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Day 41: Where is Meles Zenawi? Where is Azeb Mesfin?

Meles Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin

It has been 41 days since Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi disappeared. Today, Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon told BBC that Meles is in “a good condition and recuperating,” but declined to give details on his whereabouts.

His wife Azeb Mesfin has also disappeared from public view for the past 11 days. It was reported on July 20 that she went to Italy. She has not been seen since then, and she is not attending the TPLF central committee meeting that is underway in Addis Ababa, even though she is a high-ranking member.

3 thoughts on “Day 41: Where is Meles Zenawi? Where is Azeb Mesfin?

  1. According the american rule if you do not call no show for two days you will be terminated from your work. I think Mr Meles exceed the maximum absence from work. I do not think he will be the leader any more dead or not dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ethiopia is behind in developments and our prople always suffer from poverty because of some selfish and geedy leaders who put their own needs before our country’s needs.

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