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Lebanese man who brutalized the Ethiopian girl identified

Lebanese man who savagely attacked Ethiopian girl Ali Mahfouz is the man seen in the video footage, abusing the Ethiopian worker; LBCI identified him through his plate number. Ali tried to justify his act by denying that he beat her; he stressed that the worker tried to commit suicide more than once and that he tried dealing with her humanely, but she refused to go to the airport for deportation… [read more]

37 thoughts on “Lebanese man who brutalized the Ethiopian girl identified

  1. Why are Arabs so bad against black Africans? Is there anything in Islam that teaches cruelty on other human beings?
    I know so many Ethiopian moslems but they are very peaceful people.
    Look around the way the Arabs are treating the Ethiopians and Eritreans in Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Egypt… they sell the Abeshas like camels and steal them of their money and body organs. They rape every woman and even the men …
    What kind of evil is this?
    Look how these evil are treating in jail to our christian brothers and sisters in Saudi jails? Didn’t we give refuge to Mohamed and his family when he was running away from wars? Weren’t the poor Arabs from Saudi Arabia and Yemen working as Koolies, Listros, Garis and cleaning the streets of Massawa and Assab? Didn’t we allow them to live peacefully and work in Dessie, Diredawa, Kombolcha as traders long before they got that damn oil in the 1940s, 50s…?

    We, Ethiopians and Eritreans, are not that bad people but I think we need to respect our own brothers and sisters everywhere, otherwise the Arabs will abuse them this way.
    I am not a bad person like the evil arabs but sometimes I wish God can send His furies to them and rain them bombs again to their tiny Libanon.

    Anonymous replies:

    Just to share my thoughts. The cruelty of Arabs on christian Africans mainly christian Ethiopians( by the way, that does not mean they like Muslim Ethiopians) have little to do with historical enmity. In fact, Middle East Muslims, like you said the majority of them, (I say the majority because the minority good Muslims could not stop them.) if they can they would prefer to eradicate all Christians from the face of the Earth. But the good news is they can’t. It will not be exaggeration to state that the only christian victims are Ethiopian Christians. It will not be hard to guess why? They can not even dare to do any wrong any other Christians that go to the Arab countries either to work or as tourists. they won’t dare harm a christian from Italy,France, Britain,Canada etc.. The reason being they know very well harming any of these Christians have big time consequences, because these Christians have Governments that care about their citizens where ever they are. But Ethiopians in these Arab lands very sad to say,but we witness it almost every day,we are their preys. Where ever we are, it is the fact we are helpless. Weather we are tossed to a river beaten to death or thrown at a pot full of boiling hot water, it gives me a stomach ache even to mention the name Ethiopian government, leave alone the to care for the Ethiopians in middle east, even the people within are abandoned in their own country. It is not because our people are Christians,Muslims or we are poor, it is because Ethiopians do not have a government they can count on. For heaven sake, let us stop this cycle. the answer is within us. Let it be our priority number one in life. People say unity.. unity.., I think a two year old understands what the word means, why don’t we? Muslim,christian,Oromo, Amhara,Hadia, Tigre.. ETHIOPIANS, leave behind the baseless
    dis respectfulness to each other and form a united alliance to help form a new government that will equally care and protect for all its citizens where ever they are.

    Anonymous replies:

    You said sudanese treating ethiopian and ertreian people badly means that you never know sudan or sudanese people . Ethiopian and ertrean live in sudan and move free like our brothers and you force me to mention something l had been in nairobi before one with another one and one ethiopian met us at down town in the evening he ask if we are sudenese l said yes he said he had lived in so many towns in sudan we he is our brother he said he lived far away from nairobi and he want moneny do you know why he came to us becuase he feel we african and we like each other even we know arabic or not now l had freinds work at khartoum among us you will never separate

  2. Yemanim bisbis areb mechwoch enihu? betam yasazinal..yihe hulu yewoyane sira new….kezih yebase min endemintebik aygebagnim…Shintam Tiwlid..

    wolde replies:

    My sentiments exactly.

  3. you cant win all. she brought up on her self and no one to blame .she dont deserve it but when you are such stupid there is always price to pay. i dont have sympathy for her at wrong place wrong time.

