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Meles Zenawi replaces Tigrean bodyguards

Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator has replaced many of his bodyguards from the Tigray ethnic group with Eritreans, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources in Addis Ababa.

Deputy security chief Esayas Woldegiorgis, Meles Zenawi’s Beria, who is Eritrean, has also been given authority over all security matters. Getachew Assefa, the current security chief, is relegated to being only a figure head. Esayas is responsible for torturing political prisoners and carrying out political killings in Ethiopia and neighboring countries.

Meles has decided to replace his Tigrean bodyguards because of the increasing dissension among Tigreans over the amassing of enormous wealth by him and his wife while the lives of most Tigreans have not improved despite all the construction projects that are underway in Tigray region. On top of that, Meles has recently invited Eritreans to come to Ethiopia, and those who arrived already have started marginalizing Tigreans both in politics and business.

Meles is fearful of revolt inside his own army that is dominated by Tigreans, so he recently forced 300 colonels and 13 generals to retire, as reported here.

Tigreans are also angry that Meles has pitted them against other ethnic groups. They fear that when a popular uprising explodes, Meles and his family will leave, while the average Tigrean, in whose name Meles is ruling, could face the wrath of other ethnic groups.

Inside the TPLF leadership, Eritreans are consolidating their power, as reported here. Currently, more than half of the TPLF leadership is Eritrean.

In the mean time, the Eritrean government itself is being infiltrated by Meles Zenawi’s agents who are undermining Isaias Afwerki’s administration with the intention of replacing him with a leader who is friendly with the Meles dictatorship or a puppet. Ethiopian Review will publish an investigative report on how TPLF agents are working to overthrow Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki. Stay tuned.

138 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi replaces Tigrean bodyguards

  1. Tariku,

    Well said. If we can’t figure out who is who then what one Professor once told us who said we Ethiopians can’t distinguish Eritrean from Tigrayans that they are both cancer is true. He was vanished by Ethiopians but after 10 years of his article what it came out to be true.
    We should beg the professor to have mercy on us for ignoring his message. Now these two factions could be on the road to disintegrating Ethiopia. Really, their problem is Oromo, if they convinced OLF and OLF just have to spread propoganda against Ethiopia to Oromos then everything is done. However, if Tigray and Eritrea secede think about it, it is a great thing. Look what did these nations produce for Ethiopia except misery? The only thing could be the port which we could negotiate with other neighboring country. Let them live the way they want as long us they leave us alone.

    That being said, the disappearnce of Issayas comment lately is amazing, he has already make amends with the U.S. because AFRICOM is now in Eritrea. What does this mean? There are many possibillites: 1. There might be the formation of Greater Tigray with the brokering of the West and making Oromia and Ogaden independent because in Ogaden there is oil which they West will control. 2. Eritrea, will covertly over throw Meles regime and put puppet regime or Eritrea might bring peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea if they mean well. 3. The reforming of Ethiopia will take place with the agreement of all parties, Eritrea, Ethiopia however one of the leaders Meles/Issays might be liquidated. I am not sure Issayas will be liquidated as they are helping the AFRICOM so most likely Meles. What ever happens, we keep talking about Ethiopia, TPLF, Meles, Shaebia, Issayas, however the determinant factor as a shadow will be the West.

    Weoyanen Enatfaw,

    very good analysis. This shows that Meles is afraid. Something is going on hope we know the inside story, please ER bring more credible investigational story as to what is going on. The only fear that comes from seems from Ethiopians that is why he is hiring Eritreans. Who are these ERitreans are those Tigreans born and raised in ERitrea? If they are regualr Eritreans who can’t stand Ethiopians then it is dangerous for Ethiopia because this indicates, Eritrea/Shaebia has decided to interfere in Ethiopia to save Meles/TPLF otherwise why would they protect Meles/TPLF they claim they hate? If you have read the recent Indian Ocean News, Meles and Issays have been talkiing secretly as the campaign against Issayas was intensifying even from the world. Issays must have been afraid that he finally decided to talk with Meles and they might have make amends. What ever happens, we can’t just sit down and discuss, it is not good for Ethiopians either way.

    Stoned peter,

    so what? You seemed too concern by what the Eritreans say and you trying to convince them whether Issayas is infilterated or not.

    Look people.

  2. Semharina, Shukor Tigreweiti,

    Why you do not speak Eritrignea if there was Eritrea even before Ethiopia? We cannot take your fiction of Eritrea. Eritrea might have existed as extraterra,but not as terramera(on earth). Do you know there are many Eritrea on nexus nebula of extra terra, but not never in meraterra. The name Eritrea sounds one of the confederation of nebula terra in the Neutronium alchemy of America. Do you know there is another American these days, the Americans are sharing extra terra. There is now New York on Mars. Mars has now all the states of America.

    My puzzle now , when did the Eritrignea speakers go to other planets? I never heard an Eritrignea landing on the moon? My the most secretive Issayas Afeworki is mining on Mars.

    Anyway, do not waste your life making up of a name. We have the bible that is not written by Italian, but by God, by MOSES and others theologians. It is not written by Ethiopia. you can not find such colonial name anywhere. Eritrea only exists in the bible of Eritrean. What the Eritrean bible? The Eritrean fictious mindset the Eritrean?

    Next you will tell me Eritrean were eating pasta, bani, … before Italian. You must be reading books written by Eritrignea? Why is your language Tigrignea if you have a different name and if you different from Ethiopian? why do you use Geez? why do you drink coffee? and even you make coffee ceremony as Eritrignea cultural show? why do you wear Abyssinian dresses? all the attires you wear belong to amhara. Do you know that? The kebero belongs to To tigrignea speakers, not to Eritrignea speakers. The kirar you used to mobilize Eritrean to fight Ethiopia for 30 years is an invention of Amhara? Why then there is no Eritrignea dress or drink or food? History built on lie and fabrication will only mislead people to nowhere. The sense of having a unicorn non-existing indentity will only confuse the next generation of Eritrigneans. No benefit from it. It will be an illusion forever.

    yes, replies:


    I really like your analysis. We Ethiopians just struggle to say, Ethiopia, Ethiopia and yet, we don’t know who is who. How well is our intelligence investigation in the people of Tigray or Eritrea? It requires all this study and understand the depth of who Eritreans and Tigrayans are yet we know so little. The reason is because they are so tight with their respective people, I feel indeed we Ethiopians are completely foreign to these groups. That is why it is very hard to infilterate them where as we think we Ethiopians are one family therefore, our discussion, our interaction is open and there is no need for secrecy as we are ONE NATION boy how wrong we are, because these two ethnic groups Tigray and within Eritrea are very secretive and tight that it is hard to infilterate them because they see us as aliens for quite some time. What a sad fact. At the same time, it is obvious Isayas and Meles under Shaebia and TPLF have really brain washed the region they come from and to save these two self-serving dictators, which is evident that they never stand for their people but for power under the banner of pro ethnicity, blood-is-thicker than water, it shows they want their own survival and kingdoms to flourish just the way what they were accusing of Ethiopian kings and Mengistu. No difference at all.

    That being said, we know you are a staunch pro Tigray ethnic group and you gave your group and your self too much power that just because Tigray broke up, other ethnic groups even OLF will follow suit. OF course, as OLF are fools and servants of TPLF and Shaebia, they have easily made themselves brainwashed by TPLF and Shaebia. Look what happened to Oromia under TPLF, it has now become colonized by outsiders therefore OLF giving TPLF and Shaebia open doors to weaken ORomo. But don’t give yourself high standard that other groups will leave if Tigray leaves really? After all, if that is what Tigray wants to make greater Tigray then what is their business with other region of Ethiopia? I know, it is because you don’t want stronger and stable Ethiopia than Abay Tigray so you have to make sure you have to weaken it creating religious and ethnic war as MEles is doing today. But is there anyway that cursed area of Eritrea and Tigray to make amends with Ethiopians and live in peace? Would they be willing to do that if we sign MEles’ and Issays’ favorite 99 year old contract that Abay Tigray and the rest of ethiopia must remain at peace otherwise the almighty might strike Abay Tigray, just curiousity will Abay Tigray not interfere in Ethiopia’s affairs? That is just a scenario.

    In today’s day and age if the fools of the South Oromia, Ogaden, SNNPs, etc, think they will materialize the wishes of TPLF, Shaebia or outsiders by becoming into pieces of tiny nation and survive then will survive then they are triple times fools and they will soon become extinct in the wild, wild Africa. There is a reason why there aren’t many African nation break ups (unless forced by outsiders, i.e South Sudan which is now going through civil war and many deaths are occuring)it is because there would be continuous war within and outside of the “break up nation” and forget about the survival of that nation and its people.

