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Why don’t Tigreans buy ‘hidase’ bond?

By Elias Kifle

I’ve been observing the effort by the Woyanne junta in Ethiopia to sell bond for financing the construction of a mega dam on the Nile river. One thing I have noticed is that while Woyanne delegates are trying to hoodwink gullible Amharas, Oromos, Guraghes, Tigreans and others into buying the bond, Woyanne Tigreans are in a hurry to take their money out of the country, let alone buy any bond that will have no value as soon as Woyanne is gone. Is it because Woyanne Tigreans and Egyptians — who are conspicuously quite about the project — know what we don’t know about the “dam”?

Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit is busy investigating the matter. The preliminary result of our investigation so far shows that Meles and Bereket are spending more money promoting the “dam” than actually building it. This is on top of the information we just received that Bereket has received $40 million to wage a propaganda campaign to improve Woyanne’s image, while labeling journalists and dissidents as terrorists.

Watch some fools in London buying bond in the video below:

75 thoughts on “Why don’t Tigreans buy ‘hidase’ bond?

  1. “mot yefelegech ayt ye dimet afincha tashetalech”
    Elias you are completely loosing your temper and it will cost your…

    Anonymous replies:

    Idiot, what is that suppose to mean. Elias is telling the truth and it is true that you know it as well as we do. get a life.

    comment #1 is a wyane criminal replies:

    Ante molach leba kibrebis wenjelgna::

    Anonymous replies:


    This is total bullshit. Your “intelligence” unit so far discovered more money is being spent on publicity than building, give me a break and write some decent (and true) for once, just to keep you honour. You could look at checking your typing errors too, it makes your hole writing seem even crappier…

  2. Elias you are amazing you are woyanes nightmare. The Minneapolis,MN area woyane cadre his name is (Semere)he is in hurry take out his family on the other hand he is icouraging the others to buy bond. true story his friend(Daghe and Brhane) told me.

  3. Elias,
    This is the best they can do? They are shameful. Shame on Woyane Video producers. You can count the people who attended this London ‘Grand’ (as advertized) meeting.
    There appears to be more entertainers and officials than people who ready to buy their f%4#*n bonds. Did you see that lo..oong line of buyers? Good they did this ‘promo’ video. Woyane is exposing itself. It hasn’t be able to get that many people.
    The total tally they showed at the end is totally fabricated one. We have seen who and how many fools were there. The money allegedly collected is more than the life time earnings of all the people there (including the dancers but except the Woyanes).

  4. Elias,

    you may not be aware, but what you are doing is indirectly promoting their propaganda. Think about it, you have done it again and again by repeating their propaganda verbatim and providing coverage of their propaganda work without providing your counter argument/propaganda. In essence, what you are doing is promoting and helping them, of course, unintentionally. What you need to adopt is something like what Tamagne Beyene did, countering their lies and propaganda by countering with facts and debunking the lies of woyannes.

    tazabi replies:

    i dont think he promote any thing he just telling the truth that all.

    thomas replies:

    @tazabi u are absolutely right !!!!!his showing us wayanne propaganda.!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes replies:

    I think you didn’t like the news because of TIGREANS are involved. Elias needs to tell the truth to the people of Ethiopia and that is his job. I think the goal of the TPLF is to completely dry out the wealth of the Ethiopian people so that later for Egypt they could say you are now able to control the NILE. I wonder where they are taking all this money. Obviously the TPLF has many subsidiaries all over the world using their friends and relatives. The next investigation should be to research all these wealth that comes from EFFORT and from this fund the diaspora Ethiopians find some way to retaliate and set up a bank to return this money to the rightful of the owners, which are the honest hard working Ethiopians. Make sure to target every one, Tigreans, Amaras, Eritreans, etc, who are amassing wealth illegally through TPLF and EFFORT, the TPLF to get away with it, they might transfer their wealth to the least expected, such as other ethnic groups Amaras, Gurages, ORomos, etc.. even to other nationalities where it will be hard to trace this wealth. Bring back all those wealth to the rightful owners, the Ethiopian people and build schools, hospitals, roads, etc etc.

