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Meles Zenawi replaces Tigrean bodyguards

Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator has replaced many of his bodyguards from the Tigray ethnic group with Eritreans, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources in Addis Ababa.

Deputy security chief Esayas Woldegiorgis, Meles Zenawi’s Beria, who is Eritrean, has also been given authority over all security matters. Getachew Assefa, the current security chief, is relegated to being only a figure head. Esayas is responsible for torturing political prisoners and carrying out political killings in Ethiopia and neighboring countries.

Meles has decided to replace his Tigrean bodyguards because of the increasing dissension among Tigreans over the amassing of enormous wealth by him and his wife while the lives of most Tigreans have not improved despite all the construction projects that are underway in Tigray region. On top of that, Meles has recently invited Eritreans to come to Ethiopia, and those who arrived already have started marginalizing Tigreans both in politics and business.

Meles is fearful of revolt inside his own army that is dominated by Tigreans, so he recently forced 300 colonels and 13 generals to retire, as reported here.

Tigreans are also angry that Meles has pitted them against other ethnic groups. They fear that when a popular uprising explodes, Meles and his family will leave, while the average Tigrean, in whose name Meles is ruling, could face the wrath of other ethnic groups.

Inside the TPLF leadership, Eritreans are consolidating their power, as reported here. Currently, more than half of the TPLF leadership is Eritrean.

In the mean time, the Eritrean government itself is being infiltrated by Meles Zenawi’s agents who are undermining Isaias Afwerki’s administration with the intention of replacing him with a leader who is friendly with the Meles dictatorship or a puppet. Ethiopian Review will publish an investigative report on how TPLF agents are working to overthrow Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki. Stay tuned.

138 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi replaces Tigrean bodyguards

  1. That picture is very telling. His security detail has got to have over twenty agents, just looking at this picture, (I see over eightwithin the picture).
    All those people for Meles? How much do they get paid? Can you do some research on that too.
    Where did you get it from?

  2. Remember, weren’t the two Eritreans with the support of an Ethiopian taxi driver that did wound Graziani ? unfortunately, that was the most disastrous attempt which costed more than 30,000 Addis residents to be sloughtered by Graziani in the most heinous way. I hope this time the Eritrean body guards wouldn’t do a lousy job. Of course, I do not like crisis. Democracy hopefully will prevail. Mr. Meles will leave office in 2015.

    tekat kemayewedew replies:

    Very sad that you are ashamed of naming the great anbesa’s Ethiopia ever had, Moges Asgedom and Abraha Deboch. Those two were living a good life by then standard. However, they sacrificed everything to fight for the independence of Ethiopia. Believe it or not, if they were not to do that, Grazani would have ruled Ethiopia with iron fist for another 40 years. The same thing with Zerai Deres. Please don’t distort history. Get your facts right before you right something. I am sorry to say it but what Ethiopia is lacking is the kinds of Zerai Deres, Moges Asgedom, Abreha Deboch, Belai Zelleke, Abune Petros, Geresu Duki, Jage Jagama, Assefa Bahta, General Andom, Gen Aman and etc.

    Dobisaw replies:

    Very true

  3. “In the mean time, the Eritrean government itself is being infiltrated by Meles Zenawi’s agents who are undermining Isaias Afwerki’s administration with the intention of replacing him with a leader who is friendly with the Meles dictatorship or a puppet”……………….this is ridiculous

    Isayas Afewrki has two parties even during the independence…you do not know how the man works…you think you’re right in there…but that one below you, has really more to say..or more in contact with him…let weyane but even the west is not even clear…how Isayas works…

    this also demonstrates why the man (isayas afewrki) is in power since 1968

  4. ER wrote: “Deputy security chief Esayas Woldegiorgis, Meles Zenawi’s Beria, who is Eritrean, has also been given authority over all security matters.”
    This is not true because Esayas Woldegiorgis is not Eritrean. Esayas Woldegiorgis is an Ethiopian of Adwa and Axum origin. He graduated from the Key Bahr secondary school in Asmara like many Tigraians at the time because most Tigraian schools as well as small town Eritrean schools were closed due to the war.
    There are also many other Amhara and Oromo Ethiopians who studied in Eritrea during the war but nobody calls these people “Eritreans”.
    It has become a fashion in Ethiopian politics to call “Eritrean” to a person you disagree with.
    The best example is some quarters from the government and the opposition have been calling Elias Kifle “Eritrean” though Elias is a Menzie from Shoa.
    What is wrong? If a pesron of Eritrean origin believes, he is Ethiopian or a person of Ethiopian origin believes, he is Eritrean? Aman Andom was not Eritrean, he died Ethiopian. There are many Aman Andoms in Ethiopia.

    Mike replies:

    Aman Andom was Eritrean. and ethiopian (only through the federation and annexation)

  5. This news is a double sword for me. Meles is maybe working in bringing back Eritrea to join her mother land. That is a responsibility of a visionary leader and we should all support that.

    In the past Kings intermarry to create a united country. Meles as part Eritrean and a visionary leader can take advantage of his hertiage to bring the two people back together once again.

    Isayas as an Ethiopian heritage individual should have done the same. In fact I suggest his government join G7 and OLF by calling for a united Eritrea & Ethiopia in line of the old Federation; that way we may even have a peaceful debate in both countries for the people to decide with a new open referendom taking place in both countries.

    Great News.

    Long Live Ethio/Eritean people!!