    So the people Ethiopia and ERitrea must choose. They either decide wisdom, maturity or death and ever lasting wars in the horn of Africa in addition to the debacle of Somalia and the unstable N and S Sudan. Either the people of both countries save their own people or destroy their people in order to save the dictators, MEles/TPLF and Isayas/Sheabia. The people of Ethiopia and Eritrea must mature enough to come up with solution and negotiate to remain peaceful neighbors and destroy their common enemies or in order to save Meles and Issayas destroy their own people and country. That is why these two nations must by pass Meles and Issays and bring solutions that is best for their own countries rather than distrust, ego and trying to become what they are not.

    yes replies:


    So true. Simhar wants to invent history that she didn’t live in. I wonder if she has taken World History in college or high school? Or have read the bible or have read many books written by outsiders? Eritrea did not exist anywhere prior to Italy’s colonization. Semhar wants to show pride that is filled with too much ego that is bound to fail without reason and rationality so that she has false pride to fill her identity that is lost since colonization. That is exactly why Africans are not even accomplishing after 30 years of colonization. The loss of pride and identity is making themselves destroyed and as a result destroy their nations. Wow, I wish such people learn from Nelson Mandela. So many fabrications in Semhar’s comments. Semhar, please back up your argument with credible documentation.

  3. Hey Gezaee,
    It’s true that the people of Eritrean Kebesa are origininaly hailed from northern Ethiopia, Tgray. Denaying this fact on the ground is as foolish as your daily preaching/decieving to our Ethiopian sisters/brothers as if Eritrea was peacefully given by the robat Meles. This is an insult to the selfless ykalo freedom fighters who played decisive role landing like delivering delicious pizza to those ungrateful deki alula, winners of the unexpected mega lottery, Menelik Palace b/c x-proffesor shaebia strongly believed/stil do) in the stablity of Ethiopia and the just cause of Tgrean people.

    Your twisted reasoning is an invitation for another sorry African syle bloodshed, intentionaly instigated by undercover like you and your opportunist little Eritrean puppet friends. If you really take yourself as genuine prodemocracy activist, you should have advocated for mutual development/coexistance, eventual regional lasting peace/unity as ato Elias’s smart move.

    If i’m not mistaken the U.S, Canada and Astralia were initially formed as nations by the decentant of Enlish people; whowever, still do not make them now part of the old British empire no matter whether it like it or not, cuz there is bidding law to be upheld, without it which can make the world a hell choatic to live, that can only benefit for those who believe in ‘might is right’, a typical woyane character.

    It seems common sense that had the adventurist slut of the hood named ‘Tgray’ been blessed with lots of natural abundace, unlikely would it ever careless about the decent people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Tgrean elites just have no religion or known firm principle other the love of money&power by any means neccesary.

    They are just stuck like husband/wife who are pain on the ass standing each other; neverthless prefers to keep the union after factoring out and crunching the fraction into its lowest financial poverty terms and finally concludes that divorce is not the way to go after all, and better suck it up. It’s indeed the southern kitfo and northern port is stupid here! All Eritrea saying to her trouble-maker sis Tgray is “Stop hating me b/c i’m just happen to be prettier than you and blame to alah!”

  4. @ gezea stop with your Verbal Nonsense Ethiopia in the bible refer to the Nubians with their Capital Itopia in today north sudan or 80km south/ south east of aswan, you think the bible was talking about you 2000 years ago??? according to herdotus north Ethiopia apart from where the yemeni sabean semite habesh colonised were a territory for Human eater and uncivilised Population. you stuttering because Eritrea is way older than abbysinia or your Stolen Ethiopia name which you took from the Nubians, But pardon me when you are only restricted to a broken “Resah” Tigrigna and an even Unnatural Mix of agew and geez to create amhara i guess you still believe Minleik is the first born of solomon and the convenant is the Real deal inscripted by Geez lol. Anyway there is a reason Eritreans Don’t Give a s**t about what you think in particular and its called Independence, You see Offically since Eritrea reclaimed its position as a seoverign state almost your whole History came down, So now as its always known your Language, your writing, Your faith, some aspect of your culture was passed to you By Eritreans, EmagA you claim you are a golden race the only thing golden about you is the way you shine shoes, 3000 Years and lets see the yemeni habesh which i might add were kicked out of yemen managed to slave your other half of your ancestors, you stole Ethiopian Name and let me not start what it isn’t yours because i don’t have all day, what is yours though is the begging and extreme Inferior mentality, and ofcourse The donkey Like attitute where Eritreans seems to slap the hell out of you and let you know what you worth and you can’t help it but come back for more.

    Tigrigna is the language of the kebessa, do you even know what kebessa means?? how could Tigrigna be from your dusty land when it was invented by the zual belew kelew in the 8th century??? Tigrigna wasn’t even spoken In tigray till the 15th century or don’t you think the za-agwe dynasty would’ve Take notice you idiot, Because of you dirty tigrigna you fail to relaise that 10%15% of Tigrigna is Ta-bedawi words, where in the hell are the beja anywhere in tigray???

    Ge’ez didn’t make way to Ethiopia till the 5th century AD, you spoke Sabean Like harar till you adopted our language, Geez is the language of agazians, but how could you know what agazians are if you don;t even have a clan system in your tigray the whole state is a ba****d State any Chinese born there would be deemed a***e overnight. But guess what?? Geez has been spoken in Eritrea since 2000 B.C not only its a fact now but the new dahlaki Language is the link to confirm what was always believed the old Himyarite Tribes and Todays Eritreans (agazians) are the same people, That is why the Goverment of Eritrea is quickly rushing to recognise The language even though its 95% Identical to Tigre so they can Offically tell you a big f**k you to you and your fake Tagara history.

    by the way “tigray” is an arabic word Given by yemeni arab in the 16th century to reflect the trade of coffee beans, Tigray means trade, But don’t get over yourself when you are called Tigre by amhara escuse their accent we all know only one Tigre split In two and always Been north of the mereb, your Kings said it many times. One more Thing The Kirrar is actually Beja you idiot Look at the word do you even know what Kirrar means and in what langauge??? you really should refer to agew as a language not only you are messing our agazian language but now looking to mess others too.

    yes replies:


    It shows how Eritreans have made sure they are really stronger than Ethiopia and they are now distorting facts. Of course, they are ready to falsify FACTS and Histories of Ethiopia as if it is Eritrea’s. The reason is they have to fulfill the identity they lost under colonization. Ananymous (just like your name) Eritrea is ananymous until colonization. No matter how good you are writing in order to claim your credibility, no matter how much you paint Eritrea, evidence, histories are there. So back it up your FALSE claims. Of course you are driven by hate because you lost your identity. You will do anything for revenge? I wonder what did Ethiopians do except give you economic opportunity. False Pride and ego will destroy so becareful.

    Semahr replies:

    How Am i Making up stories??? Ethiopia is a product with Missing ingredients, Till this day you don’t know how you came up with your languages,Religions, Writings except by peeping into Eritrea’s Historic Artifacts and History and say Its ethiopian. This is beyond a shame and other countries can’t stop their laughter. Get out of your Dream and Phony Fairytale stories you heard and look around you, Your nation didn’t even exist prior to the 19th century, It is Just a product to suit the habesh. We never lost our identity we proudly wear it In our heart. even when Ethiopians habesh for 500 Years tried every trick to absorb us to this fake entity left overs of the most cowardist people known in ancient World (Habesh), The problem with you is Ethiopians Habesh like to believe fairytales due to sweet stories, How Geez was born in ethiopia when Geez wasn’t even spoken in ethiopia prior to the 5th century but you like to ignore that, however When a french historian team study Geez for 7 Years and its relation with its danakali Language and conclude that Tigre is Geez and Habab Tigre are the purest Agazians and the most direct descandents you clown ethiopian websites are happy to add finally Geez is native to the people of East africa but adding Ethiopia to save face only makes me Laugh then Cry at your desperation. Our Sea Our People Eritrea Country and Sea. I don’t have to follow your fake Habesh sabean Yemeni History, sitting infront of the matara Stele will bring me pride every day because our ancestors wrote everything on it to make Every eritrean proud, and made a mention of your habesh ethiopian cowards after they belted you in the battle. Like ancestors Like decsandents we will add another stele in the direction of ethiopia soon with a Big middle finger pointed at you with a message (people of Erth Land, The land of agazians, still Holding the land our ancestors Left in our safety”

    United We Stand replies:

    Dear Sir/56,
    After careful consideration of your successful subduing the suspect and setting our lawabidding nieghbourhoods free, we are happily anouncing that your application of becoming the next Sheriff of our beloved UNION-TOWN has been granted. We strongly believe having you on our chain of command ranks in making our peaceloving town safe from the parasite societies of false pretenders, small time crooks and corrupt terrorists.
    Please report to duty effictive immediately and get ready to kick and nail down some cute asses. Once agian, we are glad someone with your impeccable record joining our police force. Congras and good luck on becomimg fair and honest defedender of human right, the rule of law, unity, genuine democracy, equality, freedom and justice for all.

    Truely yours,
    From the office of Mayor, ‘UNIONTOWN’.

