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Amhara cannibalized by hodam Amharas

By Elia Kifle

The recent ethnic cleansing of 78,000 Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic group from southern Ethiopia by the Woyanne junta is a horrible crime. Ethiopian Review has been reporting similar {www:ethnic cleansing} campaigns against other Ethiopian ethnic groups, particularly the Ogaden and Gambella over the past several years. How is it that Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne junta are able to commit such atrocities against millions of Ethiopians?

I’m not providing any new fact when I tell you that the main culprits of these horrors are other Amharas — those Amharas, Oromos, Ogadenis, Gembellas and other ethnic groups who obey the Woyanne rule, who socialize with Woyanne members, who pay tax to the Woyanne regime, who fly Ethiopian Airlines, who drink Al Amoudi’s Pepsi, who socialize with Woyanne members, who go to Ethiopia from the Diaspora and try to open businesses or buy properties… all these individuals are knowingly or unknowingly contributing to the crime of ethnic cleansing and genocide against their own ethnic groups.

One of the Woyanne junta cheerleaders, Mimi Sebhatu, who hosts a radio program in Addis Ababa, said in an interview yesterday that the Amharas who were expelled from the south are illegals. Mimi is half Amhara and her husband Zerihun Teshome, who is an adviser to Bereket Simon, is full Amhara, and yet she calls Amharas “illegals” in their own country. These anti-Amhara Woyanne collaborators must be condemned and ostracized until they are brought to justice for aiding and abetting the Woyanne ethnic cleansing campaigns.

We don’t necessarily need to shoot bullets at Woyanne to stop it from committing injustice against us. What we need is to STOP doing business with Woyanne-affiliated businesses that fuel its machinery of repression.

One of these businesses is Ethiopian Airlines, which has become a major cash cow for the Woyanne junta. If you have to travel to Ethiopia, pay a little extra money and take Lufthansa or any of the other airlines that fly to Ethiopia.

The other major sources of income for Woyannes are those Ethiopians in the Diaspora who go to Ethiopia for vacation or try to open businesses there. They are collaborators in Woyanne’s atrocities, including the recent ethnic cleansing campaigns against Amharas and Gambellas, as well as the ongoing war of genocide in Ogaden.

Saudi agent Al Amoudi is currently trying to hijack or split up and destroy the recently liberated Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA). Many of the players and business owners he is inviting to participate in the event are Amharas and Oromos who seem to be saying, “I don’t give a *** if Al Amoudi is looting Ethiopia and trafficking our sisters to the Middle East to work in slave-like conditions.

Let’s stop cursing Woyanne and take concrete steps to weaken and kill it. Start from the collaborators — hodam Amharas and Oromos who are cannibalizing their own people.

90 thoughts on “Amhara cannibalized by hodam Amharas

  1. Elias:

    Blaming yourself for other’s fault is a bad idea. It leads to a mental prison where you do not see what others are doing to you. It leads to self blame and inward looking paralysis from which there is no escape.

    This is crucial time when we identify which TPLF personnel is especially responsible for the crimes. And it is time to take action.

    I never expected this article to come from you at this important juncture. It is really sad.

    At least balance your article with proper assignment of blame on self and on Woyane. Being introvert in a world where there is a hateful regime deporting 22,000 people overnight is a bad and REALLY bad idea.

    Caring for these people does not make you or anyone Amhara nationalist. If you are too worried about being thought so, and you are sacrificing these people for your image, shame on you.

    kidi replies:

    or should i say Mamo killo,
    what Elias wrote is an absolute fact that a person like has a hard time swallowing it. ask your self, who flies Ethiopian airline? how many hodams do you know yourself..they can be amhara, oromo, gurage but there are plenty of hodams that have no concious and the nake to turn around see what they are doing. as the result, they eded up paving the way to woyane to kill and abuse all the poor of all ethinic groups. so Elias trying to put it in clear way so we can uderstand the problem such individual are posing to others. Hodams and bandas always have this effect on many others. so what Elias did is not a shame, rather it is an courageous way of waking you and i up.
    Mot lewoyane and jelewochu!!

    Mamo replies:

    I do not know why this moderated forum allows you to post a clear red-herring. I have said nothing about the “hodam Amhara” or anything else. I just stated a completely different opinion. If you can’t understand that, I can’t help you.

    Mamo replies:

    Also one more important thing. People have a clear misunderstanding of what the TPLF puppet ANDM is and what the so called Amhara Region is. There is one wonderful research paper by a Scottish professor, whose name I can not remember now. In her paper she shows how TPLF created the fake ANDM and Amhara Region.

    When we state Hodam Amhara it usually comes out of NOT REALLY knowing what is going on within the fake Amhara Region. Elias might not know who really are the people running the fake Amhara Region and the fake ANDM. Because if he knew what was going on in that fake place, he would be surprised beyond belief what kind of trick TPLF is pulling.

    We commit mistake after mistake from the bad behavior of NOT researching and going under to know the real facts. Elias would do well to research how the Wag-Himra zone was created and why TPLF is using that zone as a buffer. By the way the people of Wag-Himra are one of the most wonderful people in Ethiopia and are perhaps people with great history, speaking Amharic since atleast the 10th century or so. These are histories I know but how many of the Wag Himra people know this? TPLF clearly operated in that area since the early 70s and the Derg was too stupid to stop it. We do not know how much propanda of the DEDEBIT kind was fed to these people.

    Again, I am stepping on egg-shells here so I will not go into details. But how much does Elias know the connection between this zone and ANDM? how much does he know what kind of TPLF propaganda was used in this are?

    I am sure not much. The “Hodam Amara” thing, though useful, covers a lot of subtleties and prevents people from going under and investigating what IS REALLY GOING ON.

  2. Good point Elias!

    But, let’s do it in an organized manner. Let’s give a time interval for this boycott. Simultaneously, let’s convince the West to reduce the $3 billion annual fuel to the divide and rule hate nightmares of Ethiopians. Let’s rally behind Dr. Birhanu for that matter, as he or his party seems showing progress by opening an office almost inside the Whitehouse.

    I myself, the former VIP customer of Ethiopian Airlines, has shifted to the Lufthansa this days. These kinds of things can be decided individually and stopped instantaneously. But, the remittance to and business establishment there in Addis could only be stopped by a call for to all Ethiopians for a certain time interval.