    Anonymous replies:

    You must be out of your freaking mind! Meles, the very man that gave orders, tens of thousands of innocent Ethiopians to be locked up indefinitely and tortured and killed…the very man that gave orders young Ethiopians to be shot and killed on the streets of Addis and around Ethiopia for protesting to get their rights…the very man that looted the country and became a billionaire…the very man that gave Ethiopian seaport to Eritria, fertile land to Sudan and other foreign billionaires… that Meles, working for the good of Ethiopia? What a ridiculous statement! give us a break! For the last twenty years, Ethiopians have seen and witness enough that Meles is a coldblooded tyrant who was born to cause harm and distractions on others like Hitler and Stalin. May God help Ethiopia and Ethiopians to be free from the hands of inhumane evil dictator! Trust me, God works in his timetable and Meles will get what he deserves.

    Jeff replies:

    Very true and amen to everything you said! Except the sea part. Ethiopia cant give eritrea something eritrea already and has always owned. The port have always been Eritrean. Otherwise Good comparison with hitler as meles is using the exact same tactics and lies hitler used to invade polan. Only difference here is that hitler was loved by germany and he did so much for them and meles, isnt loved by the majority and is a greedy individual.

  6. HI,Elias, i thank you are right!!First of all meles trust Eritrean or half Eritrean or Adwa bodyguards staring from 1991 and then Getachew assefa is neither eritrean nor Adwa.Getachewe assafa was born and grow up in mekelle or he is from mekelle and he lost his father Col. Assfa during Derg red Terrior in mekelle, so meles will not trust him that´s who he gave him all responsibility to Eyasis woldegiogris.Almost from the photo the bodyguards are new face or he may bring some guards from
    Sudan or south sudan or south africa!
    Therefore,Meles has go!!
    Enough,Beka– Adwa-Eritrea mofia groups, theses are groups not represent Tigray or Ethiopia, are looters and killers!!

    Long live Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  7. People,

    Think about it. Eritreans and Meles/TPLF have something in common. Eritreans, due to fear Ethiopia may consolidate them or the Assab port therefore they will do anything to support Meles/TPLF. In return, Meles needs their support to form the two countries, Eritrea and Tigray against Ethiopia. It is one thing we are ruled by Tigreans but it is another thing if we are ruled by Eritreans and it will be a great insult for Ethiopians if that happens. Eritrea, Meles/TPLF, West and Arabs are making sure this happens. So this will be the second stage of crushing Ethiopians once again. That is why I warn the so called Ethiopain elitists working against their own country while Eritreans know they will do anything to make Eritrea Singapore by any means necessary. There are no disagreements between TPLF/Meles and Eritreans (with or without Issayas).

    Let us see the so called Tigreans, if true that they are not wanted, that they work against TPLF/Meles and Eritrea. It was all talk how brave Tigreans are was that being against Ethiopia or Eritrea? We shall soon see how Tigreans will act. I guess most Tigreans, knowing this have amassed wealth and left the country until Greater Tigray is formed. That is exactly the reason why Meles/TPLF called in Eritreans, and taking away businesses from average Ethiopians giving it only to Eritrea and Tigrayans. Those Eritreans in the diaspora are staunch anti Ethiopians but one person I know who is a staunch anti Ethiopian went back to Ethiopia when Meles called the Eritreans and now he owns a big real estate.

    The making of greater Tigray is actually a good thing. That is what they want and they should have it leave the rest of Ethiopia alone. The rest of Ethiopans are perfectly capable of governing Ethiopia and another head ache will be gone. Can Amara and Oromo show us their strength once again as they did during the attempt colonization of Ethiopia under Italy? Remember, These main two ethnic groups were leaders to drive out Italians and once again they should do the same to drive out Eritreans and those Tigreans who don’t want to be part of Ethiopia. The problem is that OLF is druelling when Eritrea and TPLF/Meles are showing them the Oromia the OLf could have once Abay Tigray is formed. It is these groups that must decide other wise the Ethiopians are ready.

    To analyze more.. there are Eritreans who are staunch supporter of Eritrea therefore, they may not trust TPLF/Meles at all. So these bodyguards could be those of Tigrean origin who were born and raised in Eritrea. So how many of these Tigreans must have lived there in Eritre to make such a difference? I am surprised. It think it must be those kind of people who are staunch loyal to Meles/TPLF.

    Long live Ethiopia!

  8. What is the wrong with the relation between Elias and Isayas. I think Elias is not in good terms with Isayas his master these days. Otherwise, he knows how Isays would feel when he says Isayas afewerk’s administration is ifliltrated by Meles Zenaw’s agents. Elias’s friendship with Isayas must have come to come to an end, and that is a great decision for Ethiopians like the news that OLF has dropped its scessionist program. A true change in Ethiopia can be realized by Ethiopians alone!

  9. As the saying goes, “A PICTURE IS WORTH MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS”: as I look on this picture I can definitely see the murderers led by a prime murderer. Elias, you are doing superb job by revealing the inside out of the weyane mafia style of business. Ethiopians need more people like you.

  10. Dawi, people like u misunderstand being an ethiopian with being an abissinian. It´s 2 different things. PIA and the tgrgna and tgre people of Eritrea might be abissinians by race (geez language and all) but they aren´t ethiopian. The majority of ethiopians aren´t abissinians either, as U well know.

  11. “Tigreans are also angry that Meles has pitted them against other ethnic groups. They fear that when a popular uprising explodes, Meles and his family will leave, while the average Tigrean, in whose name Meles is ruling, could face the wrath of other ethnic groups.”

    Elias Banda AKA elias lunatic
    we know you have a deep rooted hate towards the VERY PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT YOU TO YOUR KNEE!
    We did it 20 years ago and we have no problem doing it right NOW! and you know that.

    the only thing you can do is HIDE and TYPE.
    We don’t have a problem with that. If we had a problem with that, some one would have been taken care of you years ago! so enjoy the internet.

