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Woyanne troops killed several Muslims in Arsi Zone

Woyanne Fedeal Police troops opened fire and killed several Muslims in the town of Asasa, Arsi Zone, southern Ethiopia today, according to local sources. The Woyanne troops fired live bullets at the Muslims who were attending a Friday prayer… tune in for more details.
Asasa town, Arsi Zone, southern Ethiopia

70 thoughts on “Woyanne troops killed several Muslims in Arsi Zone

  1. I doubt it!!

    Come’n, tell us the whole truth. They wouldn’t just fire live bullets at peaceful individuals who were attending a Friday prayer. There gotta be something more to the story. I am sure you love to misinform in order to insight hatred between Ethiopia’s peace loving and co-existing Muslims a Christians. Get yourself something else to attack the government, not this one!!

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    bobo replies:

    This muslim movement is not a healthy movement.
    Wahabists are behind this movement like Muslim brotherhood took over Egypts secular movement.
    Wahabist in Ethiopia are well organized to hit any time, even dangerous for the whole stake holders. Blind support of muslim movement is dangerous for the whole democracy movement!

    Mamo replies:

    It is a Tegaru movement, Bobo. Dedeb Woyane

    Anonymous replies:

    Woyanes have been looting, locking up, torturing and gunning down innocent Ethiopians from East to West and from North to South for more than two decades, Every Ethiopian knows it, why do you act surprised? Have you been in a comma at least for the last two decades? Moron Woyane!

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    Mr/Miss Ezna,Looting what?

    What do you have to be looted? Oh, I forgot that the woyanes looted the space station from Gojam and moved it to Tigray. We really have to work harder before they loot and move the only nuclear center Ethiopia has in Gondar and move it to Tigray. Zeraf belu, jegnowch!!

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    ali replies:

    you are so innocent, you dont want to know what the government doing,you dont want hear ethiopian muslim wake,you might be brain wash
    dont liten only western media,use your brain difrent direction.

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Ezana Innocent?

    Innocent? Who is innocent, Ezana? You are totally wrong; i think you are innocent for taking Ezana as innocent person. I was born and grew up among you guys A/Habashas. How could I be innocent? Did you say I didn’t want to see Ethiopian Muslims rise up? Any movement or organization around any institutional religion is something I careful watch. I don’t trust religious people and politicians. One may engage politicians in debate or discussion. How does one do that with people who claim they have a mission from some invisible dude, called God/Allah and are out there to kill or be killed?

    I think the people, be it Christians, Muslims, or Jewish for that matter are good people. It is their religions that are corrupt. Was it Karl Marx who said once religion is the opium of people? I began to wonder if the truth is the other way around: people are the opium of religion.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    Anonymous replies:

    I am sure you have a lot to say against our Muslim brothers and sisters Bing shot by your mercenary master meles. thinker my a..

    and Bobo
    you mean it is not good our Muslim brothers and sisters are going against this woyanne bandas or are you trying to divide Ethiopians,Christian against Muslims? i have a news for you it is not going to happen. there problem is, also our problem.our enemy is WOYANNE/TPLF..

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Mr/Miss Anonymous, Against or pro, I dont’ have the whole truth. All I said is there gotta be more to the story and asked for the details. But I will tell you, I am not stupid to say anything that angers Muslims. I know there are many desperate virgin Muslim men who would not hesitate to kill me in a blink of an eye go receive their reward in heaven: 70 virgin women.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    Anonymous replies:

    don’t worry about the Muslims you should worry from the Christians 1st they don’t like sell out like you..

    Anonymous replies:

    Ezana ” I am sure you love to misinform in order to insight hatred between Ethiopia’s peace loving and co-existing Muslims a Christians. Get yourself something else to attack the government, not this one!! ” why bring Christian name in hear ? Did he say Christian killed Muslims ?

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Mr/Mrs Anonymous, you made a Good point!! Well taken, I take back what I said about Christian.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    Jegnaw replies:

    Ezana from s.hole
    yes he is so hypocrite he will forget what he was told to say then the true color of his woyanne lays will show up..
    how much did you get payed my houseboy..

    that was your secret woyanne sign language.? houseboy

    Tezebet replies:

    Ato Ezana, you can believe what you want to believe, Melese and his thugs live for killing, for deception, for stealing, creating hate between individual, religion, ethnics etc. You living in the country that you can speak your mind, the country that you don’t worry what you eat, you live in the country that you can worship whatever and wherever, you live the country that accountability works and checked by the citizen of the country… I am Orthodox Christen however I am not set and see my Muslim brother killed by a bunch of thugs.
    I don’t support religion extremism, I am against killing in the name of God or Allah or whatever reason… without that I will stand with Muslim brother when their God given right violated.

