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Top 20 Dumbest Politicians in Ethiopia

The 2011 Ethiopian Review Top 20 Dumbest Politicians in Ethiopia

1. Hailemariam Desalegn Hailemariam Desalegn, deputy prime minister of the Woyanne regime, comes from the Wolayita ethnic group in southern Ethiopia, allows himself to be used by his boss Meles Zenawi as a front man for selling his ancestors’ land to foreign investors at bargain-basement prices. While Hailemariam is the deputy prime minister, for the first time in Ethiopian history food shortage hit southern Ethiopia. For these reasons, Hailemariam is named: “The 2011 Dumbest Politician in Ethiopia.”

2. Debretsion Gebremichael, former member of the Woyanne death squad, half Tigrean and half Eritrean, currently minister of communication and information technology, doesn’t know how to use email.

3. Girma Woldegiorgis, the current “president” of Ethiopia whose brain is congested with fat, and has only one purpose in life — to stuff his face with food.

4. Girma Birru, current Woyanne ambassador to Washington DC and former trade minister, couldn’t account for $100 million worth of coffee that had disappeared from storage.

5. Tefera Deribew Yimam, minister of Agriculture who argues that leasing away millions of hectares of fertile land to Indian, Saudi and Chinese corporations is the best way to make Ethiopia food self-efficient.

6. Wondirad Mandefro, state minister of Agriculture, agrees with Tefera Deribew Yimam above.

7. Kuma Demeksa, ran against and defeated a dead individual to become mayor of Addis Ababa in 2008.

8. Miheret Debebe, head of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, talks about selling power to other African countries while Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa suffers constant power outages.

9. Teklewold Atnafu, governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia, bought $10 million worth of fake gold and gave away $27 million to Nigerian scam artists.

10. Hailu Shawel, who bowed down for Meles and Bereket, after thousands of Kinijit supporters were massacred by troops under the direct command of Meles Zenawi.

11. Shimelis Kemal, state minister of government communications affairs who serves as a parrot for propaganda chief Bereket Simon.

12. Dula Aba Gemeda, former Woyanne puppet president of Oromiya, currently speaker of the rubber stamp parliament and one of Azeb Mesfin’s male concubines.

13. Kemak Bedri, former chairman of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, certified that Woyanne fairly and squarely elections. Current chairman Merga Bekana is equally dumb for telling the world that Woyanne has won 99% of the votes in 2010.

14. Siraj Fegesa Sherefa, minister of defense whose only job is helping Woyanne show that not all top government positions are filled with one ethnic group. He has no real authority.

15. Demeke Mekonnen Hasen, minister of education, from the “Amhara Region” who authorizes text books that demonize Amhara.

16. Berhane Hailu Dagne, minister of justice, allows real criminals roam freely in the country while innocent citizens are jailed, tortured, and murdered by the regime’s security forces.

17. Sinknesh Ejigu Anki, Minister of Mines who doesn’t know how much gold Al Amoudi is taking out of the country.

18. Muktar Kedir Bulgu, Head of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs who is strip-searched and forced to take off his shoes before entering Meles Zenawi’s office.

19. Mekuria Haile Hailemariam, Minister of Urban Development, has no authority to find homes for any of the 1 million homeless people in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

20. Junedin Sado, former minister of science and technology, currently minister of civil service, lost an election to a 25-year-old girl from Arsi but called for re-vote and announced victory after chasing the poor girl into exile.

We would like to hear your views about the Top 20 List. Your feedback is taken into consideration when preparing the Top 20s. Please leave your comment below. The next Top 20 list will be foreigners who have been best friends of the struggle for freedom in Ethiopia during the past 12 months.

82 thoughts on “Top 20 Dumbest Politicians in Ethiopia

  1. I understand why Hailu Shawul is finding himself in deeper and deeper hole. He really has no idea how things operate in this new world. He seems to be stuck in the early 70’s and thinks if he just stay his ground he will eventually come through. Meanwhile the people who have no patience for his outdated mode of thought are messing him up, not to mention the Weyane bought infiltrators OFCOURSE.

    What I am trying to say is Hailu is not dumb so much as he is outdated (expired). He would have been a great leader some 40-50 years ago. He really does not understand times have changed.

