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ESFNA to hold its 2012 tournament in Dallas, Texas

At a press conference with representatives of Ethiopian Review and other media on Sunday, the newly elected president of Ethiopian Sports Federation in North American (ESFNA), Ato Getachew Tesfaye, announced that the 2012 soccer tournament will be held in Dallas, Texas, next July.

Ato Getachew, and the new head of ESFNA public relations, Ato Yohannes Berhanu, said that ESFNA selected Dallas among Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other cities, based on several criteria, including the level of preparedness by the local Ethiopian community to host the event.

To the question posed by Ethiopian Review regarding what steps the new executive committee has taken to stamp out corruption and free ESFNA from the influence by the Woyanne junta, Ato Getachew answered that ESFNA’s books are open for inspection by the media, and that the new leadership will make sure that the organization will no longer be influenced by any political party.

Congratulations to ESFNA board for cleansing itself off Woyanne and al Amoudi thugs.

20 thoughts on “ESFNA to hold its 2012 tournament in Dallas, Texas

  1. Elias; It is too early to congratulate the new executives. Because, unfulfilled promise has been the norm within ESFNA for the last so many years. When 50% of the executive members and almost all the board members unchanged, I am a little skeptical to expect any dramatic improvement.

  2. Sheik Al Amoudi has done so much good for ESFNA in donating close to a million dollars. I for one am grateful for the generosity and kindness of Mr. Al Amoudi. I can only judge him based on that. See you n Dallas!

    AGARO replies:

    May be you are right the guy has donated close to $1m dollar. But have you ever thought the Billions of $$$$ he is stealing from the poor Ethiopians back home with his mafia team called the government? trust the facts a person with no prior record is the reachest person in the world today after the Woyane Junta sold the poor`s natural resource and gave this guy everything he ask for with no consideration to the well being of the 70+ million people.

    Ben S. replies:

    With all due respect that’s a political position. ESFNA is a non-profit organization free of politics, religion and tribalism. As long as there are no strings attached, ESFNA has the right to accept donations from Al Amoudi.

    Anonymous replies:

    Brother Ben,
    Do not fool yourself. There is no politics or possition for that matter without a country and intentionally a country called ETHIOPIA is being destroyed by this government.

  3. The ESFNA must be guided by its organizational mission, stay non-politican. It has also moral obligation to acknowledge the financial support of people like Sheik Almoudi (about $1,ooo,ooo is a lot of help). See you at the tournament.

  4. ESFNA should stand for human right. it doesn’t have to side with any political organization but human-right and the suffering of Ethiopian people should be the concerns of any Ethiopian association. Never side or never should be a neutralized organization when it comes to human right violations by TPLF Government .

  5. When are we gonna have the event in Toronto Canada. It has been a long time since we have this event in Toronto. I think its about time we honour Canadians

    AGARO replies:

    Did you know that the oldest Ethiopian Community (Toronto) in North America is now about to collapse? yap. That is Toronto. Toronto has a long way to go. Nice city though.

  6. eski be ahunu amet ye dallas eger Qwas lay ye Alamudin’n genezeb yekebelu weyim ayekebelu yeminayew neger yehonal ye Alamudin genezb federationu ketekebel ahunim endezaw nachew malet new kaletekebelu gin ke musina nesa honu malet new

  7. I have been boycotting ESFNA for a number if years because of TPLT- Alamudi. Now as ESFNA is liberated from Alamudi (TPLF) domination, I will participate in all ESFNA events. Congratulations ESFNA.

  8. Thank you for Ellias and other jornalist like Abebe Belew with strong ethiopian ESFNA board and executive members who saved ESFNA from collapsing. Still there are alot of complicated things to clean out from ESFNA. Still there are some few committee members working for Alamudin, but the president and other strong committe membres with other ethiopian’s they can stop this few ESFNA board and executive members. Remember this gungs are working for their benefit to get money from alamudin and to destroy our culture in the diaspora.

  9. I don’t know when we Ethiopians would ever realize that there is no human interaction that does not involve politics. Most of you define politics and its application for society in the narrowest of terms and worldview.Ben, in his comments, keeps of reminding us that ESFNA is a non-political entity, but he does not understand that througout its life time, the organization has been run by people who make decisions based on their personal interests as well as teh needs and spirations of those participating in the vents held each year. So long as such interests and money, power and the like are involved, politics is involved as well…. Al Amoudi’s sponsorship of the events of EFSNA over the years has always been motivated by political considerations, first and foremost. Unless Ben is naive or an ardent supporter of the TPLF ruling clique, he should admit that ESFNA was being used by Al Amoudi to legitimize the minority, authoritarian rule that he bankrolls by working in unity with them. Wake up, Ben and admit your naivitae or better said ignorance of political realities in all human endeavors.

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