    Anonymous replies:

    united we stand,
    Don’t you agree #56 should earn the right to be named ‘ALULA THE BIRD’ as a compliment as well? I hope i don’t offend anyone with my harmless suggestion. This is just my honest democratic opinion. Pc

  5. Gezaee H. oh! my lord you just destroyed their big fake Eritrean ego. Nan you are bad really, how would you feel if a woman told you after a good sex if she told you that was her worst sex she ever had in her life imagine this is your first sex with her after a long time courting especially after you felt you had a great sex. That is what those poor Eritrean souls feel now he will feel now he is naked in front of million people so please do not hurt their poor flimsy Eritrean ego again you look like to me their personal doctor or lawyer spilling their hidden secrets for everyone they are still searching a permanent identity so why do you humiliate them please stop it. It is not funny anymore if you do not stop it watch your back they will dispatch on your poor life few of their Eritrean mercenary bodyguards of Sudan or Rwanda leaders. You know what? I found how I can stop you from hurting their poor Eritrean ego if you do not stop it, I am going to let them know they can call on you 911 again here is 911.

  6. Halafai Mengedi,

    Well put and a great analysis of what can most likely can happen in the event Meles succeeds forming Tigray-Tigrigni or Tigray-Merebmilash. But I would like to add that this will be highly unlikely since the first provinces to break away from this uneasy aliance of Tigrigna speaking, newly minted nation, will be Enderta and Tembien two of historical enemies to the lords of Baher Negashs: low landers, akale guzay, hamasien and serea. Enderta and Tembien shall be the thorn to any such aliance as they see themsleves peculiar in comparison to any of the tigring speaking provinces: Agame, axum, adwa and shire whose tigringa dialect is in par with that of Akale, serea and Hamasien. Most probably Enderta and Tembien would align themselves to the Wag, Lasta, and Semien, they would certainely incoroporate Raya into their realm. Infact, it is highly likely that Enderta and Tembien will unite to form a province and declare themselves independent of Tigray-Tigrigni as they would be regarded the old aristocrat strong holds and a back bone of Christian-Abysinia supermacy a testament to the Great Ingida Igzi of Enderta restorer of the solmonic dynasty of 1270 and his. I just recently returned from Tigray and can snese such geo-political map being formed slowly. There is great anmosity b/n Temien and Adwas. The Saba marble a being finalized at Adwa is excavated from Tembien near Hagere Selam and it is shipped to Adwa where it is polished and sold under the name of Saba Emne bered an insult to the people of Tembien whose natural resource is branded as a resource of Adwa, this greatly upsets the people of Enderta as well as I was told from people in Gembela and Mekelle as well as some Tembenetais. Adwaites tried to transport the cement from Gembela/Messobo but technologically it was impossible to do so, there fore failed to accomplish their dream of taking what belongs to Enderta. There is serious locomotion behind the scene in social affairs which one day will come out in the open. A lot of people tell me that it is “Adbar Enderta” that is protecting the people of Enderta otherwise they would have be uprooted by now from their ancestorial land by the TPLF cadres workig day and night to destry every thing Enderta, which is very true given the types of hardships the people go through, I can also say the same thing about the people of Tembien. Tembien is one of the most impoverished county in all Tigray, I felt bad and I seriously blame people like Seye who failed to look out to his people. At any rate, Tigray Tigrigna may happen in the future but I can assure you it will never involve Enderta and Tembien therefore, Ethiopia will always have Tigray via Enderta and Tembien the land distingushed Ethiopian lords.

    Anonymous replies:

    “Abay Tigray,” Tigray-Tigrign(a): What has this got to do with Eritrea? Feudalism (and your great lords) has been dead in Eritrea for a long -long time. You do not understand how advanced we are over there. We have our own country of which we no more think in terms of Serae, Akele, etc… Haven’t you heard “Hade libi, hade hizbi? Only Eritrea as one, not its parts are our emphases. It is you “Gotegnoch” who are slaves to this so-called ethono-federalist and backward ideas. You are even trying to export this narrow minded, divisive, old fashioned and useless idea around the Horn.

    Your comment tells me that you will remain divided even in Tigray itself. By the way, how do you intend to incorporate us Eritreans as part of your “Tigray-Tigrign(a)”/”Abay Tigray?” By force? We are not even considering this utopia where you intend to lord over everyone. We have payed thousands of lives for our country. Be warned, we DO NOT WANT any part of your “Tigray-Tigrign(a)/”Abay Tigray”. This is medieval thinking. Wake up, man! Your “great lords” are alive only in your small circles in Tigray. Spill blood for this crazy idea? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    It is better that you spend your energy improving the conditions of millions of Ethiopians who are poor and destitute. You should find ways in which all Ethiopians enjoy equal opportunity to earn a decent living and in which all benefit from the country’s blessings. Get rid of your ethinic-federalism!

    Man bismish tamotemichialesh!

  7. One more thing Gezino,
    For your info, Eritrea is home of many ethnic groups with thier own languages and cultures as well which encludes the inhumanely deported Jebertis. Thier motto is ‘One People One Heart/union’ especially when it comes against to your Dedebit boss’ exporting toxic clilism systems. The Jebertis were the phase of ‘we don’t like the color of your eyes ennocent victim #1’ like the Woyane#1 of the 4o’s before the savoir shaebia was born. Thanx the good governance of shaebia that was refined staring from the revolution days, these beatiful societies are now the most loyal and ardent nationalists which i dare adding even more than the kebesans.
    I can’t figure out how can you miss this obvious fact Gezie. Seriouly, had you been foriegner from accros the ocean armed with an old sad perception of Africa: Divided, corrupt, and the continent of endless confilicts/starvation, i would have forgiven you but as the son of wedi-arba’a, you should have known better; unless ofcourse, you flunk the Eritrean Naturaliziation Citizenship Exam which is right there at pg#21 to be precise:)

  8. Elias,
    if country of origin of politicians matter in your politics, why is it taking you long to admit Isaias Afeworki is full Tigrayan of Ethiopian origin and may be he himself is behind the debacle of your relationship with him???? or your intelligence unit has not yet discovered such a secret?? you know what there is no place for your sick politics in the Eritrea of tomorrow.

  9. Ops Gezie buddy! excuse me failing to gladly mention that Eritrean is also home of the good brothers, the Tekorr tribes originaly from Nigeria. I had the pleasure knowing about them when I visited Barka to norish my soul with a fresh milk of the humble camel which is still marching on slowly, paciently but surely bringing its ardious sprite of Sahel journey to its logical conclusion. This is the ritual of blessing in Eritrea in doing the right thing and cleansing the heart from woyane’s sin of ‘divide and fill up the pocket philosophy’; just pure evil greedness on the expense of other empty bellies prompted by its shady agents/puppets.

    Anyway, according to my uncle(god bless his soul)who used to double two wives from both side of the Tekeze river (beal klte anstis newnegew kble mote eyu negeru), legend has it that they were HALEFTI MEGEDIS/PASSERS from mecca; then, fell in love with the friendly people there and ever after settled and entermarried with the locals.
    This wise gesture shows the red sea state is truely land of love, human right, unity, honesty, rule of law, harmony and justice for all.

    Believe it or not, the next genuine Eropean Union of Africa is being born here, not in empty words but in actions with OPEN FREEDOM AND WIDE PLAIN POSSIBLITIES which sadly and indirectly is paying huge price for boldly emerging out of the African way of tiny box thinking. Well, who said that this noble undertaking is only reserved for certain nations, regions or continents at least in writing.

  10. Elias, Your political exposé is degenerating to the level of a tabloid. It is really sad to see you fall for the tired and falacious woyane/shabia conspiracy theory long espoused by Ethiomedia. Even Ethiomedia, to its credit, has toned down this useless rethoric of late. Please restore the credibility you once had. Failing that, I am afraid, you will render your once revered site irrelevant.

  11. The report is nonsence if not shameful for some one to use this wodnerful website to write uncorroborated, unfounded statemets. It is such things that let the country and people down and let people like Meles get away with their evil deeds. You should be ashamed to write such a lie and put your reputation and respect at a stake. But then why do you dig a tribal dirt on people though you were totally wrong, does it matter.. isn’t it Ethio and Eritreans are one blood? I am sure most Ethiopian or Eritrean have blood with all tribes of Ethiopia (Oromo, Tigre, Amhara, Eritrea,Afar, somalia etc), is it painful for you to recognise that? I question your reasoning behind such mentality, and does not look good. The least we could do is cherish the natural gift that our gene carry despite all the odds of poletical leder’s intent of division, and it goes to say we are natually united. But you sounded a street trash talker that does not deserve a stage on this website or any were for that matter.

  12. kakaka,I touched the nerve of my cousins although they have lost it.

    Someone said that I wrote something which says Tigreans are golden people? where did I say that? Where? readers take note of these figmentation? I do not believe there is golden race or golden people. All people are human ,no one is better than anyone.

    By the way my ancestors originally from Adikeyi which in Eritrea today. But I will never believe I am Eritrean because I hate faking my roots. There are many Eritreans who do not believe in fake Indentity. I am 1000% Ethiopian, not only my soul, my spirit, my bone is beyond description happy.