    Meysaw replies:

    Wedi telemanit!
    Bring some new ideas, do not bluff. You are like a blowen up figna. wait for the thorn that will soon arrive. You will loose all your air and start working like your mother in the streets of Addis Abeba. Your days are numbered!!!!

    Abebe Kebede replies:

    Ata Kunti Lekamit,

    You are so arrogant and bull. You are saying confirming the true terrorist nature of your band leader Legesse he is band and so was his father. Whether you like it or not things change. You should be ashamed of your rant.You are true terrorist by saying that you could taker of Elias if you want. That is really figna.

    Yetigre MekerA replies:

    U stpuid subhuman: your sarrow will last for 8th generation, take my word.

    stop replies:


    Ethiopians are not like that. We are not like the barbarians (Weyane/TPLF/Shaebia) we must learn from our past mistake and the mistake these people are doing. The cycle of violence must stop. All we want is to form true equality, in egalitarian society that brings the development of Ethiopia. Everytime we think of revenge, we must quickly stop and be aware of it and let us remember Nelson Mandela. That is all. We must be humans when others are still evolving from their animalistic behavior of violence. However, this doesn’t mean there should be justice by the law. Heck we Ethiopoians allowed the evil Mengistu to live in the palace of Zimbabwe. By the way Mugabe should be ashamed of himself harboring the murderer of the father of Africa, Haileselassie.

    Anonymous replies:

    wedi tigray do you know the saying “Beseferut kuna mesefer aykerem”. Rest assured you yake out Eliyas we will take 1000 of you. Just try it

    Anonymous replies:

    You are what EVIL is all about, hate and commit crimes.

    Ougadougu replies:

    Wedi tegray you think your poor eqipped afro hair full of kemal and unexperienced babies has let some body to kneel down ,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    first — it was CIA long time action to weaken the military regime has some how achieved its goal,and the other way the British long time dream to disintigrate the naton has also its contribution that leads the collapse of the derg even after all it happens, had some of the military members stays loyal to mengistu would have been left a dream for the shifta gang even to cross tekeze. we had very much enough of your lies and fabrication and absolutely false propaganda.i would be very much surprised if you could tell me a single woyanne who tells the truth except the one and only respected personality a former woyanne Ato G/Medhin araya whom i wish the age of Mathusalem (Matusala)
    and for who i pray to stay healthy and see his beloved country Ethiopia flourishes and gives his witness on the shifta groups trial.

    Love Elias replies:

    I will take care of 500 of them.

  12. Meles knows that he cannot win in a military battle against Shaebia, so it is obvious that his next best alternative is to use the aid money to infiltrate Shaebia with Eritrean mercenaries. Isayas has given too much power to his intelligence officers and it is them who will get rid off him in the end.

    Rule of Law replies:

    ha ha ha ha ha “meles can’t win in a military battle with shaebia?” ha ha ha ah ha ha .

    Waka replies:

    Rule of law (rule of jungle or dedebit)

    What is your woyanne hahaha how can in short do you forget that the shabia let you wear a trouser.and besides do you really believe the army who is now serving will fight for woyanne?kkkkkkk syamreh yiker

  13. Ato Elias;

    I wonder who your so called sources are telling you this story about the Melles regime infiltrating Eritrean government and overthrowing the government of Eritrea?

    What this shows is your lack of knowledge of the history Eritrean armed stuggle for indepndence and the Eritrean government. Had the story you just post was written in 2000 it might have been plausible, because there were a few high ranking officials within the Eritrean government with the help of a super power and the Woyanne regime who tried in vain to overthrow the Eritrean government and were caught red handed, now they are languishing in jail. That is old history to every Eritrean by now but I wonder how many Ethiopians in the diaspora know the inner workings of that group? I say probably no one because most Ethiopian diaspora elite either don’t care or are blinded by hate to care.

    I don’t know if you have ulterior motives for this article but this article sounds to me more like your presonal day dream. I hope it is just a day dream of yours only, otherwise all you are doing is trying to revive the old worn out and patently false propaganda of uninformed Ethiopian elite in the diaspora that Woyanne and Shaebia are one and the same.

    You are simply doing more harm to Ethiopian opposition groups who have good working relationships with Eritrea, i.e. OLF (I mean the OLF that just reformed the old ineffective OLF), TPDM and EPPF. For your informations these are the only organizations who have real presence inside Ethiopia and are bleeding Woyanne on a daily basis.

    peace replies:


    That is why we Ethipians are silent where Shaebia is concerned so that the EPPF, OlF, etc are collatoral damage if Ethiopians are to do anything against Shaebia, Eritrea. That is why we need to be completely indpendent from doing the struggle. If those naive Ethiopians are still thinking when TPLF terrorist is down that everything will be fine and dandy then think again. Ethiopia then will have no army to fight Eritrea and they will annhilate the remaining opposition armies within their own nation. After all, the world has changed. Contract, promise, treaties etc, don’t mean anything anymore. It is all the way back stabbing so, I hope Ethiopoians are not going to fall for this again. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Even though we stil need to negotatate to make utlitmate peace with Eritreans, we have to cover from every corner our back from their attack while still protecting ourselves.

  14. “Dawi”,
    I don’t think Meles’ agenda is uniting the two countries!
    How do you think a person who sold almost half of “his country’s” land would do that? how about the boarder with Sudan he had handed over? what about the massacre he perpetrated and the $11.9 Billion he stole with his wife? It is impossible to think that way!

