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Ethiopia and Winds of war

By Yilma Bekele

War is upon us again. War defines the Ethiopian Government. Since it came to power it has been at war with its citizens. No region or ethnic group has been spared from this infection. The regime is always at war with opposition politicians, journalists, publishers, intellectuals, and business people to mention a few. The regime has fought in Gambella, Hawasa, Ambo, Arba Minch and other localities against its own people. The Ethiopian Government is at war with our Somali-Ethiopians in the Ogaden and has been accused of war crimes.

The Government has been at war with Somali Warlords since 2006 or so. They had a full-scale war with Eritrea. Over eighty thousand were sacrificed in this war no one can explain why. Today the Ethiopian Government is beating the war drums to start a war with Eritrea. They are admitting with pride their incursion into a Sovereign territory and carrying out an act of war. They are calling attention to their illegal acts – at least by International standards all nations adhere to.

The TPLF regime sent out Miscommunication Deputy Head Shimeles Kemal to announce in broad daylight that his Government has crossed an International border and murdered in cold blood. It is the height of stupidity or clueless Shimeles has left himself open to being an accomplice to a criminal act. Shimeles has always been an interesting character among the TPLF Cadres. He is one of my favorite Ethiopians in league with his boss Bereket. Ato Shimeles is a certified paranoid and he was the sacrificial lamb sent out by Meles to prosecute Kinijit leaders. You remember what a fiasco that was. Shimles’s witnesses were turning against him to the extent the defendants felt sorry for this clueless character.

That why it is interesting to note it was Shimeles that was sent out to huff and puff regarding TPLF’s misadventure. I am surprised he did not compare their act to other nations doing the same. The illegal regime always tries to find a comparable act others have carried out to justify its feeble attempt at legitimacy.

When there is no outside threat, the Woyane regime cannibalizes itself. They have carried multiple ‘Tehadso’ campaigns that it is highly possible no one will be left around to claim the ultimate prize of being Emperor of Ethiopia. War is the only vocabulary spoken among the comrades in the Politburo. It satisfies two constituents. Those that still lament the ‘loss’ of Eritrea and would jump on any band wagon as long as they are promised a province and the new EFFORT led single ethnic ruling class that dreads Shabia and would like the Meles regime to do the job before it ceases to exist.

The whole idea of crossing an International border and killing is not a normal or acceptable behavior. Normal Nations just do not do that. Some big powers do certain illegal acts to flex their muscle but Ethiopia is a Nation on life support and many of her citizens go to bed hungry and wake up hungry. Too bad there is only bones to flex. It will be interesting to listen to the Ethiopian UN Ambassador explain how neighbors can invade each other at will and the world finds out about it on BBC. This must be the principle of jungle diplomacy. How strange it resembles jungle Democracy as practiced in Ethiopia.

The US is in the current economic mess because of the terrible mistake of waging two wars far away from home base. Even for a Super Power the cost was too much to bear. War is not cheap. The US produces all its weapons and transportation needs. War is big profit for certain sector of the economy. But it was still a waste. When you take Ethiopia the idea of war is mind-boggling. All weapon is purchased with cash. From the boots of the Solder, to his uniform, arms, transportation cost including fuel is paid cash. The only thing Ethiopian is the peasant in uniform ready to be sacrificed. War is hell on Ethiopians and their economy.

By all UN index of Human Achievement our country always ranks in the bottom three in the world. That is because we spend our human resources warring each other. We sacrifice precious human life and also waste our hard earned money on foreign manufactured goods designed to kill. Normal countries are not run like that. Then again normal countries do not cross international borders and fire their weapons.

There will be many theories why the Meles regime will do such a criminal act. Ranging from conjuring up the Eritrean threat to the theory of forceful defense will be explored. A few Ethiopians will use the occasion to open old wounds and wave the flag. The bottom line is an illegal regime that rules using force is on the verge of wasting both human and economic resources for no valid reason. The fact that no one paid attention to this bizarre behavior is heart warming. Such act makes the Donor countries look bad. Meles was shopping for attention and he was deservingly ignored. Even the victim of this aggression was caught by surprise.

In an ideal world no country will sell weapons to this rogue regime. The people of Ethiopia and Eritrea have seen too many wars. The generation that cultivated and nurtured hatred and animosity is on its way out. This is its last gasp to save itself from its internal enemies. The Ethiopian government is using the Eritrean threat to justify its war on all Ethiopian people. The two poorest economies on planet earth are wasting their precious resource to kill each other. There is no one closer to an Ethiopian than an Eritrea. Eritreans have no one closer to heart than Ethiopians. Instead of building a great East African trade and technology Zone we are listening to those that peddle hate and violence. It is a new day. It is a new generation void of hate and violence.

We should ask those countries that donate arms to rogue Nations to be aware that those same weapons are used on peaceful people demanding their god given fundamental rights. We should demand Western countries not send military trainers other than police since our experience with this robot solders has not been pleasant. We remember the use of US donated vehicles against our people in the aftermath of the 2005 elections. It is too much to ask of us to be silent when our tax money is used to prop up a system that kills to survive. We should make our feelings known to our representatives in congress.

The ‘winds of war’ from Arat Kilo was the culmination of a very trying week for being an Ethiopian. We are being tested for sure. It started with the video of our Ethiopian woman being humiliated in broad day light in Beirut, Lebanon. It is a very agonizing scene. It was a video of a woman being forced into a car while resisting. First she was lying face down in a sidewalk bush while some guy is trying to pull her back. The next cut shows this guy shoving her into the back seat headfirst and her futile resistance. In the background you see people walking but no one seems to care. It ends with the car driving away. A day later the name and picture of the alleged criminal was posted all over. They were able to trace it from the license plate of the vehicle. It traumatized me to no end. Life is not fair.

There days later it was reported that she has died. She committed suicide. She hanged her self. She looked so small and alone. She was even crying in Ethiopian while being forced to be taken where she doesn’t want to go. It is called kidnapping. My little sister did not even have the energy to shout and scream. She was too tired and defeated. Later on I read this took place in front of the Ethiopian Consulate. What a fitting location is all I can say. Do you think this crime against Ethiopian woman is an isolated event? Not really it is so normal it does not even deserve a mention unless it is so dramatic and is caught on video. This is what a Saudi official explained his preference for Ethiopian maids.

Noor Adeen Masfa, Vice Consul for Economic Affairs in Jeddah, said his department and committees from the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor met several times to facilitate the travel of housemaids to the Kingdom after they are properly trained in Ethiopia.
“We decided to finish procedures of 1,500 housemaids due to the increasing demand for Ethiopian housemaids by Saudi families. Ethiopian housemaids are trained well on Saudi customs and traditions, besides the percentage of runaways is low,” he said.