    We Ethiopians have acheived a certain level of Ethiopianess. Imagine if we wre quite, the TPLFs would have stablished, a country called Tigrai while the rest of Ethiopians are at a civil war. Now this very moron guys in the Menelik palace are pretending to cry for Ethiopia, including large dams to attract some Amharas to control the other.



  3. I am an Amhara with choices ,what choice I make with my money is decided according to my personal liking. Noone can make choices for me but me so if I choose what I choose it is on me.

    weyGud replies:

    First, you are not Amara
    Second, you have no money, you wallet is full of dirt

    tedi replies:

    it is so sad that you will finish your entire life by do nothing, but insulting people. Clean your mind!

    zledaw replies:

    Zemenay, So you are selfish & no body(not important for the issue under discussion) and not supposed to post any thing here.

  4. Zemenay, you are a Tigrean, I can smell you

    detector. replies:

    then be one.
    dont’t talk like little kid.

    detector. replies:

    sorry it was ment for #4

  5. We all know those ppl who collaborate with woyane Idiots are little minded trash. As you said, boycotting every little business that involves woyanes is a no-brainer option. Those of us who get involved into woyanes business is one way or another facilitating the killing of our poor people.

    Boycott everything from Woyane !!

    Elias keep the good work!

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    count me in..
    WHY is this most of the people who shootout the loudest are TPLF banda and there hodam supporters?
    and there is a philosophy that silence amounts to acceptance. are we say lent? yes i am not loosing my house, i am not getting forced out of my land,i am not sold to slavery to Arab, i don’t have a sister or a brother who are committing suicide Evey day in Arab countries.yes it is not happening for most of us,but remember today on them, tomorrow will be on me and you..wake up, are we going to speak up or just say it is not happening to me personally there for it is not my concern or just we are that selfish.? i don’t know.

  6. This boycoting strategy will not affect Wayane even an iota. And it can not also change anything significant. They get money from the outside and even Ala Moudi alone can fund the whole gang if it comes to that. This strategy is a blessing in disguise for Wayane to prosper. This is not “Beka”=(enough) but rather “Sitoota” =(gift)

  7. Agree with Mamo some how.

    The intention should not be to make Ethiopians boycott TPLF affiliated businesses but to convince them to do so. Generalization is a poor way of forcing others to do once bidding which usually doesn’t succeed. In fact it has the opposite effect.

    Diaspora Ethiopians have different reasons to travel to Ethiopia. I do not think there are many who travel with the express purpose of helping TPLF. Blaming this people (some who may do not see any choice) will discourage them from even trying. Let’s stop the blaming business and take a more positive approach.

    1- The first thing to do is positive thinking and trusting Ethiopians to do the right thing. Believe even those who benefited from the regime want it to be gone. They have shown it in 1997. Given the right to choose they will choose the right path.

    2. Create an a questionnaire to find out why people travel to Ethiopia and find out how TPLF can use them and their resources to empower it self.

    3. Include in the questionnaire if there is any thing they can do to minimize the benefit TPLF extracting.

    4. If there is any way they can help the opposition (preferably home based) to offset their unintended help to TPLF.

    5. Based on inquiry create a set of actionable points that can be adopted by every one.

    Our approach to dislodging TPLF has to be more through and surgical than generalization to succeed.

    tamirat replies:

    You have so many good ideas. I agree. Elias is not the only true son of Ethiopia and he has never claimed to be one.
    I suggest you come up with the questionnaire you suggested. Elias will help you distribute it. We will all help.
    Then we will see if we will convince people not to do ‘our bidding’

    Anonymous replies:

    Your ideas are more convincing so far. It will help to distinguish Who is Who. I mean…… it will show Who Really Loves Ethiopia and Who doesn’t. Please have a platform where every one of us might meet and involve.

  8. The solution is to deport weyanes like Meles & company, and all collaborater Tigrians to their killil. End of story!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    who going to do like this? shintam amarawosh? wenie eko yasifeligal?

    alem replies:

    mehayem hodam ask your banda parents about the bravness of ameharas….we will see on the felid when the tmes come …..

  9. Qeerroo, 09 April 2012; Finfinnee

    A series of discontent ignited by victims and Qeerroo Youth Networks against land grabbing in many parts of Oromiya is revealing itself in clear and simple manner; putting a fire on the Properties on the stolen land. The farmers and the youth can’t face the well armed and fully fledged Woyane army sent out to enforce the strict Land Grabbing law, but it is practically impossible for the army too to guard millions of hectares of Land from the revenge of these angry victims.

    That is exactly what is happening in Central, Western and other parts of Oromia. Now the anger turns to the big boss of the looters. The Tea plantation farm set on fire just yesterday on the 7th of April 2012 belongs to Alamuddin, the right hand man of the brutal regime in Ethiopia and a man who amassed billions of money with his countless and monopolized companies including the Laga Dambi Gold mine in Shakiso. He owns only 1.5 billion in 2003 but only after 9 year due to unaccounted and out of touch Gold mine he exploits in Shakiso, Oromiya he jumped to 12.5 billion making him the 1st Richest ‘African man’. This man, who claims to have Ethiopian mother is Saudi nationality have some business in Western Europe just for the sake of painting his looting the picture of real investment. The same man uprooted thousands of Oromo families, polluted the environment and funded the killing machine of the regime that claimed thousands of poor farmers, pastoralist and students. He works in hand and glove with the government and is a complicit in the serious of human right abuse in Ethiopia in general and Oromiya in particular.

    On March 2012, the same man was reported by the Reuters, to have bought 5 big state owned properties via his MIDROC Ethiopia corporation, which Qeerroo believes was done in, by and for a corrupt goal. Due to the curse of the business he run which literally controls the in and out of the whole country, he crushed the country and its people to unbearable poverty. While he is being rocketed to pick of world wealth, with a speed and manner never have been witnessed in a business of that type; millions of Ethiopian dies of starvation.

    That is why the Qeerroo Youth group said, this is just the beginning of the big fight with the bad guy.


    peace replies:

    This is the reason why Oromos should be united with Amaras. The so called OLF has weakened Oromos by collaborating with TPLF and Shaebia and waiting for centuries for some miracles to come. Oromos must form their own party. OLF pretended to stand for Oromos and shunning other ethnic groups especiaally Amaras leaving the Oromos in the mouth of a lion.

    Alamoudi is typical Arab that only enriches himslef and his cohorts, see examples how Arabs treat their own citizens and worse for other citizens. So Alamoudi brought us this behavior to our country. What is worrsiome is Alamoudi and the West are very close.

