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List of doctors in the Diaspora who collaborate with Woyanne junta

On the weekend of March 24, 2012, the Woyanne ambassador in Washington DC, Girma Birru, held a meeting with over 70 exiled Ethiopian physicians who reside in the US. As reported by Ethiopian Review previously, the objective of the meeting in Alexandria, Virginia, was to discuss about a plan to build a private referral hospital in Ethiopia, but the hidden agenda is for the Woyanne junta to the doctors for its crude propaganda at home.

The doctors had initially planned the hospital project as a private enterprise and formed an organization named “Ethiopian American Doctors Group EADG.” However, as in every Ethiopian organization, Woyanne agents did not waste time to infiltrate the group with the help of some opportunist individuals. Now, EADG is fully controlled by Woyanne junta agents, including Henock Gebregziabher, Getachew Hagos, Mezgebe Berhe, Abiy Mekoya Gebreselassie Nida, and former physician of Meles Zenawi, Mulai Teklu Yohannes.

Some of the doctors have withdrawn their membership after they found out about Woyanne’s involvement.

Ethiopian Review obtained a list of current active members of the EADG.

Abinet Boku
Abiy Mekoya
Admasu Hailu
Agmasie Woldie
Behane Wubshet
Benalfew Legesse
Cherinet Adgeh
Daniel Tesfaye
Daniel Wolde
Dereje Ayo
Efrem Alemayehu
Elias Ashame
Elias Bahta
Esayas Gebreyesus
Fasika Tedla
Fassil Tefera
Fekade Tefera
Gebreselassie Nida
Gedion Getachew
Genene Fanta
Getachew Mazengia
Getachew Feleke *
Getachew Hagos
Getahun Kifle
Getaw Worku
Getu Assefa
Girum Lemma
Henock Gebregziabher
Isaias Irgau
Lesanemariam Banko
Markos Haile
Merfake Semret
Meseret Tena
Mezgebe Berhe
Mingiziem Emiru
Mohammed A. Nurhussein
Nurelign Abebe
Shemsu Balker
Sileshi Belay
Tariku Ayalew
Tesfaye Fanta
Tewabe Kebede
Yared Gebregiorgis
Yeneneh Woldetensaye
Yeshitila Mengesha
Yetmgeta Eyayou
Yoseph Birku
Zergabachew Asfaw
Zerihun Bunaye
Abinet Boku
Berhane Wubshet
Dereje Ayo
Efrem Alemayehu
Elias Ashame
Getachew Feleke
Girum Lemma
Shemsu Balker

155 thoughts on “List of doctors in the Diaspora who collaborate with Woyanne junta

  1. Please let us report those who have an asylum case to federal gov. SO That The USA gov will take actions on them.

    Please I want who can tell me any of them I will inform Gov and open the cases.

    Please hurry up.

    MD replies:

    Are you jealous of them because they are doctors? Is this why you want to report them to the US immigration? It is not there fault that you a stupid ass who has no better option than to work at 7/11 or parking. So shut up and let them do there job.

    Anonymous replies:

    @MD you are such a bone headed person!!! what Truth said has not nothing to do whether these people are doctors or not. Why are you twisting the whole topic?….Off course that is what woyane people do….diverting from the main topic!! A quality of man is not mesaured by his status quo instead by what he does for others!!!

    Ato replies:

    @Anonymous – u r absolutely correct to tell MD what he/she is -boneheaded loser, to say the least. We should report the no-good doctors who benefit from or work for a tyrant regime while also holding asylum status…

    MD replies:

    If what they are doing is wrong just say it and try to justify it. Why go the extra mile to hurt them personally? These people are trying to do what they think is best for there country. Just because they are doctors and they know better than most of you, it is not right trying to destroy there life. I am not the one who is boneheaded. It is the bunch of losers like yourself who are no good for themselves and there country. One more advice. Try to get more education than ESL.

    Queen Elizabeth replies:

    MD ha!ha!ha!ha! real funny wanebe. Jealous… ha ha ha you hodams are so pathetic that you amaze me, not a drop of blood in you all slim. The audacity that you carry while melaingin your country for a dime is so, so , pathetic. You will soon chock in your slim. Slim bag.

    Ahadu replies:

    Again the same illitrate woyanne with his favourite word jelous ,how can you say jelous to the real Ethiopians who are fighting the rats invasion and their affiliates like the once on the list who are ready to be slaves for rats with out imagining how low they can go down to join the thieves company and be part of the day light robbery,

    DESSTA replies:

    If they are interesting to serve their country, why they left their country? Sometimes, it is hard to give personal judgment as professional person. Critical thinkers do not rush to Jude another person. They took time to find out the creditably of the information. They will exam, evaluate, and asses the information to pass their judgment. I believed, those doctors escaped from their county to save their life. We all know that so why are you trying to communicate with someone you disagree with. It is a moral issue to think about it. We live in the technology age therefore we can not hide anything from the public. This is true. We are not dart throwers. We are your brothers and sisters. If you are real doctors stop co-prate with the government.

    Turth~ replies:


    Don’t blame these doctors for leaving Ethiopia. Once, Melese told them that Ethiopia doesn’t need doctors.

  2. It is good news that Doctors make house visit- this time Ethiopia- no pun intended. But what kind of a house( this time woyane controlled and abused country) are they going to? I hope this learned and compassionately human life oriented physicians should know better about human right violations in the country they are destined to invest their skill, money and reputation. Before they step foot they should avoid being hoodwinked and have to make their involvement conditional with relation to human rights and other documented abuses done locally and internationally by a de facto government ato Girma represents.

  3. Why do you oppose everything? I am talking to you Elias, these ethiopian doctors are gone invest to build a hospital not a military training camp. We all should thank and appreaciate what they will do, not call them woyane or other names even if they may be. I am proud of my ethiopian doctors, keep up the good work and God bless all of you.

    Abee replies:

    Your agreement is valid, If there is money shortage Weyanne looters can stop stealing. Weyanne would like to control the movment of every Ethiopian if they can, these Individuals and many more who’s capable to make a change. The Weyanne is very well understood we, the dispora’s are against them and speaking on behalf of our voiceless Citizens. The (weyannes) infiltrate any group we forum lately I’m hearing (ESFNA) Is in trouble. I hope I’m not talking to Cadres?

  4. What mindless and weak people. Forget about their education that does not mean nothing. This people are rootless, shameless and don’t have any respect for there profession. I wonder from which schools their graduated from?.

    Fair-E replies:

    From school you will never get admitted even as a janitor you stupid moron.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    To Faie-E
    what school is that the university of hodam dedebit TPLF ..i will take one patriotic Ethiopian janitor at any day than 100 TPLF hodam doctor. you stupid more-on…

    lol replies:

    narrow minded people don’t accept others so they don’t grow…that is what you sohowed by writteing above comment. Go doctors. We need you…

    lol replies:

    hahaha look at his name too” jegnaw ethiopiawi”???? Alkerem ete!!!!! The jegnas are the doctors!!!!! Love you doctors. Keep it up. leave these Fesam!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    Judging from the way you write, it is fair to assume that the doctors went to better schools than you did. Any questions? See a doctor. Better yet see a shrink

    Anonymous replies:

    i amsre hoda like u barks to defend your kind, i am sure this doctors are thinkin with theie bellies instead of their brains.