    I did not insult any Eritrean. Anyone can correct me if did insult leave alone Eritrean for that matter any human.But I do not understand why shabians run to insulting people individually or in group?

    I do not have the type of your mentality. I am elightened person. I never hate any human based on race, tribe, ethnic, colour, creed, region, or history. It is not my fault Italian screwed your brain forever. That is why you are hating yourself and trying to tell us your fake histroy. I am not going to badge from this.Eritrea is fake. It will not help Eritreans. It will make suffer only. Reason:simple it is not real. I do not know what will happen to Eritrea when a true patriotic amhara Ethiopian takes power? kkkk,I laugh sometimes, what will happen when Meles dies? he will die soon or later, time will tell where will be the border of Eritrea?

    You said Tigreans, I hate to talk about tribe or ethnic, but you are dragging me into this low life discourse. As a civilized person, I should not have this dicourse. But to give you some injection as a medicine. Tigreans were shoeshines in Asmara? what is wrong with that?

    It is work like anywhere anywhere in the world.I do not know where you live. I live in the civilized world in North America. Any work is work.There is no bad work anywhere. You see PHDS cleaning toilets. Work is work. I know in Asmara shoeshining is a cause for an insult.But I do not understand why is a job a cause for an insult ? why?

    By the way, in North Ameria, you find Eritreans cleaning streets, washrooms,… but I do not see it the way you guy see. Work is work. The fact that you are telling us that work is bad is that you are backward who do not know even yourself. There is no bad work. As long as you pay me I can your arsehole even andyour toilet even. Do you like that? that is what the civilized people do everyday. There is a saying in Tigrignea? Adigi Zeybeloms Bekli ynequ. In amharic, it means, ahya yelelow sew beklo ynkal malet new. The shabians think they are the most civilized and the most power people on the planet and they even challenge America? Akmka mflat kabwdket yedhn eyu. Akmhn mawek kwredetna wdket yadnal. Bitiebit by dnkuran tewetrukm eti selamawin yewahen hzbi tesakiwo alekom. Be baddo kurat ena be dnkurana tewetrachu selamawienan yewahu yeetrana yeetyopia hzb selam nesachuhut. It will be good if you can ground yourself and see yourself where you are. Now you are floating on Eritrea? Apparently now Eritrea is a superpower?above America? kakaka,

    When will Eritreans live in peace? when do you think you will have a border with Ethiopia? kkkkkkkkk,there is no border after now. Meles is gone now.Will the most patriotic and authentic amhara nationalist will sit with you and give border? That is a pipe dream. Eritrea will not exist after Meles. You like it or not. I am waiting for that wonderful of union where Ethiopians and Eritreans live in peace and harmony and the shabia and TPLF seccessionists get thrown into the dustbin of history.

    Ethopia will rule. Its enemy will vanish. Issayas Afeworki told us he was marching to addis? what happened? kkkkkkkkk,he is stuck now in sawa.

    Eritrea = null, it does not even border after 20 years?

    Peace to all people.

    semhar replies:

    What nerve you touched?? Trust me The day A*game touch any eritrean nerve will be the end of the world, Remember we used to feed you kind with peanuts not long ago.

    One more thing you need to know is not everyone That defends Eritrean is shabia, Beware those who are not are sometimes more patriotic, since shabia are eritreans the path when defending Eritrea is the same. But what you know?? you never been to Eritrea in your life and if you did just another a*game in asmara.

    lol @ your ancestors are from adi qiyeh.. ahahahahahahaha you wish your were from adi qyeh, another a*game claiming to be from adi qyeh, you are an inferior typical a*game you wish you had one drop of Eritrean blood let alone affiliation with an eritrea town, The best you will be is from town of Adwa in tigray afterall the whole adwa claim they are from Eritrea somehow hahahahahahahahaha.

    There is a border with ethiopia its called virtual demacration so the border is set, and yes you are occupying badme, But we won’t go for it yet, the way to deal with a*game is not to throw rock at them, But to outflank them hold their tail and cut their throat off when they are not expecting it, Remember in 1984??? something like that but in a much bigger scale. Enjoy your ethiopia and take alot of pictures the seeds has been planted we are just waiting for it to Grow.

  13. Dejazmach of Tigray,

    Shire people are very devoted Tigrayans, they fought with EDU against Woyane, they fought Italians bravely with their brethren Tigray. Awlallo people are always Tigray, very honest and trustworthy people. The problem of Tigray is Adwa, the reason is Adwans and Seraye are not original Tigrayans; they migrated from DEMBIA in Gonder areas and settled in central Tigray called Seraye and Adwa now. The two people did not intermarried with other Tigrayans or Hamassien and Akele before TPLF and EPLF. Seraye and Adwa are more comfortable for intermarriage than any other Tigrigna speaking people and this inferiority planted in their head against Tigray. Adwans always confine themselves than mingled with the rest of Tigray, you can observe in your areas any Tigrayan can mingle and create strong bond easily with fellow Tigrayan but Adwa they never trust you or they do not feel they are one of them and feel comfortable as fellow Tigrayan even they way we look in our feature in Tigray we are different, Adwa have distinct feature but the rest of Tigray and Hamassine and Akele are the same feature. Our attitude character is also different than Adwa and Seraye.

    Hamassiens migrated from Tembien “TANKA MILASH” Woreda and most of the Hamassien villages are named after the villages they came from Tanka Melash Woreda. Another common with Hamassien, Tembien and Enderta is all of them “MASHI” or humble no grudge very open mind and heart towards others but they are fearless at the same time.

    In Eritrea Seraye is the dog of Hamassien, Akele is always the defiant people against Hamassien and Seraye like their grandfather Dejazmach BAHTA HAGOS because Akele is the only Tigrigna speaking native of the lands they occupied at the present time. Hamassien are migrant of Tembien and Seraye are migrant of Dembia. The Hamassien people migrated way before Ras Alula time in Eritrea but Alula brought more of them from Tembien in to Hamassien in the 18th century.

    The Adwa people never had any chance to get married with any other Tigrayans prior to Woyane, when Woyane entered Mekele most of Adwa male did not marry their own but from other Awrajas specifically Enderta. During the struggle all of them were dating from Tembien and Samre ladies and killing them as well. Adwan feel always threaten and feel inferiors among Tigrayans and especially towards Eritreans. Right now they feel themselves as the slave of Eritreans.

    I just do not understand why the Axum people became the dog or slave of Adwa??? The only assumption I can think of is because the proximate or distance to Adwa and the high school were one for both people and created strong bond like Mekele high school for Tembien, Enderta, Raya, Shire, Awlallo and part of Adi grat.

    Anyway, the backlash resentment against Axum and Adwa will be very huge in the near future in the eyes of Raya, Enderta, Tembein, Wolkait, Awlallo and Shire. Adigrat were good Tigrayans but the last 12 years they betray Tigray big time and they will pay for it in the future. BTW, the only Awraja of Tigray or Eritrea welcomed Adigrat people with out all the insults were Tembein people and about 10% of their population used to live in Tembein prior Woyane. Right now the number one haters of Tembien are Adigrat people even more than Adwa.

    One thing clear for all Tigrayans, Adwa chose Eritreans and Eritrean origin settlers in Tigray more than Tigray and there is no way the future of Tegaru should deal with Adwa as fellow Tigrayans.

    There are huge mineral resources in Tembien like Gold and Enderta Berahle potash in billions should be protected from the hand of Adwa and the like of Eritrean settlers of Meles and Sebhat families. Tigray should revolt right now and get rid of Meles before too late and secure its resources. The resources of Wolkait-Humora, Shire Gold, Tembein Gold and other minerals, Enderta potash should feed all Tigrayans if the leadership of Tigray is true Tigrayan. At this point Tigray is in the hand of “TEWEDROS HAGOS” Atse Yohannes high school dumbest student he could not get C grade is controlling the political and all mineral resources for Meles and Sebhat families because he is an Eritrean.

    It is very shameful to all Tigrayans to let Tewedros Hagos to control us, a man he could not get just C grade at Atse Yohannes high school and was spend his youth time chasing girls and become the “FELACH QORACH” or the ultimate decision maker of Tigrayan life is beyond words to all Tigrayans.

    How come 7 million people of Tigray can allow to be manipulated by less than ten DIQALU TIGRAY SETTLERS in our region???

    What is wrong with you Tigraway all over the world today???

    What the hell are you celebrating the Adwa victory???

    To whom are you celebrating the victory of Adwa and why if you are willing to be lead by unknowns DIQALU and give up your own frontlines your fathers dead so many times to defend it???

    Anonymous replies:


    Sint-Ayehu replies:

    Thanks Halafi Mengedi for this clearly message.But I want correct you one point that Dej Bahata is from Segyneti Akeleguzaia not from Seraye.The mean problem in Eritrea are Akeleguzia and Adwa and Axum in Tigria.Agame is slave like Sioum Mesfin who his wife Felege Berhe is from Eritrea.