  5. “Why don’t Tigreans buy ‘hidase’ bond?” You asked kkkkkkkkkkkk….

    You should have also asked as to why Tigreans are not sent to jail they have built just like the other Ethiopians. Hmmm…

    The jails for hysical bondage and the bonds for our moneys bondage are meant to make money for the Tigreans. The jailings isolates and prevents Ethiopians from walking free and competeting with Tigrean power monopoly in order to make BIG MONEY. The bondss again are the Magic wands that vacuums money from the naive Ethiopians in to the pockets of Tigreans. The simple priciple that you can not be at the giving end if you have designed the system and put yourself at the receiving end.

    Would you have known and questioned one of histories greatest master cheater, Bernard Madoff, while he was smartly dressed and collecting large amounts of money for decades, that is to say $65 billion on Ponzi scheme using dance and acrobat artists,magicians and a cake in the sky prophets and hypnotizing colourfully dressed fotune tellers even though his grand conmanship artistry came to a dramatic halt with his Dec. 11, 2008 arrest and earned him 150 years in jail that left all of those Mad or half Mad so called investors in Madoff investment and bond fakeries?

    After all Tigrean elits may also need the fund for greasing themselves during the coming rough and windy Ethiopian spring. :)

  6. Elias my patient is running out with you. You better watch your mouth!!!!!!!

    tezibt replies:

    You can’t cash that threat in the bank, don’t embarrass yourself.

    Helmi replies:

    you low life dude the patience of Ethiopians is long out with you rubbish ascaris and traitors your days are very numbered mark my word

    MOTE LEWEYANE replies:

    Maferia, if you are that brave why are you hiding under Anonymous name? INDANTE YALEW HULU ZERE ASEDABIWOCHE NACHEU:: Qoshasha weradame balagaie agere kahadi yeleba zere::

    yes replies:


    the TPLF has amassed millions of dollars and can buy through the so called Annanymous here gangs to attack you. I hope you have people around you to protect you. I am sure the so called Alamoudi might have tried as well… so hope you and your family are protected. It is easy these days you know.. they can send any lunatic. Do not trust any suspicous people.

  7. hidase…kidase..widase, that beautiful song sums it all up :} ine yemifeligew yihen new $$$$$$$ yihen new bbbrrrrrrrrr,ine mifeligew bbbbrrrrrrruuuun new cashun new. looool

  8. ሙዚቃውን ልብ በል “እኔ ምፈልገው ይሄን ነው” ነው የሚለው። እነሱ አልደበቁም ምን እንደሚፈልጉ።

  9. It is good the dam is planned well to be built. Proud of Woyanies initiative to do some thing even if stupid. Once the majority of the bond is sold and could not be finished they will take over the 100% bond. Still the dam will be there it will not be stored in the estern Banks. Like Woyanie. Tamagn Beyene will be here for ever like all of us.

  10. After Meles came from Egypt, Egyptians are silent all about the dam. You Got it right. This dam thing is not only impractical, it is also scam.

    Tewodaj replies:

    nice pun. “This dam thing is not only impractical, it is also scam.”

  11. No wonder Elias, it is true that you are born to solicit the system of divide and rule similar to your ancestors. Is that not true?

    It is true that Tigrayan Ethiopians were seen and indeed considered as second class citizens in their own homeland (Ethiopia). Yet,it can still be understood that the old devide and rule class is still not washed from the face. Mind you Elias, you can spare your time to tell innovative exemplary new ideas to the new generation instead of dividing them by telling white lies. Think that you live in the 21st century and you can’t turn the clock and bring it back to those old days. You wish…

    If you can’t manage your idiot mind to come to the sense,then you are ranning naked in every corner like a mad dog. God Bless you…!

  12. Think of it this way. There is too much liquidity in the system. The government needs to lower this “too much” money in circulation trying to llower the inflation. The diaspora money getting back home is also making matters worse. Hence sale of the bond. It’s for the good of the country. And No, I am no Woyane sympathizer.

    yes replies:

    prove it that TPLF is doing for the right thing!

