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A day of joy for Ethiopians; the blood-sucking terrorist tyrant is dead!

Today is a day of joy for most Ethiopians and all freedom loving people around the world. The ruling Woyanne tribal junta has finally admitted this morning that Meles Zenawi, the genocidal tyrant who has been terrorizing the people of Ethiopia for the past 4 decades, is dead.

The state-controlled ETV reported that Meles Zenawi has died yesterday, but the fact is that he died in the early morning of Sunday, July 15, as first announced by the Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC).

Meles suddenly disappeared from the public view 61 days ago on June 20. On July 11, he went into a coma and was flown to Belgium, according to an eyewitness who is working for Ethiopian Airlines. After the doctors at St. Luc Hospital tried to revive him for the next 4 days, he took his last breath on July 15.

24 thoughts on “A day of joy for Ethiopians; the blood-sucking terrorist tyrant is dead!

  1. I am watching etv showing the still pics of Zenawi while playing propaganda laced songs. Earlier the announcer breaking the news looked really distraught and emotionally overcome. Unless he is faking it to keep his job , one can easily see he is a bleeding – heart woyane .

  2. Would one be sad because Hitler died? Why not? Wasn’t he also a human being? Would one be sad when Mengistu dies? Why not, wasn’t he a human being? Stalin?
    Meles is dead and most of you know this already. Now it is between him and God.
    If things go further bad in Ethiopia, let it be known that TPLF is 100% to blame.

  3. ላለፉት 21 ዓመት ሲያሰቃየን የነበረው ጭራቁ መለስ ዜናዊ ሞተ !!!! እሰይ እልል እሰይ እልልልልልል !!!!
    ደስ ብሎኛል።ጓደኞቼ ጋር ያላበውን ቢራ እየጠጣን ነው።ቺርስ ቺርስ ቺርስ

  4. I am happy ,again I am happy !!!!! Finally God listen to 75 million Ethiopians.God took child Killer called Melese Zenawi.Great relief for Ethiopians.

    Now,I raising my beer and cheers!!! One of the happiest day in my life.

    Thanks God !!!!!

  5. I have to admit I am not happy Meles is dead. I would have preferred him undergo trial and end up spending the rest of his life in Kaliti. Anyways, I would say good riddance

  6. Ben’s Blog from Addis

    The main objective of this blog is not to pen about the current status of Ato Meles. According to our very credible sources, he is resting well & enjoying the most deserved break. Interestingly, the most concerned about his health status are the die-hard politicians who longed a short-cut to the throne. Unfortunate to them, in today’s Ethiopia the reality is far from their wicked delusion.

    According to the EthiopianReview’s day-counter, PM Meles Zenawi is away from the commanding chair for 54 long days. Guess what? The constitution is still intact and businesses go as usual. All federal states are busy trying to achieve the objectives they set for themselves while all the ministries are working hard to meet their GTP goals. Here in the country you never know whether the PM is in office or not. Why you may ask. Because the country is not run by a single individual as many in the Diaspora want us to believe. The system is fully functioning & kicking.

    Very soon the PM will come back to office to complete the unfinished business. His current absence from his desk proved us that the nation is run by the constitution, not by a single individual. I guess our cousins in Asmara can’t say the same.

    Ethiopia US replies:

    Dear Ben’s blogger,
    Now what do you have to say, you idiot!!! Now that your stupid boss is DEAD. You are woyane, and as always with no shame you come to our website to stir things up. You are blinded to the fact that you people are nothing, you all are a collection of zeros!!. You are delusional to think that you can fool the rest of Ethiopia. Wow, Wow!!! Go away you, wusha!!!