Percentage of runaways is the key word here. We are docile people trained to heel. A proud rich people are reduced to exporting its young ones to raise Saudi children and care for Saudi old. Nothing wrong with that you might say. I disagree. It is a waste of human resource not to be able to house, feed and educate your children so they can create a better Ethiopia. Money spent on education is a better investment than money spent on having the best security force and army to protect a few. Alem Dechasa is one of the thousands of Ethiopians girls under slavery in the Middle East and the Gulf. They are all young, energetic and willing to do anything to survive and help their family at home. It is the remittances they sent that sustains millions of their relatives. It is this remittance income that gives Meles the boasting rights to the so-called double-digit growth.

Like Alem most of them are from a small village with a little or no education and the perfect candidate for abuse and humiliation by their uneducated, cruel Arab degenerates whose brain function has been compromised by too much petro dollar. The Ethiopian Government encourages exporting humans since the income is what sustains their corrupt system in place.

I am sure we are all shocked and angry by this sad news. Of course we blame it on the Arabs. It is true some Lebanese individual is responsible for the inhuman act against our daughter/sister. On the other hand it is the Ethiopian Government that is sending out these young innocent children to countries where they know no respect for human life and dignity.

We cannot change the Arab governments. As we are witnessing, the Arab people are slowly dealing with their problem in a very satisfactory manner. We Ethiopians are the only ones that can put a stop to such outrage against our people. It is our government that is actively involved in encouraging, pushing our young children into harms way. Alem is not the first nor will she be the last. Every year hundreds of our people kill themselves all over the Middle East. We choose to do nothing about it. We scream and shout the first few weeks and life goes back to normal until the next tragedy. Meles and company will probably sue and settle for some monetary compensation and the case is closed.

We suffer from famine, disease or ignorance because there is no democracy or the rule of law in our country. No Democratic and free country suffers from the above ills. All governments that deny basic human right to their people rule over a population that could never achieve its potential. That kind of society is riddled by conflict, civil war and chaos around every corner. That is why Ethiopia is at war with its neighbors, sends it’s youngest and brightest away and is consumed by talk of war and conflict. It is due to the absence of Democracy and respect for basic Human Right. Our working together to get rid of tyranny is how we want to remember the youth and hope of our little sister that went far from home so she can make her peoples life better. We salute her determination and her commitment to those that are faced with the same fate as hers. She did not want to die quietly and meekly. She wanted her death to mean something to all her sisters. Her parents should be told how their brave dignified girl carried her self in a foreign land that should fill their heart with pride. Her scream made others pay attention to the inhuman treatment they all suffer in this unequal relationship. Goodbye little girl, may you at last rest in peace.

65 thoughts on “Ethiopia and Winds of war

  1. One article with two big topics which need to be solved.
    Enough is enough we dont need no more war. Ethiopians and Eritreans
    deserve peaceful life for the future generation to come the rest of us
    we allready had more than enough of the ugly war between the two countries. We need to learn from the past and work for a better tomorrow. Let us change the winds of war to winds of peace from Asmara-Addiss abeba and vise versa. Peacefully we can change our area to the most advanced place. Remember if we are willing we can change everything and let the sun rise again and shine and reflect peace and
    progress for our people.
    Alem Sweet Alem just like her name the whole Ethiopian and Eritrean people around Alem(the world) saw her suffering but all of us cant help her at her painful moment except to watch on tv very sadly. She gave us a good lesson. Let us solve our problems together by remmbering the good time we share and forgetting the bad time and stop from another Alem going through what Alem Desacha went through.
    God Bless
    Winds of Peace for our people.

  2. Dear Yilma,

    I do not advocate war in anyway. But I am taken by surprise by your opinion? In your writing you indicated the previous war was waged by TPLF? was it not Shabia which started the war? did not the UN prove it?

    Did Shabia rained with bombing the entire Tigray including kindergarten, hospitals, airports, food stores,…? Is not Shabia which has fueled war in Ogaden? …? what is wrong with you? you can hate TPLF for good reason, but do not try to tell us every wrong is done by TPLF? I do agree TPLF has done more demerit than merit for our country, but loading everything on TPLF is just false and based on hate only.

    If you are defending Eritrea, where is the beef of your mama Ethiopia? kkk, I know it is all about power, it is not about democracy, otherwise you would not have taken your hat and try to preach us about Eritrean sovereignity or international border? do you know there is border between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

    You are exposing yourself now than ever. Opposing for everything wrong thing TPLF does is right, but opposing everything and even siding with an enemy because you do not like TPLF is wrong. If you care about Eritrea, why the hell do your cry about TPLF doing this and that?

    If TPLF changed its policies and allow the country to use its natural ports, … to the love of Bekele, we will support the war. I know you are living in comfort zone, but Ethiopians are dying because of shabia everyday and has been dying every years and Ethiopia spents millions of dollars each day to keep soldiers at the non-existing border and that money could be used to help the teenage girls which are being shipped to Arabs to be raped.

    You are a loser Yilma. Even though TPLF is against Ethiopia, we can not deny its corrupt leaders are Ethiopians. Siding against your country is betrayal. In your capacity you doing it.

    Anonymous replies:

    Dear Gezaee;

    It is true there are two kinds of people in our countries, those few who benefit from the system and the majority who are the victims of the system. I believe you are one of the beneficiaries and that is why you advocate for a permanent war situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea. You claimed the UN proved Eritrea as the one which started the war. Just like you the UN is full of pathological liars, so if they claim Eritrea as the aggressor, one cannot be surprised. Eritreans are not our enemies, right now it is TPLF our primary enemy. It is TPLF that is selling our babies, sisters and land for the highest bidder, and you are the beneficiary of such system. Otherwise the article described the true situation of Ethiopia today. Believe me this has to change soon. Your new war project will fail.

    Saba replies:

    Gezaee,,,,,you are absolutely wrong. I did not see anywhere where Yilma supported Shabia in his article. First of all the main point is that Ethiopia declared and admitted that it crossed over into Eritrea’s border and killed people. And most likely they were not even Eritreans they were Ethiopian opposition fighters. I don’t know about them, but you should admit it that Eritrea has a right to fight back. So if a full scale war breaks out between the two countries, who do you think started this war? You are not going to say it was Eritrea. Ethiopia’s Shimeles said they will do it again, meaning they will cross into Eritrea.
    The other point you raised is you said the rulers are Ethiopians. Under what criteria did you make them Ethiopians? They never said they were Ethiopians. It is only after they were told they can overthrow the Derg and take power they started saying they are Ethiopians. But your logic is that because they are Ethiopians we should support any war they start any where. Is that what you mean? Hitler started wars in Europe by invading other countries during the second world war. So according to you because he was a German all democratic Germans were supposed to support his war? Is that what you mean? Or that was different? We should not confuse the people with the leaders. Of course no Ethiopian wants to see Ethiopia being invaded but Ethiopia and Ethiopians should not be used by the rulers who do not care about the country and its people.They entered Eritrea looking for Ethiopian opposition groups not to protect Ethiopia from Eritrean invasion.
    So tomorrow they can go into Sudan, Djibouti and so on to divert the internal problems and spend money and blood for useless wars. Again according to your logic we should support all those wars because the leaders are Ethiopians? Give me a break.
    I have read some of Yilma’s articles now and again and they are excellent. You could not see the substance of this article and you called Yilma a looser. You have lost a sight to properly see to read and understand. And what would be an appropriate name for you who is telling us to support TPLF junta rulers because they are Ethiopians? Your idea matches TPLF’s propaganda to Ethiopians.

