media at home. The purpose is to show the Ethiopian people that their power and hold extends in the Diaspora community. It is another form of bullying. We saw that during their campaign to raise money in the so called dam on Abbay river. In the Ponzi scheme meeting held in our city over ninety five percent of the participants were from the ruling ethnic group. The cry fest is the same crap in a different guise.

The problem for us is this drama they concoct takes us away from the job at hand. It is vintage Woyane tactic to send us on a wild goose chase while they do their homework. If you notice they took a month to declare the tyrant dead. They used the month to call meetings of their party, the Kebeles and underlings to prepare the ground for country wide mourning. We used that time to speculate whether he is dead or alive, what hospital he is in, where his wife is spotted and discuss the many ramblings of Sebhat Nega. It was a useless digression.

We are at it again. The discussion is on the drama beamed by Woyane TV regarding who has been taken prisoner and made to cry or swear allegiance. We get worked over when we see Haile sobbing, Neway bending some other idiot in designer black silk cloth taken hostage and putting a show. We are programed to follow.

While we are wasting valuable time and energy on side issues Woyane’s are working in the background to shore up support and hold the structure from falling. Speculation is rife with Obama calling Hailemariam, Azeb snubbing Hailemariam, Sebhat under house arrest, Samora dying and Seyoum weak. I still have not seen any of our so called opposition calling for a country wide discussion where we should be heading and some kind of list of points we should be thinking about. Leadership is all about putting your preferences, your thoughts and your plans so the citizen can mull over the possibilities and make an informed decision. Always pointing out Woyane’s atrocities, wrong doings and Woyane’s plans is not a winning strategy.

The question facing our Woyane warriors is what comes next Monday. The drama is done and over and poor Meles is six foot under, what comes next. We just can’t continue with no one in charge. For the last two months Ethiopia and Somalia have been the only two countries operating without a known leadership in charge. We are on what is known as auto pilot. I don’t know if this is good and healthy. One thing is for sure it has not been tried before. In most previous situation the void is normally filled by regional warlords. Are we reverting to that?

Right now the foreign reserve has been depleted; commerce has been on hold for over a month and the two weeks mourning period has brought the poor economy to standstill. The noveau capitalists have been either hording dollars or transferring it outside the country.

How does the new regime afford buying fuel, buying wheat and oil and still pay all the millions borrowed by Meles? What happens to all the contracts signed by Meles selling different parts of the country? Do the new Kilil heads accept the one sided agreements dictated by the then strong TPLF or demand a new form of contract? Are the American and European enablers willing to allow more borrowing from IMF and World bank for a regime that does not show promise of staying stable? What kind of demands are they going to present now knowing they have a weak and divided central authority? Last time their solution caused us agony for twenty years are they going to screw us again?

Issues like this is what we should be discussing about instead of inner fighting and speculation regarding the health of dying Woyanes. We seem to fall into a trap set by the mafia group and waste time and money. We need to grow up and stick to issues that will help our country and people and mind our own business instead of being led astray by others that have their selfish needs.

It is time we bury Meles and his toxic ideas and move forward. It is time we decide the agenda instead of following one drawn by TPLF. It is time we completely ignore Woyane drama do what we got to do to define our issues and stick with the plan. My wish, my plan is that I do not mention you know who for ever and ever and completely wipe his face and memory from my brain. No need to dwell on a history that is only twenty years old while my country has over three thousand years of glory. He was a stain but a very tiny and insignificant one.

2 thoughts on “Death and drama in Ethiopia

  1. It is time we completely ignore Woyane drama do what we got to do to define our issues and stick with the plan,plan plan,plan,,,,,,,,.let us achieve something and die for our cause instead of bla,bla bla where is the option,don’t expect someone else to do our homework, don’t expect the West to engage in our internal affairs, they will definately go for their best interest rather, If we are concerned about ethiopia its only we should give in something but I don’t see that happening, So wake up people do our part before its too late.

  2. Now the Dictator Meles who was the main source of conflicts and an obstacle for peace for our country and our region is dead and ready to be buried here are some points of suggestions for Ethiopians to consider bringing peace to ourselves and our region.

    1. Reconciliation among ourselves. Bring under one roof the ruling party and all opposition parties, including those involved in armed struggles, religious groups to discuss peace by sharing political powers in the country and decide on a genuine secular Federal or confederation type of government. The meeting should be inside the country and not in some foreign land as was done in 1991. The meeting could be in Addis under the neutral observers from AU from countries like South Africa, Ghana or Tanzania etc. who don’t have direct or indirect interest on the outcome. The ruling government must guarantee the free movement and safety of all participants. The opposition parties or the ruling party have to refrain from acts that would try to score political or military advantage by blaming this or that faction to make it look bad. No civil or military action takes place to take advantage while the negotiation is going on. The local or regional media should stop reporting false rumors supporting or condemning their opponents, except informing the progress or obstacles of the negotiation and suggestions to help bridge gaps to achieve the desired goal of peace and reconciliation. If we negotiate earnestly by putting peace to the country as primary goal and work with a spirit of compromise, there is no reason why we cannot achieve that will be in our best interest for today and for future generations.
    Let us all Remember the Amharic saying ‘Ye fukikir bet sayizega yadral’

    2. Once we achieve unity and peace among ourselves we should immediately start Reconciliation with our immediate neighbors Eritrea and Somalia. We should see our neighbors Eritrea and Somalia as our allies against our common enemy of poverty and ignorance in our region. We should not view them as our enemies and try to destabilize them and make them weak, but rather help them to be strong. A strong neighbor is better than a weak one. Together we can help them to build a strong peaceful neighborhood, a strong economically to form a larger market that will benefit all the people in the region. If our region is peaceful and economically strong, then our people will not be forced to leave their place of birth to live in exile and be abused in foreign land. Our region is the most refugee producers in Africa. Another Amharic saying ‘Keruk zemed, yekirb gorebet yibeltal’

    3. Once we create peace with our immediate neighbors, we seek a better relation with other members, like Kenya, Sudan ( North and South ) and Egypt how we can share our regional resources based on mutual benefit that will not adversely affect their economic or political development. Historically Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Kenya have depended on the rivers that originate from Ethiopian highlands since time immemorial and there is no need to pick a fight over this resource now. We can use this resource for irrigation and power source without adversely affecting those that live down stream. Much of the water ends up in the Mediterranean Sea or the Indian Ocean. I believe we have enough water resources to benefit all of us, without seeking political or military confrontation. Let us live as good neighbors and pray that God/ Allah send us enough rain every year to benefit all of us. Extended drought will not help us, and we recieve blessing if we seek peace with ourselves and our neighbors.

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