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Meles Zenawi’s obsession with Eritrea

By Elias Kifle

Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne junta have a disturbing, and some times comical, obsession with Eritrea. They blame the Eritrean government for every bad thing that is happening to them. They like to call their opponents, such as myself, Eritrean. I am not Eritrean, but many of the Woyanne top leaders are full or half Eritreans. So one may ask, why are Woyannes extremely obsessed with Eritrea? The answer: 1) They consider Eritrea as the biggest threat to their rule, 2) As mental midgets they suffer from inferiority complex; and 3) Since Meles and many of the top Woyannes are Eritreans, they feel that their “Greater Tigray” plan must involve Eritrea.

The following is a list of Eritreans in the top {www:echelon} of the Woyanne junta.

Meles Zenawi, half Eritrean and naturalized Yemeni, the grand wizard of the TPLF junta

Bereket Simon, full Eritrean, the unimaginative Woyanne propaganda chief who keeps a copy of Joseph Goebbels’ Propaganda Manual under his pillow

Debretsion Gebre-Mikael, half Tigrean, half Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, radio, TV, and Internet jammer

Samora Yenus, half Sudanese, half Eritrean, Woyanne military chief of staff

Tewodros Adhanom, full Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, health minister

Tewodros Hagos, full Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, supervisor of the Eritrean opposition groups, head of political affairs for Tigray region (nothings happens in Tigray without his knowledge — president of Tigray Abay Woldu reports to him)

Isayas Woldegiorgis, full Eritrean, Woyanne chief assassin (carries out Meles Zenawi’s assassination orders), deputy head of national intelligence (but has more power than national intelligence and security chief Getachew Assefa)

Fasil Nahom, half Eritrean, half Jewish, legal adverser to Meles Zenawi

Neway Gebreab, full Eritrean, economic adviser to Meles Zenawi

Yemane Kidane (Jamaica), full Eritrean, former TPLF CC member, became multimillionaire over night, currently personal adviser to Meles and Azeb Mesfin, invests their loot abroad

The above is a partial list. The Woyanne security apparatus particularly is filled with full or half Eritreans.

(Source: Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit)

170 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s obsession with Eritrea

  1. It is not hard to figure out that Meles and his cronies are not Ethiopians. These TPLF mafia group are in Ethiopia to rob and make themselves rotten rich and leave some left over crumbs for Ethiopians. And they have been doing just that for the last 20 years. If they were Ethiopians and love their country and fellow Ethiopians, no way in the world these penniless woyannes could have become multimillionaires and billionaires over night running one of the poorest countries in the world. It is just impossible! If they were Ethiopians, and love their mother land Ethiopia and their fellow Ethiopians, they could have improve the lives of Ethiopians in many ways, the school system, the health system, work towards to eradicate hunger, etc. and they wouldn’t have taken the struggling country to unnecessary war, torture, kill, loot, give and sell the most fertile land to foreigners.

  2. well don’t cry now. Amharas time is over and it is tigres time now. Get use to it or hung yourself. I am Eritrean myself, I wish we get meles and you take Isayas.

    Anonymous replies:

    Your weak argument shows that you are uninformed individual and definitely one of those Eritrians who got brainwashed by the most racist dictator Essayass. In the past, Amharas never controlled every department of Ethiopian government as your TPLF cousins control Ethiopia at the present time. Did you even know that Haileselassae came from a family of Amharas, Guragaes, Oromos and Christians and Muslims? Do you know that Mengestu is not 100% Amhara? FYI–just because people communicate in Amharic, it doesn’t mean they are Amharas.

    assab replies:

    You are stinking woyanne who wanna be eritrean. Elias is right, we all know you woyannes suffer from inferiority complex so bad.

  3. Elias: you hit the thugs again as usual; the whole faray behind weyanes, “Eritrea this and Eritrea that or shaebia this or shaebia that”, is to look as they are true Ethiopians who now hates shaebia when the whole world knows ones upon a time they were Eritreans and shaebians. They are running out of lies and Susan Rice is now becoming the person who protects weyanes thugs from the wrath of Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalians, and soon Kenyans; HOWEVER, THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT ETHIOPIANS, ERITREANS, SOMALIANS, AND NOW KENYANS WILL HAUNT THEM FOR MANY GENERATIONS TO COME.