  10. well, i love ethiopian airlines too much to stop using it. and we all have plans to help ethiopia, most of us do business so we can’t stop that. elias, just because you can’t go back to ethiopia, don’t try to stop us from going back for vacation.

    please find other way to kill the woyane parasites.

    Anonymous replies:

    Teddy, you say you all have plans to help Ethiopia… who are u all? you can do so, Elias’s call does not include you, we understand your shrewd ambition. We are populous enough to make impact without you.
    Hagos…But I am not Tigre

  11. “The other major sources of income for Woyannes are those Ethiopians in the Diaspora who go to Ethiopia for vacation or try to open businesses there. They are collaborators in Woyanne’s atrocities, including the recent ethnic cleansing campaigns against Amharas and Gambellas, as well as the ongoing war of genocide in Ogaden.”

    wow, no one is a friend to meles zenawi than elias kifle. do you know how many people get turned off by your extreme views. you actually want to go after people who “go to ethiopia for vacation, or open business”. i am simply shocked, are you going to list their name as you did with the doctors too, or what about conducting a nech-shibir on them while they are in ethiopia, that will definitely do the job. i just wonder what you people will do if you succeed and take power…….

  12. I agree with boycotting woyane’s money making machines, including EAL. But, we have to be careful. Because when woyane realized we are boycotting EAL, they could arrest or do anything to hurt when landing in Addis with other carrier. The best alternative is not to go to Ethiopia all together for vacation ubtill woyane is removed.If you have to go, take other carrier up to Nairobi (Kenya)and connect EAL for the remaining leg of the trip.

  13. The Mamo who wrote above is not me. I am the original Mamo, though this is not a relevant issue. I have to write this reply because I feel misunderstood here.

    I totally support Elias’ call for boycotting TPLF businesses or businesses that could even remotely benefit Weyane. This is the least we could do. That has never been under any question.

    My pet peeve has to do with the fact that every time Woyane commits crime, people have developed a tendency to blame themselves. There could be two explanations for this. One is that people have much more control over themselves, so it is easier to blame themselves and feel in control than find out very effective ways to fight TPLF. Another cause for this behavior has been the nudging propaganda of TPLF to help people go into that direction.

    Clearly, 22000 people are deported within their country. It is NONE of their or our fault. It is the FAULT of TPLF. That is where the focus should be. We need to stop blaming ourselves for the crimes of others is what I am saying. It serves no purpose.

    What we need to do instead is find out who amongs the TPLF criminals ordered this deportation and let people get justice as they see it fit. That is how it should be done.

  14. It’s sad to see that the current Government in Ethiopia is treating specially the Amharas like secondary citizens. They have been killed en mass, the have been made excuses for every social and economic problem of the country. Their histroy has been trashed. And now we have reached the stage of expelltion from the place where they have been living and working for years. We have to make one thing clear here: in spite the intensive propaganda by the government, the other people of Ethiopia do not have enemical feeling against the Amharas. The problem is between the Amharas and the Government and the Amharas themselves have to do something to stop this wanton crime against them. In fact, the people of Amhara are in need of leadership, more than any time in their history, to lead them in their struggle for respect and justice. Will the Amhara intellectuals have the gut to accept this historical call? I doubt it, and it seems that the Government in Addis is fully aware of this.

  15. Elias,

    really nobody is in need of your coins, if you have some. I wonder how some one who live on alms from the people dares write such an article. These Amharas working as EPDM are the real democratic people, they are not anarchists who are restless to hinder the way of progress. Please correct your self, because quality is not an act, but it is a habit.

    think again replies:

    Shewaye,no mater what you say,you will never divide us again..
    the alms that your talking about is the alms that will keep you up all night and keep ER going…

    what Elias speak about is…what 95% Ethiopian think is not the ethnocentric way of thinking..i suggest you re think about your thinking, i hope it is not hard to re think…………

    Degitu replies:

    Shewaye you are really confused. From the first sentence to the last one they are either not true or they carry signs that you are not a regular Ethiopian like us. Any organization that works to implement the policies of a dictatorial system is a collaborator.Elias is not offering no coins.
    And the EPDM people are democrats? Are you cheating yourself or others? The Amharas opposing TPLF are not democrats? Is that what you are implying? Total nonsense.You just are empty with no logic in you.I am just wondering how you live your daily life if you are thinking like this.
    And “quality is not an act but it is a habit” what do you even have to say this here? You just wrote it to make your whole comment sound good. You guys TPLF or EPDM where Bereket Simon(Eritrean) is also a member, you are all floating in the clouds.

  16. I agree 100% Elias with you, let us start campaigning against the culprits and make it clear that they have no right to loot our common wealth, because we all have equal share to it.

  17. From: Biri Yaya
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Monday, 9 April, 2012, 18:43


    Readers would recall my frequent reference to tyrant MZ’s agents of destruction who are not the traditional TPLF cadres. As has been demonstrated with Sheferaw Shigute’s [claims to be of Sidama ethnic background]criminal act, the tyrant uses mercenaries from all over Ethiopia.
    At the same time, MZ is keen to be identified as ‘Tigrean’ and of late is very desperate to be affirmed as a ‘Woyane king ‘ as his support base in Tigray has been diminishing by the day!
    This is a tactical game and those who fall for that would call him a ‘Woyane Junta’!
    The reality is different.

    MZ’s core front bench are made up of the likes of the Psychotic Bereket Simone(EPLF agent) and some ‘Eritreanists’ who aspire to overthrowing Isaias Afeworqi that they regard as ‘Ethiopianist!’
    The issue we Ethiopians have with Isaias is different to the ‘Eritreanist’ clique (nothing to do with the aspirations of the majority of our brothers and sisters in Eritrea!)tyrant MZ uses under Baptism of using ‘Amhara’ identity as a cover!!
    There are TPLF remnants who are so corrupted that they see no other option but to go along MZ plan, tyrant MZ using them as a conduit to pretend that he is in power using TPLF/Tigray!
    What I am trying to reason out, as is alluded to in the attached article is ( that those who ope-rationalise tyrant MZ’s strategy of divide and ruin come from all ethnic backgrounds and regions, including Eritrea.
    Given this reality, we will need to focus on attacking the fascist regime with the most up-to-date understanding of who the enemies of democracy and weapons of repression are!
    Note, too, that those who see their own personal gains above everything else are part of the tools of oppression and uprooting of Ethiopians!!
    To my reading, that is the underlying message of the timely article by Ato Elias Kifle/ER!!
    I agree!!




    observer replies:

    You are no different than MZ. All of Ethiopia’s ill, is somewhat linked to Eritrea or Eritreans.
    Please clean your house first before blaming someonelse for your failure. If MZ is your issue, deal with him as an Ethiopian without raising, Ethnic, Religion, regions and so forth… That trick is already used up by Meles and look where it got Ethiopian into.
    Find something else, more genuine and real for the good of Ethiopia.
    Equality, Justice, prosperity … for all Ethiopians is where you should start to investigate. If you feel these values are not provided by Meles, then you are onto something. Stop raising secondary issues used by MZ desperately to cling to power. You should focus on the main issues that evaded many leaders of Ethiopia in the past and current.