    Ano replies:

    Donot mix “the addressed mail with the junk mail”.

    Gezaee didnot say Eritrea started the recent attack. U said “,,, if a full scale war breaks out between the two countries, who do you think started this war? You are not going to say it was Eritrea.”

    In this case, yes Ethiopia. No one can deny that. But Eritrea can`t do that. Let alone to retaliate, she can`t even defend more than few days, if not hours, Ethiopia`s any kind of attack.

    But Gezaee was talking about the 1998-2000 war. Yes eritrea did started the war!!! This fact, by the way, doesnot need any proof. Before the war started, shaebia invaded many ethiopian territories and many school children were also bombarded by shaebia`s air strikes. It was then after this a full-fledged war had come to an existence

    ethio candle replies:

    Adwa buchila
    why don’t you mind your own ehthinic business. don’t try to solve your problem with Ethiopian blood and money. 20 years history tells everything about woyane. yes woyane started everything but we paid all kind of price for nothing. You are not capable to fight anyone not even somale. you beg for peace anytime anywhere with Eritrea but not with Ethiopia. yes we know you are on life support anytime soon you will be gone. soon or later the west or shabia will pull the life support!!!! i don’t have doubt.

    wonder replies:

    t is Meles first bomb Asmara, later on the lesd skilled Eritrean air force retaliate targeting the air base and weapon depot but also bombard civilians, not by intention but a routine when u use air force in the city . But later they shade the crocodile tear for the children killed. At that time TPLF forced to stop all flights to northern Ethiopia.Even civilians were killed in Asmara and others while the Ethiopian airforce bombard the city and village. Though not strong as before EPLF still able to retaliate the army , Eritrea is not Somalia that you walk in freely, a hefty price is gone be paid in both sides.

    Me replies:

    Good Point gezaee.

  3. yilma bekele what is this all zibazinke . What is this all crocodile tear shedding for shaebia? i used to think the opposition myself included were patriots.Unfortunately some are sellouts. Some in the opposition blunder when when they act as ye shaebia buchila.

    The Abysinian Black Lion replies:

    Mr Fox, Shabia was not and it is not our enemy. Yesterday, today and tomorow it is TPLF Ethiopia’s primary enemy. What is wrong with the artcle that you did not like? It spelled the bitter truth and not the sweet lie that you are used to read. Baby it is a new day! The permanent war situation that you have been cashing between Ethiopia and Eritrea is fading out, and it seems you are angry for peace to replace it soon. You never been an opposition or a patriot! Just a liar and war profitier. The Abysinian Black Lion

    abysinian fox replies:

    well well lets talk mr imposter. you smell like an eritrean in a sheeps cloth brother and you are not fooling anyone a bit. Just because we don’t like woyane do you think we are going to accept shaebia’s meddling in our country or its chest beating? Its what you imposters and some power hungry pseudo intellectuals don’t seem to understand or like to convieniently forget.thats why the ethiopian people rose to kick shaebias ass in the last war despite woyane’s unpopularity. you think ethiopian people are fool?im all for genuine peace between you and us bro that respects ethipia’s interest and address your concern. But if peace means some kind of parasitic relationship that you guys have been craving for then HELL TO THE NO!!And i would not be surprised if you feel angry towards me for that.

    Konjit replies:

    mr. black lion, don’t try to preach us a new theory here. I understand what your overall argument is but Shabia was our enemy. There is no doubt about that so were Iraq, Egypt,Sudan and all the arab countries. You will never make us change our mind about that. I will never forgive them for the damage they caused to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. I am not even going into that now. If you are saying TPLF is our primary enemy today, i agree with you. And if you are saying Eritreans are not our enemies, i agree with you. But the organization Shabia was and will always be our enemy unless the leaders are changed and they change their policies.Otherwise Shabia is one of the worst enemies Ethiopia ever had. I hope one day Eritreans who are suffering under these merciless dictators and ignorant backward terrorists will be free and decide what ever they want to do in future.They supported it all the time with their blood and money under an illusion of “freedom” “free from Ethiopia, and we will all be happy in paradise”. And now they are paying a heavy price. Shabia should be gone from the face of the earth.

    Anonymous replies:

    Konjitye, ‘Sayterush abet saylikush wedet’. I know there are many Ethiopians whose loved ones perished in the different wars in Eritrea. Now you want to take revenge against Eritreans. It was the fault of Isayas or Shabia that your father or brother died. They trusted Mengistu and marched to death. The Badime war, once again you trusted Meles but the war did not bring your loved ones, instead another 100,000+ dead. Instead of learning from your mistake, you are still agitating for more war to get Eritreans from the face of this earth. Belive me the next war will once again consume your children, and Shabia will still be there. If you are smart, you cooperate with Shabia to remove the cancer tplf from the face of this earth. Mikerat, mikerat embi kalech mekera ymkerat.

  4. “She wanted her death to mean something to all her sisters. Her parents should be told how their brave dignified girl carried her self…”

    Her exemplary is boundless. Specially, young women and men in Ethiopian uniform should look up to her. Break the the shackle of fear and serve your people and country. Dying for Melese and his thugs by being canon-fodder is not worth to die.

    All Ethiopians, especially Amhars should pay attention to war with Eritrea. Remember, most of you stood with Weyanes in previous war with Eritrea in the hope of Weyane will learn and change itself. You have learned your lesson hard way, you were Savagely beaten/killed in the street of Addis on broad day light. The Amhara intellectuals are also to blame for lack of vision. Prof Asrat, a true patriot was in TPLF’s death-bed when we went to Eritrea to save the savages.