  7. እንደገና ጥሪ የቀረበው ሕዝብን በመክዳት የመሸባችሁ ልብ እንድትገዙ ሳይሆን ወደሕዝቡ እንድትመለሱና በአደባባይ ወደመሬት አጎንብሳችሁ ይቅርታ እንድትጠይቁ የቀረበ ጥሪ ሲሆን በባንዳነት ለአጋዚ ወሬ እና መረጃ ስታቀርቡ እንደነበረ ሕዝብ የሚያውቅ ሲሆን ማን የት እና ምን እንደሆነ በዝርዝር መረጃ እንዳለን ከወዲሁ እንገልጻለን::እስከዚያው በቀድሞው ትንብታዊ የስነግጥሜ አሳስባለሁ::

    ዝም አይልም ሕዝቡ፤ በቃ ወዮላቸው!

    ዐብይ ኢትዮጵያዊ | January 31st, 2011 at 1:10 pm | |

    ከ አቢይ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሥጋዊ-ወ-መንፈሳዊ

    እንደ ክቡር ደራሲው ከበደ ሚካኤል፦

    ***”ኩራትና ትዕቢት የሞሉት አናት፤
    ሰይፍና ጎራዴ የመቱት አንገት፤
    አይገላገሉም እንዲህ በቀላሉ፤
    እመሬት ላይ ወድቀው ሳይንከባለሉ።”***
    ብለው እንደተረጎሙት፤
    ይኑር ብዕራቸው ለዘላለም አይሙት።

    ሕዝቡ ዝም አይልም ፦በቃ ወዮላቸው!!!

    ጠርጎ እስኪፈጃቸው።
    ዝም አይልም ሕዝቡ
    በቃ ወዮላቸው!!!
    እኔም እንደአቅሚቲ ለዘመኑ ብዬው፤
    በደም ለታጠቡት ትዕቢተኞች ይሄው።
    ኢትዮጵያን ያረዱ የፈጁ ሕፃናትን፤
    ሕዝቧን በአደባባይ ገድለው ያስገድሉትን፤
    በጊዜ በሥልጣን በገንዘብ ቢ-ገዙ፤
    የስጋ-ትል ሆነው ሺህ መግደል ቢያበዙ፤
    የእግዚአብሔር ትዕዛዝ ነው ሥርፅ ነው መዘዙ፤
    በሞት-ሲቃ ትግል በጣዕር እስኪያዙ።
    አይጠፋም እሣቱ የተቀጣጠለው፤
    ደሙ “ዋይ!!! ዋይ!!!” ይላል፦
    ሲቃ ነው ያጀለው።
    እቶን ነው እሣቱ ጠርጎ እስኪፈጃቸው፤
    ሲዖል ነች ኢትዮጵያ ለመጨረሻቸው።
    ከተሸሸጉበት ሳይጎለጉላቸው፤
    በደም እንዳጠቧት እሷም ሳታጥባቸው፤
    እንደሲዖል ማንጉግ :-
    ሕዝቡ ሳይበላቸው፤
    ዝም አይልም ቀልቡ
    ያውቀዋል ውስጣቸው።
    ዝም አይልም ሕዝቡ
    በቃ ወዮላቸው!!!
    የእግዚአብሔር ትዕዛዝ ነው ሥርፅ ነው መዘዙ፤
    በሞት-ሲቃ ትግል በጣዕር እስኪያዙ።
    ቱኒሲያ ቢነድ
    ትግሉ የመን ቢነጉድ
    ግብፅ ቢቀጣጠል
    ከኤርትርያ ቢዘል
    እግዚአብሔርም ሰምቶ ለሕዝቧ ይሰጣል፤
    ኢትዮጵያን የነካት የሞት ሞት ይቀጣል።
    የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ:-
    እንዲያ ሲታገሳቸው፤
    ዝም አይልም ሕዝቡ

  8. Moving forward, they should rest his body in adwa or dedebit. He doesn’t deserve our churches.

    Ethiopia US replies:

    NO! NO! NO!
    I don’t understand, Melese Zenawi, had always claimed and denied that he was not Ethiopian, never believed in the history Ethiopia, so now, why are they buring him in there??
    Ay, Woyane, the great collection of idiots?? Why not bury him in Asmara!!
    We will never leave any one of his remains in our land!!! Mark our words, Woyane hulu!!!!