    First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me

    Pastor Niemoller

    Ahadu replies:

    Ezana from Dedebit cactus factory

    Woyanne is in the first place no govt rather a proxy slave for Ethiopian haters and which is not a surprise as it is inheritance from ancestors the only difference this time is being proxy slave and advised and supported financially from the same institutions and individuals that seems to fade time after time that forced the shifta gang to shift to chinese which does not raise no question about its genocide ,loot, oppression ,woyanne gets all the destruction trial direct from its masters even though that does not bear no fruit because they dont know Ethiopian peoples bravery except being told by the same woyanne gujilles during their jungle time accompanied by their long time assumption,Jeffery Sachs ,Joseph Stiglitz ,Paul Hinze
    and now the architect of the marriage between ahbash and woyanne a jew Hagai erlich,are some of them as individuals and got big ears by some western countries like U.K and C.I.A along with some arab and west govt are the major obstacles for our toppling the most rejected tyrant that Ethiopia ever had but that does not mean they can support the gujille to the bitter end ,it wont take them a second to bring him to Den Hague after the start of the peoples tsunami not a day or a week like that of the arab leaders who were darling for the west with most probably 10%acceptance unlike woyanne none even from its imaginable strong hold tegray ne pas.

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Ahadu, keep singing. I am all ears to any type of music, even to heavy metal such as yours, and eventually your son’s.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    Anonymous replies:

    you are the one who has been singing the frefare song for the wrong audience.
    I suggest go sing that song in Armachiho see what happens.
    I am sure you will change your tune very fast..houseboy

  2. yeap! just like Iskindir Nega who beged for prison, these bunch of loosers begging for live bullet and they should get it!

    Anonymous replies:

    amare are you living in the 21st century? I wonder to see such a comment from anyone with a sane mind. Who are the bunch loosers? All people opposing Woyane Tigray? I am sorry for you.

    gash Tesfa replies:

    You are victim of woyane mind control mechanism. Every one is borne free and meles can be criticised.

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    amare says what?

    Who is Tuncha-Ras called amare minamin?

    Ezana From Toronto

  3. Our Orthodox Brothers and Sisters must Join The Movement!!!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    Amen to that from a christian brother let us support our Muslim brothers…

  4. woyane gujile only understands force. thEir gun tauting culture would not let them do otherwise. they marched to Addis abeba carryibg guns and bullets, rags in their back, bare footed. look at what they have been doing in the last 20 years to poor Ethiopians, WHO ARE PEACEFUL AND UNARMED.

    Anonymous replies:

    They marched in with guns because Derg would’ve killed them had they not. They LIBERATED Ethiopia from the Derg. Woyane is 100 times better than the Derg, who bombed hundreds of people, and bombed villages full of unarmed people.

  5. woyanne is sending indirect message to his most threads, the amaras and oromos (after shaebia) that even peaceful demonstration is not allowed. we should note that we’re dealing with very insecure minority dictatorship regime.

  6. What movement ? We didn’t know what this muslims are doing ?
    Be careful on muslim issue. There is a Wahabist movement in Ethiopia for a long time to take over the whole system!

  7. congratulations Elias Kifle!!! Woyane has killed several donkeys today. It is I think a festival for you guys

    Anonymous replies:

    @ikachule;> want see ur mom, dad..all ur family kill by wayane ..then you lern

  8. Brothers and sisters unless we see TPLF as our common enemy TPLF will enjoy its killing Ethiopians so let us unite just to stay alive do not fight TPLF apart rather let us fight TPLF in unison.

  9. This is time for us Christians to stand up with our Muslim brothers. The Tigre apartheid Junta is clearly encircled from every corner and scared to death. We should not stand on the side and be watchers . Lets all freedom loving Ethiopians join the fight !!!!

  10. we Ethiopian Muslims and Christians are not different. Whatever comes against Muslims comes against Christians too. We Christians won’t leave you Muslims alone!!!! we beside you, stand beside us-we will be one -stand one- Woyanne gone!!!!