    Anonymous replies:

    The region of your brain that commands EMPATHY seems dead and I feel a lot of compassion toward you.

    anonymous replies:

    wow. people like you honestly should be dead. how do you feel no sympathy when your watching an innocent girl being beaten to her know death! And also how did she bring it upon herself ? she went to their country to try to make money to support her poor family. your fucked and i feel bad that your even alive right now.

  4. 2 #. ye Massawa lij,

    “Why are Arabs so bad against black Africans?” you asked.

    Sounds like propaganda joke again. Black African tyrants are 100% bad against Africans both in the past and currently. Who commited and still commiting mass murder and genocides in African and on Africans? Even in the past and currently merchants of slvery and slave traders were/are entirely African criminals themselves. Arabs took the offer because there are demands for slaves like always. The head of the evil snake is in Africa but its legs in the Arab world and elsewhere. It is very sweet to find an external enemy and divert attention from the main evil at home.

    ላሊበላ replies:

    This is not a direct state sponsored crime as the Syrian, Libyan, Kenyan, South African, Ethiopian or Eritrean regime crimes on their people.
    This crime is committed by an Arab and many Arab Families on a poor innocent hardworking Ethiopian because of her religion, ethnicity and skin colour. This is a typical Arab racism on the black people.
    These kinds of crimes are taking place as we speak against many Africans and Ethiopians in the Arab world including in the streets and homes of many in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon … all committed by moslem Arabs on Ethiopians.
    These crimes are taking place mostly inside Arab family homes and in the streets and deserts.
    Only a fool blinded Arab slave or what the Arabs call an Abeed will defend the crime committed on this poor unarmed Ethiopian woman. This shows Arab racism to a black African.
    To those Arab wanabe Abeeds defending the Arabs, why don’t you take your children to the moslem Saudi Arabia, Libya or Egypt for schooling in Arabic, if you think Islam and the Arab world are just people, instead of living in the christian West?

  5. As sad as it is, this is not the worst that happens to Ethiopian women in the Arab world. We are outraged by this because it happened in public and the whole world witnessed our shame. This is also outrageous in that it happened in front of the Ethiopian Consulate and the staff were watching through their windows and did squat.

    Apparently the TPLF and its minions are tigers when it comes to killing unarmed civilians and little girls like Shibre on the streets of Addis, but gutless and toothless when it comes to defending their citizens abroad or asserting one of their sacred diplomatic duties, which is to protect Ethiopians like the girl in the video.

    By exporting these maids to the Middle East, the TPLF is benefitting in two ways. First they are the middlemen and get a kickback from the agent in the Middle East and second they benefit from from the remittance these poor girls are sending to their families back home, since they own all the banks and have cornered the black market for hard currency in Ethiopia. By the way, sending women out of the country for domestic service and prostitution is not new to the TPLF or Shabea for that matter. They used to send their women to the Sudan and other Arab countries and the men used to act as pimps collecting money from the Johns, to fund their guerilla warfare in the 70s and 80s. Azeb Gola used to walk the red district of Gadariff before moving to Dedebit to type Meles’ propaganda pamphlets.

    The abuse of Ethiopian women in the Middle East is a known fact to everyone including those living in Ethiopia. You may ask why are the families of these little girls allowing them to go there. The answer is simple, they cannot afford not to. Just like they cannot afford not to let their daughters walk the streets of Addis at night in the hope of attracting men. Most probably the father has been out of work for decades and the family has depleted all their means and everyone is walking hungry day in day out. In a situation like this people really have no choice but take a chance just like the men we read about boarding the leaky boats and risking their lives to reach Yemen or braving the Sahara, in the hope of getting to one of the Mediterranean countries.

    One thing we need to understand is this: it is very hard for Ethiopians to find a job in Ethiopia today unless you are from the golden race or their spy. If you have been to Ethiopia lately, starting at the air port you observe that all the people working there are from one ethnic group. Starting from immigration officers, baggage handlers, security checkers all the way to the guards at the exit belong to the golden race. It is the same if you go to any of the hotels, starting from the concierge all the way to the house maids are from Tigrai, also doubling as spies in most cases. The process is repeated if you happen to be in any of the government offices. And this is systematic, TPLF has been disenfranchising all other Ethiopians save their ethnic group and now they are telling us the country could not be governed by no one else since they are the once with the bureaucratic experience.