    As cuban leader put it

    No thieves, no traitors, no interventionists! This time the revolution is for real!
    Fidel Castro

  5. @Embee ……go to adult school and improve ur English……these doctors are doing a positive thing ….u just sit and criticize everything……
    @truth….u are an idiot and coward…….do u know falsely reporting (based on prejudice is a felony)…..think twice before you open ur mouth
    @elias …..soon we will post how u helped someone from EPRDF ruling party to get an asylum…..

    Abera replies:

    Hey you dedeb, you have nothing else to say? Anyone who defected from EPRDF deserves to apply for asylum. even you are living in the West, you don’t care what is going on. The message that was posted is not against opening a hospital in Ethiopia. The message is Woyanne is going to use this as a propaganda tool to say” the educated doctors in America believe and trust the TPLF” therefore “the uneducated ordinary people of Ethiopia should be ruled by our laws not by the rule of law’ This is what Elias is trying to tell you guys. Some of you say “Elias is jealous” ” it is ok to be a tool of TPLF as long as it is a Hospital for the people” and tomorrow “it is ok if any one in USA who speaks English can go and replace the teachers in Ethiopia because they were fired” and University professors, bank and insurance specialists and so on and on. So because these people are doctors we are not going to tell them what they are doing is wrong? To me that time when Ethiopians used to obey a person with a Dr. in front of his name is gone. Thank God there are many more doctors who will see the reason behind all this. Don’t forget there are TPLF members who are also doctors, lawyers, accountants etc even though many of them are just foot soldiers like Meles with scars of flea bites on their backs.

    winta replies:

    u really sick person ,it makes me sick to see peoples like u .knowing english dos not make u smart person ,though u are not good writter.Every body including u naw using advantage on our country and its people.u dont have moral to crtisize Elias ,u are a banda ,servant of weyane like the above Drs!!!

    tadeletch replies:

    Anonymous,you have a big problem to solve in front of you.
    1- you insulted an Ethiopian friend over his English. I just want to remind you that if you think the doctors mentioned are good English speakers and writers, I can prove you wrong.
    2- another thing is also there are some doctors who become medically interested to save people’s lives, have a human nature of compassion. A good example is Doctors without Borders. They are a dedicated and very educated medical professionals who have given their comfortable lives for the poor. But on the other side there are some doctors who like the money they are making and worked hard to get there.They don’t care about the poor, they care about money and fame.they have no other brain power left for them to think about political, social and economic problems of the majority of the people.So you should know the medical system is also corrupt like any other systems in society.
    Dr. Asrat was a surgeon with outstanding experience and dedication for his country and became a victim of TPLF thiefs.
    3- Anonymous, if you have not understood what I just said to you, Here is another advice. There is a book called “Doctors of Death”.It tells you how many doctors worked for Hitler and killed millions of Jews and other innocent people.Try to read it.
    Don’t be annoyed at me. This is a fact of reality. I guess you went to bed happy after insulting my brothers and sisters of my country. But I hope i gave you a big headache now.

    And finally, to the Ethiopian doctors whose names mentioned above. We are proud of you guys reaching to where you are at as professional medical doctors. Some of you have a very good intention of helping our people. However, Please understand and try to listen to what we are saying. Don’t be used by this government that imprisoned and fired many professional educated people like you just because they did not agree with its policies. Give these people a respect by saying NO to the government’s plan of lies and propaganda. Once you are in Ethiopia and if you are not happy with what you see and say something, you are gone.You will “accidentally” disappear or charged “helping terrorists”

    Martha replies:

    @tadeletch . . .did u finish grade 3 . . I don’t think so . .if u finished grade 3 u must have been regressed to grade 0 . . Hahahahahhah . . In ur life time u will never be able to help Ethiopia ( except sending 50 dollars whenever there is a holiday ) . .the above mentioned doctors are brave enough to help their countrymen . . Regardless of EPRDF . . Yes I support their cause and hail them for what they are doing . .

    alem replies:

    @martha its better to ask your question to your self ,it is easy to know your bad personality from your writting .do think to be a doctor by its self makes one person brave or kind?acutally u are illitrate from dedebit ,insulting by its self is saign of inferetey complex.i am sure u are the one who send 50$ to your family….pls disrespecting other does not make u smart, tray to get some education ….

    tadeletch replies:

    To Martha. No actually you are wright I did not finish grade 3 and I think better than you who is also in my class and even your master dictator Meles.I don’t blame you for talking garbage because probably you were born in a “Red Light District” on April 2 just one day too late. And you should get a license for being that stupid.
    How did you know i am sending $50 to my relatives?Is that supposed to be an insult too? Many Ethiopians send money to their relatives when ever they can even on holidays. So you are telling us you are sending more? I can easily tell you are a kid. you are just a blue print for building an idiot. So now we know why some mammals eat their children….they are useless like you.

    Ahadu replies:

    Martha i can imagine you are not either beautiful or near the intellect and i am sure you are woyanne supporter or sympetheiser or a close relative to one of the woyanne criminals liers and thieves,you peoples (woyannes) exists only in a small woyanne kitchen and the country Ethiopia is like reaching to the moon walking means swimming in atlantic ocean and your 20 years survival has nothing to do with intellect rather the financial support and advice of your enablers (the west)with full assignment of Ethiopian destruction and your chimp boss is all about (A traitor like his ancestors and a slave for the enemies of Ethiopia)

  6. In my opinion, these are quacks. I do not why they fell prey to one of the world’s notorious mercenary group. They are being used for propaganda purposes. In a country where 95% of the population goes to bed without a single meal because this shifta group, the so-called doctors are going to build hospitals to “help’ the people. What a joke! I thought only a few of those azemaris are gluttons. What a bunch of depressed losers!!

    Elias, thanks again for the job well done.

  7. This is health matter,and helping the Ethiopian poor to get better treatment in any way possible is not a bad thing by itself. A single addition of hospital with modern medical equiipment and trained Doctors will only help the people. So why oppose it? Someone said “make it conditional on human rights” Really? Does the tribal racist cancer Woyane cares about human rights? Just do what you can to change the lives of the poor people of Ethiopia while also fighthing to remove the Woyane cancer from power.

  8. However, as in every Ethiopian organization, Woyanne agents did not waste time to infiltrate the group with the help of some opportunist individuals. Now, EADG is fully controlled by Woyanne junta agents, including …

    – EK

    It is unlikely they’ll succeed under the current government even if they went ahead with their plans. Believe it, nothing under Dergue and Woeyane come to fruition or has blessed longevity. It is the trend they set that is troubling though. Besides, they are the DV generation doctors. The trend for the last 20 years (since Woeyane came to power) particularly in the Western world, has been a businessman-celebrity doctor. In the age of the wolves, doctors, too, can be top wolves. In the U.S, where there is a shortage of doctors, going for big dollars is always the case. The U.S will never satisfy its doctor needs because the doctors keep on moving on to specialities and research where the bucks are even bigger and rewarding. In the process, we have a sub class of generations of Indian and Pakistani doctors (majority) in a country where the last medical school was built or opened back in the fifties. Poor countries like Ethiopia in the meantime donate doctors to the U.S. Expect a bussinessman-celebrity-multitalented doctor to dominate your already intimidated little life. If there is good government somewhere, it’ll correct the trend. Made in America.