  13. I usualy go to the weyane spy office in london (211 Clapham Road). The weyane members and their sympathisers here don’t care about the Hidasie Dam. They may even sell the Ethiopian Embassy in London (which is estimated about £3.5 million).

  14. hidase dam is a fiasco like every other futile attempt of woyanne to buy the hearts and minds of Ethiopians.they haven’t even raised 10 percent of the required money,it will never be built.

  15. #7.Anonymous,

    “Elias my patient is running out with you. You better watch your mouth!!!!!!!” you threatened. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk…….

    Your desperation and fear of the Ethiopian people in general and human rights activists in particular is sky rocketing which means the end of the 20 years tyranny is in fact within the visible sight. You sound just like dictator Qaddafi in his last days threatening Libyans with his earth shaking dooms day propaganda violence. But as you see with your own small tired eyes the predicted DOOMSDAY came fast for Qaddafi himself. This often times means that when human rights violating tyrants start braying about threats they mean that they prefer to face justice and be placed at the receiving end themselves rather than bringing about justice, democracy, good governance and sustainable development for all but NOT only for the tiny minority of robbers who robbed 99.6% of of the wretched 85 million Ethiopian voices in the 2010 disgraceful fake election. Enough is enough! What we Ethiopians want here and now is good government, good governance, justice for all based on democratic and pluralistic election that includes all Ethiopian stake holders from all political parties and all political movements in and outside of the country.

    Democratic stable and majority rule by all Ethiopians for all Ethiopians and the entire Horn is the essence. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS! Tyrants come tyrants go but the people and the country remain whether in good shape or the in bad shape. And we the Ethiopians must work hard to implement positive change as a matter of right and call of duty.

    After all our East Africa is the original birth place of humanity, democracy and egalitarianism. Let us conduct self search, self rejuvenation, self reconstruction and build the great Ethiopia for all the great Ethiopians across religion, ethnicity, region, gender, etc.

  16. It like Work at home for $ 2000 a week . I have seen those advertisements.Scam !Scam ! Elias I think you should report the so called Wayne Hedsea Dam Scam for international fraud report agency. lol

  17. Mr. Elias,

    Let me ask you a question or two about this dam. What will be the benefit of this dam to my people in Tigray when it is finished? Nothing!! We have our own dam which has been completed with our own money pitched in by the glorious and tenacious people of Tigray. We did not use one red cent from the national coffer of Ethiopia to build our grand Tekezie dam but it was built by our own contributions and blood and sweat of our people. This dam on the Nile will have no significant value for Tigray and we have our own resources. It is up to the rest of the people of Ethiopia to do whatever then can to bring it to completion. Mr. Elias, you just don’t like us Tigrayans. It is very sad to see you gripped with such raging hatred for no reason. The role of Tigrayans in building this dam is and should be rallying up the rest of people of Ethiopia, ie, Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, Afars and the rest of other nationalities in support of the dam be it financially and politically. The clip of video you posted is showing people of fervent patriotism and tenacity. Ethiopia has risen from the ashes and nothing can stop her now. Full Speed Ahead, you beautiful thing you!!!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    what contribution? everything you have is the blood and sweat of the Ethiopian people? read about the 11 billion dollar loot. dedebit.

    Hayelom replies:

    These, sick traitors think transfer of Ethiopian wealth under disguise of investment, privatization, and corruption through EFFORT washes looted Ethiopian wealth. They are mistaken. They will face increasingly legitimate demand for a return of looted wealth. It is a matter of time. These robbers are facing diminishing return of popular support. Indications are their looting business life cycle curb will land them at bottom at faster speed. This is consistent with the current report that looted wealth flight to overseas banks is increasing. Looting increases as popular restlessness increases driven by time and revealing truth.

    Meysaw replies:

    When the time comes we will get every penny you looted from the Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Somales, etc. with 1000000% interest. If you can not pay that yourself your great great grand kids will be forced to pay that.I assure you that and you will start the payment within the next years.

    Anonymous replies:

    Tekezie Dam was built by the the Ethiopian Fedral government but not by Tigrean people alone. In fact everything that has been built in Tigray is by the fedral government. That is why we don’t like the apartheid Woyane government.