  11. Kachule,

    Donkeys are who think in “tuncha” not mind. We have seen a thosands of such kind in many decades. Those killers will pay in one way or another. Killing will make more enemys than friends. It won`t stop anything. Anyhow woyyane have no friend.The imported religne will not be profitable like Norway fertilizer.

  12. There are couple of things we have to look at when we see religious in sighted violence. Without a doubt all this has come about because of TPLF divide by any means policy that has been instituted by Meles and his TPLF stogies to weaken Ethiopians so that no one can resist TPLF. By doing so different Muslim organization were allowed to get in every corner of Ethiopia. They had their agenda now making Meles’s middling as excuse their are in sighting violence. Meles is Etho-griazian who is blinded by Ethnic hatred but he is ill prepared and have no clue what was coming — now if you look at him at parliament presentation he is afraid and clueless what he needs to do. For Ethiopians we need to make sure that government should be out of middling in both christian and Muslim religion institutions, but we have to look at the outside middlers who are involved in this. This old enemies have no desire in democratic Ethiopian their desire is the demise of Ethiopia. We need to comb those out.

  13. Never afraid of Eth. Muslims. Our track records show that we have the same culture and value with our Christian brothers and sisters. After all we all are Ethiopians and that’s not by choice!!But Woyane miscalculated this time bog time and unless they take U turn and stop meddling among the Muslims, Agazi this time around will not save them because when it comes to islam religion, the believers will not stop saying ALLAHU AKBAR and fight them in all out war. it’s just like playing with fire and it’s gonna finish them for once and all. Rumor has it, even among the Woyane leaders, they have big division regarding this crisis but as usual the midget from Menilik Palace with his usual arrogance could not be convinced that they miscalculated when they thought, will easily inforce the new Woyane friendly sect. Called Ahbash.

    bobo replies:

    I never afraid Ethiopian Muslims. I’m afraid pro Wahabist Ethiopian Muslims who are living on Saudi oil money. You can read history back.
    Ethiopia was/is a target for the Muslim world to make us all muslim. Gragn mohammed tried and defeated. The latest strategy is ” do not fight habesha to change them to our religion; the only way to take over them is through diplomacy”. So; there are too many wahabist activists in Ethiopia who have extreme mentality ready to implement sharia law and dominate others. That will never happen, never and never!
    The book they are reading is also extreme & powerful brain washing machine to recruit killers over night! I’ll give a home work to read the book for yourself. I will never sacrifice my freedom and my country for the sake of so called ‘theory of common enemy’. There is no alliance with muslims. They are dangerous!!!!

  14. Exactly this tpe of reporting is hurting us, rather than hurting woyannes. Elais how long are gonna try to pull a fast one like this on us, I for one do beleive you are doing what ever you can to get rid off woyanne from power, but can’t you see in reality this type of Berrie wolde storie is not helping us at all, in return the westerns and what not are investing and trusting woyanne than us??? if it was working I would’ve said more power to you, but for those of us who ‘ve got a descent education we clearly see the damage on this type of Berrie Wolde reporting, but if you beleive those few individuals with less education or no education could help you…. continue this type of Berrie Wolde story, but remember you are indirectly helping woyanne stay in power.


  15. Do you know that, those who are in power are those who were abuse as Budda(those who have eviy eyes) and Banda.Those people are populated around Adwa. So theye are angry on all of us.They have very huge inferiority complex. Even they don’t like those who are around mekele. But they want to use like they used those Oromo, Gojam and Gondar young people in the old days about 22 years ago.

  16. There is a problem with all of us Ethiopians. The problem is the lack of ability to nderstand and reach at a conclusion. Some of you are saying it is ok if TPLF government kills moslems. If this story is true why is it ok to see any peaceful demonstrator getting killed?

    We have to understand that the unity of all Ethiopians is very critical at this stage. If the moslems are asking a legitimate question we should support it as we did for the teachers, farmers, the Amaras and Oromos.

    If this becomes a catalyst ( a process that would speed up change) in our country it should be supported by other religious and non religious organizations and individuals. The burning of the christian monasteries and the interference of the Government in the Orthodox Church activities should be condemned by Moslem brothers and sisters too.