  5. When I was a young boy at home, I remember fights arranged by certain folks in that small town to settle a rivalry between two well muscled up bulls. The bulls are taken to a flat and open area and aroused up to lock horns and fight. There would be two or four judges experienced in conducting such fights between rival bulls. They knew when to set them apart when one of them is a clear winner and made sure none of them was mortally wounded. But if these two bulls happened to cross paths in the absence of people one or both of them can be seriously injured and would end up on the butcher’s chopping block. In any case, the nightmare would be over. These two neighborhood bullies have been tormenting the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia for decades now. I would not discourage them to stop their brawl. Let them duke it out. Some of you may try to tell me the accomplishments these two hoodlums achieved in the areas of the economy. Oh Whoopie Doo !!! There has been a march in the economic transformation process since the demise of the feudal system that started in 1974, It was unstoppable even by the so-called scientific socialism launched by the Derg. Was the ruthless butcher Mengistu not forced to renounce socialism in the 80’s after butchering hundreds of thousands of citizens(most of them extra-judicially) for the cause of rubbish socialism? Wasn’t he? ‘Socialism or death!!’ we were told!!! So don’t try to tell me credit this and credit that. These two bullies should be thrown to the abyss of the slammer or let them kill each other!!! I have reserved a front row seat to watch these two bulls fight to their deaths from a safe distance. In fact, I am whistling and shouting a battle cry to arouse their beasty nature!!! They are both animals. Hey Meles!!! Go!!! Go!!!! Hey you Isaias!!! You are a chicken!!! Do you let this midget wonder around telling everyone how he slapped you in the face and kicked your ass? Where are your messengers you have been incubating for decades just for the purpose of seeding eternal animosity between the people of our beloved country? They are good for parades only uhh? This midget just told us he kicked your ass!!! Do something about it!!!
    And this is for the oppositions from both countries!!! It is time to cast 2ndry differences aside and come up a program and constitution that respects individual rights above anything else wherein no one will be telling me I am not an Ittu first as an individual and a brother bound by an unfettering fraternity with my Afar, Somali, Amhara, Sidamo, Anuaks and many other brothers and sisters in the same house we have all accepted as our common home. As far as my individual human and democratic rights are protected I have no problem calling myself an Ethiopian. No problem now and no problem for ever!!! As long as these fundamental rights are not deemed untouchables, calling myself an Oromian will be a no no. Our people and I are much smarter now than ever. After all, isn’t the age of awakening more than 5 centuries old already? Don’t even try to wise up with me!!!! No more hurling derogatory names toward each other. And if your organization was involved in some kind of homicide or genocide, you better come out clean now!!! At least come out in the open about it and say you are very sorry and genuinely contrite instead of justifying the callous acts. The writing is very clear on the wall!!! By what authority were killings of unarmed civilians committed? The answer is none whatsoever!!! The same also goes to all those political groupings that passed death sentences on civilians without a justified due process. You should all come out clean asking for forgiveness and don’t try to broad brush these acts. They are crimes against unarmed civilians whose fate was decided in their absence and on whims of desire to kill. If you honestly contrite now I guarantee you that our people will once again demonstrate their magnanimity. And Like I said before, they are much smarter than before!!!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    Ittu Aba Farda; you are naïve to think a war between nations as a bull fight. It is not Meles or Isaias who will end up at the chopping blocks at the butcher house. Mengistu took a plane ride and he is now living comfortably in Zimbabwe. He sacrificed millions of poor Ethiopians to a war that was obvious from day one when he started it. When the Amharas were the ruling power, they used to say, ‘Gala bimot gala yetecal’ and now the Tigrians are ruling and they are saying, Oromo and Amhara bimotu, Oromo and Amhara yitekalu’. Don’t fool yourself because those who will be used as cannon fodders are the Gemechus and the Teferis. Not Meles or Isaias or their sons and daughters. They will take poor kids from schools and market place and force them into their army. May be you are outside the country far from the war zone, but think about your cousins and distant cousins at home who will be trapped like wild animals and shipped to the war front to die.

    Ittu Aba Farda replies:

    To Anonymous:

    I have read your reply comment carefully and have the following questions for you. I am asking the questions because I was told a lot of hear-says by this and that group by this and that individual. Such experience, on most part misleading and divisive, has turned me into a person who wants hard evidence for any allegations. You said that Amhara Mengistu and his cabals had said ‘Gala bimot gala yetecal’. Do you have a record of them saying this and any provable corroboration on that allegation as to who said it, where and when? If you said that just to arouse my emotion, then I consider that an insult. I need proof and an ultimate proof. As far as these two neighborhood thugs going at it, that is something I encourage them to d just that. If any one of them falls, it would be a good riddance number one. That would be the real beginning of the end for these two ruthless man eaters. Do you think our people will blindly rush to the war fronts to the aid of this Dracula from Dedebit or that murderer in Asmara? You just watch!!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    I am not sure who told me that exactly but it was attributed to Liul Ras Asrate Kasa, who was the administrator of Eritrea, and a cousin of the Emperor Haile Selassie, when the military conflict was broaden. At the time the majority of the low ranking recruits were from Oromo land called Galla at that time.
    But the point I want to make is that poor people have no choice not to serve in the Army. Even in the developed country the bulk of soldiers who will do the actual fighting come from the poor class, blacks, Hispanics and poor whites and not the Bushes and Clintons. Most army recruiters spend their time looking for kids to sign for the service, now that is the so called of volunteer army. But when a country goes to war the government can institutes draft or military service Mengistu used that. During Mengistu’s time I remember some peasants were told to go for demonstration to the next town, packed on trucs and ended up at military training camps, and many were taken from market place. In the cities there was ‘Afesa’ rounding up of young boys forced in to the army. Food aid was used as baite to attract young people to join the army. Those who perished in the 30 years of war in Eritrea were ill trained young poor Ethiopians from rural villages, may be attracted by the military uniform and a boot. In the last war of Woyane at Bademe 80000 to 120,000 poor Ethiopians and 19,000+ Eritreans perrished based on TPLF lies. Aggresive Wars are always based on lies!Because is bloody profitable business.

    Ittu Aba Farda replies:

    Here we go again. After decades of being deafened by so much hear-says, I have become resolute in accepting allegations with hard evidence only. It must be something that will admissible in a court of law. 1) Were you there when that alleged official said those remarks? 2) Can you tell who there when it was said? Is there any admissible written official record from a minute of the meeting where those words were uttered? Sorry, I need hard evidence. It is my creed, my faith now not to condemn anyone with out admissible evidence. Otherwise, you are trying to taint my emotion and just to arouse it. Lencho was telling me a lot of stories; Dima was telling me a boat load of fables; Minnesota was going nuts with lines after lines of victories and still is burning with such stories. All these individuals were insulting me and insulting my God-given intellect. Please don’t try to do the same to me now. I am much smarter than before; our peoples are smarter than ever. We have accumulated enough knowledge from experience.

    In regards to these two neighborhood bullies going at it; I have no qualm about my opinion about it. It will be the beginning of the undoing for both. Mark my word for it!!!
    By the way, you are trying to liken the situation back home with what exists in the USA. You mentioned only poor people join the US armed forces. I am sorry to say that is not the only truth. There are tens and thousands who served in the armed forces purely on patriotism. It has a tradition of serving the country with patriotic fervor. Please don’t even go there. That was why they kicked the communist asses and kicking the tar of the extremists!!! They were victorious in two (three) world wars and that is a historical fact!!! Dig it?