  14. [Weygud],

    I see your point I am not lamenting for EPLF,TPLF merger.Ethiopians for the last twenty years have had hells life unde the hands of these double agenet fronts. What I am lamenting is the lack of accuate knowledge ,specially by the young Ethiopians about the nature,plan,common goal of the two fronts.For long, in this forums, Unsder another nick name ,Threaty, I oposed any dealings by Ethiopian organization to un sit legese with Shabia.For instance, I vehemntly opposed EPPF’s attachment with Shabia.Including,many former EPRP members warned us then the desastours effect such a prospect.

    All along those who come in contact with these groups know their intention and purpose,they have wached their horror deeds.What is more,they know, even after their sezurinity fo power they know ther will be insurrmountable obstacle on the way to pull their plan off. Because they were anticaipating armed resistance against their mis rule.As a result they used the war as hoax and paint themselves as enemies.Through such means their object was only to controle,and dectate the live of Ethiopian oppostion so that it wont come a viable force.In a way Many Ethiopians were held in double bind mainly from propoganda that come from EPLF and TPLF.
    I am not lamenting for them to live us alone;Infact I want them to bring to pass their objective faster.For the rest of us Ethiopians ,all those who reside south of Tekeze rever to Moyale ,we must stick together.We need to see in this we still have unfinished business with life yet.And in the end that is what mattars-character.This gotata shefta may have thought ,his gathering of, every thing Ethiopian as the best trait. I have no doubt for a single minute the remaining Ethiopia will take back what is rightly ours including that of Assab.

  15. Elias,

    To me the comments coming fromm Eritreans is evident enough for you that they are increasingly emboldened. Something is bound to happen. Why all of the sudden the silence of Issays? I think perhaps, the maybe winning the game from the West. Look they way you are attacked. It is good to find out why the emboldening of Eritreans in this forum all of the sudden. Is Meles making alliance with Issays to throttle the uprising of Ethiopians? Beleive me, any words coming from Shaebia or TPLF in the meeting with the West the future of Eritrea and Ethiopia, believe me they will brainwash the West against Ethiopia and what ever the discussion no other Ethiopians are repressented except TPLF and Shaebia so the future of Ethiopia which these groups would convince the West will be under TPLF and Shaebia this time it will be the second stage or destroy Ethiopia. So who really represents and speaks for Ethiopia as of now? As we know these groups have a tightly controlled groups that is hard to infiltrate and no other ethnic groups are allowed in the secret discussions of Ethiopia’s issue. Therfore, at the end, we Ethiopians are going to find oursleves naked after everything happened and as usual if we are lucky, we might be saved by sympathizers from outside and which will hardly happen.

  16. #56/anonymous,

    Wow! Your piece is very educative, sir. According to my wild guess, may be it’s the other way around, that Tgreans might immigrated from Eritrea to Tgray. The buttom line is some one must come from some where for the similiarity is irrefutable.
    On thing is for sure: From now on, before ato Gezaee clicking the mouse you certainly forced him to run to the library in search of truth for verifiable archaelogical hard evidence, a rare commodity from that land of Axumite Kingdom, unfortunately not known of producing honest hearts.
    You also hit nerves by reminding the Tgrean golden elites about the old dreaded shoe-shinning respectable employment. However, be reasonable that all the fairness loving and corrupt terrorist hating Ethiopian people requesting is “lets everybody prove her/his qualification by merit not tribal affirmative-action”. Well, no one is getting forced trading his/her expensive foriegn-made trendy shoe with the humble beloved (hard to find now) Tgray made Harambe.
    I hope on your next visit you kindly advise him that he should take care his dirty laundry and get united the freedom hungry Ethiopian people against their common dictatorship first before uttering about the land of warsay/ykalo . He apparently is dreaming to break apart the peaceful home of the ‘one people one heart against woyane style clil aparthietism’ conspiring with his Eritrean warlords of choas wannabe puppets whom drows thier allowance the donation diverted funds from the starved bellies.
    Regarding the my favorite historic Kirar, fondly used known in the the field ‘drar tegadalay’ (especially when it washed down with the lovely dmudmu drink), please i would like to be easy on him. He’s not that bad fella and absolutely means no harm to anyone.
    The dude was just carried away in trying to empress his amhara beau/konjo, so he may be lucky and score getting her down on him, the frenji treatment way. Believe me, nothing more nothing less. On the other hand, lets admit here calling a spade is spade that the honorable females can really act out like a nasty little midget dictator on the boxing ring/bed by driving decent gentlemen into the club of monsters!
    Anyway, on behalf of all ER fans, please allow me to say well done job bro and once again thanx.

    semhar replies:

    Thank you.

    This is how you people like gezaee gets slapped and certainly when confronted with facts his habits are known to mostly running away, Changing the subject, tell everyone that we are related, Telling everyone his ancestors are from Eritrea, saying he doesn’t hate anyone etc etc all typical a*game attitute.

    Tigrayan could never have migrated from Eritrea because of many Reasons,

    Kebessa are sub clan system structure and almost everyone belong to a branch of a clan linking them to one of the 36 agaizans clans. Meaning someone from kebessa can trace his lineage to the time Tigrigna kebessa split from the Tigre people of Eritrea which is 1300-1400 Years ago, No tigrayan has a clan affiliation or proven to come from Eritrea. sometimes you will see Eritrean names Like Asmerom,Asgedom,Goitom etc the OM is not a surname but a sub clan belonging. In tigray they have no clan system.

    for the last 1700 Years migration from Eritrea to Tigray was Mostly impossible due to: 8th century-16th century Eritrea was under the beja confiderncy meaning Eritrea was within an occultation Empire from Ethiopia, The only group that managed to go through were the “Blin” after escaping the za-agwe jew prosecuation of christians that was noted to be a special case for the Midri bahri Governor to allow their Christians brothers to enter eritrea after accpeting their plea.also Tigrayan came from eritrea then they would have spoken Tigrigna while its known that tigrigna wasn’t spoken in tigray till the 1600’s even 1700’s.

    5th century- 8th century constant wars and tension between the bahri negus king and the axum king, battle of the dankali, abaraha and king zura battle among many others, prior to the 5th century Eritrea was Agazians speaking territory and North Ethiopia was sabean habesh speaking territory so mixing was very unlikely due to the way agazians veiwed habesh sabeans and Rivarly and enemy. 16th century till todate No migration took place except for the muslims of Eritrea from Debarwa and zula (Jeberti) but they were quickly sent back once they took control of the conomy and owned 60% of the land in tigray while only compromising 1% of the population. Yohannes was advised from his preists to send the ” Eritrean muslims” back or forcefully convert them.

    Intermarraige occured after the 1700’s however you would always find that if the male is eritrean they always tend to stay in eritrea while if the female is eritrean her kids Might end up in Tigray, this intermarraige hardly happens anymore just like the old ancient days tigrayan with their habesh mix is still looked down upon by eritreans it is a sign that genetics is truly alive thousands of years later.

    United we stand Thank you for your supportive Comment and hopefully through our experience we can remind Those who forgot how we deal with people like gezaee, facts logic and a slap in the face.

    United We Stand replies:

    Dear Semhar,

    Thanks once again for your highly iformative piece. I must admit that you thought me a lot i never heard of before that our dear Jeberti brothers/sisters were originally from the land of warsay/ykalo. As christian (not that i give a damn) kebesan, where the Jebertis mostly reside, shame on me not knowing of this fact. Anyway, the good thing in Eritrea is, it does not matter whether deki-arba/recent comers or dekalu/mulatos, etc for they are fully reconized as all Eritreans.

    Having said that, with all due respect, please do not allow your emotion to take the best of you. I think, degrading manual jobs is not only an insult for any working-people that depends for thier daily bread b/c of lack for higher opportunities but enemy of the very essence of self-reliance and development as well. Plus, this is one aspect that makes life interesting. All can’t be on the top.

    We, Africans should not be like some of the Arebs who preffer dying of hunger than shaming themseves with dirty jobs. No wonder thier great impressive civilization has overran by developed nations. Even some American poleticians and business tycoons speake with great pride how they made it in corporate America as first, second…children of immigrants whom thier parent recall working as dishwashers, street cleaners any daylaborers.

    There is this saying in tgrigna “nmen kmr’awos men kmr’awa tmr’awo/anybody has a typical match to fish from the sea”. unless of course, for example, one can be a midget but still billions on his disposal which can easily be able scoring sizable points with the hottest models all over the globe. In another words, people live according to their cabablities.

    personally speaking, i would rather work any honest jobs to survive than pocket-picking, pan-handling or bend-overing, the woyane style(please excuse my language dear sista). Prof. Aklog, on his latest article sumed it well that nothing sucks the dignity and sprite of humans than expecting day in and day out hand outs.

    As you know nowaday, thnks to the minority golden-card, Tgreans specially the elites are much well-off and good for them as long as it’s not earned on the expenses of others.(Infact, the Eritrean opportunist puppets are also rushing to cash on that aparthied-card using tribal affiliations).