  18. There is no doubt this is the work of TPLF. Sebhat Nega is on the record agitating people to mobilize against the Amhara 3 days before the start of deportation.

    For those foolish people who blame Shiferaw Shigute, I advise you to wait another 4 or 5 months for the news of promotion for Shiferaw Shigute. TPLF will reward him with something at some point.

    If TPLF did not start this or did NOT approve of it, Shiferaw Shigute would already be found dead in some restaurant. That is how TPLF takes care of people it does not approve of and are unpopular.

  19. One must not feel slighted just because certain people do not readily join the struggle although its very upsetting. To be chosen, to be heroic, nobility, sainthood etc. are for the few. Joining the otherside, Al-Amoudin, should not be a big concern especialy now after their 20 something years are almost up. It is a concious decision on thier part. Even the M.D.s have made those types of decisions. Some people by nature, birth right and choice are opportunists having come from likewise families, preferring conformity, smooth opperation and opportunism over righteousness. And this era has lots of them around – they are majority in key places all over. You can stand up using at least the Internet . When Italy invaded, it was Ethiopians themselves wheather through ignorance or concious betrayal who hand led the fascists to the inner parts of the country.

    TANGO replies:

    I agree with u 100%

  20. Ato shiferaw shigute’s office tel.number please call him and experss your feeling … +251-(0)46-2209166 and his Email: [email protected]

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    Who the hill is Shiferaw Shigute?

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    Can any one tel me who is this character…. Ato Shiferaw Shigute is pleas.

  21. Sha me on those who boy-cut ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES “THE PRIDE OF AFRICA” because of politics. EAL survived during the ailing Anarchy rule and during the Anti-business minded Socialist Dergue and now it’s thriving more than ever but don’t associated it with Woyane or bla bla. I don’t support the removal of any Ethiopian from wherever he/she has established its source of livelihood. But you cannot bring Economic sanction to Ethiopia because of some idiots who made that decision to remove our brothers from other states.
    If you don’t know who ECONOMICS works then go head and boy-cut and let ur heart fulfilled with empty pride. EPRDF/TPLF party members or people in power are not more than 1million. It’s illogical to economic sanction the rest of the 79million. Iam a diaspara and I will do anything (fly EAL, buy goods, invest) to help my country weather its Dergue ruling or Woyane. I’m not after them I’m after the mass.

    Think twice, let not your pride bring you ignorance.

    think again replies:

    Ethiopia needs change for all Ethiopian. not change Ethiopia for TPLF banda.
    So Ethiopian airline is a tool for TPLF cancer to say longer and subjugate Ethiopia fort giving them more foreign currency and bankrupting Ethiopia. the sooner we get red of this banda TPLF, the sooner Ethiopia gets well.

    TANGO replies:

    Hide amlaku, is this your economics theory?

    peace replies:

    But that is exactly the issue, you said, “I will do anything to help my country” tell me, if all these businesses are thriving, why is Ethiopia the poorest, why mass refugees being created, why Ethiopians are as slaves in Arab countries, where are the traditional business people that empower people that makes the economy grow? They have all been swallowed by Alamoudi and EFFORT. Only two conglomerates in Ethiopia. Is that what economy is for Ethiopia where none of its people are participating but if they do they answer to Alamoudi or EFFORT? Alamoudi is not Ethiopian. His loyalty is to Saudi than Ethiopia. He tricked many Ethiopians into thinking he is Ethiopians. While the people are being impoverished, he is becoming the 10th richest man in the world as per Fortune magazine. Me thinks, he is in hand and glove with corporations who are bleeding the entire world including U.S. That is why he is fully supported to bleed Ethiopia.

  22. Elias I highly apreciate your constant exzpose of the breath taking events in the country.However,I like to suggest to you we need to be very savy and flexible in a moment such as this.I prefer here flexblity towards with the leser evil and being though on the real regarding this issue.I like to think not just the Ethiopian oppostion but the Teletafi party members were not and have not been prepared for what TPLF has done and continue to do in their name to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. If my assumption bears a garain of truth then,it becomes necessary that we must isolate the main culprit from the lesser evil.
    Therefore, constant demonizing of the teletafi party leaders,who privetly may have a different postion, will directly abet the regime.So long the oppostion brands them as permanent enemies they have no choice but to conform our expectation.Instead we need to give them a room and a face saving mens to distant themselves from the public enemy number one-TPLF.We must forget and give room to leave the regime even now because TPLF has reached a point of no return.we must be willing to do what is necessary to save what is left over and need to be willing to accept any one who may be contempleting to leave TPLF.

  23. As an Oromo I and my family never flown on on Ethiopian air line for we knew that one main cash flow
    To tplf kill machine was the eal and we felt it like it is hiring tplf to kill our people
    Second of all doing abussines with tplf means growing tigray economy .forgien exchanges are all run by
    Wagagen bank legally and illegally and all them are tigray born individuals and it has nothing to do with Ethiopian economy if you ever send dollars Euro or other use money gram to send to your respective state
    Bank in such away they will have conflict and that have an impact on thier income diaspora money estimated at 3billion dollar annually. Thats is bee used to buy gun to kill people of Oromo ogaden afar gambela .as the writer say it can be done while campaining against direct uncontrolled forgien aide.


    Yesterday were the Ethiopian doctors, today Mimi Sebhatu and the rest of the Amharas whose political view point or stand is different from that of Mr. Elias and/or most of the diaspora. Mr. Elias, your article is self-evident that you are no better than the very Woyanes you have been accusing for being ethnocentric narrow nationalist.

    While there are numerous cases for making critical finger pointing at the Woyanes, you chose to focus on ethnicity. This will only encourage the same sentiment and attitude among Ethiopians of various nationalities. Today the Party for people you accuse is of multinational as that is also the case for the opposition. Unfortunately, I don’t remember reading any article you wrote accusing the Tigreans or other Ethnics who are part of the opposition for being Hodam Tigrea; or Hodam this or that.