    Here I go again!!! Hey Isaias!!! Did you here what this midget from Adwa said about you? He said you are gay!!! He just told me you have a Jemmaala boyfriend!!! He said you are coward and have never had the manliness to fight!!! He told all of us he just kicked your ass!!! He beat you up as if you robbed The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia!!! Just listen to him!!! He said you now crying!!!He said he is going to make you lick his boots!!! You gonna let him say that!!! Come on Al-Taweel!!! Where are your hatchings, OLF, ONLF, AALF, DDLF, GLF, JLF, DLF, BDLF…peew!!!! am running out of breath!!!! All those liberation fronts you have been feeding Sugo Bologna for years? Were they only good for show-off parades? Come’on man!!! I have bought a ticket to watch the fight and holding on to it for while now. Otherwise, I am going to call you chicken too!!!!!

  6. Yilma, thanks for your valuable article and you hit right on the points that are causing a great havoc in the entire horn of Africa. We really need more people of your kind to regain back our honour and dignity. The Ethiopian government would love to wage war to show its muscle to defend citizens of other nations that it perceives as masters but would totally ignore or make fun of our people that are at the mercy of bloodthirsty Arabs. That is the reality of our existence at this moment. And they have the guts to blame us for treason as well..! God have mercy,!

  7. I don’t support what TPLF did to our country,making it land-locked and forcing the poor peopleof ethiopia top pay $1billion a year port fee for Djbouti. Howver, I don’t understand why Ato Yielma supports Shabia. It doesn’t make sense and Shabia can not be the friend of Ethiopia. Just read what they did to Arbengnonceh Ginbar fighters in Eritria. Also Ato Yielma’s charcterziation of Ogaden Liberation fighetrs as “Our Somali-Ethiopians” is very wrong. About a year a go I went to a joint meeting called by ONLF and OLF as an observer. The ONLF guy started his speech by a slogan of “Down with Ethiopia”! I asked him why he should say this instead of saying down with TPLF government? He said Ethiopia is a colonizer and Ogaden people are not Ethiopians. Here we go Ato Yilema. That is why I say you are a cluless person who doesn’t know who is who when it comes to Ethiopia. Just beacuse we dont like TPLF, it soesn’t mean we should support anyone who wants to breakup our country. I am afraid some of your anlaysis is always shallow, repetitive and full of amazing stupidity. Regarding the current attack on Eritria, I will only support it if it brings back our port Assabby any means.

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr. Gelaw, before you write nonsense, please learn about your country history, you will learn a lot about Ogaden or Eritrea. There are tons of books written about Ethiopia and the rgion. Asab is there if Ethiopia want to use it for free, but your leader Meles did not want to use it, because he thought he can hurt Eritrea economically. So he dicided to use Djibouti paying billions. May be he is sharing the profit with his friend the president of Djibouti. We already paid millions of lives to get Asab. They say stupidity is doing the same thing again and again and expect a different result.The Asab port is legally owned by Eritrea, just because you need a car, you don’t steal it or snatch it from the owner, ‘by any means’.

    You seem worried about a tiny Asab when Woyane is selling half of the country to foreigners, and your sisters and mother to Arabs. Think clearly.

    merkeb replies:

    What is Eritrea’s history any way without Ethiopia? Eritreans are regretting now after supporting Shabia for 30 years to be free from according to them colonization they are all in prison. They are trying to get out of the country, they are still refugees every where. I don’t think there is anything you should be proud of. How were you colonized? Eritreans lived even better than the rest of the people in Ethiopia. What did you loose? you were not fighting the Italians when they were there. the leaders were claiming to be sometimes moslems, another time communists, and now dictators. What kind of freedom have they got now in Eritrea. I don’t see the difference between shabia and tplf except that they are in different cities. They both have to go they are no good to their people.

    Anonymous replies:

    1. when ethiopia claim, it has never been colonized by others, both eritrea and ogaden claim they were colonized by italy and britain

    2. woyane kills ethiopians which he consider second class citizens, oromos, amara, somale etc. it consider itself the golden race.

    3. read books

    Gelaw replies:

    Mr.Anonymous (Shabia-Eritrian)
    You adivise me to learn about Ogaden and Eritrian history. I know what you are trying to tell me. You are saying that what we Ethiopians know about our Eastern teritory-Ogaden is “wrong”. You are telling me Shabia history of Ethiopia that “Ogaden” is colonized by Ethiopia and it should be free like Eritria. That is why we Ethiopians know very well that you guys want the break-upof our country. I hate the tribal TPLF government who brought so much misery to our country, but I am not fool who thinks Shabia wants to see a unifed strong Ethiopia. Although it doesn’t help Eritria in any way you guys always dream the destruction of our country. Well, I will tell you this:
    Until you drop your evil wish to our country, you will continue to be hit and punished severley by any government that comes to power in Ethiopia. Governments will always be gravitated towards doing the popular thing.

    Thanks to Emperror Hilessilasie, you guys lived in Ethiopia like kings and queens after being freed from Italian colonilaism where you were treated like animals. But you guys bite Ethiopia’s hands,and got your fake “independence”. We say good ridden! We should have done it long time a go. What needs to be done now and in the future is for you guys to live like any foreigner in Ethiopia. No more parasitic relationship with us. Regarding Assab port, you know that it doesn’t belong to you. You stole it from us in 1991 thanks to the stupid Woyane.

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr Gelaw you are still reading your war propaganda fictions you received from Woyane cadres. I told you to read books written by historians, Ethiopians and foreigners. You called me Shabia, do you know what that mean? It is an honor to be called Shabia, coming from woyane cadres. You claimed Eritreans lived like kings during Haile Selassie time, when prisons were filled by Eritreans, and half a million were living in Refugee camps in Sudan i.e in 1960s. It was true some had joined the privileged class just today there are Amhars an Oromos working with TPLF living like kings. Just because President Girma and Bulcha Demeska live in palaces does not mean the rest Oromia are living like Kings. The Ethiopian constitution was not written by Erireans, Woyane and its followers put article 39, which allowed all nationalities in Ethiopia the right to secede. The Ogaden people took that, but woyane refused, because that privilage was reserved to Tigrai, so it is starving them to death. Assab and the rest of the Eritrea was sold in 1890’s to Italy, so your timing is wrong by one century. In 1990 woyane told you that Eritrea became ‘Coffee exporter’ and you believed it to be true including all the lies and war propaganda and you marched to Bademe. You can blame Meles for many bad things he has done and is doing to Ethiopia, but not to the loss of Assab, at least give him credit for trying but sacrificed 120,000 souls. Assab was sold first in 1890s, brought back by Haile Selassie, 1951 and lost by Mengistu in 1991, Meles tried to bring it back 1998-2000, but lost. Read history books and not fictions.

    Gelaw replies:

    Mr Anonymous Shabia (Eritrian),

    You liked to be called Shabia,which means “Kehadi” in Ethiopian dictionary. So I will call you Mr.”Kehad” by my definition.