    Amhara man replies:

    Tekezie Dam was built by the the Ethiopian Fedral government but not by Tigrean people alone. In fact everything that has been built in Tigray is by the fedral government. That is why we don’t like the apartheid Woyane government.

    yes replies:

    Tewolde, you said it, you are running before the chicken is hatched. Of course you know as we are assuming and the gullible people of Ethiopa assuming propoganda and raising fund is for Nile dam. Of course you know in your heart it is not for the Nile dam. Your deliberate assumption is amazing that by raising fund this dam will be useful for Ethiopians and there is no proof that they are buidling this dam of course once again, the money will go to people like you because you are Tigreans and leaving out the rest of ethnic groups cold dry. So coming to your point, yes, the money that is being raised is most likely for TPLF, Effort and their most supporters such as peple like you

  18. Elias you know that love is blind. Lovers of woyane do not see that in reality they are giving their money to looters and killers. I hope they will wake up before it is too late for them and loose all their money to Meles and Azeb – the Imelda Marcos of Ethiopia in charge of the GTP – Grand Theft Programme.

  19. “the golden people” as a “first class citizens” are given the inside information that the hidase bond is nothing but a loot and distract bond. they are told to invest in the land grab business which is involved in horrific atrocities of wiping out the indigenous people and their villages to prepare land for greedy and enemy investors. the weyane gangs however are front and center of the bond drama posing as bond buyers and fooling other gullible citizens to buy the scum bond. Evil gang.

  20. i dont think you guys understand ethiopian politics or that matter politics at all.well weyanea is playing politics and come you come out vigorously and object these kind of bond shiyach..well everybody will think you are nuts, of which u are need to come up with a new strategy to hate on those not sure you witnessed the progress the hidasse dam is making..its already in the second faith.the ppl liked it ..don be foolish, complain on other things instead of the dam we saw progress i dont know what u saw…open ur eyes..if you want change in ethiopia..go there join them you have to change from inside hear me eliassoooo…join them..from inside out..inside out..inside out..inside out…

  21. You might heard Elias this local gossip that alleges the Nigerian officials once paid a cool bribe to take off their nation from the top list of dishonor being #1 corruption in the world year in and year out. The woyane elites might as well misused some percentage of the 40 million propaganda budget to keep quiet the mighty land of pyrimid pharos. Well, i think nothing should be suprising in a continent known by its full of bad governance and outright injustice exploitation.

  22. Elias, Thank you!!!!!!!!

    Weyane sizefn:

    “Ene yemfelgew Birrun new
    Birrun new
    Birrun neeeeeeew

    Ene yemfelgew Birrun new
    Birrun new
    Birrun neeeeeeew

    Ene yemfelgew Birrun new
    Birrun new
    Birrun neeeeeeew”

  23. why would they envest on Abay dam,or any other envestment?all there Envestment is looting Ethiopia boon dray. insted let us envest our energys and time in over trhrow this Woyane parasite out of power for good.that is the bes envstment for Ethiopia.

  24. Elias it is not worth to talk about woyannes plan or development as it is only scum the best thing is to expose the belly boys like solomon tekalegn, and believe me as you know it better than i do woyannes deception is as higher than kilimanjaro and empty they are in the situation to supply their cult members the money to pretend as if there are some peoples supporting their idea and buy scum bond and if they find one to buy he must be absolute dedeb and not matured if they have to pay for the dancers and hotel meeting rent their are failed as they are born failures.

  25. Tewolde,

    “…Mr. Elias, you just don’t like us Tigrayans.” you wrote.

    Sounds funny though! Have the Tigrian regime monopolizing the state power (pm For life)monopolizing economic power with all major businesses in the hands of the tplf, monopolizing fertile virgin farm lands with all the abundant fertile vergine farm lands in the hands of tplf and being sold dirt cheat to foreign mafias, the top leadership an entire military of 85 million population being completely occupied by Tigrians, 99.6% of an entire parliamentary election of an entire 85 million population being robbed by the minority Tigrian dominated dictatorial regime among other things.