  2. our information tecnology minister does not know how to use email,
    Aba Dula Azeb mesfin’s male concubines,Shimelis kemal a parot for Bereket, Muktar take off his shoe before entering meles office kikikikiki…..TEMECHITOGNAL

  3. The #1 in the list is a correct choice because the dude thinks that Meles will actually hand over power to him. What a dude! That will never happen! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. The current chairman of the so called National Election Board is professor Merga Bekana, not ato Kemal Bedri. The fascist Meles Zenawi has full control over all the vital institutions he has created to consolidate his absolute power. Evey non-Tigrayan public face has a Tigrayan behind who control and exercise power. Ato Hailemariam and the other dolls of the fascist and racist Meles Zenawi are just simple messengers or office boys kept to present semblance of diversity and power sharing to the donors. Even what they eat is the amount limited and allocated to them by the TPLF ethnic supremacists. The lives of ato Hailemariam and his likes are really not better than the black south Africans enlisted into the Apartheid army, police and security apparatus in Apartheid South Africa. Ato Hailemariam receives guidances and orders from the ordinary TPLF cadres assigned to control and guide the daily works of the ministry of foreign affairs. The contempt the ethnic supremacist Meles Zenawi and his TPLF cadres have for Ethiopians hailing from the south is clear to many Ethiopians who had been and are serving in the Meles regime. It seems that ato Haile mariam and the other non-Tigrayans the fascist Meles Zenawi is abusing have lost their conscience and developed thick skins and big bellies.


  6. Elias please point out that all of the non-Tigrean ministers have no real authority. They are appointed by Meles to those positions to cover up for the one-ethnic domination of the government. It is a great choice. I am eager to see the next Top 20 list. Good job as usual.

  7. Thank you Elias. Your claim that Ethiopia is under Woyane is proved false by this showing that there are many Ethiopians in power. Your false claim that Ethiopia is governed by Tigrains is has become invalid by the same exact person, YOU!

    Do you Debretsion Gebremichael was able to design, and implement the Voice of woyane radio without even completing degree? And you know how much influential the broadcast of voice of woyane was during the fight the dictator mengistu. To tell you the truth, to journalists and dumb politicians like you, this is the least you can talk. I am sure you die talking like this as what you write doesn’t hold water.

    You can come to Ethiopia because you are very selfish, and you want others to die for you while you are enjoying a life behind the computer writing such a non-sense thing. I know you will not post this, but you are such a dumb, and it doesn’t surprise me becuause you even nominated Isayas aferwrki your master in 2007 man of the year. What change have you brought after that, or is it because it is your business and that is how you can live that you spend 24/7 of your time in writing such a stupid thing. You are always in front of the fight for country destruction by the way.

    Looser, you will end up crying.
    If you post this, I will be your fun!
    Otherwise, take this as a personal message to your inbox.

    May God save Ethiopia from coward people like you!

    dawit replies:

    Once again, thank you Elias, the true son of Ethiopia.
    You have shown us and you have reminded them (the dumb) what they are if they have conscience.
    No mistake at all. But, I don’t think they have the brain itself, leave alone the conscience.
    I remember when one writer asked “can a human conscience drop so low” after mentioning Meles’s argument on why he imprisoned the journalists as terrorists. I was very touched when I thought that we are ruled by such people.
    At the top after reading about Hailemariam, I started looking at his picture. I couldn’t see a human being; but a very happy pig. A pig is happy only when he is full or is sh….ing.
    The guy called Dan # 16 commented something which all woyanes talk or write every time. They say “why don’t you come and fight within Ethiopia”, “sitting comfortably in so and so place”, “fighting only thru computer” etc.
    Dan, the woyane, let me ask you one thing.
    Is it not foolish for a lion, so powerful, so graceful to go alone into a pack of smelling, coward and merciless hyenas?
    The woyanes are Hyenas.
    It won’t be too long before the true sons of Ethiopia will come to wipe out the Hyenas.
    We are proud of our journalists, like Eskindir, Elias and the rest.
    Death to the Woyanes and their puppets!
    Long live Ethiopia!