    So, Mr. “Kehadi” except the few privilaged all the people of Ethiopia lived under povery during the Emperor’s time. So nothing different for Eririans too. But you can’t deny that you were animals under Italy, even not being allowed to ride in the same bus,or not benig allowed to go more than grade 4. You were only allowed to be slaves. You beacme humans under mother land Ethiopia. But I don’t expect you to accept the truth ,as you are “kehadi” by nature. Just look what you did to “Ethopian Arbengonch Ginbar”fighters’ (story on They trusted you and came to your territory, but you killed their best leaders. That is why I say you are “Kehadi” people by nature who can never be trusted by anyone!

    Yes, the majority of Ethiopjans stil live in crushing poverty under the Woyane rule. This will change when a democratic Ethiopian government is elected by the people one day. You made me laugh with your shabia “teret teret” war story about Assab. There was no attmept to capture Assab by Ethiopia in the 1998-2000 war. If there was an attemept done, it was very easy to do it, beacuse half of your sick and broken country was taken by the Ethiopian Army in just one week battle. The whole world knows that Ethiopian tanks were already on the gate of Asmara when your leader cried for help like a baby for Presdent Clinton to stop the war. Meles made stupid decision and stopped the war. Otherwise your Shabia could have been history by now.

    Now, you have got your sick, broken province (doesn’t deserve to be called a country) so try to stand up by yourself and stop being parasite to us. After 21 years,you coudn’t even teach your own kids and they are begging for education in Ethiopia. This what you call fake indpendence.

    Anonymous replies:

    Read history books not Ethiomedia fabricated lies. You don not have a clue about Ethiopia and Eritrea history! My last advise to go to elementary school and learn basic Ethiopian history and geography. That was where I learned the facts and not like you through fabricated war propaganada!

  8. Yilma, thanks for your valuable article and you hit right on the points that are causing a great havoc in the entire horn of Africa. We really need more people of your kind to regain back our honour and dignity. The Ethiopian government would love to wage war to show its muscle to defend citizens of other nations that it perceives as masters but would totally ignore or make fun of our people that are at the mercy of bloodthirsty Arabs. That is the reality of our existence at this moment. And they have the guts to blame us for treason as well..!

  9. God get rid off Shabia and unite eritrea with Ethiopia.

    Anonymous replies:

    That is a day dream. Stop chewing khat and go to school and learn. You could end up as a great politician and show us how to unite the two countries peacefully!

    Annoy the anonymous replies:

    you must be working for Shabia and day dreaming about invading your neighboring countries and become “Greater Eritrea”. Fight for your peoples’ freedom in your country if you love them more than the money you are getting paid.Otherwise they will get rid of you one day with your masters and throw you in the Red sea to be dinner for the vicious sharks.By the way this is an Ethiopian Review web site it is not Eritrean Review why are you here any way?

  10. Excellent article mr Yilma Bekele,
    This war mongering and terrorist government who drop bombs
    on its citizens, jail over 50000 simply for protesting elections
    arresting and torturing prominent ethiopians poleticians,journalists
    inside and outside of ethiopia
    selling ethiopian women, ethiopian land to the highest bidders
    also selling ethiopian babys to homosexuals and allowing homosexual
    conference to be held in this holy country of ours, looting its
    wealth left and right giving big portion of ethipian land to
    sudan because his country tigrai could have access to the sea,
    by the way of port sudan, all that at the expense of Ethioipia. At the end of thier ruling days they (tigrayans) will gladly
    relinquesh ethiopian citizenship and anounce they are from tigrai.
    So this chigarams are capable of doing anything to servive including going to war with eritreans without them they would have remained beggars on the
    street of addis and asmara.

    Anonymous replies:

    Clear and perfect thank u brother time will come and will see this begars crying.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    Bravo brother you Nailed it enough said….

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    Bravo brother could not have say that better!!!

  11. Good job Ato Yilma Bekele, great analysis, and you spoke the truth – bitter pill for the woyane cadress to swallow – one of the woyane cadress gave two comments (comments number 2 & 3 under two different names). The TPLF is ready to sacrifice another 80,000 – 120,000 inocent Ethiopian youths, of course, non tigreans. War with Eritrea has double advantages for the woyanes: to destablize the region, and to let the ethiopian youths (non-tigreans) be consumed by war so that they will not be a treat in case a public uprising erupts, they will have less youths on the streets of the country. No sane mind ethiopian advocates for war at this time be it with Somalia or Eritrea. Those who advocate for it have no brothers or sisters in the millitary or those who can be benefited from the war, like the TPLF who extends its power.

  12. Dear Yilma,
    Keep the records straight. We all dislike what TPLF is doing to our beloved country. Nevertheless, the last Ethiopia-Eritrean war was started by Shabia NOT by TPLF. We are tired of War. We do not need another war. Hell to Shabia and TPLF!

    abysinian fox replies:

    my answer to you is Hill to TPLF..SHABIA is not killing and selling the land or sailing Ethiopian women to middle East and beyond… so focus on the real enemy of Ethiopia that is TPLF.

    geleta replies:

    Mr fox, did you say Shabia is not killing? were the lights off at your home when you were typing this or only your fingers were working not your head? Shabia is the worst dictatorial government on this planet. Unless you are one of them and i think you are. posting here under different names does not hide who you really are. You even said under anonymous you are proud to be called Shabia. Then you are not only Shabia you guys are fascistic dogs on the Horn of Africa. Go back to Sudan and start all over again if you want to join the democratic world. The time when you thought you are the only smart and powerful ones is gone. It was easy for you to hide under different names when you were in the desert but not any more. You can not sit around the same table with my Ethiopian brothers and sisters and talk about democracy they will make you shut your mouth.

  13. Dear Saba,

    I honestly appreciate your logic. I do agree with your grievances about TPLF. I am not defending TPLF. I have never been done it ever. Reason,I do not support its policy from day one because TPLF has been 99% against Ethiopia.I do agree with you on this.

    I also understand your claim that they are going to Eritrea not to fight Shabia but to hunting Ethiopians opposition? well, it makes sense, that might be true since they never care about Ethiopia or Ethiopians. To support your argument, TPLF released 1000s of war prisoners but never asked for its soldiers. I do agree TPLF is a curse for the Ethiopian nation. TPLF is a self-inflicting entity that enjoys bleeding itself continuously and bleeding the Ethiopian people continuosly. There is denial the wicked nature of TPLF, however, if change comes, we grab it.

    Although I doubt TPLF will ever change its policy against Ethiopia, if TPLF makes now a big mistake of standing for Ethiopia and take over the red sea, I will support it 100%. Reason, I wanted even TPLF to change and I cannot live in its wrong doings of the past.