    Elias would have asked you the same question in reverse form, that is to say, “Tewolde, you just don’t like us Ethiopians.”

    What a cunning fox dressed in sheep skin and trying to fool around.

    All these visble robbery while the wretched 85 million people keep starving and dying, flying away from homes, communities and country and facing slavery, violence and deaths in alien countries and cultures.

    And you dare to turn around and ask from the Ethiopian people in general as well as activist individuals as to why seem to dislike Tigrians. Basically no one hates Tigrians just for the sake hating but Tigrians do anything and everything to offend the Ethiopian people and force them to hate Tigrian actions.

    What people hate most is not Tigrian persons but Tigrian unjust tyrannical rule, dictatorship and high way robbery.

    If the current impoverishing Tigrian tyrannical behaviors change as to hand over the long overdue power to the democratic and pluralistic Ethiopia of good government, good governance, sustainable development and justice for all then hate attitudes will surely disappear with the disappearance of minority tyranny, dictatorship and robbery of the majority.

  26. Melies Seitanawi has been profiting both ways, on one hand he is selling bonds and on the other hand he has received a bribe from the Egyptians not to build the fake dam. All the money has been looted and transfered to foreign accounts of the TPLF gangs. In 2009 alone more 3 billion Dollars looted from poor ethiopians. I don’t know any sane person who will hand their hard earned money to this mafias.

  27. How can possibly know that what every Tigrean did or decided to do in the Hidase dam..what is you problem with Tigreans…you are taunting your mouth now and then about Tigreans you..coward stupid low grade chaff…from corner of DC I wish I find you some where in the bars…could have kicked you Fxxx Amhara ass till get swollen..

    Meysaw replies:

    Anbese!(You would for sure act like a rotten rat if you meet or see Elias in any of the Ethiopian bars!!!!). Change your name to AYET’O. Anbese doesn’t fit you.

    you wouldn’t open your stinky mouth in any Ethiopian bar, because the Ethiopians would teach you a lesson of a life time. you can go and open your stinky mouth in your Woyane Tigrean bar like Axum. Bekt!

  28. Elias,

    You are shortsighted. You may enjoy this kind of hate polotics just for the minutes to satisfy your emotion or emotion of others like you. What you will say when this dam is finished after 5 years and Ethiopia and Ethiopians are benefited no matter what theri background.

    I am proud Ethiopian from Tigray. I am not emotional supporter of the government as you think. I always support on the development and progress on the county and when there is mistake I am against.

    Come to your sense and play real polotics, get out of your emotion and hate.

    Anonymous replies:

    Criminals are always criminals. Listen the interview of G/medhin (Former woyane member and founder)posted on Ginbot 7 website radio.
    I will not tell you the endless crimes of woyane, listen and judge yourself. Don’t cheat yourself by saying ” I support developemnet and progress”. A progress will never be obtained from criminals and killers.


    Girma Endale replies:

    What would you say about the total control over the country economic sector, political power, media and entertainment, armed force all by Tigreans?

  29. I read the article wrote by ER and compared to my personal experiences.Yes it is true that the Tigreyans do not buy the Hedase bond.why? because they have deep information that it does not work at all. Abay Dam is nightmare it is simple fake that wayane can pro-long its death term.One thing the truth Ethiopians should understand is that wayane is organizing the southerns with Tigryans just to build its capacity against Amhara and Ormo.To sheild and over come this, the Amaharas and Oromos must be united.

    yes replies:

    The rest of ethnic groups are victims even Tigreans however, through ethnic group affiliates Tigreans benefited whether they like TPLF or not as a result they are perpetuating the plight of Ethiopian people. Of course there are other groups such as the Southern as victims as well. So they should not be targeted and one against the other that is divide and rule. The goal should be to unite everyone even Tigreans against the evil TPLF and some of their Eritreans (who will not definitely be against the developemnt of Ethiopa anyways). So obviously, TPLF seems now to benefit the Southerners which there should still be evidence because they are the minority group who are not a threat whereas the Oromos and Amaras are the threat because they are big in numbers. So this should be obvious so let us not oppose the Southerners because TPLF happened to focus on them. They are just as victims.