  9. Thanks Elias do not be discouraged by hodams and so-called Hager wodaj. Hitler had also collaborators and fascist Meles would have not killed/looted and stayed in power for so long without hodams/collaborators. It may take some time to wake up like the previous hodams from Dr Berhanu/Fisseha etc. Woyane/Meles told us and the Ethiopian people that their major aim is to disintegrate Ethiopia and build greater TIGRAI. Until now they are doing everything according to plan and there are still some hodams who are not willing to see this or wake up blinded by personal gains.

  10. I cant believe people with a rational mind are objecting this humaniterian motive! I dont care who the next goverment is going to be, but why not build a modern referal hospital?, I am sure most of these doctors owe the country!! I think we should use common sense some times!

    Think replies:

    habesh do you think the poor people of Ethiopia will have a chance to be treated in that referral hospital ? Think again, it is for propaganda my dear. This news will give origin to the olmost deat body of weyane. All foreign currency have been looted out of the country any way.People please weak up don’t send your hard earned money back home ,those tugs will take it away from you. Ask others not a weyane rep about investing, you will find out how many lost their houses to family members there is no RULE OF LAW in Ethiopia .keep your money where you are.

  11. Here is my point:
    It was a good idea if everyone of us here in USA go and contribute to our motherland in each and every aspect of our people’s life: health, education, industry, agriculture etc. But the military junta is continuously distracting what others built or building. Why? the only reason the woyane wants is not real development but to stay long in power while others are dying. I do not think natural disease is killer than woyane itself in the country. Why you build the hospital? Are you going to work in it? or you think the current woyane education will produce real doctors to help the people and work in it? I think this is paradoxical moral and ethical dilemma. Think about it before you decide and talk about it. I agree that you as a professional citizen should contribute at least something for your country. But here is the fact on the ground . People are dying due to the disease that is supported by malnutrition. The people you know 20 years ago can’t feed themselves 2wise a day. They can’t send their children to school like they send you 30, 20 years ago. The reason is life is getting sourly expensive from time to time. You may argue that this is “common everywhere in the world”. But in our country it is different guys. Woyane is getting richer and richer than Democrat or Republican party in the US. Why? Because they controlled everything in different names and business shares. Do you think woyane is unable to build this hospital? do you? come on, Woyane can build 100 or more such hospitals if he wants. But they don’t need to. Even the old hospitals are poorly equipped purposely. Where as the Mekele Referral Hospital is designed to pass the emergency ambulance up to the third floor or fourth floor in the building with the patient. I mean guys this days will pass but those of you who do not speak the truth today, “Woyewlachihu!” Your son and grand son will pay the price. You have power and money to say something in the name of the Ethiopian poor to the world. You can ask the US gov.t to help you remove this blood sucker Junta and put another good gov.t instead. Why you approve this mercenary to continue in his job? Ignore your support by treating those victims already. Think to help them to stop the cause that makes them sick, wounded, die due to its “zeregna agezaz”

    Majority of you and your name sense to me you are Amhara. That is why woyane is insulting Amahara calling ” Ahiya” “Hadgey” ” donkey” because he knows this animal cant refuse anything she carry , do not refuse to go anywhere, do not care about herself, do not see far (short sighted)

    Sorry i will be Dr one day but not like you, intoxicated by paradoxical moral and ethical dilemma.

  12. Elias, I appreciate your commitment in informing your people. For me, commenting on this issue is walking on a fine line. But, I decided to furnish my opinion from my experience in the past.
    I have been in Ethiopia twice within the last 6 months. I have visited Betezata, one of the private hospitals in Addis in order to seek medication for my mom. Most Ethiopians cannot afford to be there or other hospitals. Most of the patients are our Tigrai brothers and sisters. Access to healthcare is almost impossible for the majority of Ethiopians.

    During my stay in Addis, I also watched a documentary on ETV regarding those best health centers and Hospitals in Tigra. The elites, of course, get whatever care they want. By one or another way, majority of the victims are poor Ethiopians. Let these doctors try to help the poor. If things go in the wrong direction, however, let them withdraw their commitment.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    thank you for your courageous comment…

  13. It’s your money and you can give it to whomever you want, but it’s good to be a responsible giver. Hope most of you knows that Ethiopians problem is way far from building/medical facility. New buildings are growing overnight here and their but those buildings are not solving the country’s chronic problem, rather they are aggravating it. if you see some kind of hope which most of us don’t see I got to say Good Luck. otherwise it’s just a bribe. any irresponsible givings kill the poor and fatten the corrupt cadres.

  14. The past 20 years is a testimony by itself that Meles doesn’t do anything to help the Ethiopian people. How can we expect from a tyrant who gave orders Ethiopians to be gunned down, thrown in jail, murdered, evicted from their homes and thrown in the streets and sell their land to foreigners? Does this dictator seem that cares what happens to Ethiopians? In Ethiopia, poor Ethiopians go to the hospitals to die, if they ever get a chance even get admitted. Ethiopians might as well die at home with their dignity intact than going in a filthy hospitals that lacks well trained doctors and nurses and necessary medications. I recently heard from an Ethiopian who went to Ethiopia to visit his mother who was admitted in one of the hospitals in Addis, my friend who is a nurse in US was distraught when he finally got to see the conditions of the hospital and the lack of care his mother and other patients were being given at that hospital. The IV wasn’t placed properly and his mother’s arm was swollen badly and screaming for help and yet the demoralized and over worked workers were watching TV in another room and never bother to run and see why the patient was screaming about. This woman was one of the lucky ones, who happened to have a well trained son that took matters in his hands against the hospital rules and the workers and took his mother out of that hospital and were able to help his mother at her home.

  15. Thanks Elias,
    Please keep listing the list of current active Hodam Woyanes and supporters of Woyane in the diaspora regardless of their profession so we know who is who and take precautions.

  16. At the bottom of the list, I see the repetition. This little noticed error may be a typo or it may have another intention; to defame the editor.