    As you see, opposition are very week and divided and the quickest way for change now either TPLF change itself or we change it. As I can see it, change driven by civil movement appears to be stalled by ethnic division and mistrust among Ethiopians. Some are trying to wage guerilla fighting. But Guerilla fighting is old tactic and irrelevant in the 21 century. It is also expensive in terms of human lives, resources and time, it takes very long. Shabia has to fight 30 years and TPLF 17 years, that is almost a generation that took Ethiopia backward so much. I do not agree or support armed war against Ethiopia be through Eritrea or Ogaden or Djibouti.

    I do believe in civil movement, but Ethiopians has no capacity yet and that is why they are still pursuing the bloody route.

    Saba, I like your good reason, but I do not agree about Yilma. I respect him, but his rationale on this does not make sense to me. To my knowledge Eritrea has no border with Ethiopia and everything done about Eritrea with TPLF deal is null and void because it was done without the parcipation of Ethiopians.

    If TPLF changed its policies on Eritrea,I will welcome it because
    1. Ethiopia can use its ports Massawa, Asseb and this will leave Ethiopia with about 2 billion dollars each year. Ethiopia buys ports from Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, somalia each year while our ports are sitting idle? We will save that money, and we can use that money to help the teenage girls Meles Zenawi is shipping to Arabs to be raped. Do not you agree with me? We need to teach the little girls how to grow flowers for incoming generation than shipping the to Arabs to be raped, stoned, and beaten.
    2. Ethiopia will save 1 million dollar each day which it spends to lookafter shabia each day. Ethiopia has spent about 1 * 30* 12* 14 years = 5.04 billion dollars in the past 14 years to lookafter shabia and this does not include hardware and other expenses.

    3. Ethiopia has more than 5000 orphans in Ogaden now this is because of Meles Zenawi and shabia.We do not want the war to continue in Ogaden making more people orphans and making the ogadenis to live in war zone. We want peace for Ethiopians to live. The only way to do realize this is to annihilate shabia from the face of earth and bring lasting peace.

    4. Shabians were given chance and Meles Zenawi supported them 100% and they were given the entire red sea by the blessing of Meles Zenawi and completely disregarding 91 million Ethiopians but they came back to claim more land from Ethiopia and they waged a bloody war that wasted 100 000 souls of Ethiopians which Meles betrayed. The cause of the bloody war which was shabia is beyond crime, Issayas must have been arrested and judged in Ethiopians court in 2000. But Meles betrayed the 100 000 souls. If TPLF has ever learn anything from its grandiose crimes against the Ethiopian people, if it is going for reversing its anti-Ethiopian policies, then I will support it.

    However, it TPLF is doing this just for no objective, wow, shabia wake up now even with more fear and become more dangerous than ever. If TPLF is doing this with no objective, it will backfire on it and because will work hard to dismantle TPLF day and night.

    5. Eritrean themselves will benefit from peace, the majority of Eritreans youth spend in military and there are no even Universities in Eritrea. Eritreans live in much worse situation than the derg time. They will better off without shabia. Think also the normalized of relation between the two people which cannot happen in the presence of shabia.

    If the war is to reverse past mistakes, then I will come the war. Reason, Ethiopia has been at war already. Ethiopians are dying everyday and every year because of shabia. The message to TPLF is do it and but do it quickly without wasting time and resources and lives. Do it only if you are reversing your grand mistakes and crimes against your country. If not, it is just waste of other more souls for no benefit.

    To those of you who call me and give me names, thank you. I am not goinng to be dragged into low life bickering here. I can only talk with like Saba who can reason out.

    jjj replies:

    Gezaeee H.
    you said
    “Although I doubt TPLF will ever change its policy against Ethiopia, if TPLF makes now a big mistake of standing for Ethiopia and take over the red sea, I will support it 100%. Reason, I wanted even TPLF to change and I cannot live in its wrong doings of the past.”

    your tornado of war idea no one will support because of the red sea a lot of people died and you are dreaming again more people to die.
    Secondly after Weyane put Ethiopia in hell you still want to support TPLF 100% how about the Ethiopian student who lost their life by TPLF
    in day light for demostrating in Addiss Abeba dont you think their blood is more important than your ugly idea how about yenessaw he burn him self are TPLF going to bring him back to mention few.

    You seem you just want to destroy shaebia but you dont realy care about Ethiopians and Ethiopia. Ethiopians because of TPLF are on tears day in day out their tears could fill up the Red Sea you talking about.
    I have to stop here because i dont want to talk about your ugly article anymore.
    You think you are smart but you are stupid you doesnt even know the inteligence of our people.

    terry replies:

    gazaeeee you are retarded mind,you dont even believe or know what you relate.dokro agame…

    Saba replies:

    i am not sure if it is the same Gezaeee h on #2 who has posted this one, because there are many things that make sense on this one. I can agree with some of your ideas and whether people agree with them or not, your opinion follows some reasoning.

  14. Yilma,
    Thank you for the toughtful and honest analysis. As we all know the war between in Ethiopia and Eritrea during 1998-2000 was started when the Woyanes entered Eritrean territory and murdered unarmed Eritrean officers who were trying to dialogue with them. It soon became clear that the woyanes had the support of the ‘peace brokers’ (ye kis awlaqi gelagay). After much death and destrucion the parties were forced to resolve the matter at the table. However, when the decision was rendered the Woyanes balked. With the help of ‘peace brokers’ have been able to continue the illegal occupation of Eritrean sovereign lands. The Woyanes had to audacity to announce its foray into a territory of a sovereign nation and all we hear from the ‘peace brokers’ is for BOTH parties to restrain their forces. Clearly the so called peace brokers don’t want to see the matter resolved. Unfortunately, for them, the Ethiopian people will not be fooled again. Times have changed the days of ralliying behind the Woy-anes are over. If they want to start a war with Eritrea they’re on their own and not even the powerful ‘peace brokers’ will be able to change the outcome.

    fox replies:

    but the un said eritrea started the war what are you talking about lady.Seems like you believe all the propoganda of your govt.At least try to double check with some independently verified facts.and the difference was not settled by dialogue as you claimed but after shaebia was pushed back from badime 25km deep into its territory.

  15. Quote:
    “The two poorest economies on planet earth are wasting their precious resource to kill each other.”

    The world’s top 10 poorest countries 2011
    1. DR Congo GDP per capita $347
    2. Liberia GDP per capita $416
    3. Burundi GDP per capita $430
    4. Zimbabwe GDP per capita $471
    5. Eritrea :) GDP per capita $731
    6. Central African Republic GDP per capita $774
    7. Niger GDP per capita $795
    8. Sierra Leone GDP per capita $846
    9. Malawi GDP per capita $852
    10. Togo GDP per capita $892

    Ato Yilma please get your facts straight.
    And i must add that for a seasoned writer like you not mentioning the big elephant in the room (what Berhanu Nega calls Tiligu Zihon) or the handlers of the Meles Zenawi regime is a big mistake and misleading.
    But you are not alone. And this behaviour of yours and your likes demonstrates your limitations as residents in the USA.
    The truth is USA created woyanes. Without USA their would be neither woyanes nor shabians and as a consequence also not the problems you have mentioned above.