  15. I agree with rahela, what many people don’t relaise is that shabia and tplf Heiarachy is different, Where tplf is controlled mostly by meles Shabia set up is hard to break due to the distribution of power among the party members who are divided into Different branches, one good example of the power is in 1990-1991 when isayas life was under threat and was held for few hours he was freed after few hours and the plotters went missing one by one in 24 hours, Meles Knows that well that is why he feel hopeless at toppling shabia he knows its harder than anyone thinks, Many members of shabia with alot of powers are unknown even to the point some say work low paying jobs in Eritrea, i heard of a decision overturned by a member issued by isias years ago and many Eritreans weren’t that suprised, to ethiopians to put in simply Shabia is Much Bigger than isias and can even replace him overnight, However Meles seems to be bigger Than tplf that is why he needs a platoon of bodyguard and bullet proof glasses everywhere he goes.

    Regarding the Bodyguard Topic this is no suprise, There is a video in youtube where meles was at a rally in tigray speaking if you look at his bodyguard behind him he is actually 100% Eritrean, Meles bodyguard from 1980’s till 1997 were Eritrean. You can’t blame him though Many foreign Head figures (Bashir,John garang,Kagame) claimed that the Eritreans are the most loyal soldiers when it comes to doing their jobs.

  16. Elias,
    While I agree with your assessment on Meles Zenawi and that I hope he will some day, be accountable for his actions in the court of law, I found it laughable to think that “tigreans are fearful of wrath by other ethnic groups” I think you have underestimated the Tigrean resolve that we are more than capable of defending ourselves from hateful and misinformed people like you, should such unfortunate scenario arises to – your delight. “Those who don’t learn from history will be condemned to repeat it” nonsense as usual!

    Eloid replies:

    Defend yourself when all of those who got the highest paid jobs in Addis ;because simply they are Tigrian; are thrown away as garbage. You may think that some of Tigrean working are qualified but the fact is that those who are even qualified is because their parents send them to good schools while other couldn`t even afford pieces of bread.

    One way or the other they got the best opportunities one poor country could provide. You Tigreans always mention that your ancestor sacrificed their lives to give Freedom to Ethiopian and you believe you deserve the very best the Ethiopia could provides. That is history ,sorry for your grand pappas` lives. The young Ethiopians deserve to be treated equally at least after 20 years, we don`t know how much bad the previous regime was because we didn`t live in it and we don`t know your grand pappas. It is not right for you guys to come in Addis and get whatever you want simply because your grand pappas fought with Dergue while we can`t get any thing in a place where we were born and grew up no matter how hard we work to be a better person.

  17. Eritrean gov infiltirated by woyane!!! Really, I think you are very naive politically. I guess it shows how shallow you are when it comes to Eritrean politics. You might have a motive but this won’t change history!!!

    You should go back to construction work

    Mr Elias…. you are bunkrupted

  18. Interesting story!! it is very hard to believe it that shaeia is that simple. Apart what the Woyane claims… Issias is one of the millions shaebia…. and I can not see those who overthrew him can survive.

    I guess you have to do your home work how this guy and organisation works

    Nice day

  19. really!! Issias who surrounded by his 40years old comrades + the middle and low ranking poeple are infiltrated by the WOayne….



  20. Mr Elias is this what you can do!! I start to question your intelligence
    I think you are not as good as what we thought you are because you are abusing the intelligence of your readers… specially when “shaebia is infiltrate by Meles” and this is hidden from Issias… what about his secrete party… is it really hidden from them and in this case….. Either Meles is more intelligent than we thought or you are not matured politically yet.

    Let’s wait and see and we will have a chat about this again

    YeAsmera Denkoro replies:

    I think the asmera tigrengna speakers are not only they are ignorant but mentaly infiliated by self decieving mental disorder: why not meles cannot infilitirate isayas? isn’t he working with cia? asmera shall be ruined beyoned recognition due to its own false perception of greatness…

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Then it is the CIA and not Meles that infiltrated Shaebia! More plausible, but still impossible.

  21. ይሄ እንኳን ተራ ወሬ ነው:: እውነት ቢሆንም ግን ኣይገርመኝም:: እነሱ ከማንም የበለጠ የኣሽከርነት እና የግርድና ልምድ ስላላቸው ያው ለፋሽሽት ጣልያኖች ባገለገሉበት ልምድ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትራችንን እና ሀገራችንን ቢያገለግሉበት የሚደገፍ ሃሳብ ነው::

  22. what are you really saying here. Is Issias is about to be thrown!! who is going to believe that? Naive Ethiopias or bankrupted Eritreans!!

    I have just shown my friend about this article… similarly, he is amazed by the wanna be people who are fighting to bring change in Ethiopia. If you are one of the fighters then i think the outlook is bleak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Look how some of the Eritreans in here are telling us that Isayas is better than Meles. They are even telling us that Eritrean power is distributed. Hell no, this is false. Both Isayas and Meles are control power in their respective parites. Isayas lives in Massaw for fear of being killed in Asmara, this is the truth even eritrean knows.

    @Semhar: How is the Eritrea are loyal soldiers? Why do you people always want to exaggerate things out of your capacity.

    The fact is that Eritreans are under dictatorship Isayas same as Ethiopia is under dictator meles. To say Isayas is democrat is killing the truth!

  24. There is no doubt Meles {Weyane} wants to overthrow Isayas or shabia but it is so unfortunate to do it now first after last Ethio/ eritrea war even though some eritreans hated Isayas but when it comes to Weyane you can’t even imagine i am also wondering what is going to happen between this two people after weyane most eritreans have lots of anger inside they are just waiting for a pay back .