    Abinet Boku
    Berhane Wubshet
    Dereje Ayo
    Efrem Alemayehu
    Elias Ashame
    Getachew Feleke
    Girum Lemma
    Shemsu Balker

  17. If you look the names most of of them are from the minority ethnic tribe who is in power for over 20 years. No surprise!!! And of course, some ‘hodams’

  18. Some of you seem to think as long as the idea is to establish a better health care in the country the collaboration with Woyane is ok. Woyane is using this kind of collaborations towards its own advantage not for the nation’s benefit. Woyane received US$7 billion from IDA, Euro 1.2 billion from Europe, about the same amount from USA in the past 21 years. In addition, the majority of the most fertile virgin arable land in the country has been sold for over 50 years; all the state farms and industries established by the previous administrations has been sold or are in the process. Where is the revenue? Construction of empty buildings in every remote corners and calling those universities? Or Constructing roads that take to nowhere? Or Building dams that are neither sustainable nor priority at this point in time?
    All these constructions are supeficial in terms of economic development. They are all implemented to make woyane officials richer and EFFORT bigger.
    Do these doctors have the sense of what is going on in the country? Do they know who they are collaborating with? If they are so supportive of woyane, why did they left the country in the first place? Why don’t they return to Ethiopia and work for woyane full time?

    peace replies:

    We have to stop this donor mentality. Yes, the West gives money, that is exactly the PROBLEM that we are expecting hand out to develop our country. These poor nations will never learn from the past and expect a hand out without any conditions. In fact this money given in billions to TPLF is to purchase weapons so that to kill and threaten us as well as for anti terrorism. So in fact the aid in the form of money, weapons or food is very much counter productive for us. In fact, with our own money or let us say if we don’t have money, we can only get loans for weapons when threatened or to curb dictatorships so that the people can live in peace and develop. TPLF got this weapon aid to get rid of Mengistu and unfortunately used it to control Ethiopians and steal and threaten Ethiopia. So TPLF became dictator number #2 after Menigstu, same thing. Otherwise, we need to grown our own food and develop our own self rather than getting donor money. That is the problem. If TPLF didn’t have the weapons they would have been long gone.

  19. All this doctors try to do is Good for the come and go. but every thing is built if its hospital road or other thing will stay for the next generation.some here say they contribute for weyane next time Mr.Elias will list every ethio who visit ethio and some way contribute for the country economy?

  20. if you wonder why meles is in power for 20 years go no further than this thread. how can you villify and threaten doctors who are trying to payback to a nation that raised and educate them by building hospital???just because you threw a couple of conspiracy theory by sprinkling it with few names that sound from tigray, it doesnt justify your campaign to stop these few selfless ethiopians from buliding a hospital that is desperately needed in ethiopia…please have some decency and respect for ethiopians.

  21. If the meeting is for real development of new Hospital that can serve our people that is fine. If it is only for Political goals from Gov point of view and to build their house at home from the Drs point then that will be a shame of Nation.

    Ethiopia is “the luckiest” Country she has got so many Drs,Politicians, Social Scientist and others who are totally against her development/growth and who claim the growth of economy while the country is bleeding.

    The amazing thing is, we have historians who know nothing about their country but who know more about USA and Europe.

    Please guys Pray to have Good visionary and rational leaders.

    Anonymous replies:

    i know nothing about other history.but i know the history of band TPLF like you sucking Ethiopia boon dry… before you tel us you are Ethiopian tell us what TPLF means,then we will tell your banda a.s whether you are Ethiopian or not.

  22. ER,

    When you are posting such sensitive subject such as development that is still not clear to us whether the TPLF junta is genuine on this or not. We must analyze our own definition of development. Therefore, when you present such article to us, make it debatable rather than going directly to criticizing even if your fact finding is the truth. What I am saying is that, make it so that is this project is going to work or not even TPLF is going to block it and uses it to its own agenda? For instance there are many genuine Ethiopian diaspora that say, even though they know the agenda of TPLF, their contribution to rescue to Ethiopia’s plight MIGHT help a little. I can understand from those who are really concerned to Ethiopia’s plight and despite TPLF’s obstruction, they will go and try. That is why TPLF wants to get credibility of the genuine Ethiopia’s development on itself rather than the Ethiopian diaspora who went back and made a huge difference. Take for example, the engineer, Kitaw Ejigu who never had problem with TPLF and wanted to focus only on development of Ethiopia, poured his hard work and money to go to Ethiopia and develop it. When he went back, he was told to start development from Tigray rather than development to his native region in the South, somewhere in Arusi and other regions of Ethiopia even including Tigray. He disagreed on this based on observation that more development is pouring in Tigray region disporportionately compared to other regions eventhough he has no objection to Tigray’s devleopment. He was instantly blocked from implementing development. There are also many cases where Ethiopia’s bright diaspora went back, gave their best skills and money and later were blocked after TPLF acquired the skills and money used it for itself. So some Diaspora have be duped thinking they will make a difference. There are other greedy and heartless diaspora who are bent on working with TPLF perpetuating misery for Ethiopians.

    What needs to be found out about the project these doctors are going to do is that they really need to do their homework and find out that what is the agenda behind it. Meaning did this idea come from TPLf-supported groups in the first place? If so, what is the agenda? The true doctors who truly want to make a difference in Ethiopia also should do their own research by enquiring those in Ethiopia (if they are able to get real answers) and the diaspora who returned from Ethiopia ask them what their experience was in Ethiopia under tPLF. Because the transparency of TPLF and their supporters is very hidden, the doctors could be duped later on after they poured their labor and money in Ethiopia. Even if TPLF uses it for propoganda, is the benefit to help Ethiopians if it is indeed true, out weights the agenda that tplf is going to use it for? It is possible, it may not help Ethiopia at all or only Tigray region. Who knows. In this case, it is hard to judge and will be found out after fact unfortuantely. It is because the trust of us diaspora and Ethiopians on TPLF is very low, because history has shown us for 20 some years, we have been duped and tricked thousands of times under TPLF.

  23. Anonymous የአፍሪካ ሙሁራኖች “ፊደላዊያን ናቸዉ” የተባለዉ እኮ እንዳንተ ላለዉ ነዉ የሰዉን ሃሳብ ሳይሆን ቋንቋዉ ላይ ፊጥ ማለትህ እንግሊዘኛ የማይናገር ደካማ ነዉ የሚል አስተሳሰብ ነዉ ያለህ ፤ ጃፓኖች እንዳይሰሙህ እኔ ባማርኛ የጻፍኩትን ምን ልትል ይሆን አንተ ፈረንጅ አምላኪ!!!

  24. Daniel Tesfaye (Eritrean who claims to be Gondare, former Derg officials son and Army Doctor)

    Esayas Gebreyesus (Eritrean/Ameche)
    Getachew Hagos (Tigre)
    Getahun Kifle (Tigre)
    Mezgebe Berhe (Tigre/TPLF supporter from MD, lives in VA)
    Henock Gebregziabher (Tigre)
    Getachew Hagos (Tigre)
    Mulai Teklu Yohannes (an idiot from Tigrai)

    Most are in-secured pigs who wants to take advantage, if there was one…

    They are equivalent of Nazi Doctors such as :

    Dr. Heinrich Berning

    An associate professor at Hamburg University, Berning lead the “famine experiments” on Soviet prisoners. While the prisoners starved to death, he observed their bodily functions degrade; this included loss of libido, dizziness, headaches, edema and swelling of the lower abdomen (Annas & Grodin, 1992). Berning then published his results after the war.

    Dr. Philip Bouhler

    Bouhler was the head of the early euthanasia program (otherwise known as the T4 program) along with Himmler.

    Dr. Viktor Brack

    Brack formulated ideas for experiments with Himmler. Brack was very interested in assembly line sterilizations and castration. He wanted to be in charge of the x-ray experiments at Auschwitz, but Himmler choose Schumann to be in charge over Brack.

    Dr. Karl Brandt

    Brandt was a personal physician to Hitler and one of the main defendants in the “Trial of Twenty-Three”.