    Ethiopian Review’s role in this case is to report what happened. It was reported to us and some government ashkers are not interested to hear about it. They have to fight back for their jobs and money they are making while majority of the population is not able to pay 200 birr for Easter. We should not care about what they say.

    It is illegal to kill peaceful protesters. We should not allow and accept this type of action.

    Anonymous replies:

    you are very wrong, those who said killing Muslims is ok are tplf supporters not Ethiopians. Go and sell this bs to others. I hope my orthodox church start supporting this movement against Meles soon and rise up.

  17. Woyanne

    All woyannny not bad for his brothes and sisters in Ethiopia?
    There is few, we hav to remov out of the countery. We don´t
    have divaide each other, They will be happy. MOVE TOTHER HAND





  19. I urge my Ethiopian brothers and sisters to avoid this religious Jihadist type conflict. This will harm Ethiopia more because there are many anti Ethiopia forces out there. The Arabs in Egypt and Sudan, the Wahabists in Saudi Arabia led by Alamoudi had been planning this for decades. Do not get into this trap.
    Look what is happeing in Eritrea, many of its citizens who are seen as Abeed or black slave by the Arabs are burning their own African languages. Many of these ashamed about their own identity. Look Sudan, its elite, seen as Abeed by the real Arabs but most Sudanese ashamed of being black African. Somalia is not that different. They can not tell the difference between being a moslem and an Arab. They are killing each other.
    Do not ever back this Arab poison planned to kill Ethiopia.
    Woyannie politics need to be condemned but this Arab Islamic thing should be avoided. This is an Arab trap against Ethiopia.

  20. Is this democracy? How long are we muslims of Ethiopia going to be stripped of our human rights by christian governments? It is time for muslims to take the power in Ethiopia. YES WE CAN!!!

    bobo replies:

    Here we go! This hidden agenda revealed itself. That is waht I’m talking about. Wahabist never acknowledge democracy. Are u asking me to support my killers ? Not one iota!

  21. Elias, I really appreciate you for letting us know first hand information about this crime. I often read your website but with mixed feeling (sometimes I laugh when you site your covert information sources). Today, I believed in your covert information sources. As soon as I read news from your website, I phoned home and I heard exactly what you sited. What made me cry when I hear the incident from my family is that the solidarity Christian brothers did with Muslim in warding off this evil. Gadab is always Gadab (I love it).

    No history has every witnessed a leader of other religion domination meddling in the affairs of others. Even fore father of crime Meles Zenawi (the bloody Yohannus whose neck is in museum for his evil deeds) didn’t dare to creat intra-religion conflict rather forced to convert them to his own.

    For 2 decades, crime meles used ethnic card to divided and bleed this poor empire, then when he was not succeeded much he used inter-religion card (muslim vs Orthodox, Muslim vs Protestant, Orthodox vs Protestant), again he got little from these game. Then he came to intra-religion game. He was somewhat successful in freezing and demoralizing Orthodox domination because of cadre priest from top to bottom (in Ethiopia and diaspora). Now he started fair game with intra-muslim game. The irony is he invested a lot to import other Muslim sect to create animosity between muslims and everybody is against it. He is paying million on daily basis to indoctrinate other so that they can be enemy to their brothers.

    {Those of us who have conscious should think of the genocide in bedano, arba gugu and other in 1990. As you can see from what is happening after that, I think your conscious need to tell you who is the perpetrate of those genocide and how the genocide is filmed.}

    Crime of crime Meles Zenawi of Tigray is uncountable. In his 20 years of criminal leadership, he committed thousands of crime from environment to human being, from his kins (on Tigre in Hawuzen) to neighbouring countries (eg Somalia). Gambella genocide, Awassa Genocide, several documented and undocumented genocide in Oromia and Amhara region, genocide on wild animals and plant, genocide on lake koka, Gibe, on forest (every where). So he is killing under your nose, and you will be next if you shouldn’t take action.

    Works of crime meles zenawi is beyond every one’s imagination. How he dare to meddle in other religion (is he sheik or prest)? What is his motive to do so? Is he psychotic? (Of course he must be psychotic because he is khat addict and one of the main symptoms of khat addiction is psychosis). He never hesitates to bomb us, had he had WMD considering the daily khat he consumes. Can’t you see how midget and thin he is because of anorexia from khat?