  4. As an Eritrean, I take offense when it is suggested Esias Woldegiorgis to be Eritrean.No true son of Eritrea will exhibit the immorality, brutality and shameless cowardice to his own people like this idiot.He is from Adwa. His main religion is hatred of Eritreans. His hobby is extortion of wealth from any Ethiopian. The International Court of Justice must have a fat file about this coward.

  5. When we talk of Ethiopia we mean Tigray, Amhara, Oromo, Ogaden Somalia, etc… So why du you bother if we take care of Eritrea to be part of Tigrai by organizing the Eritrean Opposition and take over the administration in Asmara as part of Tigrai. We are gaining not losing. That means again Eritrean will be part of our ruling body. Just be silent do you jobs in the USA, canada or Europe. Give us time. we will show you how to play politics of Abai Tigrai including Eritrea. Elias and his web-site will deminish when his dream are remain dreams. …

    Zeraf replies:

    Legese you are dreaming big time, we know your master got to aratkilo by talking like you not by working hard. You wait for your day of crying to come.

  6. These woyane leaders have an identity crisis. They fought for 29 1/2 years to divide their country Ethiopia, so know they become the victim of identity crisis. Since these two evils woyane and shabia came to power we are living in darkness, but this eclipse darkness will be for ever.

    Adanech replies:

    These woyane leaders have an identity crisis. They fought for 29 1/2 years to divide their country Ethiopia, so know they become the victim of identity crisis. Since these two evils woyane and shabia came to power we are living in darkness, but this eclipse darkness will not be for ever.

    Yigermal replies:

    Adabech Amen to you sister!!!

  7. Legese a Tipical Tigai thinking, is a war hunger. Let us live for the future. Elias is exposing Woyane´s identity crises, he is right.
    Eritrean are ruling Ethiopia. On the other hand they are bleming Eritea ( Essayas ). I can see the struggle is between Eritrean in ERitrea nad those with Woyane.
    In their drama played in E-TV, Woyane is undermining the Iteligence of Ethiopians by claiming to be the right hand of Eritrean Esayas Shabeaya

    We have to show Woyane we can changes his regime and built a true peoples Government either way.

  8. Non of them are eritrean by blood. they parents migrated to Eritrea. today is the biggest day for them since they were called Eritreans which they yearn to be all their life

  9. I’m really loosing all the respect that I had for these people called tigre. When are they going to wake-up and restore their dignity the dignity of our country? Once proud heroes who never surrendered to white colonizers and Ethiopian enemies are now being played by these evil mercenary Italian leftovers. Their ignorance has destroyed everything we used to be proud of. Addis Abeba is again filled with new Eritreans just like 91. We should know that those Eritreans who are studding in our universities on the expense of the starving Ethiopians will be replacing bereket, meles and all other mercenaries. Its a well calculated plan to continue bleeding our country. Its beyond me why Ethiopians atleast question this grand evil plan. Eritrea is now a neighboring country just like Somali, Djibouti and sudan. Whey is TPLF sponsoring thousands of Eritreans in Ethiopian universities? Why not for the others? Don’t we have close to a million somalians and hundreds of thousands of south Sudanese? ?? When are we going to unite and destroy these Mafias before they completely destroyed us?

  10. Isn’t your wife an Eritrean?

    Yigermal replies:

    Why does it burn you this much?

    Bewnetu replies:

    It does not burn any sane individual to have an Eritrean whore & Shabia spy as a wife. Even Derg’s military officials and politicians used to shag these hookers in Asmara in exchange for state secrets. This is why Derg lost many important battles against Tigrain-led Shabia.

  11. Dear Elias,

    I have observed that you promote the shaebia propaganda that Tigreans suffer from inferiority complex. If Tigreans do suffer from inferiority complex, no other ethnic group in Ethiopia, including eritrea,the renegade province of Ethiopia, can claim superiority. Look, Tigreans invented Ethiopia; so the notion that Tigreans are inferior is simply fallacious, and can only stem from people who have broken hearts and felt deeply hurt by the Tigreans in power.

    Tigreans never mention of being superior or inferior. Inferior people cannot dare to take State Power. Listen to Professor Tesfation Medhane’s speech, if your eritrean wife can help in translating Tigrigna to Amharic.