    In 1991 when woyane offered unoficialy for Tgreans atractive incentives to come back, Eritrea lost its best hard working manual labor forces. It just could not able competing with the cash cow ancient kitfo land and call it an early silent ‘sanction-1991’. Now most of them especially their children are livig large in Ethiopia.(my gut feeling is ato G halafi/tseyaqi megedi is also paying back his debt to his woyane bosses).

    As matter of fact, I heard they preffer hiring Eritrean maids and gardeners,etc who can’t afford going to abroad to take care of their lovely villas(another story that raises many ???) now more than the natives. May be one of the reasons could be to satisfy thier old bruised egos(such as some of the pro-athelet project bros love chasing frenji chics), a just normal human nature, i guess:)

    Sint-Ayehu replies:

    Thanks both,
    Jeberti are Gybsi and have no common neather with Eritrea nor Tigria.They are dikala and ahve no any dignty at all.Look at an Eritrea wibsite and there are two Salih there and if you want to know about Jeberti go and cheack them.
    The most men of them are also Homo with bad culture.

    reviemer replies:

    First Mr. Elias, no pan is intended but honestly when i was growing up i also used to hear that the amharas only love position and working at office. Obvioulsy this is not constructive healthy culture and i hope it’s not true to begin with for any job is honorable. I’m from the north by the way.

  17. The only sensible comment was left in another article. I love you dear Ethiopians, I was born and raised in your beautiful country, I would even consider myself as Ethiopian. I have a few points to share with you, if you would allow me.

    1) After the war that cost more than 100,000 lives there are so many of you that Meles is in power in Ethiopia to defend Eritrean interest. Counld’t Meles have defended Eritreas interest without a war? Have you read Wiki Leaks lately? You would have learnt that Meles has been and is still trying to overthrow Isaias. How can that be? Aren’t sanctions against Eritrea (arms embargo) put to weaken Eritrea so that he can do so. The Greater Tigray goal (as outlined in the Tigray Manifesto may be applied subsequently.

    2) Ethiopians have never understood or known the truth about Eritrea. To a vast degree, it was because Eritrea was too far from the center (for the elite in Addis Ababa) to keep tab on it. Moreover, whatever Ethiopians knew about Eritrea was told to them by their leaders who lied to them. We, Eritreans however, were told about Eritrea’s history by our fathers and mothers who had experienced the many abuses and intrigues played by Haileselassie’s officials to deny Eritreans their wish to choose whether they want to live as an independent country (like Libya and Somalia) or not and later to nullify the fedaral arrangement.

    This continued even during the war for independence. True, the poor (from the countryside and cities) lost their relatives in the war in Eritrea so, they knew about it as this hellhole where many do not return. However, they knew nothing about the EPLF or the top leaders of the EPLF including Isaias Afeworki. So they have always been easy to lied to.

    3) Isaias Afeworki is truely the envy of any leader in Africa (especially the Horn of Africa) and even many other country’s around the world. He loves his country and his people, he does not give up the legitimate intrest for anything even if he is bullied, he is incorruptible, he is selfless, he does not think and act as if he deserves more than any other Eritrean (even if he has spent the bulk of his young life and more fighting for the country), he lives among the people in an ordinary house, … . Ethiopians would surely have liked a leader like him. Awo, inde Meles molacha aydelem. Negergin, iwketu Melesin yasnikal!

    4) Our real problem in Africa is that we are being colonized. This is really the issue at the heart of the various conflicts in Africa today. I do not know for Ethiopians but it has been clear for Eritreans that through puppets in the various parts of Africa, the continent including its Continental organization the AU is being put under the control of the big powers. Can you count them? Meles is one among them. Why has he been chosen? Most importantly, because he can produce a large army that can help put things in order when needed. Proof: he went into Somalia, he sends troops into Sudan, Congo,etc, The only country in his way Eritrea, the only person in his way, Isaias Afeworki. So, they are preparing him to take over Eritrea –sanctions! etc.

    Meles is not liked by his own people nor is he in good relations with Eritrea. Inorder to keep in power, he will have to do what he is told to do. Otherwise, with all the agents in Ethiopia and his dependence on the colonialists, he will be overthrown easily.

    5) The people of Tigray have not benefitted from this, but a few in the leadership have. I have read so many racist remarks in here. Since when have the ordinary people been responsible for the ills of the leadership? Please be careful of what you write. Do you know that some individuals who were speaking and writing inflamatory articles during the war in Rwanda were indicted at the International Court for genocide?

  18. I always read halafi mangde comments when I Kahalif Koloku Ab(Y)zi.Halafi Mengdi is a pure Tigria who hated all from A-Axum S-Shire and A-Aduwa and he is from Abi Adi Tenbein or deki Alula.Between the conflict two house Ras Souim Mengesha and Ras Baria Gaber are so deep and this shows us after 100 years their roots still are there.I enjoyed tranicoly.
    If we let them to fight eachother and than we can see the light of Ethiopia in their full fall.
    Ghezaie are always after Eritreans while they are already in Singhapor and they lfet them in mess.My favor Tigria are halafi Mengedi and he is the one honest guy from Tenbien(Goma EaGru).
    The bodygaurd of Meles were ofcourse from Eritrea in beging like Col Samuel G.Mariam and Col Solomon Aradom in 90s and they are gone.The housband of two have never keep of forever both of them as Bealu Girma put it in his book Oromay.

    “You are in love with all and atlast you lose all”I get it!!


  19. Dear Elias,

    TPLF or woyanes are really thieves. The comment number 71 under my real name Gezaee H. is not mine. Please Elias get IP. I can use it and I charge the person in court. I swear I can lay charge today. Leba Yemele kit atabi. Woreda.

    I hate Meles to my bones. He has this type of achebebari woyane. Please expose banda who is using name. Down to woyane Meles. Leba agershech, worada leba and achberbari. You are exposing how an idiot you are using my name.

    Elias I will use a different from now on this website. I will let you know the new nick name. It is this barbaric racist who are promoting corruption like this. Corrupt, leba. You sell babies, lands, telecom, bank, water, … any you use my name. Please I ask Mr. Elias to delete comment 71.

  20. Elias, the one who is using my name is actually shabia. He is not even Woyane. Shabia is trying to tell me I hate Meles. Shabia you hate Meles? Meles = shabia. You hate means you hate shabia and you hate yourself. Please Elias comment 71 of the born shabia, slave with no indentity. Yeteregeme shabia, erkus yetalian baria.

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr. Gezaee H., I do not need to use your name to write here. I can remain anonymous. The problem should be with the setting of the site. I clicked on the “Reply” link after your comment and wrote what is in my mind. Apparently, somehow all my comments are coming out under your name!

    What you are writing is shameful. I would not want anything I write be associated with your name. You and “Half Mengedi” are so racist and proud of it. Both of you sound like those old men who generalize the characteristics of a subregion by the few people you know: Enderta kemzi iyom, Axum’ba, Agame did this, Adwa are like this. It shows your medieval mindset. Degazmach, Kegnazmach, fetawrari of the past are the ones you admire. Come on man, let the fightings waged to subjugate others more than a hundred years ago rest. Even recent bloodsheds have to heal. LIFE IS SHORT. If you really love your country as you claim you do, respect all Ethiopians and their cultures including your own. Try to work for its people’s welfare (education, health etc.)and its unity.

    I have no problem with your hate for Meles or for anybody else for that matter. Meles is the one who is seving his colonial lords in the west and hurting not only Ethiopia, but also endangering the whole Africa. He is letting Ethiopia’s children die where his masters want him to intervene so that their own children wont die. (Ye nech dem indayfes, ye Etiopiawi dem yifesal). I simply find it nonsensical that you think Meles is doing Eritrea a favor while there is ample evidence in front of you that tell you that he is the enemy of both Ethiopia and Eritrea and beyond! I ALWAYS WONDER HOW ETHIOPIANS WILL SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS WHILE THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW/UNDERSTAND THEIR REAL PROBLEMS!

    Demo tisadebaleh inde balege. Man wedo yigezal meseleh? Aynih siletawere, yetegeza bilih tagay endemihon atawkim. Tagelin–Netsa honin. By the way I am Eritrean, but I am not Shaebia. I wish I was, though!

  21. Dear yes,

    The solution is to stop talking and to unite all now before it is too late. Take note, Meles is not selling every Ethiopian national asset for nothing. He is selling land, babies, girls, telecom, bank, …everything it is because he wanted to run away to Eritrea after destroying Ethiopia. Ethiopians please rise up now before it is too late. The man called Meles + shabia will not die without destroying Ethiopia. Meles is shabia. you cannot tell me Meles Ethiopian. He is not Ethiopian and the Tigreasn have become slaves to him. The man has done many crimes against Ethiopia and he is still doing it. The need now is to unite and rise up all in unity. Lamenting will deter Meles from destorying Ethiopia. The man is purging every one who think will be a threat. As you know Bereket is shabia. But still he heads an amhara front. He does not even use his real name. The country is ruled by crooks. death to shabia plus Meles Zenawi. Shabians hate Meles I will see if they will love a patriotic Ethiopians when the day comes.