    Dr. Carl Clauberg

    Clauberg conducted sterilization and castration experiments along with Horst Schumann at Auschwitz. He tried to look for cheap and fast ways of sterilization and found that x-rays worked quite well. Clauberg tried to artificially inseminate women with numerous things. He injected caustic substances into womens’ cervixes to disturb the fallopian tubes (Lifton, 1986). One of the substances he would inject into the women with formalin, novocain, progynon and prolusion to terminate their pregnancies. Block ten at Auschwitz was know as Clauberg’s block.

    Dr. Leonardo Conti

    Conti was chief physician of the Third Reich. He was responsible for the killing of a large number of Germans of “unsound mind”(Snyder, 1976).

    Dr. Dering

    At Auschwitz, Dering removed ovaries after Schumann’s x-ray applications by cutting horizontal lines above the pubic area (instead of cutting by the abdominal opening), which put the patient more at risk for infection (Lifton, 1986). After the operation, he sent the ovaries to the labs to ascertain how effective the x-rays were in destroying the tissue.

    Dr. Auther Dietzsch

    A doctor at Buchenwald, Dietzsch suggested that Dr. Ding (Schuler) inject typhus patients with fresh blood; this killed them.

    Dr. Ding (Schuler)

    He tried to immunize patients that had typhus by giving them fresh blood at Buchenwald; this resulted in their deaths. He also gave patients typhus in order to perform other ineffective “curative” experiments on them.

    Dr. Arnold Dohmen

    Dohmen worked with Kurt Gutzeit at Auschwitz and began experimenting primarily with animals. He was convinced by Gutzeit to do human experiments and infected eleven Jewish children with hepatitis and punctured their livers ( Annas & Grodin, 1992). This heinous act had no scientific benefit whatsoever.

    Dr. Eisele

    Eisele was a doctor at Buchenwald who conducted vivisections. He also injected many patients with apomorphine to observe them vomiting. He performed many unnecessary operations and amputations and then murdered his patients (Hackett, 1995). Dr. Eisele was said to have killed at least 300 people.

    Dr. Ellenback

    Ellenback was employed by the Department for Blood Preservation at the Berlin SS Hospital at Buchenwald. He studied the oxygen levels of blood samples that were taken from patients doing certain activities and exercise.

    Dr. Berthhold Epstien

    Epstien was a prisoner pediatrician who helped Mengele with his work on the treatment of Noma (gangrene to the face and mouth). Noma is most often fatal but Epstien used the results of the experiments to help some children and adolescents recover.

    Dr. Koersten Felix

    Felix was a doctor who treated national socialist leaders (Snyder, 1975).

    Dr. Finke

    Finke was a professor at the University of Keil and worked closely with Dr. Sigmund Rascher in the Hypothermia experiments at Dachau. He wrote a lengthy research report (along with Dr. Holzloehner) named “Freezing Experiments with Human Beings.” Some of the findings were said to be false or made up, but he delivered his findings from the experiments to other physicians at a Nuremberg medical conference (Fischer,1995).

    Dr. Karl Gebhart

    Gebhart inflicted wounds upon his women patients at Ravensbruck and then injected sulfanilamide into the wounds. This experiment was fatal to all of the women.

    Dr. Erwin Gohrbandt

    Gohrbandt was a high-ranking top surgeon in Germany. As the Director of Surgery at the University Clinic of Berlin, he was the chief medical advisor for aeronautical medicine at the Luftwaffe’s Sanitary Services Division (Annas & Grodin, 1992). He participated in the Dachau Hypothermia Experiments and then published a report on them in a leading surgical journal.

    Johannes Golbel

    Golbel was Dr. Clauberg’s assistant and he helped Clauberg improve the X-ray tracing material. He was allowed to perform many injections, even though he was not a doctor.

    Irma Grese

    Grese was a concentration camp guard at Auschwitz. She was also known as the “Blond Angel of Death.” At Auschwitz, Grese was placed in charge of 18,000 female prisoners where she “beat prisoners without mercy and both watched and helped medical experiments”(Snyder, 1975). Irma Grese was especially fond of the operations that dealt with the removal of womens’ breasts (Snyder, 1975). She had affairs with quite a few doctors at Auschwitz including Mengele, and was condemned to death after the war.

    Dr. Kurt Gutzeit

    Gutzeit was a gastroenterologist and professor of medicine at the University of Breslau. Gutzeit was one of the doctors who headed the hepatitis experiments performed on Jewish children at Auschwitz. When his assistant, Dr. Arnold Dohmen, tried to avoid the horrors of human experimentation by doing animal experiments, Gutzeit threatened that his too humane assistant needed to be woken up from his “animal-experiment lethargy”(Annas & Grodin, 1992).

    Dr. Julius Hallervorden

    Hallervorden was a neuropathologist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research. He ordered hundreds of brains from the victims of the euthanasia project to be sent to him from the killing hospital, Brandenburg-Gorden (Annas & Grodin, 1992).

    Dr. Siegfried Handloser

    Handloser was a lieutenant General and the chief doctor at Buchenwald. He oversaw all medical “treatments” performed there.

    Dr. August Hirt

    Hirt was a professor at the University of Strasbourg. He collected human heads of “Jewish-Bolshevik commissioners” to do “important” anthropological and anatomical studies (Fischner, 1995). Hirt was also a practicing surgeon assigned by Himmler to find an antidote for mustard gas. He prepared cyanide salts to kill Auschwitz prisoners and was an assistant on the Strasbourg project. He experimented on people and dogs as well as on himself.

    Dr. Holzloehner

    Holzloehner worked with Dr. Finke and with Dr. Rascher on the Dachau hypothermia experiments. Holzloehner was a professor at the University of Keil and wrote (along with Finke) a research report called “Freezing Experiments with Human Beings”. He then delivered his findings to other doctors at a Nuremberg medical conference.

    Dr. Waldemar Hoven

    Hoven was a physician at Buchenwald who gave his patients lethal injections to kill them.

    Frau Ilse Koch

    Kockwas also known as the “Bitch of Buchenwald.” She was the wife of a camp commander and her hobby was to collect the skins of inmates, both dead and alive, if they had a tattoo she liked. Koch turned the skin into book covers, gloves, lampshades and other sorts of furniture (Fischer, 1995).

    Dr. Hans Wilhelm Koning

    Koning arranged for male schizoid inmates and healthy female inmates to have electroshock therapy, then gassed them afterwards.

    Dr. Lolling

    Lolling was a SS Colonel who collected human skin from all of the concentration camps for his own personal study.

    Dr. Maudas

    Maudas injected or administered liquid doses of the juice of the plant caladium seguinium into his patients. He performed X-ray sterilization at Auschwitz.

    Dr. Joseph Mengele

    Mengele was the most visible camp doctor at Auschwitz and was known as the “Angel of Death”. He developed a theory that humans, like dogs, had pedigrees (Snyder, 1976). He performed vivisections, injected chemicals into living peoples’ eyes to try to change them, and perpetrated many horrific twin studies (few of which demonstrated anything that could be considered remotely of value). He fled after the war and was never captured.