    Ewunet replies:


    I am not a supporter of the current regime in Ethiopia, but I smell a stink in your ” … he is a pig …” comment about Ato Dessalegn Hailemariam. I don’t approve of what he is doing on behalf of the TPLF government, however he is not dumb by any measure as you guys try to portray him. He is, in fact, one of the few very smart people in that crowd and has the intellect to hold a position he is currently holding. I also see the usual northerner bullshit in your “pig” comment about those of us from the south. I ask you to look at your ugly face in the mirror before you say something like this or go read Mengistu Lemma’s “Kelkelom Silicha, Silicham Kelkelo” poem.

    deki replies:


    you are Amare Aregawi from Repoter , I have the same email and grammer . you didnt even change the word

    “Debretsion Gebremichael was able to design, and implement the Voice of woyane radio without even completing degree? And you know how much influential the broadcast of voice of woyane was during the fight the dictator mengistu.

    Dan(Amare) your are the son of Banda

  8. Well done, ER. This was funny. I think the minister of trade (now former, Abdirahman Sheik, fired two weeks ago) should make into this list. The guy was so dumb he couldn’t even now where Djibouti is located in the map. He came to this office because he has been translater (Amharic/Somali) for the Woyane general in Harer and was recommended by Abay Tsehaye, Woyane Sugar Chief.

  9. Such a list will make others unlisted think they are worthy. I think none in Meles cabinet deserve for their position. They don’t have the part of the brain for reasoning. They are programmed robots by Meles. Desalgne is from wolayita part of southern Ethiopia.

    Elias replies:

    Kuku, thank you for the correction.

  10. These are robots who even do not deserve their names being mentioned as humans. A human being without moral and dignified conscience is no better than automated machine.

  11. The information you have posted on Debretsion not knowing how to use e mailing is wrong. I have seen some of his e mails and electronic memos to his employees.

    In addition he has earned a PhD degree, albeit through correspondence, in electronic communications. There is no way he can achieve that without learning how to use e mail.

    “”2. Debretsion Gebremichael, former member of the Woyanne death squad, half Tigrean and half Eritrean, currently minister of communication and information technology, doesn’t know how to use email.””

  12. AZEB MESFIN, who gets into businesses by force and intimidation with every Ethiopian who is trying to make it in Weyane’s world. She is also know as in Amharic “ENEME ALEUHBET”

  13. I agree these are the dumbest of all the dummy in the TPLF regime. I would add to the list Somali Kilil president Abdi Mohamud Omar who is assisting Tigrean soldiers to rape and murder Ogaden civilians in the Somali Kilil.

  14. I fully trust the Lord, who is righteous and just, will bring down judgment on Meles and all these shady characters in His own time.

    Yet, in the meantime, it is worth exposing such shady characters for who they truly are. It would even be more useful if people who know these people from up close and afar exposed whatever information they possess about these characters.

    Hailemariam Desalegn: He claims to be a born again Christian but he has no work to show it. If he were truly born again, he would not have associated with and be an accomplice to injustice.

    Girma Birru: No question he is motivated primarily by money and fame. He was a low level desk office during the 1990s in the then council of Ministers but rose quickly after accepting full membership to OPDO.

    Kemal Bedri: A law school student at the HSIU whose classmates vividly recalls his mediocrity joyfully flew back from his exile home in Canada and readily made himself available to fill ethnic quota as President of the Supreme Court and dutifully worked under his deputy Menberetsehay Taddesse ( a woyane – intelligence officer but narrow minded person)

    Hailu Shawel: Ask anyone who worked with Hailu Shawel at the High Way Authority pre 1974, they would tell you he is a person who is driven to get ahead , nothing wrong in that per se. But, when you are driven for power and fame even at the cost of people lives and injustice, then you cross a line. Hailu Shawel crossed that line when he worked with the Dergue and now he did it again.

  15. What about Lidetu who betray Knijit and being betraied by Woyane? He has to rank before Hayilu Shawul!

    EW replies:

    girma the so called president is the dumbest of all. he was supposed to be in the nursing home somewhere very long, long time ago. He is not only dumb he is Inhuman, cruel and greedy.

  16. There is only one man dictating the country. The above mentioned and the other you didn’t mention are HODAMS who now nothing about freedom as they never had it in their history.

  17. What about EPRP Leadership (Ato Iyasu Almayehu…etc).

    Growing Disunity among Ethiopian Opposition Leaders is one of the main factors which make thing impossible to build broad united fronts.