  22. I thought before you are under 40 and can undrestand to use game easly.You are a hot Te 45%mp and you upset so much.calm and cool down my uncal Gezu.
    Where can you find him if he is you Gezaee H:-)His IP are in 7 elven boy….coffee Internet around Newyork Ghetto Ha ha.You are so poor.You re in USA but are in Mekelle Realy and I am sorry for you..Live Eritreans alone they are a relax time in Redsea.
    Ye AgerH sew Lameak

  23. Halafai Mengedi,

    I think you are a absolutly right and I allways appreciate your insight into the Tigray-Merebmilash geo-political, social and economical as well as historical relationships, I truly believe most of the policy makers in Ethiopia don’t have the level of understanding of the Tigray-Merebmilash complex problems, that you do which is unfortunate on their part. One thing I came to understand after my recent visit to Ethiopia was a family member of mine who had lived in Eritrea for a long time told me of Hamasiens of being related to Tembiens and Endertans and you are absolutely right, I had no idea about it before but he told me of them that, they are open, heroic and honest people just like Tembiens and Endertans. While that of Adwa and Serea are almost identical and tend to hold things and tend to be shrewd and very canning, while Akale guzay and Agame are same people (duirng the 14th century, the provinces of the tigringa speaking people were 13 and these ofcourse included Enderta, Tembien as the southern tip of the southern boundary all the way to Hamasien which is the northern tip) but Agame and Akale used to be part of a bigger province called Bur (upper Bur and lower Bur)– Upper or Lalai Bur included Akale and Agame while lower Bur or Tahtai Bur included the low lands of Afar to their east)— truly facinating. Read the book of Axum which was compiled in 14th century A.D. By the way Adwa is not mentioned as one of the 13th provinces of Tigrigna speaking provinces, I don’t think it existed at that time, but Axum, Shire, Hamasien, Serea, Bur (lalai Bur and Tahtai Bur– see above), Amba seneiti, Tsama, Tembien, Abergele, Gerealta, Enderta, and Saharti are what is known as the kingdoms of the province of Tigre/Tigray.

    Tigray’s immense resources and riches,

    I absolutly agree that Tigray is a very rich province, the houses being built all over tigray are from rocks dug out from Enderta namely– Dagia near Ilkin, and Debri on the road to Samre, some of the finest rocks in Ethiopia, no wonder Endertans built some of the greatest Hidmos, a testament to their greatenss in building great places of living and ofcourse the cement from Gembela/Mesobo and more to be processed at Desa” on the road to Wemberta, as well as some of the minerals being discovered in the northern part of Didiba Dergiagen on the way to Shiket and the wind power being developed in Ashegoda-Didba Dergaagen. Tembien ofcourse holds great trasures, Gold, Iron ore and Marbles as well and the fertile lands just like Enderta, this should be enough to make Tigray the great province once again. Therefore, we don’t need dependency on others. It is unfortunate we find our selves not been able to decide our fate at this time, I agree with you we need to start re-drawing the map and rise up to retake what belongs to our people, this is on every one’s mind but we just need to rise up and expell all non Tigrians from power especially in Tigray and put true Tigrians where by, our people can claim what belongs to them rightfully.

    Anonymous replies:

    Dream on GOTEGNA!

  24. Semhar,

    I lived in Asmara. I do love asmara and do love Eritrean too. I just hate Shabia and Woyane only. Do not get me wrong that I hate Eritrean whatever the name. You may not agree with me. Even now, my closest friends are Eritrean and Somalian. I do not even an Ethiopian or Tigrean friend. I am telling you this from my heart.You insult is like song for me. I do not respond to such low life comment.

    I am human like everyone else. There is reason I crave to be Eritreans. Nothing, leave alone an Eritrean, a poor and borderless couuntry, as poor as Ethiopia, I do not even crave to be American or Singaporean because they are rich? Why would I want to be called by colonial name? no, no Sehmar, do not want. But assured, I do love Eritrean from the bottom of my heart. So do not get me wrong that I hate Eritrean. It is immature of me if I have to hate 5 million people. No no, no, … if you have good reason, just give reasons, do not say agame or whatever. I do not understand why you think agame is bad. There is one big region in Tigray by the same name agame. And the name is given after the tree Agame. Agame the most beautiful brown berry bearing fruit tree. It is a compliment when you call me agame. The colour of agame fruit is chocolate like, sweet, and you cannot say agame is too much. You can stop eating honey, but you cannot stop eating agame fruit. Reason, it is the best fruit I have ever known that does not upset your body even if you ate the whole day. So the name is derived from that sweet, chocolate like fruit tree. That is what I know about agame. I do not care what meaning you have for it.

    So Semhar Shukorina, you take care and do not get angry too.

    This is for the guy who is using my name:
    Guys, please do not use my name. Please

    I did not talk about ethnic or tribe or awraja or anything. I did not talk about anyone. I just talked about shabia and woyane. nothing more, if you have a problem with Halafi, pls talk to him. Do no tell me I am Halafi. That is your figment. I do not talk about what Halafi. and everyone has a right to talk about anything he or she wants. Age, sex, colour, race, … does not matter. Do not be stupid. I cannot talk about you because I have no interest in such rubbish things. Ordinary talks about people, great people talks about great ideas.

  25. MY TAKE ON ATO Gezaee

    Do you know what G, conmen who call Ethiopian while riding woyane’s corrupt Arebia seem just hoping to enrich themselves on the expenses of the more than 80 million genuine Ethiopians and Eritreans; further more, they are praying day&night funded by the usual suspected to drop them across the north mereb river before the stupid gold spread out on the Eritrean people’s development programs.

    When did i lost hope on my dear friend G as true democrat? I don’t know about you guys but for me it was when he rightly mentioned the thousands miles away sorry statelesness of the palasteninas brothers as example as if the real terrorist corrupt dictator Melse who is studying his PHd double majoring on envasion especialism, is not making the Somalis the largest concentration camp refugees on earth right on his south backyard. This is self-explanatory for those who can read in between the fine lines that we are dealing with someone on woyane’s possible payroll.

    Infact, it’s not surprising anymore if we hear next time around declaring G “There is no such thing called Gezaee/Dejazmach of Tgray/Halafi Megedi existing anywhere on the universe’. All we can say in such insanity situations is “May Alah/God save ato-X from himself and undiagnosed sicknesses”.

    My humble advise is: pay homage to the OFFICE OF AL-MARIAM, ATTORNEY AT LAW and get much needed counsel regarding particularly the wisdom of restraining self by saying ‘NO COMMENTS PLEASE’ before you incriminate and throw yourself behind bars. I garantee you the service would be worth it but i highly doublt it though whether the good prof. could be generious enough giving you even a penny attorney-service dicount for your ghost managers with a good reason if you care asking me why. Please take the first step boldly, the sooner the better.

    Usualy when somebody writes/speaks with nonstop makes one loosing his/her crediblity campass easily with too many contradictions. You seem so genuinely concerned that in the event of hopefuly nonviolet uprising (for good governance, freedom/democracy and justice for all), the Ethiopians might revenge violently against even the innocent Tgreans. Rest assured that like the Eritreans the Ethiopian people are not that cruel; ofcourse, they may not forget but they are fair minded and forgiving heart people which is admirable and right thing to do.

    On the other hand, you seem fantasizing to bail out your secret idol dedebit boys crime by defeating thier x-handler shaebia, thnks to the Ethiopian unacountable human material/resource and donations. Kooler-heads hope so that justice would serve accordingly for the eventual lasting peace; however, as far as the so-called ‘defeating’ word is concerned which often serves for poletical consuption, just stop kidding yourself crying for shaebia.

    The buttomline is you thought us that you are nothing but a hired puppet; a messenger of the lcruative business of divisions and misrule ideology; epecializing in exporting it to Eritrea, the land of peace, human ringht, unity, fairness, equality, justice, etc in the entire f”’king world although it pains me using the P-Words as long as there are warmonger robats like woyanes on the corner, ready to cash their bloody blank checks opressing others.