    There is only one remedy for this and that is for all Ethiopians to UNITE and get rid of the CANCER that the TPLF is.



  6. I do understand the larger issue of these women wanting to go or going to these Arab countries. History tell us that they are the main group people, who excelled in slave trafficking and having Hermes. History also tell us that it is within their nature to be cruel and abusive as it is thought by their prophet Mohammed and I do not be surprised in what they do.

    After saying that these woman have heard so many horror stories before they depart to make money and be rich, yet they are so eager to go to these hell hole place, hoping that they will not be the one to be tortured. In the same token, their government though they know and have all the informations from their embassy, yet they let them travel, rather than giving them advice. I guess, the government main concern is in making a foreign exchange money to be stashed in their various account to be deposited in their foreign bank.

    I believe that these women who are selling their sole, some of them even changing their religion to be accepted by their arab master will not be a surprise to use as how they are treated and it seems they are willing and ready to accept it.

  7. The statement given by Caritas raises more questions than answers namely, Has Caritas been in any way involved in the deportation proces? Was the lady admitted to the hospital due to her suicide attempt or Was she hospitalized because she was beaten up by Ali Mahfouz and his gangs? By the way the whereabouts of the lady bothers me immensely.

  8. arabs are good people in the majority. But some of them feel threatened when you step into their country. they feel that abeshas are converting their folk to christianity. and most of their hate originates from propaganda they hear about christian abeshas.

    wolde replies:

    Please get rid of this illusion you suffer from.The only good Arab is a dead Arab.

  9. Ye sereke eju yekoretal, yatefa 40 yegerefal is the sharia law. That is their law and it has to be done to leba Lebanese in Addis Ababa video tape it and spread it on the net as a lesson to the Arabs that are constantly abusing our beautiful girls. The Muslim Ethiopians this is your duty but don’t tell me that you are Arabs not Ethiopian Muslims.

  10. please do not generalize the Arab people. Who ever did this to that girl is not right. Let’s do something to help that poor girl and girls at home not going the Arab countries, instead of taking about religion and judging others.

  11. Average Arabs are the most racist and cruel people in the world. There is no humanity in most of them. Poor Ethiopians and Eritreans migrate to the land of barbaric Arabs to make some kind of living. The news about the girl is merely a piece of abounding facts about the cruelty of Arabs, particularly against African migrant workers in their countries.

  12. It has been heart-breaking to all Ethiopians that our sisters are brutally treated by any Arab citizen as they currently are mistreated by the current regime of Zinawi.Yes, tears are not enough;true.We knew right from the beginning,when the enemy came into Ethiopia,we had no doubt it will eat our children alive,and it does.

    Despite Zinawi’s knowledge of our children and sisters being treated like discarded objects in Arab homes and in the streets,and the fact that our sister hass been unjustly treated in front of the Hiwhat Embassy not have said or done anything,it showed that no one but us,Ethiopians must take a step and act on the mistreatment and crime that Zinawians are committing aginst our sisters.

    Yes,we have witnessed the situation that our sisters are in the Arab world and its associated problems created on the life of our sisters,but the sources of the problem is the robbers who made the life of Ethiopians and their children unbearable.We don’t and must not expect the Arabs would find a solution to our sisters problem in their life in the Arab world,we don’t either expect Zinawi and his men and women surrounding him will stop doing worse and worse to our sisters,we do expect of ourselves to make a decision on what we are doing against the criminals in Ethiopia.Once we get rid of Zinawi and his regime,we shall definitely bring back our children and sister to their motherland and give them what no gave them. We will definitel invest on our sisters and children and our country rips the fruit and the benefit our children will give her.

    Ethiopians,we have been hurt too deep inside our heart and still are;let us hold together hand in hand and start marching to our common goal of making free our country and people from the crushing jaw of the enemy that invaded our country in 1991.

    We shall definitely retaliate our common enemy with victory!!!!

  13. Poor we Ethiopians! Now we forget the agonies and brutalities which the 85 million Ethiopians are experiencing under the dictatorial minority rule of the tplf but instead druming loud drums and shading crocodile tears for a single victim by cursing the entire Arab race. No wonder that we are visionless loser with no concept of proportionality and rationality. Yes Arabs were/are racists and slave traders. But who gave them the chance to do that bull shit?

