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Worldwide demonstration to save Waldeba Monastery – June 4

Ethiopians around the world are organizing protest rallies on June 4, 2012, to help save the historic Waldeba Monastery in northern Ethiopia from being destroyed by the Woyanne junta.

10 thoughts on “Worldwide demonstration to save Waldeba Monastery – June 4

  1. Waldeba is our heritage and shall be protected from invading forces of the Adwa Tigre: Do u know the tigre of Adwa came as a refugee to ethiopia in 13 century from the tigris rivers chased by arabs for thier theft of animals from the other tribe (see the tigres orgin: By Ibin Maroof Al Kintawa 1819. By the way, the ANDM owned by eritrean, agew and tigre said that anualy they have allocated 1.3 million bir budget for waldeba. Hagos another adwa tigre and a 3 star general from aiga forum has produced a map how waldeba shall be part of tigre. the map may be representing mars rather than the waldeba location.however, one has to study why the adwa tigre love to make maps even if it not true as a habit. The tigre of Mekele, Agame, Enderta, Hulet Awulalo, Tenbien and Raya dislike the adwa tigre too.

  2. I very much like to know the position taken by the Ethiopian Catholic and other christian branches. Why are they so quiet while the two main religions Tewahedo and Islam are getting hammered by this government? I have some doubt regarding specially the Catholic church. Why is that most Eritreans and Tigres are catholic priests and nuns? Did they or did they not get involve in the politics of Ethiopia?

    Just wondered, and if there are some Ethiopians out there who know more, Please throw in some words to make us understand better.

  3. To all Orthodox Ethiopians please let us stop going to those churches who are not under the exiled Synod or ledership if they live outside of Ethiopia they should be under the exiled synod leadership unless they want to steal the money of the church going people money. Please Elias let us march to these hidden TPLF organizations. Unless we prevent them now they will be an ovstacle later to our final struggle. I am sure they will be the firsrt that TPLF is going use to weaken our struggle so before TPLF uses them let us close the gap. Let us eliminate them today them being late and being sad later we should not wait until something happens let us do the stopage today in unison.

    Myself replies:

    You know, it is like the proverbial saying of “first they came for the gypsies, I did not say nothing, then they came for the homosexual, did not say nothing, then they came for the protestants and no one said nothing, finally they came for me…….I guess, you understand where I am going with it. What is taking place in Ethiopia against the Orthodox believer is that they have become a second class citizen, the TPLF favoring the muslims. Naturally, one thing that is a motivating factor is pure greed and to make as much money as they can in, at the same time destroying the heritage that took thousand of years to reach to what it was
    When you are talking about TPLF, one must be cognizant the fact that the majority of the Tigrian also are a silent supporters of what the TPLF is doing, since they are their keens. Do not forget what it took in Germany at the Nazis were on their march to finally destroy their country and in the process liquidating more than 6 millions of Jewish. All these happen under the nose of the German people,, since it is them against us mindset

    Ahadu replies:


    Please give us the list of the churches associating with paulos (G/Medhin) the so called liberal,and the once following the real synodos which is now in exile.As the time of action nears it is real time to boycott all socalled liberals and the satan follower G/Medhin
    associates like we have done it by ESFNA ,we have only one church and that is the Ethiopian orthodox church which is now in exile because of the proxy occupiers from the northern part of the country that has been practiced before 100 years by their ancestors who has been associating with Italians during its facistc invasion.


    He came to impress
    left in disgrace!!

    Abebe’s bravado was a shot in the arm diaspora Ethiopians desperately needed and at the same time a rude awakening to Meles and his mafia group. Abebe proved to us acting outside of the box in the context of Ethiopian politics is an idea whose time has come.For one reason or another Ethiopians cry for justice or freedom has fallen on deaf ears for so long. Either the world has gone bonkers, unashamedly favoring evil or we were not expressing our position sufficiently.It could have been a weakness on our part or the clever cunning way the enemy is conducting business.Some say it is lack of unity amongst the opposition and others mention failure of leadership. Whatever the reason, the status quo is not acceptable anymore.

    Here are a couple of points for upcoming protests including the anticipated June 4 demonstration concerning WALDIBA GEDAM. When a major demonstration is announced as in the G8 summit, each individuals affiliation to any group should be secondary. We are Ethiopians first before we identify ourselves with any particular religious or political groups. We are all in it for a common cause and a common enemy, which in this case is eradicating the Meles regime-hence; everyone should come out in droves. The usual type of demonstration can only succeed if we show strength in huge numbers.