    If you cannot think for your self, then you cannot claim to be an independent media outlet. If you want to be taken for an independent person, think for yourself, don’t just repeat the same boring shaebia propaganda.

    Tigreans cannot feel inferior, especially to those who were their subjects for millennia.


    Your reader.

  12. Elias do you know your bos Issayas Afewerki is from Temben in Tigray. The rest Yemane G/Ab, Hagos Kisha and Abreha Kas(Gojjamie) are all from tigray. Take care. You have to know were you land your leg. Teregabi

  13. I agree 100% with what Elias is saying. It is threat, inferiority complex and “the Greater Tigray issue”. It is true Elias is not Eritrean, and the people mentioned can be Eritrean or as I read on the comments above half Eritrean half Ethiopian.
    As a history student I say, this people are the same people, Abyssinians. Especially, the people of the North. Also if we follow the recent history (The last 40/50 years when the military moved to the Northern part of the region) we observed a new generation with mix race. This can be good or bad I don’t know. So, who is calling who Ethiopian, Eritrean, Eritrean Ethiopian? THINK! This shouldn’t be the point.
    Eritrean issue is not the different peoples issue, it is the colony issue. Go read the UN record, Go read the AU/OAU agreement. The people had the right to do what they wish .
    It was the miss handling of the Etio. Previous leaders caused the bloody war before, and it was almost forgotten. Well, now Mr. Meles wants to create permanent Enemy not only Eritrea including others.
    Guys, he is having a conference in Awasa this week with people against Isaias to organize them how to fight Isaias. So, what is wrong if Berhanu Nega talked with Isaias? Sorry, His Poor Psychology is not going to take him any where.

  14. NO ifs or Buts….

    if the Tigreans who invented Geez Fidel, built axum monument, destroyed Elias’s forefathers, and the shabian, felt “inferiority complex” then there is no one who can claim superiority in Ethiopia/eritrea and in the black race in general::

    Did you forget guys? when TPLF marched to Addis from all directions, so many of Elias’s bro and sis,had started to claim they were “half Tigrean” yeap thats right!

    ene eko “be enate Tigre negn” that was the famous sentence.

    tezibt replies:

    Even TPLF admitted that if it wasnn’t for the help from the Amhara farmers TPLF would never make it to ADDIS. So do you have two passports, Ethiopian and Tigrayan. I though we are all Ethiopians and brothers and sisters. Please educate us more. doubt it though if you really are Ethiopian.

    Eyob replies:

    That is exactly right Weditirai. We never have an inferiority or superiority complex. We are just proud and brave Ethiopians, and we will always be, and this is big challenge and nightmare for Elias, and the Eritrean isayas Supporters. To the true Ethiopians, Tigrians are known to be the true Ethiopians. This is the solid fact!

    Samhar replies:

    “if the Tigreans who invented Geez Fidel, built axum monument, destroyed Elias’s forefathers, and the shabian, felt “inferiority complex” then there is no one who can claim superiority in Ethiopia/eritrea and in the black race in general::”

    Tigrayan Neither invented Fidal lita Nor are agazians, how could you invent a writing system that was used 2000 years before you learnt how to write it??? how could you claim you are agazian when you didn’t speak the language prior to 400AD??? YOUR are beggars adopting something and claiming it as yours, Even halisalise said it the writing, langauge, Culture and early hitory belong to those from Eritrea.

    One more thing Please stop speaking tigrigna 500 years and you can’t still get used to it stick with your ancient habesh mother tongue Leave the Geez for the agazians. Tigray is and always will be remmebered as the slave centre for the habesh yemeni’s, even today yemeni in Tigray are regarded as kings while In Eritrea as a foriegner and an ancient Foe of the agazians, Habesh had a deep inferiority Feelings towards the agazians, what we seeing today is the Tigrayans who are a an agew wannabe Habesh feeling inferior to the Eritrean mainly Agazians, Tigrayan habesh adopted geez to speak while abandoning their sabean Tongue, Tigrayan habesh adopted the fidal lita and stopped using their own sabean scripts, Tigrayan habesh even adopted tigrigna which was created by one of the mightiest Agazian Clan the belew kelew, and Today Elias Made them Hear what they have been wanting to hear for the Last 3000 Years, They are of agazian Blood, of The mighty Old Himyarite Clans…One thing to say though THEY F******ING WISH.