    So, he must site next to Charles Taylor and ICC must consider his crimes if it really stands for justice all over the world. A country with psychotic leader keeps on bleeding and getting poorer.

  22. Whether it is Muslim brotherhood or wuhabist, we are ready to accept anyone capable of removing the ants (the woyane, the bandas, the devils).

    bobo replies:

    That won’t happen, buddy! keditu wede matu ?

  23. Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up!),

    Assasination attempt on Meles:
    There were more than three attempts to assasinate Meles only in this year and almost all were foiled by chance. I know about what I am talking because I have an insider story. And the attempts were done by Woyane themselves. Addis Abeba is now full of soldiers and CIDs (intelligence department) wherever you look. You cannot go to the streets in group of three and above.

    Meles did not even trust his own wife Azieb, the mother of corruption, who has a love affair with a TPLF-Colonel (name withheld).
    That is why Meles has someone to taste his food for not to be poisoned as they have poisoned the TPLF artist recently. Killing by Poison in order to eliminate someone is normal within the Woyanes. And the car of Meles is bullet proof and when he delivered speeches, as you all now, he do it in a bullet proof glassed-cabin.
    Nevertheless, I am deadly sure that they will get him soon before the big demonstration in Addis Abeba starts. It is an open secret in Addis Ababa that some of the higher Woyane generals want to make him a scapegoat. We must join hands with our moslem brothers.
    Where are you ETHIOPIAN STUDENTS; Are you still living under the minority ethnic regime of the beggars. WHAT A SHAME TO YOU!!!!!!!!

    A Peaceful Ethiopia will prevail

    Issayas Afwerki:

    The story of the sickness of President Issayas was created in order to divert the attention of Ethiopians from the current situation in Ethiopia and save Meles Zenawi for some days.
    The current situation of Ethiopia is:
    1) The weekly Friday demonstrations of our Ethiopian muslim brothers and sisters
    2) The current demonstrations of teachers which started with the burnning of Yene-Sew before some months.
    3) Fear that students would join the teachers what definetly will soon happen.
    4) Life is getting hard and harder everyday and, as such, people will go out to the streets.
    5) Imprisomenet of journalists, like the fearless Eskinder Nega
    6) Imprisoment of pliticians like ……..
    7) The current burnnings of hotels and houses of TPLF members in Metema
    8) War in Oromo, Ogaden, Tigray, Amhara regions, Afar region etc. In general, countless wars against Woyane inside Ethiopia.

    I cannot count them all. But it is a wonder to me why there is still no demonstration in Addis Ababa.

  24. I hope the true and patriotic Ethiopians particularly Ethiopian political figures; civic leaders , Ethiopian scholars and religion leader (if we have one) should see this thing carefully. This is not between Ethiopian Muslim and Christen, or in between any other entity. It is unlawful inference of the government in religion subject and this killing is unlawful killing by the TPLF thugs, we Ethiopians should stand together regardless what religion we believe in or what God we worshipping what political group we are in, we should loudly send signal to the TPLF that we are not tolerate the killing of innocent citizen.

  25. Dear ALL Ethiopians,

    It is evident enough that tPLF promoted extremists including itself to have huge effect in Ethiopia. If we want stable and peaceful Ethiopia say no to the following groups:
    1. Wahabists and Alamoudi
    2. Extremist OLF and ONLF
    3. Of course TPLF/WEyane
    4. ethnofasicsts
    5. extremist protestants that are even willing for the destruction of Ethiopia for the spread of blind faith.

    We then become unified with moderate Tigrayans, muslims that thrived along with their christian brothers and sisters for so long, Oromos who have legitimate right to bring equality and change for their peoples, moderate protestants and evangelists that are tolerant AND the rest of Ethiopians. If we are not part of the top 5 that are creating havoc, these need to be isolated by any means necessary.

    bobo replies:

    Focus on one thing, You’re trying to touch all topics with no sensible conclusion. Could you please, come back when you’re sober ?
    What are u talking about ?