  25. So what is this supposed to me who is an Ethiopian in the deepth of my bone.Is this news supposed to lead me to believe Tplfits within the military will stand for the country to topple Legese
    ? I thihnk not! The point is Legese and Issayas jointly drafted Ethinic politics as along term strategy to weaken Ethiopia.That is why after tweenty years we are even anable to tell whether Ethiopia is ruled by Eritrians or Tigrians.And whgether Tigrians are loyal to Ethiopia or Shabia and far as I am concerned these fronts are different faces of the same coin. One can not expect from the “vipers brood bread or hambasha.”Tweenty years later we debate if this egg is from Eritria or Tigray.Does it amke any difference?

    Do you hear what the spin doctor and TPLF Cadre -WADI is saying about this news.He would have us believe the next step awaiting Legese is to propose a merge of Shabia and TPLF.kkkk..

    [Semahr] you wrote,

    “You can’t blame him though Many foreign Head figures ( John garang, Bashir,Kagame) claimed that the Eritreans are the most loyal soldiers when it comes to doing their jobs.”Are you saing Shabia soldiers are MERCINARIES that at one time or another have been discpached in the service of (John garang, Bashir,Kagame)? No body doubt your unintended confession.EPLF and TPLF are sister organizations,pursuing the same strategic goal.There is no essential difference between “E” and “T”- They are inter chngable.

  26. Ato Elias just to remind you tigrey is still part of Ethiopia

    Meysaw replies:


    Yes Tigray is “still” part of Ethiopia as long as Ethiopia remains a cash cow for the Tigreans, but what you have to know is that the Tigreans are ready to use “article 39” when the people’s avalanche starts. Soon Ethiopians will say enough is enough.

    Waka replies:

    No matter what Tegreans remained Ethiopians ,it can be they were misinformed by the shifta group and there after tries to pretend as if they are representing the tegray peoples shows that the woyanne group underestmate the tegrean intelligence that they are far more than what he thinks and some poor development plan that it thinks to get the hearts and minds of the people is absolutely wrong ,there are still a very hard and taff opposition in the community waiting for the right time to come to show these bunch of decipt professinals the real face which is Ethiopianism period

  27. First of all that shows Tegreans have no confidence with themselves that is why they hire an Eritrean for their beloved leader’s safety. Second it shows people from Eritrea will do anything for money including an Eritrean man will take a bullet behalf of Meles’s life for money what a sad story on those 2 evil lands of Eritrea and Tigrea these sad people love money and power than anything, what a Sad history they live in, sad, sad. I am really also shocked with some of so called Eritreans answer of Shabia might have been infiltrated by Meles or TPLF instead of reading and adding a constructive idea to the article they boast how their organization Shabia can not be infiltrated by Meles. You idiots it can happen haven’t you read the Wikileaks about USA diplomatic stollen materials. So are you telling us you idiots your Shabia organization and your leader Esayas is more capable than the USA government financially and technically to prevent from being infiltrated by an outsider force if you think that you look like the big bird or the foolish ostrich that hides itself in the middle of a desert’s sand her head to save herself from harm, this foolish bird thinks if she doesn’t see what is coming she thinks others also do not see it. I know for sure few Eritrean families who are pro and anti Esayas so some times from those divided families one side can win or convince to spy the other side. Do you remember Sadam Hussen Iraq leader was betrayed by his close family member this person went and told to USA Army where they can find him because there was a big money reward for anyone who had a knoledge and who helped about Sadam Hussen’s capture. So please you foolish people wake up and smell the coffee Moreover in the past there was a try to kill Esayas so if there was a try in the past to harm him what guarantee do you have that will not happen again.

    me replies:

    you stupd the info released by wikileaks has been there for years and they were public long before. the only problem was that you were blinded by false promises and hops that you couldn’t see the realities. wikileak is only an organization that is distribuiting the stories more foccused cause some pleople like you can’t see them. there is a saying “for the smart guy give him some hints cause he would not miss it! but for the dumb guy give him the full story for he would not understand them.

    Anonymous replies:

    Are you comparing TPLF with the US intelligence agencies? Spying and passing information is easier than putting body guards and government officials in place! The first one is nearly impossible while the second one is impossible even by the CIA. You are talking about an organization with more than 50 years of experience in the matter.

    In spying you can get information by fooling people, by paying them money; threats and tortures (water boarding?); breaking into offices; hacking computers; analyse of interviews, troop movements, official channels, etc. When you tell me that Meles has infiltrated the Eritrean government with his agents, it means that his agents have been put in important powerful positions by someone more powerful than themselves.

    This is impossible because 1) No one is sympathetic to Meles and his agendas in Eritrea. Let alone in the government, there is no one sympathetic to Meles’s position in Eritrea, Period! 2) If they have done so already, then they are really in control of the Eritrean government. What are they waiting for, why don’t they overthrow Isaias then?

    Your problem is that you guys have believed a number of nonesenses that you always arrive at the wrong conclusions. One simple question: If Meles is Eritrean as you claim, and is working for Isaias, why will he need to infiltrate him? They are one and the same right? Another of your problems is that you know nothing about Eritrea, its 30 long years of fight for independence, the EPLF or anything of about the country and its people but have a great hatred for them/us. Eritrean fighters fought and died for thirty years in hunger, thirst, diseases NOT for money, but for more lofty ideas of determining their own priorities in their lives, for INDEPENDENCE and liberty! If they loved money, they would not have served their country with a nominal small payments/rations for all these years since 1998. If most of you who hope to overthrow Meles and take over the government are of similar thinking, you will never be able to liberate yourselves from Meles’ government. Liberate yourselves from these false and illogical ideas first! Get the news from reliable sources instead of from Meles’ propoganda machinary and from his handlers.