    Tazabi replies:

    Tigray is the origin of Ethiopia and Habesha culture in general. Geez was indeed from Tigray and was invented by Ethiopian Orthodox church which undeniably started in Axum. The Your mumbo-jumbo means nothing but a delusion of grandeur. You can not create fact. There is no country called Eritea until Italians came in the late 1880. Before that Tigrans were your masters. Alula established Asmara and he was a fearless and harsh ruler of Bahre NEgash. Then Italians became your colonizers. All Tigrinia speaking people in Eritrea are migrants from Tigray and some of them even have Amhara origin from Gondar. Muslim Eritreans aka Jeberties are all Tigreans expelled and/or persecuted during Emperor Yohannes and many still claim their families in Tigray.

    It is you Tigtrinia speaking people who are confused with an identity crisis. Tigrians now rule both in Ethiopia and Eritrea (Issayas Aforki and all his surrounding stooges are good Tigrans).

    A colonizer and a ruler can not suffer inferiority complex. But in the opposite those who had been abused by their colonial masters -Italians and Tigrians – do suffer such psychological disorder .

    It is however easy to understand your pain and agony. Tigrins in Ethiopia humiliated you like no body else in histry. They humiliated you in war, Confiscated all your ill-earned property and expelled your compatriots form Ethiopia and now they are keeping you hostage and strangulating your tiny country both economically and politically.

    LAST thing, Things have changed for ever and nothing will bring back those days prior to 1998.

    what is the difference? replies:

    Help me to understand. What is the difference between a pure Tigray (perhaps like you), a pure Eritrean or a mixed one? I do not see any difference at all. Nowadays, most of them are merceless, cruel and selfish individuals who profit from the suffering of other Ethiopians or Africans. They do not have a bit of simpathy, sense of belongingness or vision of nation building. I wish I would be wrong!

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, lets not bulshit each other, ok? Whether the shaebia and woyane cadres like to believe it or not we have hard evidence of historical commonality no matter our minor ethicties and religious differences. That means our honorable ancestors were busy hooking up inside their humble hdmos/gojos or under the shady of trees/caves accompied with fresh natural air when the world was borderless. Quite frankly, i miss dearly such eras with full of freedom without dummy poleticains and crooked puppets.
    My point is entermarrying across the lines of racial, tribal and religion is good move for it evetually brings humanity closer to peace. After all, isn’t the habesha dicks and pussies having it hot&heavy as we speak in all over the globe blessing us along with more cute mullato kids? This shows the earth is getting smaller for the better folks. My priceless advise to the new generations is ‘hell with the racists, just bring on and enjoy responsibly your tiny existance on this cruel planet of ours while it lasts. Remember, variety is good!’
    I think we need to concentrate about beneficial to society other than digging out one’s ancestory unless ofcourse some wicked anti unity entities are wishing to cash on from our meaningless differences.
    Believe me, only asswholes with narrow minds, the ones gratuates of the Dedebit School Of Deceptions love discusing in such a silly issues to say the least.
    As far i’m concerned, as long the Big-Chair holder governs good without any discrimination, corruption, human right violation ,etc…who the f”k cares regarding her/his background.

  16. samhar
    Please, stay in Sawa!!

    Elias, I did not realize that your website has been infested by agents of Shabia until I received a compliant from one of them. This website is supposed to be a forum where Ethiopians discuss their internal issues, and find a way to eliminate TPLF parasites from the yolk of our people. I do not understand why Eritreans are interested in issues
    that do not concern them. There is one other web site that I frequently visit. Unfortunately, that web site has been infected by TPLF parasites. Please, Elias, ask the Shabian to stay way from this site. Otherwise, I will consider you as half Eritrean and half Yemeni. And you will be added to the above list of Eritrean mercenaries.

    Samhar replies:

    @ Damo

    When Eritrea is being mentioned we have the right to be here, Our fathers Paid blood for us to be in this position, If you don’t like it well you can start by asking Elias not to associate these a**me with Being Eritrean, Its disgusting to labell Tigrayan as eritrean, One more thing Damo Nothing wrong with Sawa, better than shipping your kids to Pedophile around the world or even Having your daughters become the cheapest Maid/sex slave in arab countries.