  26. sorry to hear this sadenning news. i was part of the demonstration in addis ababa( awolia mosque), but they didn’t opned fire on us. but now they are doing it in another rural town because the diplomatic community and media’s are scanty. the brutal regime of meles zenawi will keep killing and insulting us for years to come unless there is a real and genuine unison from the people of ethiopia( not unison based on fake ethiopiawinet minamin). and, this is not a movement to form an islamic government in place as some of you might think or as meles zenawi thinks, it is rather a genuine movement by us to get our right place in ethiopia; be it educational system, right to form our own organizations and…however, there is nothing in it about overthrowing a government and putting in place an islamic state. how would this be possible when there are more than 36 or so million christinas in ethiopia. for further information, i suggest you read the article by akmel negash in, no. 184.

  27. April 27 2012, According to eye witness report to Radio Bilal, Security forces shot and killed seven Muslims of Asasa residence in the town of Asasa, Arsi Zone, Oromia Region those who refused to accept the indoctrination of the Ahbash sect. The incident took place when security forces approached a gathering right after the Friday Prayer when security forces approached a gathering and attempted to arrest a Muslim individual and the people asked an explanation and without any provocation the security foresees started clubbing the crowed and opened fire killing three individuals and seriously wounded seven others who are being treated in nearby health clinic. The corpses of the dead were denied to be handed to the victims’ families and the town of Asasa is totally closed down. No individual is allowed to enter or leave the town. International medias like Al-jazeera covered the peaceful demonstration.

    In another development, the border conflict instigated by the TPLF/EPDRF between Oromos in Wollega Zone and Benishangual people has inflicted deaths. 22 Oromos were killed and many more wounded this week. Some of the wounded are being treated in Nekemte hospital. Tension is mounting and the conflict site has been sealed off. In the same way about 200 Oromos were killed in earlier conflict. What makes it different this time is that the TPLF/EPDRF regime is openly arming any nation and nationality against Oromo in all directions.

    The office of the president of OPDO has officially been taken over by Gebre-tinsae Wolde-tinsay, a TPLF cadre, after Alemayehu Atomsa, OPDO President, declared to be incompetent by the TPLF. Gebre-tinsae is a surrogate OPDO leader who has ultimate decision in the organization. When Abbaa Duula Gammadaa, former OPDO president, lost confidence from his masters, Alemayehu Atomsa took over the leadership about a year ago. He was later poisoned for unknown reasons and incapacitated.

  28. muslim or chirst should araise togather

    bobo replies:

    what ?

    Anonymous replies:

    yes you heard it..bobo Christian and Muslim they are both the religion of Ethiopia and they will straggle together to free Ethiopia from the parasite TIGRE And BANDA controlled country for all Ethiopians.
    do you have a problem with that? if so go and ask Ethiopian Christian and Muslim.i am real sure they will tell you to heat the rood jackkkkkkkkkkk.

  29. You are all missing the point if you think the woyanes call the shots in Ethiopia. The thugs receive their instructions from their master. They just have to make sure the chaos is under control to avoid replacement by proving that they are the better servants than those waiting in the wings.

  30. Muslims extremists must be squashed to the ground before getting worse. Terrorists must never be allowed. TPLF punish these terrorists who are copying, cutting, and pasting from Arabs. They need to be beaten up as early as possible. If they say Allah Kubur, just shower them will live bullets because they will burn you with fire if they get chance. Just give them what they deserve as early as possible.They are emboldened by Bin Laden.

    I suggest you bring in more protestants like Luthran from Germany, the Anglicans from England, the christ church of America to Ethiopia. They are good they will help us to neutralize these killers. Ethiopians are trying to use this satanic religion to score on Woyane? but they will burn you on fire if they get the chance. Alluk Akbur means burn none muslims by fire. To be a fan of Alluh Akubr means to play game with fire. I am muslim but I have to tell you now I have withdrewn from islam. Those of you who are becoming fans, you will pay the price of your life to Alluh Akbur.

    Anonymous replies:

    Dear Anti Islam,

    In the first place, your name indicate that you are anti. how come on earth, you were in the Islam and you are ready to live this religion?? do not try to fabricate lies. Please be yourself and it is possible to refelect your hate as christian. why you try to explain the word that you do not know. At least try to be logical when you comment….use you mind not your egoism. do not try to explain what you do not know. This is a social media, please do not abuse it.

    As a christian, I have a lot of good friends.Our relationship is even beyond that. I have never heard of what you are fabricating (terrorism) from them. You can import the group you suggested, who never consider you even as human….ask the people who have an experience with them. Do not pollute our relationship…you may singing your propoganda sitting somewhere else.

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