  30. Elias, Your hate towards innocent group of ethnicity is unheard of. You are a defeated man. You sound like Gadafi’s last days. He died calling his ousters rats and I am afraid you will end up with similar fate. The dictator that you get monthly stipend (Issays of Eritrea) is on the short leash and your host country (the USA) is making accountable. It is one thing to fight the TPLF/EPRDF and the Meles clique but it is another thing and very dangerous when you label the whole ethnic group. (the Tigres). Remember, just like the million Tigreans, you have a family (father, children, wives and so on.) what you advocate to others will come around and heart yourself. Fight the injustice the right way. Hate the injustice not the people. Remember hate bread hate. You hated them thirty years ago and you still hate them. You never gave them the benefit of the doubt. What also surprise me is your affinity and admiration to Shabia when we know that these two people are pretty much the same. Just because you are married to an Eritrean wife, you don’t have to be this stupid.
    Take Care,

    Dawit replies:

    You used to tell us that Elias was Eritrean. Now when you find out no one is buying that, you are saying his wife is Eritrean. You also dare to tell us that he hates Tigreans. Is hating Woyanne the same thing as hating Tigreans?

    tezibt replies:

    Elias is well known for attacking those whom he believe are collaborating with woyane sometimes in a nonsensical way. The majority of the people he attacks are not Tigrayans. Ofcourse he uses the term Tigrayans because every major and vital portion of power is controlled by Tigrayans. This is a well known fact and understandable. What is not understandable is the corruption and the favoritism. Does Meles know this and is he willing to do something about it ? The right answer to these problems will diminish the hatred. But I still believe Elias is clean on this accusation.

    Anonymous replies:

    Even UN have reported that Billions and Billions of Ethiopian money have been missing under dictator Meles watch. Thousands of tons of Coffee and Gold also unaccounted for. You might be able to fool a few idiots who cannot think for themselves, but you cannot fool over 80 million people any more. The cat is out of the bag, my friend. Now, we know that Ethiopia is being ruled by organized crime group. Ethiopians are aware that tyrant Meles has no love of country or for no one else for that matter. In the past, Ethiopia has never been under as heartless, cold-blooded, merciless, looter and killer as Meles and his thugs, even comparing him to the other coldblooded killer Mengestu. For the last twenty plus years, Ethiopia has been robbed by Meles, Azeb and the rest of TPLF members, stashing their stolen money in foreign countries and buying property outside of Ethiopia, worth multimillion dollars. In the last 21 years, Ethiopia’s children have been abused, thrown in prison, tortured, killed. Ethiopia’s fertile land have been given free of charge to Sudan and sold to foreign billionaires. Instead of uniting Ethiopians, woyanes have been dividing Ethiopians by ethnic groups.

    Rage replies:

    What ever accusations you’ve made on your comment against Elias should have been directed toward Woyanes.Woyanes started it and spread like a wild fire.No damage control by woyanes can put this fire out.It’s got to burn down all woyanes and the likes of you first before it is all over.

  31. Asmelash Birhanu:

    It seems that someone else wrote the comment you posted for you. You don’t need to interrupt my conversation with Ato Elias. We are having an adult conversation and you should stay out of it. What are you doing here among us Ethiopians anyway? You have a country called Eritrea and you should keep yourself busy tending your own fiefdom. out!!! Beat it!!!

  32. We The Tigrayan people do not have to buy bond to own bond in Ethiopia. We own everything above the ground and under the sky in Ethiopia INCLUDING THE PEOPLE NOMATTER WHAT No Questions asked. Didn’t the fact that EFFORT took all the money that was deposited by Ethiopians in the Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia tell you something? Once the dam is completed EFFORT can easily take the bonds BY using the same method EFFORT used to take all the money in the Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia .

  33. #39.Tewolde,

    I have never said that you should not have an adult conversation with Elias. Absolutely you can have much conversation as you may like. On the other hand your post is not a private post within the domain of privacy but a public comment with in the public domain. If it were ONLY for Elias you should have posted it to his private personal email rather than posting it publicly and trying to forbid public reaction.