  9. As a rational person I should not enjoy the death of Mr Mellesse Zenawi. As it is, I feel sorry for his wife and children. As to Mellesse’s actions and legacies it will be hypocritical and disingenuous to deny the facts that he was a total failure in his leadership, personal life, and crimes against the people and the country. He chose to become not a leader of all Ethiopians but a chieftain for the Tigray ethnic group, a leader of the terrorist Woyane/TPLF mafia organization. He committed repeated treasons against Ethiopia, terrorized and murdered Ethiopians, and coordinated crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansings.

    There no freedom of the press, rule of law, personal and human rights, and democratic governance in today’s Ethiopia. Mellesse’s regime has been a dictatorship known for stolen elections, accusing journalists and opposition party members with fictitious and tramp up crimes, selling fertile lands, and displacing millions of Ethiopians. Mellesse and his TPLF/EPRDF thugs talks about democracy and legislate laws but at the same time ignores and undermines the same laws and constitutional provisions they enacted. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF have been and will always be hard liners and lawless terrorists. Mellesse hold a very divisive, hateful, and revengeful inhibitions and disregarded everything lawful, respectful, and Ethiopian. Indeed, he should have been gone a long time ago. Woyane/TPLF with Mellesse’s leadership was locked in a dark, narrow, and repressive ideology and destroyed millions of Ethiopians.

    Mellesse did all these in the last thirty eight years since he joined the EPLF created TPLF. Zenawi chose to divide Ethiopians into ethnic groups and setup ethnic Bantustans (Kilils), planned and coordinated kidnappings, tortures, murders, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of Ethiopians. Instead of fighting for and protecting the economic, security, and national interests of the country he chose to fight Ethiopians in support of the secession of Eritrea. He, personally championed to land lock Ethiopia and giving the inherent Ethiopian territories committing the greatest of treasons against Ethiopia.

    Even today, Mellesse, his Woyane/TPLF terrorists, and EPRDF thugs have not stopped their dark and destructive mission of destroying Ethiopia and Ethiopians. They still continue their crimes of kidnappings, tortures, murders, and imprisonment of Ethiopians without cause. They still plan, coordinate, and perpetuate ethnic cleansings and genocides. As far as Ethiopians are concerned Mellesse, his Woyane/TPLF, and all EPRDF thugs have failed Ethiopians and they all must go. Ethiopians from Tigray to Borena and from Ogaden to Gambella do not have any other choice except to work for the total demise of Mellesse’s legacies including his Woyane/TPLF terrorists, and EPRDF. The very survival, rejuvenation, and continuous progress of Ethiopians’ social, economic, and political lives and the establishment of real and genuine democratic governance, rules of law, individual rights, citizens’ power over affairs of their government, and policies of their country depends on the total demise of Mellesse and his regime.

    Yes, the vast majority of Ethiopians will rejoice to be free from the state sponsored terrorism, extreme repression, and die-hard dictatorship of Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs. Yes, Ethiopians will be free and build a just, democratic, law abiding, and progressive society. With Mellesse out of the picture the aspirations of Ethiopians for freedom, democratic governance, rules of laws, and respect for the individual person is very near and will be realized very soon.

  10. በመለስ መሞት የተረፈን የቦሌ መንገድ በነፃነት መሄድ ብቻ እንዳይሆን :: መለስ ሲመጣ ሲሄድ በፌደራል ፖሊስ እየገፈተረ በተገኝው ቀዳዳ ሲያስገባን ልክ እንደሌባ ፊት ወደግድግዳ እጅ ወደላይ መባል ቀረ!!!

  11. It is about revenge, not about solution u guys talk. Meles is gone, his system remains the same. As opposition voice you have done nothing. the country may go in a dipper trouble while u sit and denounce everyone on power. If u love Ethiopia come up with a formidable solution and fight with unity. Otherwise empty shouting make no sense and difference.

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