    If I chose to be part of Ehadeg; it is my prerogative. However, if I chose side or join a group for selfish reason, i deserve to be called ‘Hodam’. But my being ‘hodam’ got nothing to do with my ethnicity; my action is only a reflection of me, myself and I, not my ethnic.

    Mr. Elias you sound and look full of hate; I guess that is your prerogative too. Unfortunately,unlike an individual such as I am, you possess a powerful medium as such I am afraid you may take many with you down into the gutter. You and your medium is too important to be left in your hand as is too important to be left in the hand of that little man from Toronto whose propaganda is the other extreme(what was his name?) That man, at least, does not terrorize me the way you do. He lies so much about how great Ethiopia became,a story I heard all my life as i grew up back home. ETHIOPIA BEALEM ANDEGNA; LEMELEMWA ETHIOPIA HAGERE; Ethiopia this and Ethiopia that.

    Contrary to this, you are here to tell us Ethiopia is finished; there is no future for Ethiopia and bla bla bla. No, Ethiopia is not finished. I believe Ethiopia is doing much better than before. I visited the country two years ago. I know what I left behind 20 plus years ago. I am not going to sing the same song along with you for I know I don’t suffer from any form of amnesia.

    However, the government in power is corrupt in many ways. While it is doing good in one hand it is doing so bad on the other. But this doesn’t give you any excuse or right to promote ethnic hatred. Hence, I and those like me will keep reminding you that you are only producing hate that hate gave birth to.

    I wonder what’s becoming of Ethiopian Review, my favorite magazine.



    Tesfaye (from NY) replies:

    Nice……anjeten araskew. You should blog a lot. I like the way you write brother.
    Tell this doma the real deal.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    Ezana from toranto,
    “i believe Ethiopia is doing much better than before”
    i think you are out of touch how Ethiopia is today. there is more hanger than Ever,there is more unemployment than ever,there is more diseases than ever,there is more infant mortality than ever,our sisters are in slavery than ever ,our land is been sold to foreigners in millions of hectares.and our land is been given to Sudan..
    in what planet of yours is Ethiopia is doing much better than before. oh i forgot if you are the ruling class,or you have more connection than 85 million people, then you are absolutely correct.but Ethiopia is not much better but you are doing much better…

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    Hello Jegnaw (Jegnaw?)

    My friend it is not that i am out of touch how Ethiopia is today; it is you who is out of touch how Ethiopia was before. You don’t want me to go in detail about the past, do you?

    good day

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    Hello Ezana from Toronto
    well we cant change the past but we can change the future.there is nothing you or me can do to change the past.but i am talking what is happening in Ethiopia today by the banda TPLF you are supporting.
    but i am all ears what you are going to tell us. Amahara did this, what amahara did that, and i think that is old game now. and it has lost its power.but if you want go ahead to tel us what Amahra did your welcome.

    Abee replies:

    Ato Ezana, Before TPLF & Shabia came into power Ethiopian teachers can afforded to feed their family not today. That is a single evidence. I don’t know what the hell you are taking about and what else you are comparing too? Obviously you know the looters inside out and the changes you are talking about could be theirs bottomless bellies not the ordinary folks. Nobody lives in coma the reality on the ground says otherwise stope bulishiting, men! Your name says it all you are one of the Adawa looters family don’t tell us about your boys in the hood. Pitiful!

    Why did you stopped if you have a point say, say it how we are improved?
    Derge used to kill anyone who stands in his way, your Adawa chimps and Co.’s are doing even worse not only killing they will shipped out our poor sisters for savage Arabs to do whatever they like and kill them. Ethiopians have been evicted from their country and the lands has been sold to feed Arabs, Chinese and Indians. Are you talking about this kind of change if it is agree with you. Don’t you guys have any single shame when you said Ethiopia is changed? Are you suggesting Chilled killer Melse and Co.’s came in to power to change Ethiopian situation? I said No! They came to power to loot, Kill, Divide people destroy the country all together to satisfy his Askariyes Ancestor.

    Are you the only one who have seen a changes in Ethiopia? Don’t you believe the Citizens who struggle day to day life are capable of noticing a change? Have you seen Weyyne mobilizing Citizens to fight poverty and Ethiopiopian proclaim head on?

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    Jegnaw or/and Abee: said, “..we cannot change the past..”