    Dr. Theodor Morell

    Morell was Hitler’s personal physician and injection specialist.

    Dr. Joachim Mrugowsky

    Mrugowsky was the chief doctor at the Hygienic Institute of Waffen SS in Berlin. Mrugowsky was a key figure in the planning and carrying out of destructive medical experiments in many concentration camps (Lifton, 1986). Some of the experiments he performed include the flawed and fatal efforts to try to find a typhus vaccine at Buchenwald and poisoned bullet experiments at Sachsenhausen.

    Dr. Neuman

    Neuman was a doctor at Buchenwald who experimented on people by vivisecting them and cutting pieces out of their livers.

    Dr. Miklos Nyiszli

    Nyiszli was in charge of the “special” dissection room at Auschwitz.

    Dr. Plaza

    Plaza was an SS captain at Buchenwald. Plaza killed many patients by lethal injection.

    Dr. Adolf Porkorny

    Porkorny was a retired man in military medicine who supported Clauberg’s work on sterilization.

    Dr. Sigmund Rascher

    Rascher was a Luftwaffe captain as well as a doctor. He was in charge of many of the “military medical experiments” at Dachau including the hypothermia experiments (where 300 people were killed) and the high altitude experiments. He examined the brains of Jews after their skulls were split open (while fully conscious) to see the effects of high altitude on humans (Hackett, 1995).

    Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbach

    Sauerbach was a top surgeon who took a public vow to support Hitler and the Nazi party, but ended up denouncing them after the war (Snyder,1976).

    Dr. Klaus Schilling

    Schilling was in charge of the malaria experiments the Nazi’s practiced on healthy people. Schilling also injected other tropical diseases into patients to examine the various stages of disease progression and compared the effects of the diseases on different blood groups.

    Dr. Horst Schumann

    Schumann conducted sterilization and castration experiments at Auschwitz. Schumann also performed typhus experiments by injecting people with blood from typhus patients and then attempting to cure the newly infected subjects. He worked at Block 30 in the womens’ hospital, Birkenau, and invented a machine that gave sterilization and castration treatment to both men and women. Schumann also had a little device that he inserted into the patients rectum to stimulate the prostate and produce ejaculation (Lifton,19nn).

    Dr. Wolfram Sievers

    Sievers was a SS colonel and head of the SS Ahneneube and selected candidates for Dr. Hirt’s experiments (Fischer,1995). ieivers was also known as the “Nazi Bluebeard” for his grisly practices.

    Dr. Hermann Stieve

    Stieve was the director of the Institute of Anatomy at Berlin University. He conducted experiments on women prisoners from the Plotensee prison and at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. He examined the female menstrual cycle under stress, including looking at irregular bleeding that women manifested after they were informed that they would be executed (Annas & Grodin,19mm).

    Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger

    Stumpfegger was one of Hitler’s personal physician who remained with him until his last days (Snyder, 1976). He also worked in a clinic under Dr. Karl Gebhardt.

    Dr. Vaernet

    Vaernet was a SS major and a doctor at Buchenwald. He experimented with ways to try to cure homosexuality by injecting synthetic hormones into mens’ groins, hoping that this would alter their sex drives and preferences (Hackett, 1995). Vaernet castrated fifteen men who all died as a result.

    Dr. Helmuth Vetter

    Vetter did pharmacological trials in Auschwitz and Mauthausen. He conducted medical experiments for Bayer using ruthenohal and 3582 to treat serious medical conditions. Most of the time the patients died quickly.

    Dr. Hermann Voss

    Voss was a professor of anatomy at Posen University in Poland. He conducted experiments by collecting materials straight from the guillotine of the Posen Gestapo (Annas & Grodin, 1992). He also did experiments on the blood in the spleen and from these he wrote a text book called the “Voss-Herrlinger Book” from which almost every medical student in Germany learned (Annas & Grodin, 1992).

    Dr. Wagner

    Wagner was a Doctor at Buchenwald and did a dissertation on tattooing. Wagner selected people with tattoos to die and made furniture out of human skin and bones (Hackett, 1995).

    Dr. Bruno Weber

    Weber was the chief of the Hygienic Institute. Interested in the interactions between human blood types, he injected his patients with a variety of blood types to observe the effects. Weber took the blood from weak inmates or killed inmates by letting them bleed to death (Lifton, 1986). He also gave patients various barbiturates and morphine derivatives to see if he could brain wash prisoners and use mind control (Lifton, 1986).

    Dr. Edward Wirths

    Wirths studied the pre-cancerous condition of the cervix and was the chief SS doctor at Auschwitz.

    Dr. Helmut Wirths

    Along with his brother, he studied pre-cancerous growths of the cervix at Auschwitz.


    Tezibt replies:

    Of course one can see that we are losing sanity. It is one thing to oppose the miserable bunch of holigans called woyanes but it is totally absurd to compare these doctors to the brutal nazi doctors. These is how we have extended woyane’s life. Shouldn’t we learn from our failure?

    peace replies:


    Is there any thing you want to tell us about our doctors? Because god help us if our people even though they are TPLF if they are like Nazi. Who knows, this shows how we know so little about TPLF. I hope this is not a hint. But then, if TPLF is such desperate, who knows, it might turn to this to terminate the people of Amara and Oromo who are the most threatening to TPLF’s power.

    Indah replies:


    Is this a comment or a ‘lesson’ of some sort?

    lol replies:

    you are sick. You can not compare these people with the Nazi’s who ever they are…It shows how silly thinking you have to insult these professionals…

    Ahadu replies:

    lol it seems that you coldnot understan what his message is all about ,by every criminal ,genocider,tyrants there are always collaborators like these bunch of animal doctors.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    how do you know they are professional? cos true professional has a moral restraint in every thing he dos.whether he is a doctor or a janitor.DO NOT HAREM but i doubt you understand that, and you are the insulate,u figure it out…

    Anonymous replies:

    Are you really serious when you say this doctors are like ‘nazis’?

    washeraw replies:


    This is going to backfire on us!! Why do you keep pushing people to the other camp?? I know many of these doctors personally. They have nothing to seek from TPLF. What they are doing has to be seen from a completely different perspective.

    1) From a business point of view, there is a mature market for high quality medical care in Ethiopia. This is a gap created by the despicable state of the public health system, for which TPLF is partly responsible. Many of our compatriots are spending their lives’ savings to seek treatment in Thailand, South Africa and India. If the same quality of service can be offered at home, our poor families will save millions of dollars yearly. What is the problem with that?

    2) We need this type of institution regardless of whoever is in power. We have to see beyond TPLF’s reign. We can’t put on hold all investments “until TPLF is removed”. This just doesn’t make sense.

    3) If you are economically independent, you are more free to participate in the political affairs of the country. (That is why TPLF is harassing the business community.) So, what is the problem if some of our compatriots try to improve their economical situation while providing good quality services?

    4) Ethiopia, like many other developing countries, is suffering from the brain drain. This type of project can lead to “brain gain”. If it is successful, some of them will move back from the US to Ethiopia. Who in their right mind would oppose that?

    In short, you are condemning these people without analyzing the potential benefits of this project to our country.