  18. Kuku writes: “Such a list will make others unlisted think they are worthy. I think none in Meles cabinet deserve for their position. They don’t have the part of the brain for reasoning. They are programmed robots by Meles”

    Very true!!

    Please add those from the Somali/ogaden Region, like Abdifatah Abdullah, Mahamoud Dirir and others,

  19. i agree with your rating about Hailu Shawl. He seems to have withdrawn from reality. As he has chosen woyanne rather than cooperate with other democratic forces and bring down the regime.

  20. I thought sharing a thing or two about Hailemariam.

    Anyone at AWTI back in early 1990’s knows Hailemariam as one of many excellent lecturers we had and he had pleasant personality. As young college student I admired him and other for their dedication of teaching young engineers that Ethiopia still needs more of.

    Many of us disapprove his political association with TPLF thugs and believe that woyane is using him as a tool directly or indirectly to perpetuate inequality and burglary. Yes, what woyane does is no less than burglary.

    Hailemariam should wake up, better be soon, to see what is around him.
    It is woyane all around and they will eat you up like hyenas as they have done others and doing my beloved Ethiopia.

  21. Dr Debretsion is one of the smartest TPLF leaders and is currently one of the most powerful individuals within the government. As a TPLF fighter, he trained in ITALY on Radio communication and IT and is primarily responsible for establishments of Dimsi Weyane Radio.

    He also hails from Axum Tigray and in no way related to Eritrea. ( He is related to my girlfriend).

    Any amount of lying will not make you win your doomed to fail “struggle” against Weyane.

    If Debretsion was not smart, how die he manage to intercept and read your emails to Ethiopia?

  22. I would like to make some corrections with regarding to some of the assertion made by Elias and TPLFties.

    Hailemariam is not from Hadiya ethnic group. He is from Wolita ethnic group, which have a lot of respect for. However, I do not mean that there are’t gluttons from Hadiya ethnic group as well. Like, Halemariam, there are many low lives from all ethnic groups who sold their souls to serve TPLF mercenaries. Halemariam and others who serve Woyane parasites do NOT represent their ethnic groups. They represent their STOMACH.

    As far as the so called the ‘ president’ is concerned, I have a simple solution. Why don’t we send him some leftovers every month so that he won’t embarrasses himself over again and again?

    TPLF has eliminated its own creators leave alone ‘Ferfari’ seekers like Hailemariam and others. When the time comes, TPLF will discard those who stood for their stomach. By the way, Hailemariam is a war criminal wanted by ICC. He committed atrocities against Sidams and Doworo people, while he was representing TPLF in the South.

    Remeber our hero, Yenesew, is from Doworo ethnic group. He suffered under Hilemarima’s authority and when the time comes the whole truth will be reveled

  23. Kemal Bedri and his cousin Hashim Towfik ( State Minister of Justice ) are the killers for the Meles Mafia ‘government’ of innocent citizens.
    Hashim is responsible for all the killing, torture, and jailing of all citizens in Ethiopia.

  24. Elias please grow up think twice before you insult Hailu Shawel. At least do not mix him with woyaney. You may hate him thousand times but, hate him and criticise him as a nationalist citizen of Ethiopia and who did much for his country in his own way. Oppose him and disagree with him as you like but stop comparing him with racist thugs.

    He tried his best till the end and last drop thinking their might be some window opportunities left at the time when he was negotiating with this snake thugs. Otherwise, you and we know Hailu Shawel was never been and is not in woyane parlama at any one time.
    Thank you,

    Anonymous replies:

    please, i belive hailu worst than those hater . Hailu hate other ethic as woyane did for amhara so what is the difrent between Hailu and Those hater’s Nothing , Might he more racist than Melse him self

  25. 23#.Assafrachew,

    Please try to pay $200 to a “Nigerian con artist” and you will get for sure two beautifully and artistically designed to your test PhDs written with nothing but pure Laga Dambi golden ink accompanied with promises of paying back your money with interest if you are NOT 100% satisfied. If your PhD is in communication technology the guarantee is that you are even able to send multiple emails at the same time. When I say “you” I don’t really mean “you” as such but those who will be tempted to purchase PhDs from the black market.

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