    Tazabi replies:

    Is Isayas Aforki not 100% Tigrian ? And he rest of Gebre abs’, Kishas’ etc ?

    Gudus replies:

    “I do not understand why Eritreans are interested in issues that do not concern them”

    What a stupid comment. Mr. Damo, go back and read the title of Elias’s article first and determine if it concerns Eritreans or not. Elias implicated the Eritrean background of the thugs who are “mis”leading Ethiopia. And, Eritreans have every right to respond to the article. If someone dumps a bagful of garbage in your backyard claiming it’s yours, you can’t just sit idly and suffer the consequences (i.e illness from the contamination). You must prove to whoever is dumping the trash that it doesn’t belong to you and see that he clean up the mess. Considering the physica and psychological harm they hav and continue to inflict on Eritreans, I know I was too kind to label the Woyane thugs as “garbages”. But, that’s the only name I can come up with everytime I think of. One last thing, Damo! Don’t get irritated and insult Elias for allowing people of different background to express their view on a given subject, including Eritreans like me. In other words, GROW UP!!!!

  17. Elias, I think you heard your accusers wrong. They never said you are Eritrean; what they repeatedly accused you of is working for the government of Eritrea or in Meles’ words working as “nech lebash” for Asmara. You could dispute that but that’s the exact accusation.

  18. Dear readers

    who is Ethiopian by the way? can someone define plainly Ethiopianess? And who is working hard to incorporate the whole region? What is the meaning of UNITY? is it territorial or sharing resource or what …? could some one explain to me? by the way I was born in Adu Genet(Ethiopia) and Evicted in 1998 cos my origin is from Eritrea funny huh(kingdoom of Ethiopia..that is my believe). Before you point your finger please watch out on the rest of your finger..

  19. Ato Elias,

    No body really thinks you are Eritrean (not sure about your wife). It is only being said you are pro Shabia and promote their agenda to achieve your own political objective.

    Apart from this , the issue is not whose father is from Gondar or whose mother is from Saudi-arabia, so you are missing the main point here. And I can assure you the information you gave about the identity of Weyanes is fatally wrong, except Meles and Bereket. But is Issayas Aforki of Eritrea 100 % Tigrian- including most of his ministers and Generals).

    The issue between Tigrians & Tigrinia speaking Eritreans is both complex and very simple. This people share same heritage and history but have developed different identity over time. The animosity between them originates mainly from their desire to dominate the entire region economically, politically and militarily. And guys like yourself are stuck somewhere in the middle. At the moment Tigreans appear to have the upper hand as a result Eritreans are suffering physically, psychologically and economically.Remember it is only Tigrians who deflated their ego and unsubstantiated self-pride which is backed by nothing other than their sub-ordinate colonial history. Tigrians humiliated them in wars, confiscated their properties and expelled them from Ethiopia and now working 24/7 for a UN sanction against their country. Diplomatically they have managed to alienate Ertirea and succeeded in labeling their country as a terrorist sponsoring nation linked to Alshabab and AlQaida.

    Hence , If there is an issue of an inferiority complex, then a rational person would assume it is the oppressed, colonized and defeated people who can suffer from such a psychological disorder not the opposite.

    Anonymous replies:

    After reading all the comments I came to the conclusion

    Woyane is anything to anybody to do the bidding of Arabs that hired it.

    Shabiya is the extension of the Italian fascists’ Askaris that did not forgave Ethiopia for humiliating defeat.

    There is no Eritrean but Tigrans speaking people under Italian occupation

    There cannot be pride in being Eritrean like there is no pride being under a fascist colonial rule that consider the people subhuman, unless Eritreans accept they are subhuman and pretend everything is good and dandy.

    Woyane can not represent Tigrians unless the people accept they are traitorous Bandas of a foreign enemy that have no regard for their people and country.

    What we experience in Ethiopia is Bandas mostly from Northern Ethiopia ruling the country with the help of the Fascists and the Arabs to rewrite history of Ethiopia in their favor.

    What we see on this forum are the cadres of Shbiya and Woyane Askaris that make sure the Fascist and the Arabs succeed in their aim to destroy Ethiopia again. And anyone that believe there is two countries and Shabiya and Woyane are liberators than hired mercenaries is a. ignorant of who he is b. he is a mercenary paid to do his job c. inferior to believe he is anything but Ethiopian.