    If TPLF tries to use that for propaganda, let them try! Who would be swayed by that? For your information, this is how our people describe TPLF: “The TPLF would try to take credit for good rains and blame the opposition for drought.”

  25. Let all who can do there share be praised!! I know most of the doctor’s and what they want to do is help there ppl the way they can regardless of there political views, so in my view they should be praised.Government will come and go but what you build for your country will be always their.Let’s put aside our political difference and join together when it’s a cause like this one. PLS stop the HATE!!!

  26. that is why ethiopia will never advance. wHEN SOME ONE COMES WITH GOOD INTENSTION TO HELP THE NATION, YOU DISCOURAGE THEM BY CRITISISING AND SAYING SUPPORTOR OF THE GOVERNMENT. CAN thepoor ppl in ehtiopia have at list a chance to hospital or giving back from th diaspora?

    Anonymous replies:

    How do you know that the poor benefit from the Hospital that would be built? do you have a clue! How? Have you ever been to Eth. recently?
    Please try to visit Eth. first and look at the situation the poor people are in. You think the poor will be able to afford to visit the Hospitals they are builing. Come on! wake up and tell us some somthing.

    aoymous replies:

    Try this!
    What is investment mean? is there any job opportunity for thousand of Ethiopians? is there a good ground for teaching Ethiopian for better job opportunity and, off course, better life. can “The state of The Art Hospital in Ethiopia” generate a lot of money for the country? that may help a lot of Ethiopians?

    You and your friend my think and assume in your narrow mind, but the Ehio-American Doctors Group vision is simple; to establish The state of the art Hospital for the country and Ethiopian, who is living there and dying every day due to lack of appropriate medical care; Some are losing their properties for searching better medical care abroad.

    Believe me, all the physician are well paid the live a decent life here and their intention is not making money, rather they are taking the risk to lose. The commitment they have is tremendous, items of time and money
    In general, we need to learn to appreciate in general and The Doctors in particular for their initiative and good will

  27. I don’t what to be involved in such kind of debate, it’s amazing.

    ANONYMOUS replies:

    Then do not open the site. Keep Snoring!

  28. This gridy doctors, they are selfish that who do not have ethic. It is good to know these bastard dogs. we pay them the price for each of them once we get our freedom. Ethiopians will win at the end of the day. Justice will come in mother Ethiopia.


    Tezibt replies:

    Should we also attack the doctors who are in ethiopia or wait till they leave the country and then attack them. Let the doctors be that and let us focus on woyane.

    Untie Woyane replies:

    that is not what he said don’t twist his word…you are one sneaky TPLF.
    you sound very concern about Ethiopia,but you are wearing a sheepskin.

    ANONYMOUS replies:

    I do not have a problem with those Drs. in Ethiopia. Poor guys, they try their best do anything to help their people. Like injecting boiled water as a pennicilin substitute. Please do not mention or comment the Drs. In Ethiopia. They are good human beings.

  30. TO: All readers,

    I think the physicians have good ideas and we should encourage them to help Ethiopian hospitals. They can send new technologies to our land, and they can exchange helpful information with Ethiopian physicians.

    As a scientist, I encourage to all Ethiopians professionals to contribute to Ethiopia. It is nothing to do with government. It is for the people of Ethiopia.
    I do not know them and I never meet with them face to face but it is excellent idea.

    Dr. XX is live in the USA, and educated in the USA

    Ethiopian replies:

    For goodness sake, are you really a Doctor, if the other doctors re like you, Ethiopians are better off…..DR X lol, lol, lol, go back and read your English, if you have said you re a Doctor from Russia, living in Russia, i would have said, it OK, he is a Doctor educated in Russian language, but living in the US, educated in the US….hmmm, look what you wrote “”Dr. XX “IS” live”””, this mistake is one of the few you wrote. Doma woyanne

  31. If tyrant Meles cares for the poor Ethiopians, he would have improved the hospitals that is already there and he wouldn’t be looting the country—brutally abusing and locking up and killing Ethiopians.
    I bet, the new modernize hospital that is going to build is for the foreign billionaire land owners, their associates, Dictator Meles and his family, members of TPLF, Almoudi and his wives and children.

  32. It’s been a while since I have been on this website. Attack…attack…attack without even knowing the intent of the organization. If we have to blame Meles for everything… I agree with you for what he was doing for the first ten years. With everything you know and have seen you have been on the side line for the last ten years and been cheering him by doing nothing.
    I will not buy your finding or assessment since it’s based on hatred…..Come on….If there is one thing the country needs desperately is Doctors….trust’s all good.

    Anonymous replies:

    No! I do not trust you. The country needs food first.

  33. Elias, Dont you have better thnings to do?Are you suffering from low self esteem?

    1111 replies:

    we were waiting for you to tell us about parasite tplf that you are…

  34. It is not the list, but tha LAST which made someone laug[ed] to death. Look, the Prime Minister promised in Columbia that it is his last term in office. Suddenly and 1500 meters down, they already discovered, I am telling you, they already discovered around $7 Billion to $9 Billion worth oil wealth and he is so worried about how he would be able to eat and/or feats. She tried the Libert trick[y] to impostor a Tigray Slang.

    She never knew that W[Hareg]-work and and W[haget} Woket were all around there before time and the T meskel Hage…T’Hager Tihgra’y was all over before the tenth. She is the prince!

    Believe and/or trust me.

    Hacked economy might not work out out there. Believe me, [out] there.

  35. It is a surprise!

    To help our poor country and people, we don’t need Weyane Ambsador’s call and assurances. There are many ways to do so if our intention indeed is helping Ethiopia.

    I do believe some of the participants were invited by their friends without their knowledge who organized the event.

    It is premature to say for sure if these individuals are really Weyane sympathizers. The whole purpose of the meeting could be creating this drama by leaking the names of hard working Physicians to public.

    It is irresponsible to compare those physicians with Nazi era doctors without having facts in hand.

  36. TO: All readers,

    I think the physicians have good ideas and we should encourage them to help Ethiopian hospitals. They can send new technologies to our land, and they can exchange helpful information with Ethiopian physicians.

    As a scientist, I encourage to all Ethiopians professionals to contribute to Ethiopia. It is nothing to do with government. It is for the people of Ethiopia.
    I do not know them and I never meet with them face to face but it is excellent idea.

    Anonymous replies:

    Be realistic! First of all “Dr.XX”It doesn’t fit you as a user name.As a professional,you shouldn’t repeat the same idiotic reply twice.The bottom line is if you have a thieve friend working with, what are you? Beside this how many people can get access to this hospital in a country like Ethiopia has food inflation almost 42 percent (1700 birr for 100Kg Teff)?
    What kind of scientist are you what all respect?

  37. I think this is not wise opinion.I don’t think these docs want to establish a for free hospital-they want to establish a private hospital, just like the private Korean hospital in Addis. The reality in Ethiopia is the number of super rich and super poor is dramatically increasing. The super rich in Ethiopia is willing to pay and is capable of paying for a state of the art medical care.I don’t see any problem if the diaspora doctors are targeting this emerging market in Ethiopia-it is a win-win situation.How can you allow a Korean doctor to open a private hospital in Ethiopia and deny the same opportunity to a citizen doctor of that country.