  28. Elias lost respect from true Eritreans when he accused Eritrean government killing 17 Ethiopian freedom fighters over a year ago. Now on his latest interview with ESAT Elias said, Isias agree to be Ethiopian leader, when Meles Miget refused to the arrangement. This is the funniest story I have ever heard about Ethiopia & Eritrea!! Can you imagine Deke eri, isias being Ethiopia’s president. Elias is one of those people who still think Eritrea is part of Ethiopia. His trying to kiss some of Eritrean behind for now to help him get rid of Meles. If his wish comes true, trust people like Elias are the most dangers towards Eritrea.

  29. Yes,

    What is wrong with you man. I thought you were rational?There is no such called Ethiopia that does not include tigray and when I say Tigray i mean including the red sea. You know that. You know Eritrea is an Italian name.

    At the same time; there is no such called Eritrea. Eritrea is the name given to the land which was administered by Italian. The people who lived in the land controlled by Italy were not Eritrean because there is no such called Eritrean before that. Eritrean is not ethnic or tribe or anything that refers to human. It refers to a land that was governed by Italian and of course to the people who were colonized in it. Now it appears people are confused very much. They are saying Eritrean as if Eritreans are called like amhara or tigrie or oromo. The Eritreans Tigreans who were abused and raped by Italian. Their idenity is pure Tigrean probably more Tigrean than even the Tigreans themselves of today. The confussion here is that after the colonial time Tigreans in today Eritrea did not want to restore their indentity. They decided to adopt a new indentity based on Italian. They want the name Eritrea. They want to eat pasta instead of Injera. They went to Eat Bani or Italian bread instead of Hambaasha.

    Do you know the majority of Ethiopian never new the difference between Tigrean and Eritrean. They speak the same language. The language in Eritrea is called Tigrignea. The language in Tigray is called Tigrignea? why do you think all these? There is no a language called Eritrignea? kkk, I am serious. If there is one which one? Apparently it is the Tigreans killing each other and depriving people other Ethiopians and shame on them.

    If Meles was good, it does not really matter who guards him. The bad thing, Meles + Eritreans have deep hate to their fellow Ethiopian and Ethiopia. They made Ethiopia bleed for 50 years now. I am affraid, yesterdays Tigrean todays Eritrean will not leave Ethiopia alone. They are hell bent to bleed Ethiopia. What to be done? we need one patriotic Ethiopians who can hammer the situation once for all and people can live in peace.

    Dahlak replies:

    To DOG SHIT – gazae
    You said there is no languege called eritrean- i did not know any languege called ethiopian either. eritrea got 9 diffrent languages, one of them is tigrigna.
    You said the name eritrea is italian. Wrong its greek word last i know greeks did not rule eritrea.
    question to you who gave ethiopia its name?
    DOG SHIT You have the audacity to say that eritreans are bleeding ethiopia. I thought your brothers from adawa , mekele, adigrat axum…are the ones sucking ethiopias blood and looting ethiopia to its last penny.

  30. Why FASCIST Meles tried to replace his bodyguards and an intention to substitute Isayas Afeworki is clear and one—to further destroy Ethiopia and establish a safe haven home for his deport. His existence is at danger that could be harsher than Gadaffi. Therefore his exit strategy is to have compatible government in Eritrea as a vessel and habitat.

    His dream is still to consolidate Tigrai with Eritrea so in that way he would be safe to run away live peacefully. But, he has not yet known that Tigreans are the real Ethiopians. He might show those hired Eritreans $11.7 billion and huge amount money he robbed through his blood-sucker Effort-Guna . So that those few Eritreans would be interested to be a Trojan Horse of his soul and flesh. He might use the stolen Ethiopian resources to buy Traitors’. But this time this is the end of his life, this would the end of his throne……
    V 4 Ethiopian People!!!

  31. Good report, please more info about this security agent that works for the Meles to overthrow the Eritrean Govt. In my opinion I guess more than two third of the Tigrean population support the current regime whether they benefit from the system or not due to many reseasons; hence I believe someone has to pay the price for letting the Meles` regime to stay for the last 20 years . I think we all know who support TPLF for all of these messes (inequality ,injustice, abuses of ethnics other than Tigrean,… )

  32. Surprised by the Meles regime infiltration to the shaebia ranks!! amazing but I doubt about the substance of the stroy. It is very amaterish! and laughable.

    As to Tigrean … do not forget it is still part of Ethiopia and they got their equality not by charity or it is not gifted. If hate mongers people like you tried the unthinkable the damage to people like you would be incalculable!!

  33. It’s very funny and interesting news

    How is that possible Mr. Elias you have the inside information
    on eritrean inteligent and eritrean government don’t.

    Asmarino replies:

    Well said Dahlak in Eritrea we have a saying even the walls have ears.becouse when it comes to .security of the nation everybody is allert.By the way if you believe you got important information why make it public aren’t you giving the weyanes head on.

  34. When Isayas dies the Eritreans has their land. When Melese dies the Ethiopian land and wealth is in the hands of Indians, Arabs, Saudis,chinas,,,,,,,What is left for Ethiopian is serve as as slave in its own country.
    Thanks zenawi

    Selamawit replies:

    Your argument makes a lot of sense.

