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28 thoughts on “Successful Ethiopian Review meeting in Dallas

  1. where are the participants ? how many where there? and who were there ?

    we need a video to confirm your claim the “meeting” was successful !

    KKK replies:

    those are good question you raised?

    DAMO replies:

    This is not Aiga forum or Addis Zemen news paper which is full of filthy lies. Besides, Elias has no reason to desiminate fals informaation. If you want to hear white lies, vist TPLF websites.

    gonderew replies:

    you moron.

    he said Details later…, cant you see that?

    Anonymous replies:

    Look one man Elias has done. Who cares how many people was there, as long as a few patriotic, brave and astute Ethiopians were present.
    Thanks again Elias, Meseret and the rest of your staff for being the voice for the voiceless Ethiopians. God bless you all!

    Anonymous replies:

    You want to spy for your Banda master Legese Zenawi

    Anonymous replies:

    For now, you are only focusing to satisfy your flesh at any cost and at the expenses of eighty million Ethiopians, just remember Gaddaffi, what goes around will come around, your end won’t be pretty. And your soul will suffer for eternity.

    Waka replies:

    Mark my word your days are very very numbered our struggle is not superficial like woyannes ,your master once said for his dumb collection in his parliament he is not obliged to tell how many Ethiopian deaths caused his proxy war against our brothers Somalis,do you think an Ethiopian patriot in this case Elias has a tiny obligation to tell or to show you ( thief woyanne )any thing? The only obligation of Elias and every Ethiopian is to hunt you down reaching your rat hole.

  2. To gonderew:

    What has that to do with this topic. What the hell “Info Desk” on Ethiopian Review comment forum? You must be supporter of the OLD OLF, which was dead few weeks ago. Millions of proud oromos wittnesed the memorial.

  3. Tazabi why do you care to know who was there? Elias told us “It was a successful meeting ” that is it. I don’t understand why people wants to be they are the one who can have all the answer or give permission . Grow up man. By the way thank you Elias for every thing you do for Ethiopia ,I believe if most not all of us try to do a little bit of what you do our poor people would have a better life !

  4. Hello Elias the great (keep it up),

    Woyane is looting our country and we are doing almost nothing to stop it. What is wrong with us, dear Ethiopians. How long shall we allow them kill us? Woyanes are stealing everything worthy in a broad day light while we are observing it with our own eyes without doing anything against it.
    Are we really genuine Ethiopians, the grand children of those heros who gave us our holy mother Ethiopia? If we are one, then let us put an end to this disaster by chasing the Woyanes away from Addis Ababa. Dear my people, there is no success without a sacrifice. Peace and tranquility costs life and without this we will never move an inch towards what we want to reach.
    Nigerians are revolting and when we will do it? Commodity prices in Ethiopia have sky rocketed and people are getting unable to eat even once per day, while Woynes are living in surplus. What are we waiting for?
    Let us sabotage everything in Ethiopia, for instance: cut the electric and telephone lines, put big stones on streets, burn car tyres during the night, write slogans against Woyane on walls (especially in schools, universities) etc.
    Let us be united and concentrate ourselves to fight Woyane from within. Woyane has instigated war against Eritrea in order to divert our attention. Peace with Eritea is not for the benefit of the Woyanes. So, we must not play ourselves in the hands of those beggar Woyanes. Woyane wants to sow hatred between the Amharas and Oromos on the one hand and Eriteans on the other. So, dear Oromos and Amharas (like me), let us raise our consciousness.
    Ethiopia will prevail only in peace with its neighbouring countries. Once we get rid of those beggars, then we will have a big chance to develop quickly. Development needs peace and, as such, we must live in peace with Eritrea especially. I am deadly sure that the question of port can be sloved amiciably (low taxes, etc.). In a nutshell: we do not need a rat race with Eritrea but a cooperation to build strong economies in which both people can live without looking for handouts. Europeans are showing us the way how.
    Africans, even endowed with natural resources, are fighting with each other while Europeans, though they are realtively rich, are working hard to be one (without war) economically and politically in order to become more mighty. Europeans are helping Greece, for instance.
    And we must do exact this with Eritea, Sudan, etc. because our future lies in living in peace together. War must never be an option to solve differences.

    May Ethiopia and its neighbours live in PEACE.

  5. Great job! I am encouraged with what some among us are doning for their country.Onther thing for the diaspora Ethiopians let us be courages and run the hodam weyane supporters wherever they are. We will never find even asingle individual to change his/her mind consernig the worong policy of TPLF leaders.The only way tahese people understand is confrontaion. We need to show those who run up and down to implement the sell out plan of their boss bloody nose.We have to take them seriously;let tjhem know we will not sit and wach when they kill our people who.

    Beka to TPLF shiftas ! Weyanes and their supporters Weyolish! Where will be your end where will be your hiding place.Feel greatly sorry for the precariopus condtion of the future of your childreen,as much as I feel sorry state of our people.

  6. I do not understand how thier brain function.Elias and mesert came all the way from were they Exile.A brainless tube baby want to see a vidio while he was scrachen his rear end just around Richardson.get a life Botho.

    Anonymous replies:

    I used to think, how could some people hurt others and not feel remorse and keep on committing unspeakable crimes and enjoy human suffering, looting, killings and everything that is Evil. Finally, I realized that these kinds of people have no conscience, and their hearts are just pure Evil. In other words, evil people like Hitler, Stalin, Meles, Mussolini, Gaddafi, etc. are servants of Lucifer!

  7. selam elias…do what the best thing to u country….you did not ask to be an ethiopian you just lucky so as long as you have posetive image the country that is a job to do …..if you dont love the ppl of ethiopia you would not do this are not only an ethiopian hero olso the other our great eritrean brothers too…teddy afro and u can make a difference in east africa,,,,,,fiker yasenfal…

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