    This is what ‘Eritreanism’ means all about proving in practical sense buddy: Not b/c someone hailed from the south/north, east/west or the central region; Not whether she/he belongs to a certain ethnic/belief and should unfairly seek more preveleges than of his/her country men/women; this is a sad news indeed for some intities that perpertuate exploitations throuth choases. My only hope is wishing all nations following this noble example especialy for the dark continent known by its homegrown diseases of corruption/division and endless conflicts/starvations.

    ps-Remember bro G, if u can’t handle the heat right of expression/critizim, well, the democratic door voice of the voiceless door of ER is always open:)

  26. Semhar ,

    Aboutthe border, virtual border only existed in your mind, but not in the Ethiopian mind. If you have to have border with us, all Ethiopian has to give permission for that. Neither me nor any Ethiopian recognize virtual border. I never heard of such border in my life. Virtual is virtual it does not exist. If you have to have border, it requires two parties, that is both Ethiopian and Eritrean. You cannot make a border alone. It does not work that way, never existed anywhere. That means there is no border. Meles Zenawi can do anything more about it. Do you think pure patriotic amhara Ethiopian will sit with shabia and give border? no, I am saying this because I do believe the amhara people have a strong feeling, pride for Ethiopia than the banda Tigreans TPLF and Shabian Italian Ascari. We hope a patriotic amhara will come and take over power from the banda Meles. I do not know what is going to happen to Eritrean issue? Do you think they can sit with shabia and negoiate ? no no, no big no. They coming one day Semharina. no border, all the people will live in peace.Shabia and woyane will go away like derg. You may not like this, but this is what will happpen when Meles expires his life either by death or by sickness. We prey he disappear like a wind from the face of the planet. He divided our people with shabia.

    Down to shabia and TPLF

    Anonymous replies:

    You must be a fool who decieves himself. The EEBC ruling is INTERNATIONAL LAW. Do you know what virtual means? It does not mean what you are implying. It means that the points that separate Eritrean lands from Ethiopian lands have been marked on a map and they are determined by a mathematical method for ever! A marker on the land would have been great so that people/armies do not mistakenly enter their neighbors territory illegally and suffer the consequences. Moreover, a marker can easily be removed by war mongering individuals and governments like yours (state as well as federal governments). The virtual demarcation will still be there no matter what and is international law! It is only your beloved Meles Zenawi and his handlers (the Witnesses and Guaranters of the Algiers Agreement) who have refused to officially acknowledge it; and, they are not above the law although the bullies act like they are.

    The mere existence of the State of Eritrea (Hagere Ertra) nullifies your childish arguments. If one follows your arguments, it would also mean that Eritrean territory can be extended as much south as we want it! Whatever you claim Ethiopia can do, Eritrea can also do!

    May be you are playing INIBESHASHEK!

  27. It has already been known that zinawi has used Tigrians for many purposes that he thought are best tools to be used to harm Ethiopians so that he can kill and loot Ethiopians.Well,not anymore;every single genuine Ethiopians have really come to their awareness that they had better fight against Zinawi and the system that he built to suppress and oppress millions of Ethiopians.As every rality and facts on the ground indicate us and the rest of the world,it is just a matter of time and a little more effort that is needed to completely eliminate this distructive regime and the men and women who built it to cause havoc on Ethiopia.Therefore,all Ethiopians,keep fighting the enemy until it is completely destroyed and changed into tenous dust that weighs zero pound.

  28. Dear Anonymous shabian,

    I told whether it is virtual or real, it requires two parties two agree on border. Ethiopian does not recognize any border within Ethiopia. Meles = EEBC = Efeworki are not Ethiopian. It is Ethiopia who have the right to decided about themselves. This means, you gambled with it. Meles gave you everything on a golden plate? right? you did not appreciate it. You wanted more land despite the fact one banda half Eritrean and half Tigrean gave the entire red sea with no question, the entire Ethiopian coastal assets with no question, you came back to claim more land even before having your border given, and your lunatic, blood thristy Issayas told he was marching to addis ababa? right, now he is sitting in sawa, he can not even manage to get badme leave alone to march to addis ababa? in the process, the border is no more an issue for us. We do not care what you guys think. We do not know any border within Ethiopia. Eritrea is not even a province now, it is no name for us. No border, whether it is on map or on the sky we do not know it. You cannot have because you wanted it? if that was the case, by now you could have killed all Ethiopian and take over the entire country only for shabia. Issayas dream was that. How floolish he is to eradicate 90 million people for his self, unbounded greed. Anyway, the Eritrean issue now over. No baby sitting anymore. Mele will die sooner or later. He is executed and tired, he looks older than Mandela because of too much thinking for Eritrea. When he go for good, everything will over and the people will live in peace. Eritreans will better of without shabia. You see Meles has not benefitted eritrean or Ethiopians. He just made things much worse. Look, if Meles and Issayas were good, Eritrean and Ethiopian could have been better of together than like today. The land which being sold to Arab, Indian, … now could have been used by Eritrean and Ethiopian as citizen. Because we all could have worked in peace and prosper. Now who is benefitting? no one, Meles is selling the land to Arab, Indian,… and the port Massawa, Asseb, … sitting idle. Any Eritrean who have a good grain matter would understand the totally mistake of shabia fighting 30 years to destroy Ethiopia. If Issayas was not an Italian ascaris, he could have liberated all the people in less than 10 years and build better Ethiopia. Now he wasted all those souls and resources and he is sitting in Sawa training youth to fight Ethiopia again. Waste of life, people are supposed to go to work, school, and live in peace, not to waste their precious lives calling name a fake name Eritrea emulated the cursed shabia and TPLF.

    Down to TPLF and shabia, the curse of of the 21 century.

    Anonymous replies:

    Boy,you are really off. I do not know what world you are living in. Denying objective conditions will not change your dreams/halucinations into reality. It does not matter if you do not accept Eritrean independence. Who are you? Go to New York and check the flags of its members outside the UN headquarters. You will find the Eritrean and Ethiopian flags with that of Estonia between them. Only independent, sovereign countries are represented there. Even in Addis Ababa, Eritrea is a member of the African Union. We have our ambassador there as we do in many countries around the world. That matters, your repeated denial of its existence, doesn’t.

    This is to tell you like it is. Otherwise, we Eritreans do not waste time discussing this as a relevant issue. It has been 20 years since our existence as a country has been realized. You know what we are doing now? We are developing our country–catiching up with the valuable time your masters (Haileselassie, Mengistu and now Meles) stole from us.

    For you Meles is an Eritrean agent. It does not matter that he is hell bent to destroy Eritrea. It does not matter that every time something happens in Ethiopia, he cries, “Eritrea did it!” Just today he pointed his fingers at Eritrea again for the death of tourists in the “Afar State.” In your twisted thinking this is because he is Eritrean and he wants to benefit Eritrea!

    By the way, do you see how racist you are? Read your comments again. Just because he has Eritrean blood in him on his mother’s side he must be an Eritrean agent. For you it is the Eritreanness or the “Tigrayanness” that is responsible for the problems Ethiopia is having. He says he is Ethiopian, he is Ethiopia’s prime minister, he has waged a war against Eritrea causing the death of both Eritreans and Ethiopians and then has been viciously fabricating lies to paralize Eritrea. His agents have even killed themselves while planting explosives. I would not be surprised if the current incidence was perpetrated by his agents or rogue agents from Tigray in an effort to implicate Eritrea. How can Meles be Eritrean?

    Neither the Weyane nor Meles gave us independence. We earned it ourselves sacrificing the best of our brothers and sisters. Meles and the Weyane did not have any choice. They could not have fought. Remember the Eritrean mechanized force that entered Addis Ababa in 1991? Meles and his Weyane army did not have the military capacity to do it alone. Shaebia helped it. The rest is history.

    Do your own fight. You want someone else to fight for you–the poor of course. I wonder how old you are. Where were you when Mengistu was forcing Ethiopians to fight in Eritrea and Tigray? You might have fled then (if not you many of those who think and write like you)? You could have tried to prevent Eritrean independence and Meles’ and TPLF’s ascension to power! If you are young, you don’t know nothing yet. Eat, learn, be a productive citizen.

    Isayas never said he will march to Addis Ababa. You guys invent these lies, believe them forgeting that they are your own lies until you make no sense at all. Bizeben Isayas zitetselele, Isayas kibl mote!

    One more thing it is grey matter, “grey” not “grain.” Careful! No one will spend their grey matter to understand your twisted logic unless they are like you, of course.

    Solomon replies:

    Ato Gheziae;

    To hate whole people are so saveger mentality and we from both never execpt it.
    As Prof Tefla from Humberg put it the old Axum was not that today Ethiopia.
    1,Mahamed Imam Grungna won over Nugus labendengel and over his son

    2, 9000 Indians british won over 150 000 Atsi Teodrs
    3,mahdiDurbush cuted Aisi Yohans head
    4,haile Sillasie run after invader from italia.
    Where is the 3000 year history of Ethiopia.
    Take about Adewa and the #Ye amest amet wor

  29. They, all look like GUY to me, all they do after they kill people, sell kids, sell women, sell Ethiopian land ,they all F*K AZEB or F*K each other for now , i don’t think they will last long, let them kill for now the end soon.

  30. look Meles is one of us if he goes we”ll get another Meles,simple.if i was you i wouldn’t spend my time terrorising Tigray i’ll fight like a man.
    ethiopia is built through many tribes and nation,so if you are amara you not even gondere or gojame,imagine oromo kenbata welaita all this tribe are not mean they love amhara in general.come up with idea that makes us all unite,stop looking wide open your eyes to all agames, they aren’t your enemy rather they the one take you out of the darkness,respect the heroes,with out them it will be empty,adios.
    owet ne hafash.

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