  35. @ abetGura Why then would meles trust Ex soldiers from Eplf who is still techincally at war with in favour of his own country men even his own Tigrayan people?? he knows his own kind for a merely few thousand dollars a bodguard would put a bullet in his back of his head while amhara bodyguard would just do it out of emotion. Omar al bashir said ” In africa there is soldiers and there is an eritrea soldier”, John garang said ” Give me one eritrean Division and i will took khartoum in one week, don’t ask me what i will be able to do with the whole eritrean army”, Kagame claimed if it wasn’t for Eritrean assistance the final push to kigali wouldve came really late than no tutsi probarly would’ve survived” Easy to figure it out when you figure the final push was a text book Shabia Charge.

    @ tariku ERITREAN soldiers were all over africa between 1993-1997, In sudan, in south sudan, in somalia in 1996, in Rwanda 1994 the expertise of EDF was required in many trouble spots, even ivory coast requested military advisors in 1998-2000 civil war but obviously that was not possible due to the border war all hands were on deck in eritrea. One more thing i will escuse your lack of knowledge in defining the difference between TPLF AND EPLF but more reading in the doctrine of both parties would shed alot of light especially that the tplf aims at Uniting people to one country through their ethnic groups which is a failed troublesome Idea while the eplf is Uniting people to their ethnic groups Via their country that is why Eritreans always feel proud
    of belonging to an ethnic group because of its being Eritrean. This idea of EPLF is not new it is the same idea that united Eritrea under the beja confiderncy for 700 YEARS (700ad-1400ad) it was the most peacefull devloping period in Eritrean nhistory.. so much so that we managed to Create a language (Tigrigna) 100 years after its application.

    @stoned No matter how Eritreans feel about isias no eritrean would pick up a gun and fight another Eritrean that has been proven especially with the fiasco in addis summit and meles own admission that Creating an anti Eritrean army can’t happen Hence sanction direction taken by meles to try another route.

    @ Gezaee eritrean always existed under that name, it was called erith by the Indus People 5000 Years ago, That name is soo old that it is still inscripted on the wall of ancient Indus walls Near iraq and refer to where eritrea and east sudan is now, persians took that name and continued with that name, so did the early arabs and then the greek took the word and added the word “Rea” to name the sea after its people, The sea of the red land people, its only when the Ethiopians Invade Eritrea they try to delete every history assocaited with that land.

  36. This is horrendous accusation on Ato Essaya Woldegiorgsis. He is not a person you try to paint him. To begin with he is not Ertirean. he is Ethiopian from Adwa both in his mom and dad side. He is the first cousin of Dr. Aregawi Berhe. He is humble humankind and highly decorated Tegadaly loved by all. Last but not least Debrtsion is not Ertirean…..He is Ethiopian from the historical place of Yeha/Adwa

  37. Elias is losing it nowadays. For some reason I used to think Elias was better informed and much better than that, but clearly, at times, he displays childish temper tantrums and ignorance for all to see. Clearly the guy has no clue what Shaebia is made of. It just shows you how naive and simplistic he really is. What makes him to think what the CIA with all its all sorts of unlimited arsenal, be it money… gadgets what have you…cannot deliver in the last 20 years in general and those 12 years in particular, somehow their beggars slave can penetrate it at this point in time let alone to overthrow Shaebia:-) Lately I kind of question Elias’s sanity for real? Any way, just for sake of example and to give him a bit clue about Shaebia, I recommend him, for a starter, to read the recent wiki-leaks cables of ambassador Muller, former us ambassador to Eritrea, and note how the too hot to handle Eritrean intelligence unit was not only playing him out, but also turned him into literally clueless, and oh yes, into a frustrated crying little girl for the duration of his espionage mission while he was stationed there?

  38. Hogwash! Where is your credibility, man? Utterly nonsensical stories such as this one will make you and your web-site the laughing stock of Eritreans, if no one else. Ineza ‘Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit in Addis Ababa’ yemtlachew sewoch yemender worre sisebesbu yemiwulu sra-fettoch nachew indie? First of all, where did all those Eritreans who are supposed to have replaced Melese’s Tigrayan bodyguards come from? Did they just appear out of a clear blue sky? Or are you referring to Tigrayans who may have lived in Eritrea during some stage of their lives? If that’s what you have done, then you might as well call the countless Ethiopians who had lived in Eritrea half their lives Eritreans, then! Second of all, where did you get the idea that Eritrea’s security apparatus is so inept and lax that Meles can infiltrate the Eritrean government at will with his Tigrayan agents? Are you serious!? Or is this all part of a disinformation campaign designed to create renewed suspicions and animosity towards Eritreans on the part of Ethiopians? Wow! you really have made a complete about turn from your healthy position of two-and-half years ago, where you were trying hard to promote goodwill and peace between the two peoples! What happened?

  39. Oh! I think you lost it! Your idea might be to bring issue that might provoke a lot of people and that will help you to say you have people who surf your site on average 26000 per day but that is at the expense of your credibility. Eventually, if you continue the way you are you will lose all your viewrs/readers.

    How an earth you have insiders who telles the infiltration of shabia to woyane and Wayane to Shaebia but the respective orgnisation intelligence unit do no have…..? who you are aiming at? what is the purpose?

    You look like a bunkrupted businessman

  40. mnew mnew ethioreview yihien batTSfu. Ye Meles kal-akebayoch meselachu. Divisive and antagonistic article -within and without Ethiopia. This piece of post changed my view of your journalism. This is a red flag of your integrity and how well researched your news.

    BTW dream is free!

  41. Meles and Sebhat can penetrate many of Seraye people and some of Akele but not Hamassiens. Issayas can be defended by Hamassine and Tigrayan TPDM and if it comes to topple Issayas, there will be so many deaths among Eritreans against Seraye and Akele.