    What a misguided tyrant in the making or in fact already made with the new up coming Ethiopian spring breathing on your neck, rendering tyranny completely break and throwing it deep down to the dirty lake!

    Now days, every Ethiopian and often times even foreigners who oppose tyranny are being lumped together and labeled by your self serving tyrant as nothing more than Eritreans. Oversimplification is the greatest self serving temporary false gratification for your master hallucination. kkkkkkkkk….

    You might have directly copied and pasted the approach from Qaddafi who blamed the Libyan uprising on none existent foreign terrorists, hallucinated and dragged youth, cockroaches moving in the dark etc. etc. “All my people love me and will fight and die for me. This you will come to see.” Qaddafi said

    Additionally, I am completely amused as to how tiny Eritrea can have such great psychological power over your tiny self such that your are not even able to forget the name “Eritrea” in most of your communications. AMAZING! የፈሩት፡ይደርሳል፡ የጠሉት፡ይወርሳል። ይባላል

    “It seems that someone else wrote the comment you posted for you.” you wrote.

    Don’t suffer from inferiority complex by pretending and impostoring that you are the only one who can read and write because you are NOT.

    Forget about as to who is the author but concentrate on the ideas contained there in. That way you might see the light at the end the tunnel. That is also what Birhanu means!

    I don’t kknow about you but if i were a woyane cadre, the first humanistic step i would take is paying homeage journey to the Debre Damo Monstry and take a hot deep shower with a bleach to cleanse my sins in order to obtain a clean record bill of health, a recovered second chance leasing shot at life.
    Then, i would immediately head back to Mekele to put on market my struggling cursed business that mainly specializes and exports producing toxic terrorist puppets(the kinds of clil of religious fanatics, tribalists/regionalists)in our unfortunate region. Afterthat, i would buy a huge banner and nail it down on the outside door which read; “GOING PERMANENTLY OUT OF BUSINESS: EVERY PUPPET MUST GO NOW! Everyone Is Invited To Take Advantage On This Special Holiday Liquidation/Clearance Sale!”
    Ofcourse, making sure at the buttom of advertisement writing a tiny hard to read warning print:all sales are final and bidding, no refund is aceptable whatsoever. If this perks fail to atract gillible dummy customers, i would farther go offering deep generous discounting such as get one asswhole young healthy puppet and help yourself with another toothless bastard one free!
    Finally, since this profit is obviously stolen from the starved empty bellies, got to donate it all the proceeds in thier honors (including all the other woyane crime victims) as my little x-mass gift contribution of putting a hot plate on the table in this hard times for the systematicaly maginalized forgotten majority; a voiceless invisible societies…..

  35. To ELias,
    Why you let these Woyagne buchilas post on your website? They give no space for any anti-woyagne remark in their website.I know why you doing these, you want to entertain both sides. But that does not work with woyagnes. They kill your brother in front of your eyes and start preaching he was killed when he was looting a bank.All supporters of EPRDF always try to justify the killing of such innocent civilians. They dont have a tiny grain of reasoning and rationale in their thinking.
    So Why should you give them space to open their mouth and spit their poison.

  36. you guys are stupid especially the Amara people when mengstu was on power you had a good time. you took our money and killed us and what do you expect us to do. don’t you know what goes around comes around. now if you buy the bond it’s good the dam will be constructed if not don’t blame us we are just doing what anybody would do. do you even know how long we fought and how many people we paid to get this, i don’t think you do so just keep your mouth shut. If you don’t like us we don’t like you either but we have to rule you as much you did they we will see what happen by then.

    tezibt replies:

    Excellent comment from a non Tigrayan. But I hate to say the country.

  37. Elias you are idiot , moron, un civilaized an educated person , l don’t think you know what you are doing , man grow up it’s 21 century.

    Anonymous replies:

    You’re a bigot. Just because Elias made it public what is know by all non-tigreans you get mad at him.

    Anonymous replies:

    Minilik, you are spokesman for thieves and vandals. U are a pig fattened by woyane’s left overs. Please get lost this is not your forum.

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