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Woyanne starts exporting women to Saudi Arabia

EDITOR’S NOTE: Woyannes are now into the pimping business.

JEDDAH – Housemaids from Ethiopia will start arriving in the Kingdom soon. This follows the go-ahead given by the government in Addis Ababa for the recruitment of housemaids to work in the Kingdom.
Recruitment offices across the Kingdom have already begun to make contacts with manpower agencies in the Horn of African country.

The arrival of the first batch of housemaids within a fortnight will ameliorate the shortage in house help especially after the recruitment of Indonesian housemaids has become problematic, Al-Madina Arabic daily said.

Owners of local recruitment agencies said the memorandum of understanding signed by the National Recruitment Committee in the Kingdom and the Ethiopian authorities had defined the procedures that should be followed in case a housemaid abandons her employer or differs with him.

They said the Saudi embassy in Ethiopia will be responsible for authenticating medical tests ensuring that the recruits are AIDS-free before stamping the visas. The shortage of housemaids has caused an astronomical increase in the salaries of these workers especially during the holy month of Ramadan.
A member of the National Recruitment Committee, who declined to give his name, said the Ethiopians will be good substitutes to the Indonesian maids in case the local recruitment agencies succeed in selecting efficient manpower exporting agencies in Ethiopia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

8 thoughts on “Woyanne starts exporting women to Saudi Arabia

  1. it is better to stay in ethiopia than to work as arab slave.
    we have witnessed how the arabas mistreat the ethiopian maids. many of them have been killed and many are being beaten regularly. unlike indonesian people, afterall ethiopian women are mostly christian so they dont have the acceptence in the saudi regime.

  2. Let the maidens go “ken eskiwotlign dires ye abate baria yigzzagn” teblo yelemende.They will come one day when freedom prevails in their mother land.Let the LORD be with them.

  3. All Ethiopians live in US could resolve this problem if we collect as little as $1 a day ,but we like to talk & talk as we care for those poor womans .I am dispointed in my self & all of as who live in US,we love ETHIOPIA by talking doing some thing about it as little problem like this we are ZERO.Any way they don’t have any choose for now one day Ethiopia will be free from all this mess things will be the way it use to be.
    God beless Ethiopian people
    Happy New Year

  4. Almaz,

    Who told you most Ethiopian woman are Christian?
    Most of Ethiopian woman and men are Muslims (55%-60%).

    If you changed your statement to most Ethiopians who are fleeing the country are christians that would make more sense.

    We need to stop this TPLF lies about Ethiopia being majority Christian nation. It is causing problems between us and the Oromo,Ogaden and other majority tribes in Ethiopia who are Muslim.

    It is embassarsing to see TPLF pimping Ethiopian girls!! TPLF you must end your tyranny in Ethiopia!!!!!

  5. Happens to be I have meet quite a number of middle eastern origins including from Saudi Arabia, and they told me what is going regards to housemaids coming to their countries specially from Ethiopia. They are all similar. In order to work, housemaids have to convert to Islam, there is no guarantee that they will not be sexually molested by the employers and their children, they have no right to hold their passport, they have no right to ask for their salaries. Basically they will be treated like animals. But comparing to Ethiopia, it might be better at least they are not dying of hunger. Weyane Gvt. has no dignity. Weyanes’ sale their mothers as long as it bring money. They hate everything dignity. They are the master of begging. Even now while they are in throne, they beg in order to satisfy their sole. Otherwise Ethiopian women shouldn’t be less than Somalia women. Somalis never allowed their women to be humiliated by Arabs, how about Ethiopians?

  6. It is not funny!

    Meles Naziawi and his crimefamily have been late in doing favor the Saudi customers who have been waiting, and waiting for too long;finally,to the horror of Ethiopians,the crimefamily began exporting Ethiopian girls in bulk. Arabs have a distinct tast for Ethiopian girls and boys and cows too.

    Cry all mothers!! Cry, Cry!

    As we have seen it in dismay and shock, it has now become globally official that girls of all age and type are in the hands of the abusers. Is it life?

    After Meles Naziawi had given away the most fertile lands to the Saudis to grow distinct and exotic fruits, vegitables to the fullest tast of the buyers, and all sorts of other edible life to replenish the exhausted body and soul of the fat custemesrs, in return, the loyal Saudis gave Meles Naziawi a lucrative girls and boys export contract. It is estimated that members of the crimefamily and its associates and blood relatives will be benifeted from this dispecable business deal in millions of dollars.

    These the would-be-maids Ethiopian girls will have no gurantee whasoever; as they are considered like cheap commodities that can be throwne away like a trash can or be harrassed and killed in the hands of their owners, soon, the story of dead girls will appear in global newspapers and will also sicken our hearts. Down with the enemy of Ethiopia.

  7. Before we start criticizing Weyane, let’s what we have done so far. How many of us living in USA have adopted/sponsored the unprivileged kids? How much money are we sending back home to support our parents/extended families/the poor neighbors we grew up with? How much money do we contribute to non-profit organizations who are there for humanitarian cause?

    Legalizing and getting the blessing from Weyane for these maids to take the trip to the Kingdom is the best choice everything taken into consideration.

    I feel pity and ashamed for those of us living in USA and claiming we would rather die in Ethiopia than being slave for arabs. Go back to Ethiopia, live there for 4 years under the rule of Weyane and revisit your thought process. I am quite sure you would take the next flight to Mongolia to become slave, let alone the Kingdom…….

    Please do something instead of sitting in Starbucks and bit the drum of Weyane bashing….

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