    The scenario ER put is known to many of us and posted so many times on this website and Meles has been doing this before the split of Woyane and the only person who confronted him was Seye. The division between Meles and Seye is nothing but everything about Eritrea, from bodyguards to business licenses granted to Eritreans. Right now there is no Tigrayan to challenge Meles specially from Woyane leadership except the people from particular areas like Tembein, Part of Enderta (Samre), may be Shire due to Badme and Mekele city.

    The Adwa and Axum are the true dogs of Eritreans and Eritrean interest than Tigray or Ethiopia.

    Adigrat they became like the Guragea for Amhara, so long they get something from Meles they do not care for Tigray or Ethiopia they just wag their tails for Meles and Eritrean Meles backers.

    To get rid of Meles is if the Adwa and Axum cadres are disagree with Meles then they can let the people of Tigray rise up against him and it easy for the cadre to organize all Woyane members in the army and the mass of the people because those are the people who controlled all walk of life Tigrayans at the present time. Without Adwa and Axum cadres Meles will not last a day regardless of Eritrean entrenched with Meles.

    For Tigray taking out Meles from power is the best option and reorganize Woyene and the people of Tigray than Meles and Eritrean dominate in Ethiopia. I do not mind Eritreans to work with Woyane under different Woyane leadership but not with Meles and Sebhat.

    At this point it is up to Tigrayans specially the Axum and Adwa Meles dogs whether they will be better of working for the Eritreans in Ethiopia or taking the leadership of Woyane and be the boss and serve their people. What Meles trying to accomplish in Eritrea the true Tigrayan leadership can accomplish and will be good for Tigray and Ethiopia than Meles doing it. More than Eritreans or Amhara Meles is the enemy of Tigray and they should concentrate how to get rid of him and take over Woyane and lead and defend Tigray interests.

    Do the Axum and Adwa people like to separate from Meles??? I do not think so; they are committed to sink with Meles ship and they sworn in either Meles leader of Woyane or no Woyane and no other Tigrayan leadership. At the end Meles will be deposed and Axum and Adwa people will be the target of all Tigray Awrajas and Ethiopians. I do not think anyone from Axum and Adwa will be welcome in any Awraja of Tigray or Ethiopia even the Eritreans will not welcome them after they worked so hard to grant their independent and other things against the wish of majority of Tigray.

    The scenario of Abay Tigray, well I said it before if Meles succeeded to topple Issayas, then the Eritreans lead by Seraye and Akele will control Ethiopia under the leadership of Meles and Tewedros Adhanom for a long time to come and divide the country at the end of the day when ever they feel have enough ruling Ethiopia. Whenever Tigray leaves the union, so the rest of ethnics like Oromo, Somali and the Southern nationalities. Before Tigray leaves the union the other major ethnic will run away and control their regions. Anyone who thinks Tigray will leave and the rest of the country will stay intact and Diaspora politicians come in and fill the leadership gab is hallucinating in day time

    How do you prevent from the entire above scenario and keep Ethiopia union and its interests???

    Every politician should join MEDREK and give up your personal agenda to be the next PM of Ethiopia, instead try to do something good for the country and the next generation to admire you and allow yourself as servant of the country than the boss of the country. If every opposition political party join MEDREK early enough for the next election then MEDREK will win and the unity of Ethiopia will last for ever and Ethiopia will have an access to the sea and the Horn of Africa will be stabilized and economic development will start and Ethiopian misery will end at last.

    Afeworki replies:

    Halafi Mengedi,

    Where did you earn your ‘Ph.D’ in ‘the study of Tribal Dichotomies’, if I may call your halucinatory blabberings that? Immagine what you may about the conflicting interests, aims or calculations of your Tigrayan compatriots from Adwa, Axum, Mekele, Adi Grat, Tembien, or what have you. But you are only fooling yourself if you think that there are Eritreans, be it from Akeleguzai, Seraie, Hamasien or any other nationality (apart from the few, known traitors outside the country) who would betray their country and government to Woyane or any other enemy.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Obviously you are an expert in thinking interms of clans! The Derg used to call people of your kind “GOTEGNA”. Well, I don’t know about you guys in Tigrai, we think in terms of Eritrea, the one united country, not subregions!

    Dahlak replies:

    To Dog Shit Gazaee:

    You might walk, talk, and think like Eritreans
    Dog shit you will never be an Eritrean.

    United We Stand replies:

    The aparthiedist woyane is a gang of evil mafias. As soon as they used shaebia to get grip on power, they right away returned using the exit back door under new managment to erease him just from the face of the earth. This is to create another AXUMITE-KINGDOM#2 as your despicable name clearly implies, rewinding the clock all the way to the age of feadalism/clilism eras. It’s true that Tgreans like some other groups were not fairing well (to some degree less than even Eritreans). Sadly and ironically the ugly history is repeating itself so few minority elites and their supporters/puppets can benefit.

    Definetly, it’s the irresistable kitfo that was suddenly descovered driving thru the expressway of the magnificent Menelik Palace is mainly to blame. At least it made them blindly forget about the farsighting, their x-magager shaebia, one of the most efficient and progressive organization that truely stands for any oppressed people in the unfair&unjust world. Not suprising haebia is still standing tall and proud b/c of its righteous principles while for sure making the anti-freedom and unity robat woyane’s dream just a virtual reality pipe dream.

    Anonymous replies:

    May be his highness emperior Janhory, the king of the kings, after analyzing carefully the untrustworthiness characterstics of the Tgreans found it fitting might as well be better grounding them where they used to belong. I think, this priceless lesson is what shaebia failed to heed before carrying them to Adis.

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