    Therefore, there is no need to waste time and energy going back and forth with worthless individuals that pretend to be something that does not exist by making up stories and history to accomplish what they paid for.

    Anonymous replies:

    You are wrong Tazabi. (If you are the same person as Tizibt) People who have been colonized and opressed fight to get rid of the opressor developing a strong sense of identity and belief in their ability to free themselves. In your haste to denigrate Eritreans, you belittled your own Weyanes. I thought the struggle of the people of Tigray was agains the opression and the neglect they experienced from Ethiopia’s leaders, Emperor Haile Selassie and the Derg. By your logic, since the people of Tigray experienced opression, they feel inferior too!

  20. Hello Elias (the Lion),
    you are absolutely right. Woyane has a an Eritrea-phobie. Even if a child do not want to go school there must be Shaebia behind it for Woyane. Meles and co. have a mental problem and I am sure they lay the whole night awake in case Isayas does not come personally in their bedroom. But they forget one thing and that is that the Ethiopian people are heroic people and will give Woyane soon what they deserve.
    Ethiopian are peaceful and intelligent people who can see far beyond their noses. And as such, I am deadly sure that we will live in peace with all our neighbours and work together for the betterment of the whole people in the region. And this can only be achieved without Woyane. Woyane has looted our country and enough is enough.
    We must follow the example of YENESEW. His death must not be for nothing.

  21. Must read !

    One of the forgotten aspects of land investment is the preferential treatment that Tigrayans seem to get when
    it comes to land investment. The governing party, the EPRDF is made up of representatives largely from the
    Tigray region. When the Derg fell in 1991, the Tigray Peoples’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took control, forming the
    EPRDF and setting the stage for preferential treatment of the TPLF cadres and other Tigrayan elites ever since.
    It is widely perceived that the Tigray receive beneficial treatment in relation to investment, are given land freely,
    and receive preferential access to credit. All but one of the domestic investors that we visited were from the
    Tigray region, and several spoke of the ease of acquiring land and of securing credit. One regional government
    official in Gambella estimated that 75 percent of the domestic investors in Gambella were from Tigray. Many of
    these Tigray investors seem to have limited, if any, farming experience. Many of them seemed to be engaged
    primarily in land clearing and charcoal production activities, while others were farther along in production. There
    is also a perception that Tigrayans are being given land across the lowlands in order to crowd out indigenous
    populations, to build EPRDF support in the rural areas and eventually dominate regional government offices. In
    many of the regional government offices that we visited in the lowlands, Tigrayans held most of the positions.
    In those regions most of the businesses are owned by the Tigrayans (and other Highlanders to a lesser degree),
    and almost all of the domestic agricultural investment lands are held by the Tigrayans.


  22. Top 10 reasons why woyane TPLF junta doesn’t care about Ethiopia.

    1. They sell Ethiopian babies for $10,000.
    2. They sel Ethiopian land to any bidder. The latest I heard was Nigeria.
    3. They are destroying Ethiopian culture by Allowing gays/homosexuals to gather in addis to gain UN AIDS fund.
    4. There are over 100,000 prostitutes to serve the OAU monkies.
    5. They have destroyed ethnic clensing among ethiopians (AMARA, OROMO e.t.c)
    6. They made all this fake NGO companies to deplete ethiopian wealth.
    7. They never claim Eritrea is Ethiopian.
    8. All the thugs (TPLF leaders) are Bastards of unknown father with no identity
    9. They all have very low inferiority complex of Eritrean.
    10. They rig all the elections to favor the thugs.

    God Bless Ethiopia

    Anonymous replies:

    to answer your #5 list, i can recall my classmate back in college telling me how lots of money he used to make by hooking the Adis girls with any diplomats especially Africans. I guess, you can honestly say that he was being corrpt like the woyanes.

  23. Dear Elias, it is true that Tigraian have Obsession with Eritra and they suffer inferiory complex BUT you can not call them Eritrean or Half Eritrean most of them were born in eritre, they are son of B…and they used to beg during the DERG era on street of Asmara and they were already Shi.., they used to spy eritrean in Asmara pro Mengustu regim…keep them in Ethiopia cos. they are Eth.

    moses kiing replies:

    MIMI, treat them with some respect since now they are in positions of government

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