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Jemal responds to human trafficking, land grabbing accusations

In response to “Al Amoudi’s human trafficker in Ethiopia identified”

By Jemal Ahmed

I am an Ethiopian who used to live in Atlanta and moved to my Country 20 years a go. I never knew Elias, but I knew his father, brother and sister. He knows my family in Atlanta and Ethiopia.

I am a self made business man who is very proud of what i am contributing to my country. It is true that I am a business associate of Sheik Mohammed Al AMoudi, Whom I have a very great respect.

Unlike ELias and his hate advocates, sheik Mohammed has been bringing billions of Dollars to Ethiopia and making a very visible change.

He hires over 60000 Ethiopians in Ethiopia. He helps cure 10000 Ethiopians, whom otherwise would have been dead, by spending 100s of millions of dollar.Insulting such a godly person may sound easy to some people, who do not have a fear of god at all. There is no problem hating the current political structure of our country as should be no problem on supporting as well. But why do you hate and make defamation on people who were only successful on their work in Ethiopia. For you guys you can only be good Ethiopians if you promote hate, but if you support the political structure and contribute to the Economic growth of the country, you are public enemy number one.

It is a shame that we do not have good opposition, who only oppose what is needed to be opposed.for Elias to be good Ethiopian, you have to oppose every thing what is being done hear.

I have no business of employment or human traficking.

I run legitimate companies that I own. My companies are engaged in heavy Industries and large scale commercial farms.

None of my companies made any forceful resettlement.getting into foreign employment is not my kind of business. By the way, there are around 200 companies who are doing that none of them belong neither to me nor to the Sheik.You can find about it. But why the lie??? what are you getting for all this lies and have innocent Ethiopians who have no clue what so ever Insult the respected Sheik Mohammed and my self.

Elias, ask your father and sister about me before you create false, story.

Who are you to tell us about Ethiopia when you are a declared fan of the world ruthless leader and Ethiopia’s public enemy number one Essayas Afeworki???

and those of you who are trying to sound like a hero and wants to kill me. I am very easy to find, come to Addis Ababa and ask about me or come and see me in Atlanta in mid April, when i visit my family.

I always go to Saudi Arabia to perform my religious duty but I do not have no business of sending labor. Elias does knows that, yet “Awko yetgnan sew bikesekisut waga yelewum.

Instead of talking crap on the net, i suggest you guys come and contribute to make a change in the rising Ethiopia. I do not advocate migration, i believe every Ethiopian could make his dream come true if he has a fear of god and work hard.

By the way, i will make sure that i get justice for the defamation you incurred me.
Prosperity to Ethiopia and god bless Shek Mohammed and people like him who are working to make change in Ethiopia.

185 thoughts on “Jemal responds to human trafficking, land grabbing accusations

  1. yes,we know Al Amoudi is a hardcore agent for both Zinawi and the kings and the sheiks;s he was made and shapped by the seniors above him,he is making the life of our children miserable and unbereable while making millions of dollars in profit from the sell of gold,rice,and our children.If Zinawi is arrested,then Al Amoudi will have no chance to escape from Ethiopia;no chance at all;as he put our childreen in unending darkeness made money on them,he will make his own life unbearable when he is standing for a trial.

  2. Al Moudi and his servants all over the world are collaborators of criminal acts perpetrated against 80 million people in Ethiopia. That would include idiots in the DLA piper.

    History will judge them!

  3. This guy is an idiot, he defended his boss more than Allah. he thinks everything is going smooth in Ethiopia as long as weyane and his boss exists. he literally saying that Ethiopian without alamudi does not survive. Jamal you’re, stupid pig,narrow minded,money loving,self righteous,fake,and i can go on and on. i was disgusted and about to vomit when i read your comment. it wont be long,you will see people like will face can support who ever you want but don’t disrespect the poor Ethiopians, when i say the poor Ethiopian, i mean more than 99% of Ethiopians.we are still poor, bagging for roads and food , thanks to the 20 + years of “wonderful governance”. Jamal you better write an apology for the readers and the Ethiopian people. you have to know that Ethiopia was not just build by few hodam people rather it was build by the blood of many poor nationalist.

  4. Jemal,partner to Al-Amoudi,a Saudi Billionaire is to Invest 600,000,000 dollars for cooking oil. Believe in visible changes!!
    To assume and falsly accuse jemal doing the human trafficking is NOT only a sin but comparable to assuming Bill Gate working at parking lot like most of you.Lol! No matter what u say, the guy is born from a millionaire family and continue to sky rocket while you continue to puke on this forum,your only outlet after 16 hrs dead end job..

    Anonymous replies:

    It’s our peoples mony. Down with Almudin.

  5. All you dish washer diaspora what f…you doing in white mans land? one way another you are slave just like those girl who travel to Saudi arbiya.Stop betching Jemal his telling you his not in this business

  6. Jemal is a true Ethiopian businessman who is contributing to the Ethiopian economy. Ethiopia is not just a government or a political party, it is a nation of 80 million people, who actually benefit or suffer from people’s actions. Every farm, every factory and every plantation that Jemal invests in or is a part of actually benefits Ethiopia’s 80 million people. I want everybody that has posted negative comments towards Jemal to ask themselves what have we done for our country lately.

    Anonymous replies:

    Happy to see an Ethiopian who sees the bigger picture and above all the truth/ Jemal has nothing to do with this accusation/ and not poisoned by hate and jealousy like many on this net.

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