  38. I am quite certain that some of the Doctors have known or educated by Professor Asrat who was tortured by Meles’ government. Prof Asrat was released from prison after they made sure that he was not going to survive. They literally killed him. Many Ethiopian scientists including the late Dr Kitaw Ejigu have proposed plans to modernize and change the political and social landscape of the country working side by side with the government, but since their intentions were clear and all about helping Ethiopia selflessly and sincerely, they were rejected. Now, I fail to understand why these Doctors chose to collaborate with Meles in order to “help” Ethiopia. I am sure there is an agenda behind that and ofcourse some of them might have been absorbed in the Western life so much that they have lost touch with their country, people and who runs the country. They need to wake up and see. If the intention was reasonably sincere, Meles could have made Al Amoudi invest in the healthcare and create a profit pipeline for the investor to take advantage of by making foreign donors support the hospital. Al Amoudi gets money and tax breaks both in the country and abroad, Meles gets good name, the people gets better healthcare but the fact is, neither Meles or Al Amoudi are up for the well being of Ethiopians. Its all politics in the name of the poor. AlAmoudi’s medical assistance to some people around his circle or came to his attention by his entourages can not represent other Ethiopians and doesn’t make him generous. There is no foundation he established to help the poor, the elders and orphans, nothing close to these kinds of acts, so don’t tell me, this is all from a good faith. Forget it.
    God Bless Ethiopia

    me replies:

    It is sad; most physicians are politically, for that matter, sometimes socially dumb and less informed but academically genius. Therefore they need to be informed about current state of affairs about their country. That could be by sending in pamphlet, organizing discussion fora, publication or other accessible stuff into their address or kind of thing. I am not sure how much concerned group in the Diaspora opposition tried and failed in updating Ethiopians [especially to those who label themselves neutral or unconcerned current or past citizens of Ethiopia] on national issues. If nothing was done on that regard, it is public relation disaster for politicians. It means Woyane leads in this prospect!
    Health professionals [may be many other professionals as well] work themselves hard in a closed professional system, reading mostly on their own profession and keeping the rest of the issues out of focus. They need good approach, lobbying, not condemnation, and frequent re-orientation!!!
    By the way, it is interesting that there are many more doctors that have not participated in this ill-fated meeting. Perhaps they are wise people enough to weigh the pros and cons of outcome of such charged meeting or even questioned the value and real benefit of investing in current Ethiopia savaged by ethnic division and misrule controversies. It is, again, good not to forget that there are gentle physicians from Tigray region [sad that the region, for good reason, now has almost become stigmatizing!]who did not participate in the meeting for one or another reason which no one knows.
    Of course there it is true the heading elites, who ill-advised the rest of the “DOCTOR” congregation, for the meeting are woyane-physicians from the stated region. For those who think building a hospital is going to add to the solution to public health problem in Ethiopia, forget it!! It is just business and woyane public relation promotion, one news fanfare for “ETV” to beguile already beguiled public.

    Ethiopian replies:

    @me, perfect comment Sir. Only this kind of matured attitude can redeem Ethiopia. Inform the uninformed, attack the sworn enemies.
    God Bless Ethiopia, Melkam ye Tinsae Be’al.

  39. We have seen all the generals are woyanes, all the security people are woyanes,most of the business are owned by woyanes, all key government posts are hold by woyanes. How woyanes are selfish and jealous is when the USA government request for more voa reporter license outside Addis abeba they denied them but they give licence for tgrie region.

  40. When we taught our struggle is unified and getting strong, here goes a divisive topic. Elias which side are you. We can’t go anywhere if we keep shooting ourselves like this.

    Tezibt replies:

    Thank you! 70 doctors times 10 family and friends = 700 people that we are pushing away by comparing them with nazi collaborator doctors. I think elias’s mind is also infiltrated by woyane. If I were a doctor with good intention, this type of unreasonable attack would only challenge me to do more. Even if we believe they are wrong, the first step should have been to ask them to refrain from their activities. To attack them savagely is not only brutal but damn foolish. Of course, non of these docs will leave their confy life in the US and most probably they are here for good but even if they were to move back threats and defamation wouldnt stop them. Like us they have the habesha blood which destroyed mother la d ethiopia. No habesha can be scary enough to another habesha. Lets change out tactics. Elias, i admire you but some times you you lose your bearing.

    Untie Woyane replies:

    you are one sick poppy.people don’t be fulled by this TIZBET character. i have been reading all your comment there is nothing about you that says you are Ethiopian. rather you are full blown TPLF. but I’ll give you this, you are very sneaky individual…

  41. the weyanes doctors are a part of the crime perpetuated on ethiopian people by weyane – istead of cleaning and maintaining the hospitals back home – not one hospital has been built in Addis since the coming of weyane – the hopitals are so dirty it is worse than the prisons and no one with serious health problem comes out alive – since most of the doctors have turned out to be merchants and butchers

  42. Personally, I respect the doctors without doubt but when the doctors lose their moral guides,I have difficulty to believe their educational capability. When we have a sickness, we trust the doctors to treat us based on their education experience. It is true to love and respect doctors. Now, I have great doubt to believe them because our mom (Ethiopia) is dying with ethical sickness. Beneficence is the principle that health professionals should act in the best interest of of the patient. This is the principle of ethical. This is the role of the health care professional. Where is the love of the patient? where is the love of the country. Your mom (Ethiopia) is calling for treatment. She need help. Nowadays, she is not looking building, she is looking someone to help her to treat her wounds. If we have a zeal, we can treat her before she die.

    Anonymous replies:

    What a nonsense. I can’t believe we are getting dummer as the world is ahead of us by several miles. Molla, can you transilate this in Amharic if I can understand you better. I am really having hard time understanding your concept. Do you know the meanings of the words you sprinkled here and there? Yes, it is the role of the professional to treat the sick and that is why we are packing up to go back and help the sick back home despite our political differrences. Do you know there are 90+ million Ethiopians in Ethiopia now? from what I understand I think you are conspiring to say that all the 90+ million should boycot the government and leave the country like you did be it through Bole or Metema. It doesn’t work that way. Change should come from within not in correspondence from your parking lot booth in DC or Seattle. You need to stop spreading your cheap propaganda. Who wants to die (again) for you while you are living here in the West be it a cheap life by the West standards. Don’t you fear God, atleast when you drum war while you are in hiding.I think you are void of your cortex if you know what that is. This applies for all of you including Elias and others who lost their minds long time ago.
    grow up please

    Annoy the anonymous replies:

    You are just going around from comment to comment and criticizing our English,our ideas and every thing else we say. Something is bugging you or there is an itch in your cortex and this is one of your way of scratching it. You are just full of S…, who is trying to show off and trying to tell us you are more educated than all of us. We may be uneducated as you might think or we may be more educated than you are, but that does not matter when it comes to loving your country.That is what you haven’t got. Every time you open your mouth(sorry may be you can’t open your mouth)you have never said anything good about our country or the problems the Ethiopian people are facing.
    By the way cortex is a kind of food that comes from Mars. I hope I am right.Otherwise you are going to reply to tell me it comes from the Moon.

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