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Addis Ababa hospital patients dragged out of bed to visit Meles Zenawi’s body (video)

This is unbelievable! Even the North Koreans have not thought about dragging people out of hospitals to cry when they organized a mass hysteria last year following the death of their ‘beloved’ leader Kim Jong II. This is indeed the worst time in Ethiopian history. A once proud nation that was led by dignified leaders is being humiliated by a group of lowlife thugs.

12 thoughts on “Addis Ababa hospital patients dragged out of bed to visit Meles Zenawi’s body (video)

  1. Ethiopia is becoming a country of collective actors and not serious people at all. In the middle of the drama off course is the Woyane thugs but, it is the people who have to say no!!

    Yesaq replies:

    You hit the nail (truth) on it’s full-face for direct and deep penetration. What you said is direct and the truth therefore it penetrates deeply shapes readers’ mind. Assuming knowledge causes people to an informed decision. Woyanes will pay for their current crimes of violation of people’s human rights. Many people believe Meles is a criminal. Many people’s family members were affected by Woyane human rights abuses. International human rights organizations such as Human rights watch, Amnesty International, America, and EU reports have many of those documents. Forcing these people Victims and Relatives and Friends of victims to grieve for their enemy criminal tyrant is a crime.

  2. Tamiru get a life dedeb weyane gena bezih hezb laye yemteserut sera tarick yeteqchehwal lemen gudachen weta belachu new yeteqatelkew it’s okay one day u all pay 4it

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