    There is a way to change the past. For a starter, why don’t we try with the ugly past in your head? Get rid of it; or at least update it to something new, how about going digital :-)However, I give you credit for acknowledging the fact that our past was not something we brag about. I notice that there are many out there who tell us that Ethiopia was heaven during our corrupted King; or even latter during the modern day Dracula type leader, Mengistu Haile Mariam
    Where on earth did I support TPLF? By the way, you seem to be in the habit of referring to TPLF as BANDA? Do you know what BANDA means? Here is a little history lesson:
    According to ORLANDI, an Italian dictionary, BANDA means BAND. It also means GANG. However, it has been used in Ethiopia to mean something totally different. During the Italo-Ethiopia war some individuals from both Ethiopia and Eritrea happened to serve the Italians against their own kind. They were organized in groups by Italians and referred to as BANDA/band. Since they were seen as traitors by Ethiopians the very term that they were called by Italians came to mean, for Ethiopians, traitor. Hence Ethiopians began to use the term BANDA as a substitute for traitor. I don’t know what happened to the Ethiopian BANDAS, but I came to learn that hands and sometimes legs of those of Eritrean origin BANDAS were amputated by Ethiopians during/after victory as a punishment for siding with Italians.
    The term BANDA was used again during the Ethiopian Revolution. It was used, mainly, by members and sympathizers of EPRP (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party) in reference to those who collaborated along with DERG (ruthless military junta led by Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam). Members of AESM (All Ethiopian Socialist Movement -MESON) were the main target of the term.
    In both case we may say that the term is used in reference to those who collaborated with the enemy. So when you use the same term in reference to TPLF, we cannot help but assume that we have a bigger enemy that TPLF has collaborated with against its own, which is the rest of Ethiopia. Now, show me such bigger enemy/power, or stop misusing the term.
    Now, to continue where I stop, where on earth did I say I support TPLF? If saying things are better in Ethiopia means, to you, TPLF is good, then, I can see where your problem is originated. You see, when I said things are much better in Ethiopia today, by no means am I here to credit only TPLF. The outcome I am talking about as being better is fruit of our collective struggle, we all contributed to it. Unfortunately, TPLF claims as the sole author of the change that took place in Ethiopia while people like you continue to deny changes because you bought into the former’s claim. I would say all Ethiopians have contributed to it; even Eritreans to some extent. Ethiopian students fought and died for it; that of course of all ethnic groups, including the Amharas. They were the ones who echoed the pain and suffering of majority Ethiopians, and called for revolution against that corrupt king of yours, who divided Ethiopia among few of his loyal ministers and servants whereas majority of Ethiopian s suffer. No one in the right mind forgets what happened to hundred thousands of Ethiopians, especially from the regions of Tigray and Wollo. It is sad you are here to tell us that Ethiopia is starving more than ever!! SHAME ON YOU—LIARS!!
    It was your king who failed Ethiopia; hence we become symbol of starvation and called, in the eyes of the world, little starving people, no matter what we do; no matter where we are. I live this reality every day. Yes, your king is Amhara, but the Amharas should not carry his guilt for they are also the ones who suffer under his regime. Majority of Wollo who died of starvation were Amharas. The main players in Ethiopian student movement who stood against your king were Amharas. So get out of this mind-set that every time when someone wanted to talk about the misery of Ethiopian’s past doesn’t necessarily mean to accuse the Amahra ethnic group in general. YOU REALLY NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS MIND-SET! Why is that every time you have to define people’s action, you have to base it on their ethnic background? How is that making you any better than the “Woyanes you are accusing for being ethnocentric narrow nationalists”? I read, the other day Mr. Kiffle referring to Mimi Sebhatu as half and half; since when we started questioning the ethnic background of an Ethiopian? Mimi Sebhatu is, to me, an outstanding journalist who served us for years and continued to serve us. Now, we have to question her ethnicity? Why that is every time someone’s view is different from that of ours, boom! He/she is a Tigreans!! If he happens to be am Amhara, boom he is Hodam!! What makes you guys any better than the Woyanes who questioned recently Elias Kifle’s ethnic background, allegedly they insinuated that he had an Eritrean background. Unfortunately, Mr. Elias did not seem to learn from his own experience, now he is questioning Mimi Sebhatu’s.

    You continue to suggest that life in Ethiopia is worse, your evidence was that Ethiopian teachers were better off in the past. Now, I am not sure if the salary of teachers is a majoring point for a society’s achievement. However, that could be true. If so that is an area we still to work on to improve. I never said things are perfect in Ethiopia, unless you mix me up with the host of Anyhow what is the percentage of Ethiopian teachers in relation to the 80+ million Ethiopians? By the way, I resent those Ethiopian teachers who used to abuse me and the rest of the class with a 24”+ dry ox dick. I remember there were so many of them hanging inside the directors’ office. Each was assigned and marked with the class-room number. 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B etc. If the teacher believes you failed to answer a question or even if you happened to drop your pen by mistake while he is teaching, all he had to do is tell the class-room monitor, another student, to go and get him the ox-dick. I don’t know if they still do that Ethiopia, but I know in this part of the world it is called child abuse. I sometimes question if our current behavior, ziraf-gidelew, is shaped up by our early experience. We don’t’ seem to like to solve our problems in dialogue. We tend to run for war. THAT WAS THE BETTER ETHIOPIA you are talking about!!
    Good day

    Ezana from Toronto

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    TO EZANA from Toronto
    don’t be the victim of your life experience.think of Ethiopia, not enter-mes of your life history. and that is what i am hearing from you. Ethiopia is much,much bigger than you and me.
    and about banda i think again you are out of touch what it means to a true patriot that you can never understand no mater how much you think you know…

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    Victim of my life Experience? What is that supposed to mean? Victim of life experience. I don’t get it. I never heard of anything like that? What is that? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Maybe you should write it out in Amharic.

    The patriot thing: Oh yeah, i forgot you and your kind are the only ones who are patriot and the rest of us are anti-Ethiopia. The funniest thing about it is that you are only handful; while we are the majority. Zeraf bel yegna patroit!! That is the kind of past you need to get out of your mind. Don’t you get it; that kind of thinking is what get you here in the first place; that type of thinking has no place in today’s Ethiopia or that of tomorrow.

    I heard an expression which goes, “when a man gets old, all he has is his memory.” I think you and your kind are very much like the old man. Comfort yourself by talking about a “good” past you made up. Your Ethiopia was nothing, but a place of misery for the majority of its population. Go and tell your fantasy to the Oromos, wolaytas, gambellas, harraris, somalis and the 50% of Ethiohpian muslims, Bete-Israels. Remind them how beautiful their life was in Ethiopia of yesterday. Liar!! You are only lying to yourself.

    Ezana from Toronto

    Munich Bavaria replies:

    Ato Ezana, you are really out of touch. Do you know who is in the first place criminal in Ethiopian history, when you spoil the past Ethipian History and promote your present thugs progress ? It was you yourself who has become the notoious criminal by going beyond your limit and destroyed the World-known Nubian Dynasty, the Maroe. So when you such a darty back ground have, you cannot open your mouth.

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    I like my new title. Notorious Criminal. Ezana Ethiopia’s Notoious Criminal. Notorious E.E.C as supposed to Notorious B.I.G. Do you know whom i am talking about?

    Hey, what do you know about Nubian Dynasty. Your king claimed to be Negede Yehuda. Our anciant Nubian/Kimit/Ethiopian civilization goes beyond the Yehuda; the origin of your king.

    By the way, how can one goes beyond one’s limit. Your limit is as far as you go. You guys need to go back to school and maybe take some English lessons. Looool

    good day

    Ezana from Toronto

  25. I don’t have to be and you don’t have to be Amhara to standup for the right of your own people/Ehtiopians. As a matter of fact you don’t have to be Ethiopian either. Any human beign with a good heart has to fight any inhuman acts.
    I beleive all Ethiopians should live any correr of Ethiopia legally and proudly. There is no one illegal to live in its own country.

    When I say this, there is no way you can go any correr of the country and grab land and live there. You have to follow the rules and regulations. This is true any where part of the world.

    Thus, let’s know the fact if this is happened. How it is happened? what soultion given to the people affacted by this action? This requires a fact finding research.

  26. Thank you Elias. I have long decided not to travel to Ethiopia until fascist Meles is removed and TPLF is dismantelled. Should I have to travel to Ethiopia to see Tigrean economic, political and military dominance and feel second class citizen in my own country. No I prefer to live and die in diaspora.