    Now that the Ethiopian diaspora church is showing sign of life–it has potential to become a game changer in the fight against woyane. Church leaders have confirmed their commitment to withstand woyane’s aggression so members should follow through without excuses. The diaspora church has capital, manpower, and faith under its belt if used wisely can spread panic throughout woyane circles. Church leaders should encourage members to participate in demonstrations, contribute financially and admonish those who come up with miniscule excuses such as “politics and religion” don’t mix. The coming June fourth demonstration in regards to WALDIBA GEDAM is a measuring stick to what diaspora church is all about. There is a lesson to be learned from our Muslim brothers who are fighting woyane tooth and nail. It is every church member’s obligation to take that day off from work or school to have his/ hers voice heard in huge numbers. Low turn out means you are a christian in name only. A phony hypocrite! If you don’t fight for the integrity of your church, who will?

    Abebe has become the “spark” for diaspora Ethiopians– a feat no political group can claim in the last 21 years. Abebe joins Hamza Khatib of Syria, Mohammed Bouazizi of Tunisia, and Kaled Said of Egypt in becoming” symbols of the struggle in their respective countries and motivating others to join in.” The “spark” that will shake the ground in Ethiopia is waiting to happen. It will be god’s voice calling Meles Zenawi by name loud and clear. I can’t imagine how Meles Zenawi who wet his pants by Abebe’s thunderous voice would react when the ultimate equalizer of all “death” comes knocking on his door? Who is the next Abebe Gellaw that will go down in history as the liberator of Ethiopia? Who has the bullet with his name on it?


  5. In the name of GOD they take money from poor Ethiopians(almost from all churches) that goes directly to the Patriarchs’ offices (internal sources say that), nothing turns back to Ethiopians. “Yenebites” cannot even sleep OUTSIDE the churches which are supposed to be Gods house, the house of everyone. Only Ethiopians share what they eat with the poor.
    Both TPLF and the church (today is just another branch of TPLF at the top composed of Tigreans) blame the weather and God for the people starving, they don’t take any responsiblity. They defend their incomes not, Christians, Muslims, monasteries, historical beauties….IT IS ALL SHAMEFUL AND INHUMAN.
    All this reminds me the attack of Debre Libanos monastery,the monks, and the destruction of many churches at the time of fascists. Indene Abune Petros yallu jegna abatoch betefeterubat hager kis awlakiwoch haymanotacinin menakacew yemiasafir new.

  6. Now we are busy talking about the heated up Waldeba and the Muslim resistance. To be effective beyond talks and isolated sacrifices what we are failing to do is linking this Waldiba case with that of the Muslim case and then linking both to democracy and justice for all. Only then isolated struggles will lead to common struggles which will lead to common freedom and justice for all. Networking across diverse religions, regions, ethnics and communities and thinking outside the box will act as a strong driving force.

    In a dictatorship your vote is the dictator’s weapon but never your weapon because you will never be given the chance to vote meanigfully according to your own free will.

    “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.”
    ~Martin Luther King, Jr. :)

  7. Zinawi and the robbers,one of the most important institutions that they targeted before they launched allout war on Ethiopia was,civic society and spritual instutions that have been living for centuries and centuries enriching the people and the country with the teaching of tradation, culture, and sprituality and religious connection with God.Zinawi and his criminal subordinates in anti-Ehtiopia organization made destroying everything and anything of Ehtiopia as their primary actions and goals;on the rampage of destroying our churches and monasteries that they are today,we will definitely lose our historical and spritual treasures at alarming rate as it is being seen today.Ehtiopians,the enemy hates Ethiopians and Ethiopia and had made it clear and declared it long before and after the enemy came into Ethiopia via invasion.

    Fighting against the enemy and standing for the preservation of our life,heritage,spritual being,monstaries,churches,and religious homes and house,farmlands,children,and most of all our country and people is the first and the foremost reasons and causes to bring us together to where we,as a united Ehtiopians fight and win the enemy.This multipurpose and multidirectional struggle has been supported individually as well as collectively as per the situation demanded and still is carried out allover the world to defeat our common enemy and make free our country and people.

    We don’t compromise or negotiate with the enemy on our religion,country,monstareties,people,history,culturre,tradation,life,communities,farmlands,and our children because they all are priceless.

    the enemy will fight us back,but we will beat the enemy and crush it to its defeat,because we seriously started our mulitipupose and multidirectional struggle against the enemy,and carried it on by building success litle by little and strengthening our unity to further take our struggle the next level,to stand together to celeberate victory on our common enemy.

    We,all Ethiopians are positive and optimistic about our mission in achieving our common goals;our goal is stated in our mind and heart and written on everything that the world community sees and observes,and will be carried on until we win the fight against the enemy.

    Our religion and its institutions are our common denomentators for all of our spritual strengths and enhancement;we shall fight the enemy tooth and nail until it is completely crushes to its eternal defeat.Amen to all Ethiopians.Keep the faith,keep the fight.

  8. When, TPLF/TIGRAY Last date approach, they start to mess around WalDeba, the Land of Poor Innocent pure Christians.
    God is happily waiting with patience and will reveal. Wait and see my Brothers and Sisters. Meles Totaw, Azeb Jebo and their Hyena Soldiers will be punished soon by God. Stay calm.

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