    Gragn Ahmed replies:

    you didn’t menssion ethiopia i mean the weyannie’s ethiopia rather” is it the poorest of the 10 poorest nation in the planet earth????.

    Asbeha replies:

    you are an irrational shabia or have IQ or reading problems.

    Gragn Ahmed replies:

    as an eritrean it is very good to live in peace with our ethiopian neighbours and others but i don’t believe this will happen so long the west and their puepe regime “the weyannies are in power” at least this time the shaebias didn’t jump and join the war mashine.

    Tigil godana replies:

    To asbeha, weyanes laying machine,
    where did you get this made up story?
    can you provide the source? I bet you can’t.

    Asbeha replies:

    the same as i said the other guy.

    “you are an irrational shabia or have IQ or reading problems.”

    Eritrea is a desperately poor country with no rivers,no arable land,no minerals, no oil, no livestock, no nothing.
    If it was not for the remittance from millions of Eritreans abroad well you know that.

    sawa tiger replies:

    To assbeha,
    YOU said ” Eritrea is a desperately poor country with no rivers,no arable land,no minerals, no oil, no livestock, no nothing.”
    I think you are mistaken eritrea for you dirt land tigrai.
    If it wasn’t for rest of fertile ethiopia, your ugly face would be on the cover of time magazine,with your blotted belly, and your skellten ribs sticking out .

    Asbeha replies:

    @ sawa slave AKA sawa tiger,

    you are a slave who runs away to his masters(here time magazine) like a child to his mother when in trouble.
    When will you grow up and be your own man ?
    Myself, i dont give a shit if they show you while you are being raped by your Italian masters boy, or while you have turned into a cannibal because of no remitted money, or while laying on your bed starving, or while marching to Ethiopia to save your sorry a$$.
    To be a slave is a dreadful fate indeed.

    And your Eritrea remains a desperately poor country with zero resources. That is the reason why more of your people are forced to live abroad than in their own country.
    So sad.

    Ah… time magazine,i tell you they have more to worry about the ten or twenty million americans who starved to death …, was that during the depression ?

    Ambabi to # 71 replies:

    where is spot for Ethiopia? Right behind or before the US?

  16. Opposing the supposed war or arguing for it means nothing,when one takes this stand from the POSTION of weakness.Does people’sour finghting in the message reooms changes any thing?I am sure every one who comes in here including the writer of this article ,Mr.Yelma ,Bekele clearly knows the answer. We as a people are very comfortable and are desensitized about the negetive events tha has been taking place in the country.There is no any limit as to how much does of negative news we can take.Infact the more we frequent the chat room and message bords the more we crave to have more of it.

    The word of GOD says ,

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no ……seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.Hosea: 4:6.

    The type of knowledge that is spoken here is not some form of information or some type of speculataive knowledge or strang theory that won’t be help to solve problem of the country.

    God said you have rejected my WORD as a result he said “I will also reject thee”.
    Two points I want to suggest here.

    First, We can babblein this forum about any thing and every thing but unless people REPENT and be right with GOD first we in the opposing camp can accoplish nothing for the oppressed people of Ethiopia.There is a crediblity problem among us.Incencerity,pretence,shallownes and superficiality characterizes many of our cmpatrriots.One of the reasons our ancessters acted boldly in the face of adversity is because of their GREAT faith in their maker.We have lost this courage a while back .What have become now worshipers of our own accoplishments,posseessions,even our own opinions.Only few and very few people make the LORD the center of their life,while many of us make self the center of life.

    Second,After,we make reformation by amending our ways through recouncilation with our maker.We must chang our habit from mere talk to action.I mean we must use these forums strictly for organizational action oriented puprpose.So long we seat by and wach the unfolding drama the two actors TPLF,SHABI will remain in power.My coming here and taking stand for or against war from a mere postion of cyber warrior accomplishes nothing than it generates cahtroom controvercey.

  17. We are fighting proxy wars. Is Eritrea or Ethiopia that is becoming failed state? Time will tell. For sure we can no more be independent nations as big powers fight over us.

  18. Meles gave fertile Ethiopian land to Sudan’s tererist leader bashir and yet he kills our brothes in eriteria to hold onto a small rocky outcrops that belongs to the erterian province ethiopia.

  19. If TPLF changes its policy I do not need any permission from any permission from any individual who do not even know what they are upto than intimidating people. I will fly in into addis ababa and become the new Leader of TPLF? I am sure this will bleed your lung those of you who are insulting and saying unnecessary bad words.

    Why do you insult people for expressing their views? why? hell, let TPLF changes it policy, and I will show you what I will do. Dammit zeros ras bicha, Kemesadeb minm neger atakum. Jizab bicha.

    I do not understand why people jump to insult based on hatred. I do have full right to say what I want and I do not need the permission of anyone to express myself, what type of human being are you? How are you going to win TPLF by insulting people and intimidating everyone whom your perceive you perceive is your enemy? Is there anyone who can stop me from supporting TPLF if I want? if there is anyone who is that? dammit, TPLF please change policy and we can fly in to Ethiopia and these hateful souls will die of their hated before doing anything. Em Zebele Yatahgom.

  20. Attention Weyane Cadres: This is 2012 not 1998. As the saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice shame on me”. Ethiopians will no longer fall for your deceits. Thank you Dr. Yilma.

  21. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter from what ethnic group you come from, it is the mainstream Ethiopians who stand up for every ethnic groups without saying you are Oromo, you are Gurage, you are Tigray when injustice is done. Unlike the incompetent OLF extreme that seems ONLY to stand for Oromos and damn to the rest of Ethiopians, I see for Dechasa it will always be we the mainstream Ethiopians who stand and sacrfice for her and her cause. OLF has been standing by idealy for many years opening doors for outsiders and TPLF and Shaebia and still do while the indiscriminate TPLF is sending ALL Ethiopians to harms ways.

    Asbeha replies:

    You and Gezaee H. are some of the guys who make sense here.
    As to the author of this article,i dont understand why he sides with Shabia, the other enemy of Ethiopia.
    I think he is a guy who sympathizes with Shabia like ESAT people such as prof Al, Berhanu Nega,Andargachew Tsige and Neamin. Those guys need to wake up and cleanse their ranks of Shabia agents. These days we are hearing what happened to leaders of Ethiopian opposition groups who trusted shabia and located their bases there. Shabia delivered them to woyanes.
    Just wondering if woyanes were tipped off by Shabia agents about the so-called coup attempt by General Tefera Mamo and company few years ago.

    Anonymous replies:

    Until blind Ethiopians wake up to see clearly who their friend and enemies are, Ethiopia will suffer another 3000 years of pseduo independence and and backword nation and tool of foreign powers. You need to accept Shabia as you refuge and liberators! But reading from responses in this ER website, the number of parrots with no brain to think, full of vulgar languages and no logic etc.

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