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Mulugeta Hailu passed away

Mulugeta HailuWe are sad to learn today the passing away of Mulugeta Hailu, a dear friend and well-liked member of the Ethiopian community in Washington DC. He died early this morning. The cause of his death is not known yet.

Mulugeta was a strong advocate of civil and democratic rights in Ethiopia, and as a long time member of MEISON, he was active in Ethiopian politics through out his life. His pleasant personality earned him the respect and affection of almost every one he came in contact with.

Mulugeta’s family and friend are grief stricken today after learning his sudden death. He is survived by a son, Taye Hailu, 6 brothers, 8 sisters, and a grand son.

Condolences can be sent to his family at: [email protected]

Or call: 703 615 0880




40 thoughts on “Mulugeta Hailu passed away

  1. we in Washington area have lost a great community leader. It is people like MULE who transcend any kind of division and show us the best in all of us. No words describe how we gonna miss you.

  2. What a sad news. We lost one of our strong defender of democracy. I know Mulegata for a long time he will be missed by all Ethiopian activists. Mulegata belongs with all Ethiopians, he was a very lovely individual. He will be missed.

    My condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

  3. R.I.P.

    Seen him few months ago at lalibela restaurant in DC. Very pleasnat and apealing, he is one of the few that are gentle activists. He will be missed big time.

  4. RIP. Although I don’t know the man. I am telling you people, the more active we are against TPLF, it has every connections to go after indivicual, even you don’t know the cause of death. So many acitivists, so many Ethiopoia’s entrepreuners have died in Ethiopia due to “natural causes”, and you will never find out what happens to you. They send secret individuals where you gather and hand shake, in your food, anything could kill you and you will never find out what happened. That is why activist should watch out and be careful even have their own spies against the predators. I heard also, with today’s technology and magic from Arab nations perhaps, there could be something that could kill you without knowing what. Accidents, are also one of them. So work hard, but don’t be gullible that everyone who is participating is pro Ethiopia or anti Ethiopia. For instance this activist, if he has no cause to die, TPLF’s number on alleby is heart attack etc. So how would you know they didn’t send someone to him. Even people you really trust can be bought. Many Diaspora have sold their soul because they believe, to have stable Ethiopia, it is ok if TPLF rules despite its oppression that natural cause will get rid of TPLF, they believe because of development and they are able to participate therefore, tPLF is the right leadership, so many cuases are leading the continuing support of TPLF.

    Waka replies:

    May your soul rest in peace and you will be remembered through and through as long as Ethiopia exists

    Peace one have to take your comment very serious it is time to distance ourselves from woyanne wolves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any Ethiopian supports woyanne he is either weak personality to do what he is told to do after handed money or the direct benefficiaries are criminals that does not have no problem to poisen or what ever.(In Ethiopia there are plenty sudden deaths specially by the society opposing the shifta gang)

  5. ሙሉጌታ በጣም ተወዳጅና ተጫዋች ሁሉን አክባሪ ነበር። እግዚአብሔር ነብሱን ይማር። ለዘመድ ለወዳጅ ሁሉም ጥናቱን ይስጣቸው።

  6. I will always miss your smile, your kindness ,your peace maker ability.Most of all I admire and respect your conviction on issues , you were one in a MILLION.

    RIP my true Ethiopian brother.

  7. Mule, affectionately known as ‘Enfero ‘ was a fixture in the DC area. I’ve known him for 40 years. I just saw him in March at another friend’s funeral. I’ll always remember his gentleness as well as his ever present smile. R.I.P. my brother. I’m glad we hugged in March.

  8. Heaven is a place nearby, so there’s no need to say goodbye.
    While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.
    RIP Mule!!!

  9. Mulugeta where shall i start about him.He was a kind, gentle, compassinate person I have ever known.Mulugeta is a life long advocate of human rights whether it was the emperor derg or woyene.He was a consensus builder.I remember one time when enthusiasticly he faxed me the resolution of PARIS CONFERENCE which was signed in 1993 by major Ethiopian political parties.He stood for unity with diversity.Mulugeta was a scholar and wanted issues debated and articulated in front of the public so there would be an everlasting solution between all parties involved.Once again he faxed me the resolution when HIBRET was formed in America by the likes of Dr.MERRERRA, DR.BEYENE, DR.BRHANU ATO HAILU SHOWEL, ATO LIDETU to name a few who banded together to find a lasting solution for our beloved country.Mulugeta till his sudden and untimely death was working tirelessely to call an ALL PARTY CONFERENCE.Personally I lost a very dear friend and a brother who taught me everything about humility and respect of other peoples opinion.MAY YOU REST IN PEACE We are all proud of you.YOU always stood for the oppressed and the destitute unwaveringly.