    Anonymous replies:

    Bro, u can’t go back home coz u r ashamed to. u been in this country for life, but don’t have nada. u r broke. i know u don’t wanna go home empty handed.

  27. Elias,
    your “investigation” stops short of telling the horror story about the 5000 people kicked out of their homes in Mekelle so the land can be auctioned to the highest bidder and when the displaced people courageously took to the streets, they were quickly dealt with by the federal police. I don’t think the regime favors certain ethnic group over the other when it comes to selling the country to foreigners. It’s the money that they are obsessed with and they don’t care about any one needing a roof over his/her head.

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    Thank you!! This is what I am talking about. Let’s stop finger pointing at this tribe or that. The misery is shared by all. Tigreans are as victims as Amharas, Oromos and so on. This is a Class issue.Hence we need a class struggle!!

    Ezana from Toronto

  28. wow! Elias, u r detaching from the reality. Who r u telling me not to fly with EAL!? Who the f*** r u telling me not to go to Ethiopia to visit ma mom? Do u know there are many ethiopians ,including of me, who work hard n save their money hoping that they will go back home to visit their family. Brother elias, if u r paying the difference, i sure will fly with lufthansa air. U r just a full of shit

    Abera replies:

    Talk about rudeness, what a dirt bag u r. Your mom actually should be ashamed of you for having a child like you. But moms are moms.they all love their children whether they are little stinky mouse like you or a generous, freedom loving and human rights advocate. There are so many lucky moms on this planet who have children like that. Unfortunately your mom is not one. The message is who are you feeding by paying your money to EAL? I am sure u live in the West. And it is very common for organizations or individuals calling the public to boycott doing business with some companies. In the civil rights movement in U.S and South African’s struggle for freedom it was used as a useful peaceful tool. So just mind your mind because it is not thinking right.

    Anonymous replies:

    Will see what you will be doing once the Meles’s abusive dula lands on you or your family. Not that I wish for that to happen you or your family but then again you don’t have to wait till it happens, you can fight now with your hard earn money as Mr. Elias is suggesting to do.

  29. Mamo my appology,

    i just want to say you people have all the sign and resemblance of mengstu h/mariam, i just pray to God that he will not bring back those dark days upon ethiopia again. by the way mimi sibhatu is 75% tigre (knee-down) not 50% or 100% as some of you alluded…lol….

    Mamo replies:

    As always, you are wrong. I probably hate Mengistu more than you do. But that is less important now as it makes no difference when the curtains are coming down on you.

    All good things come to a close, my Woyane buddy. The one thing I would hate more than Mengistu is if your midget escapes justice. That would be a terrible shame. If I had my way with that little hateful murderer, then I would probably resemble like Mengistu.

    Hasta La Vista Dedebit boy.

  30. #33 anonymous typical woayne,
    If you have a heart, or if you were, one of those countless number of Ethiopians who have been experiencing the brutality of woyanes for the last twenty years, you wouldn’t have said what you said to Elias. You know darn well WHAT Elias is talking about! Elias never said, don’t go back and visit your mother and family members. Paying a little more to Lufthansa Airlines or other Airlines is a small sacrifice to pay to distance ourselves from the disgraceful TPLF, bloodthirsty looters and killers who are profiting from the Ethiopian Airlines and other businesses they own.
    I’m an Amhara and Oromo and I have family members almost from every ethnic group by blood and marriage. It seems, when it comes to Amharas everything is a fair game to generalize and insult Amharas. Amharas are not the only ones who are collaborating with the looters and killers TPLF. Unfortunately, many Ethiopians from Amharas, Gurages, to Oromos and other ethnic Ethiopians are in TPLF government and doing business with woyanes making blood-money by closing their eyes and ears just to survive. So the headlines needs to be changed to: ETHIOPIANS ARE CANNIBALIZED BY SOME HODAM ETHIOPIANS BY COLLABORATING WITH TPLF!

  31. We all need do our part and show Meles Inc. what the will of the people can do. We all need to conciously make a decision not to be an instrument for Meles Inc. The time is now not later.We are also hearing same is happening on the ground. Just this past Sunday 04/08/12 a convoy carrying the governor of Sudan’s was attacked by Amhara farmers inside Ethiopia.The attack was carried out because the governor started an argument with an Ethiopian farmer and told him that the land belongs to Sudan, at which point a group of armed Ethiopian farmers arrived at the scene and opened fire on the governor’s convoy. The attack showed the Sudanese government that Meles can not sell Ethiopian land to noone. Amhara is saying enough is enough and taking back what is rightfully Ethiopia’s.

    The attack took place while Governor Abbas was on his way to Ethiopia for a meeting with Meles Inc. officials. Although no one was harmed in the fire, Abbas immediately cancelled his trip inside the Ethiopia and called in security reinforcements to escort his convoy back to Al-Qadarif. The incident had infuriated the governor who later threatened to sever his state’s ties with Ethiopia without referring to the central government in Khartoum.
    The sources added that the governor had also threatened to lead a military campaign against the Ethiopian Amhara farmers and arm Sudanese tribes to fight them.

    peace replies:

    This is blessing for TPLF, the Amara farmers made a mistake, rather than unleashing their attack on TPLF, they are fighting with a giant country Sudan. I am sure, there will soon be genocide on Amara farmers either by TPLF or Sudan and probably blame it on something. I hope these Amara farmers are protected. I doubt they will be protected by anyone. We have to make sure if anything happened it is distributed everywhere in the world. We have to have a banner saying TPLF collaborates with Sudanese Janjaweed and Muslims (alamoudi) against Ethiopia.

    Anonymous replies:

    If the story is found to be true, then the Satanic Hannibal Meles and the Sudanese govt. must be working together to destroy Gondar province first, then Wollo and Gojam. I’m afraid, we’re going to witness Meles and the Sudanese dictator repeating Darfur act of horror in Gondar. God forbid!

  32. This is a calculated move by Meles and his ruthless TPLF gangsters. Most probably, the attackers were woyanes themselves to create conflict between the well armed Sudanese and the unarmed Amharas. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in the near future, the Sudanese mass murder the poor and peace loving Amharas.

    peace replies:

    That is probably very true. We need to campaign to Sudan that it was TPLF not Amrara farmers. I think there is a claculated attack against Amaras now.