  14. The world community knows well that women in the Arab world are the living-objects;no wonder,this uncivilized Arab man beat,dragged, and punched our sister,as if she is objects of his property.

    May we wait patiently until our dear lord,God punish these barbaric creaters;but,in the meantime make a committement and a vow to fight the enemy and defeat it to its crush,our common enemy that all of us know is still in our country destroying the lives our children.Since the enemy had made the dream of Arabs come true by sending out our children to the Arab world in great quantities on a monthly basis,the enemy will definitely continue to bleed our heart until we all collapse and our country become nothing.

    We must take steps to shorten the life of the enemy that is still in our country enjoying sending our sisters to hellish Arab world;the Arab world is hell and habitable to barbarians.We will definitely capture Zinawi and put him in trial;on judgment day,our children will reside in the court and award Zinawi with bruit,hot,sharp and eternal punishment inside the middle east for all Arab barbarians to witness Zinawi crying for heaven.

  15. Although our heart goes out bleeding to our little sister,and our eyes and hearts are filled with tears,we raise our feast up in the air move it in every direction seeking victory over our enemies and crush them to pieces in front of our courageous little sister.

    This little sister of ours has showen firm resistance against her abductor,the barbarian,who has a voracious apetite for murdering her,as other Arab barbarians have similar bitter apetite for killing our children,as a restult she has saved her life.

    Zinawi who has been selling out our children to the Arabs is the chief criminal as the man who desperate enough to rape and murder our sister is equally criminal as Zinawi is. Ethiopians,what will do to Zinawi and this Arab man,if you capture them in your punishing-hand?

    We will definitely end the suffering of our sisters by only getting rid of Zinawi and his regime for once and for all.Azeb Golla has enjoyed her service to men who visited her at her residential place in the red district;so nothing is new to her when it comes to servicing the Arabs to their need.Zinawi had enjoyed the money that had been flowing to his pocket while Azeb Golla was a star profiter in the red district since fifteen.

    No one can say Azeb Golla did not miss nightlife in the red district in the Sudan;she did,in fact missed quick money and red,red,roses for the job well done.

  16. If this woman was to be deported and resisted the deportation,as the criminal Ali Mahfouz claimed,it should be the police who should or had to do the deportation,not him.The criminal,Arab Ali Mahfouz was simply making up a story.

    It would rather be better to handover the criminal to Ethiopians and prosecute him as criminal.Well,it is sad to see this woman is unjustly treated by these criminal.

  17. If the so called Ethiopia government stop importing our women like a merchendize, this will never happened in the first place. Those useless, uncivilized, arrogant arabs deserve any kind of inhuman treatment whenever they live and taste the bitterness of such kind of treatment to the human kind. They truly are barberians and animals.

  18. Arabs crime caught on tape, it vividly shows to the world that Arabs are uncivilzed, barbaric, cruel, habitual liars, hypocrats, savge and lunutics. You have proved to the world openly in broad day light about your society. Thanks for technology the world has seen your embaressement .Shame on you , you beat a women who don’t have a power at all , and the ironic paret of the story was you were 2 men forcing a women. Shame on you.

  19. She went to Lebanon to get rich and buy fancy clothes, villa and this is what she got. Why do people go to work as maids? Better to stay in your land and village as long as you are not starving.

    Anonymous replies:

    Honest, do you honestly believe it is that straight forward? which land is she stayin on? you said so long as she is not starving? how do we know she was not. Pls guys, don’t put salt into our wound. There is a In

  20. I am deeply touched. Dragging and pulling a woman by hair…mistreating her in public….in 2012? This is Barbaric. I dont blame them though….They are JUST Arabs!!Blinded by their arrogant relegion….marching their own narrow minded ways. Cheger and sheber fetarewoch!!! This is an incident we should keep in mind.

  21. Sister! you are in every ethiopian soul and mind! we are a living dead too! we know you are in a better place now! the only happy person is in your death only MELESE ZENAWE and his regime!congratulation weyanewoch!one ethiopian girl gone for ever! now 80,000,000 remain really can you finish us???

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