  10. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

    Mulugeta.T replies:


  11. Just found out about Mulugeta’s death. He was one of the very few I adore and appreciate. His smile and warm greetings will always be in my mind. We lost an angele and I have no doubt that GOD has a place in heaven for him.

  12. I am truly sad in hearing the news that Brother Mulugeta Hailu had died yesterday. I came to know Mulugeta only a couple of years ago. Icame to know him due to the fact that we were working on a committee to bring about unity and understanding within the fractured Ethiopian political forces, parties, movements et cetera. I was extremely impressed and I greatly admired Mulugate for his depth of knowledge of the political players of the last forty years, and also his gift of effective use of the Amharic language. He was one of the most civil and decent individuals I had met in my life. I wish he would be around to witness the liberation of Ethiopia that he loved dearly from tyranical and despotic rule, and from extremes of poverty and suffering. Mulugata Hailu, our good and decent Brother, may you rest in peace.
    Tecola W. Hagos

  13. he lived a life, a life with compassion, loved others,helped the poor,loved his country, lived a clean life. He did not die. he passed on to heaven to rest and enjoy everlasting life with our father God and our savior]esus chirst, let God strengthen the family

  14. Words can not not say it enough what a kind person MULU was. I know Mulu
    “Teleku Enfero” in the 70’s and wherever he was,his presence always noticed by ever one. He was great guy to be a friend and most of all a good big brother to get advice.

    My deepest condolence to his family. May God bless you Mulu, RIP….


    Anonymous replies:

    Assefa, K says,

    Mulugeta – Mulusew!

    It has now been almost a week since we lost Mule’, as we all affectionately called Mulugeta. The shock and agony is still fresh. Most of us have been hesitant to write or talk about him because we feared we would leave out or describe insufficiently the multitude of amazing qualities that he possessed and for fear that this would not do justice to him. Yet, not talking or writing about him, too, was not and was actually tormenting. One can reminisce about Mule endlessly. Hence, better say something rather than remain silent.
    Amongst the many qualities that define Mule’ you find his unwavering commitment to the cause he believed in, his love and respect to all human beings, his democratic spirit and simple and yet captivating and welcoming style.
    It was not only his active participation in the Ethiopian student movement, the All Ethiopian Socialist Movement (Meisone), the various democratic coalitions formed subsequently in the past four decades that define Mule. It was his steadfastness that was one of his hallmarks. Many who started the journey had either hesitated and/or abandoned it Mule was among the very few who stood firm. Mule was one who embarked on the mission not because it looked promising and near but because is was noble and just. Mule considered democracy, the rule of law, and social justice as important as the air he breathed. Not only that. Whatever he wished for himself he also wished for his fellow compatriots. This was his lifelong quest. More to his qualities in his endeavor to achieve the same he never wanted to parade himself as a crusader and always shunned the limelight. We have seen many who have had a fraction of his accomplishments demanding much. Mule was different!
    Mule was the consummate democrat. He never refrained in making his positions known. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. He listened to what others including his adversaries said with attention and genuine respect. He always saw the common humanity beyond the temporal different stands one might have taken regarding one issue or another. One’s political affiliation, ethnic origin or other affiliation did not cloud his judgment. Mule had great self-respect and truly respected all that he came into contact with be them friends or adversaries.
    Mule’s demand on life was simple. He was not after riches or extravaganza. Yet he had that touch of elegance in the way he talked, dressed, ate or drank. Even his blazer with jeans, his made to order Macchiato, his favorite drink, carried their own elegance. Never did he involve in language that was pompous. His were simple clear words that accurately described the product of his keen intellect and balanced judgment.
    Those of us who have known Mule and have been grief stricken by his loss, the one commitment that we should make to ourselves is to strive to succeed to a few of his multitude of qualities. His memory should remain a clarion call to our better self. Rest in peace my friend.

    Woineshet replies:

    What an attribute to my uncle Ato Kebere!!!! On behalf of the family THANK YOU! all for all you did! Hang in there, as we do KNOW that our loss is your loss as well!

    Anonymous replies:

    …..sorry..the intended word was”tribute.”

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