  33. OK
    I don’t understand one thing. If one wants to topple (the disgraceful government in my time) why displaying the strategy/Idea…etc on websites?????? A hero doesn’t know that he/she is One before an accomplishment. I see some brilliant ideas on this website that could bring a sensible change for our country. However…once they are posted/displayed here…their only purpose is to beautify this web. That is it. On way or the other….the ideas become powerless and redundant. Look through what I am writing please. I understand it’s a TIME of information and communication But some infos has to be kept secret until the mission is completed. OR are you guys are fool that you hand out the keys to anyone?????I mean even to me. It is heart aching.

    P.S. Is the word HODAM gone viral?

  34. Elias You are quite right that we should stop those Hodam Amhara and Oromo who live to eat and do kowtow to Monster Zenawi. We have taken more than enough suffering at the hands of quasi-EPRDF elements who are working for Meles Zenawi. Enough is Enough. They are killing our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers day in, day out and we have to encounter them with no time. The whistle has been blow.

  35. Mamo, meles hates mengistu too, so what. fyi..i have never been in dedebit but you some how think its wrong or a crime. look you are intimidating and condemning people for flying ethiopian airlines,for vacationing in ethiopia or open business in ethiopia. only god knows what you are going to do to them if you had your ways. mengistu didnt just kill, he too condemned people before he kill them in the name of ‘enat ethiopia’ calling them “hodam adhari who suck the poors blood”, and as “those who change car like shirt while poor ethiopians starve to death”..”feudals who enslaved the poor” etc etc… but for you it sounds like even one being from certain region is a crime.

  36. Mr. pseudonym #35,

    at first place your mixed identity will make you a mule ( Bekilo ) in reality which is lacking the original identity. And at second place you are adoring Elias the most most wanted criminal. Don’t believe that thousends of dogs which are barking on this bands website will do any positive thing. Let the Amharas organize themselves. That will encourag the rest of Ethiopians to be alert.

    lalalalal replies:

    you are confused individual you need medication.go seek a medical attention before it is too late for you..

  37. This is why the so called Liberation Fronts including TPLF blame Amara, they know it that Amaras are not as ethnofascists ast the Liberation Fronts. What is the proof? Because they don’t unite thinking what makes them united is Ethiopia and all ethnic groups. However the desire for Liberation Fronts is for Amara to unite. what is the agenda? So that when the plight of Amara increases, Amara has no option but to unite to protect themselves and when they protect themselves, TPLF will have an excuse to ethnically cleanse Amaras. What the Amaras should do is seek the unification of Oromos of course both of these should be leaders to bring Ethiopia out of this plight for all ethnic groups as they did during the occupation of Italy. They should be leaders and responsible not only for their own ethnic groups but also for other ethnic groups including Tigrayans as the Tigrayans have been brainwahsed by TPLF and Shaebia that they will be in trouble from other Ethiopian ethnic groups. So Oromos and Amaras not only reform in the way how Ethiopia should be they should also have wisdom to be able to send message to Tigryans that the problem is only against TPLF but not Tigryans. Even TPLFites should still join and unite other Ethiopians. What is very shocking until this day is that why Oromos from the mainstream are not able to have their own party that is not as extreme as OLF. The Oromos with new moderate party of course must have their demand. I have a feeling the TPLF and OLF are making sure that the Oromos will not be united under one banner and one Ethiopia. Instead, they are pushing the moderate Oromos to extreme and by making them join the extreme OLF party. So you mean to tell me that this is a sign of democracy that OLF is demonstrating if that is the case, by pushing Oromos not to think for themselves? We Ethiopians went to hell since the rise of Mengistu because of extreme thinking through EPLF, Marxism and Leninism, which is outsourced to Ethiopia that will never help anyone but it is the benefit for dictators and ethnofascists as demonstrated under Mengistu and TPLF and throughout the world.

  38. Come on, Elias! Why do you have to point a finger on Hodam Amharas, knowing darn well other Hodam ethnic groups are doing the same thing? Haven’t enough fingers pointed on Amharas and used as scapegoats already?

  39. Peace#42,

    please stop messing with Oromos and consentrate only on your by God chosen Amharas. The Oromos have more than enough with Amharas for more than a century. Leave the Amharas do for themselves what they can do.

  40. Brothers and Sisters,

    I am Ethiopian temporary outside the country. I will not tell you where I am. For sure I will return soon back home. If I tell you where I am now the cadres of Meles will wait me on Bole and I will go to Kalite.

    Do you know that we have no access for this website in Ethiopia? Meles and Bereket blocked it. We can only read some news of the website when we get email from the producers.

    Meles is leading the country in the sprite of Mao and Communist Party of China. All the policy of the country are copied from China including segregation of the people. Some period ago I was in China for the government mission, and heard that the government is not registering and not giving certificate for peasant migrants to the city. Hencem, they are indirectly illegal. May be Meles and his mad cadres copied this concept of illegality as it is and applied it on the Amharas in the southern part of their country. Who knows we may be asked to show passport when we go from one regional state to the other if Meles mentors from China tells him so.

    Shalom and God Bless Ethiopia.

    God help our secular leaders to develop spirituality so that they will serve us ethically and with discipline.

  41. The fact of the matter is that the weyane Junta, following its thumping defeat in the 2005 election, went n over-ddrive the following year to divert the world’s condemnation by nvading Somalia. Not only did it invade Somalia as a diversionary tactic but also it was engaged in demographically manipulation so that it can avoid similar defeat in the following 2010 election by encouraging people to move from place to place & thus playing the people against one another. That way, it thought it can manipulate & coerce the new “settlers” as well as the natives to give their votes for it. The Weyane didn’t want to take a chanc so it used donated food aid as a bargainng chip in return fr the votes of the deliberately & systematically impoverished people in the region of plenty in the southern regions. This was widely reported by several western media including the BBC investigative reportage had verified that donated food aid including that of the UK was used to but the weyane the votes that helped, arguably, the most hated political party, to rig the vote in it’s favour. 99.6%. Two years down the line, the weyane identified those Amharas shown in the BBC newsnight documentary & came after them in a vengeful manner. Tyrant Meles Zenawi came after the odd 0.4% ones.
    For the Weyane, the people of Ethiopia as a whole are indespensable items for use & throw & as Elias said, the direct & indirect financier of the Weyane have a vital role to play in the suffering of the poor people in Ethiopia.
    Not only southern region is the playground of the Weyane but also the people including the ones in diaspora are the play-things for the weyane. By coersion or willingly.
    The Ethiopian spring is an immnent phenomenon waiting for it’s right time.

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