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In memory of Ethiopian patriot, Sultan Alimirah

By Amb. Kadafo Mohamed Hanfare

Sultan Ali Mirah Hanfare (1921 – 2011) was born in Awsa, Ethiopia in a village called Fursee. He was born to father, Hanfare Aydahis and mother Hawy Omar In the early 1920s. His grandfather Mohammed Hanfare Illalta was a famous king of Afar who participated in the Adwa {www:battle} with the Emperor Minilik against the Italians. He also defeated the invading Egyptian army led by Ismail Basha to conquer Ethiopian lands. Sultan Alimirah himself, as a young man in Awsa, joined the group of young Ethiopians who resisted the Italian occupation of Ethiopia. After the defeat of Italy by the Ethiopians, Sultan Alimirah together with his brother in law Yayo Hamadu were amongst the Afar people who welcomed the victorious return of the Emperor HaileSelassie in Addis Ababa.

At that time Mohamed Yayo, the uncle of Sultan Alimirah, was the Sultan of Awsa. The Afar elders, however, including Yayo Hamadu, suggested that the young Alimirah replace his uncle as Amoyta (Sultan). Emperor HaileSelassie accepted their {www:recommendation} and gave the title of Dajazmach to Sultan Alimirah and the title of Fitawrare to his brother-in-law Yayo Hamadu. He also gave them a well trained brigade from his bodyguard army, headed by a general in case Sultan Mohamed resisted to handover power to his nephew. After several days of journeying, they arrived in Aysaita in the dark of the night. They spent the night in Aysaita while Sultan Alimirah stayed behind. Fitawrari Yayo Hamadu and his followers together with the trained military officers who accompanied them, left for Hinale, where the palace of Sultan Mohamed was located. The next morning, however, the {www:resistance} they were faced with was not as expected. They found Sultan Mohamed sick on his bed. So the military officers who accompanied Sultan Alimirah took Sultan Mohammed to Addis Ababa while Hamadu stayed behind.

In 1945, Sultan Alimirah officially became the Amoyta (Sultan) of the Afar people. What happened to Sultan Mohamed Yayo, however, is a story that will be discussed some other time.

After becoming the Sultan, Alimirah was faced with several challenges. His aim was to create a peaceful and united environment for all Ethiopians everywhere, and for the Afar people, in particular. He worked to bring modern education, agricultural and economical development to the towns in Awsa. Towards the end of the 1960s Awsa became a {www:prosperous} area in Ethiopia. A lot of Afars became cotton farmers and settled in Aysaita, Dubti, Baadu and Daat Bahari. Many Ethiopians from the other regions also became farmers and settled in several areas of the Afar region. The sultan established The Awsa Farmers Association and borrowed money from the Addis Ababa bank, whose general manager, Ato Debebe Yohanes, was the his personal friend. Together they invested a lot of money in Awsa and the Baadu areas, also distributing money amongst farmers. At that time, Awsa was known as the “little Kuwait” because of its prosperity.

In 1974 when the Derg took power in Addis Ababa and invaded Awsa in June of that year, the sultan left behind over 60 tractors, 8 bulldozers and 3 Cessna planes. One of the three Cessna planes was piloted by the Sultan’s cousin, a trained Afar pilot by the name of Hanfare Ali Gaz.

Seventeen years later when Derg was defeated and the sultan returned to Ethiopia none of those things existed anymore, several people had been killed and many things destroyed. The sultan tried to start from scratch but things were very tough.

In 1972, Sultan Alimirah was invited to visit the USA by the USAID through the State Department visitors program. I was one of the 3 Afars who was {www:fortunate} to accompany his highness the Sultan. Myself, his personal assistant Ali Ibrahim Yusef, his personal advisor, Hashim Jamal Ashami, interpreter, the sultan himself and the state department {www:escort} all visited 15 states during our stay.

One of the 15 states we visited was Chicago, Illinois, were the sultan visited operation push, later called the Rainbow coalition which was led by Jesse Jackson, a well known African American activist at that time. When the Sultan arrived there, he was given a standing ovation as he talked about the Ethiopian history and his admiration of the leadership of Emperor HaileSelassie. The sultan was extremely impressed by this. The Sultan also visited, Elijah Mohamed, leader of “The Black Muslims” at that time and also met several state department officials. On our visit to Lubbock, Texas, we were given Honorary American citizenship by the mayor of the city.

The American government, and the American people we visited with the late sultan were very welcoming and greeted us with great hospitality. The sultan expressed his extreme {www:gratitude} to the government of America and its people to the United States Ambassador in Addis Ababa at that time. Very impressed with his visit, he called America the land of “milk and healthy young people.”

As we went to the different states, the sultan was constantly asking if any Ethiopians lived there. In those days, however, not many Ethiopian lived in the States, but we met many students at the several universities we visited. Forty-five days later the sultan left to visit London while I stayed behind to continue my education at the American University in Washington D.C. After His visit to London the Sultan returned back home.

In 1974, when the Derg came to power, Sultan Ali Mirah, being the reasonable man that he was, tried to reach some kind of understanding with the Derg leaders. Briefly he did succeed in reaching an understanding with the Derg when General Amman Andom was the leader. Unexpectedly, however, the Derg killed General Amman Andom and over 60 Ethiopian officials overnight. After that it became clear to him that it was impossible for him to work with them. The Sultan left Ethiopia through Djibouti to settle in Saudi Arabia, where King Khalid welcomed him and fifty of his followers.

During his stay in Saudi Arabia, he established The Afar Liberation Front (ALF) that was fighting the Derg regime for 17 years alongside TPLF, OLF, ELF, EPLF and several other Ethnic groups fighting against the Derg dictatorship.

In 1991, after the fall of the Derg dictatorship, the sultan returned to Ethiopia and attended the July 1991 Conference together with his two sons Hanfare and Ahmed Alimirah as representatives of ALF and the rest of the Afar people. I attended the conference as an Observer.

At the opening of the conference, the Sultan discovered that the Eritrean leaders did not wish to participate in the conference as representatives but as observers. This he later understood was because of their wish to create a separate nation. This was new to the sultan as he believed that after fighting Derg for so long, that they all had the same intention of creating a peaceful, democratic, united country with equality for all, but he was alarmed to see that this wasn’t the case. To argue the point with the rest of the conference members, he raised his hand to be recognized and to state his opinion. When the chairman refused to recognize his presence and allow him to speak, the sultan grabbed a microphone from beside him and said:

In my opinion this conference was not to dismember Ethiopia but to unite Ethiopia. A conference that discusses how to achieve, equality,justice,democracy and good governance for all Ethiopians. The Ethiopian people expect us to come out of this conference with a new government and democracy not two different nations.”

Isaias Afwerki, then leader of Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, stormed out of the room in anger.

The sultan then continued by saying that, “if Eritreans were allowed a referendum for their future that Ethiopians should also be allowed to decide, voices of the Afar people should have particular significance, as a part of Afar land was part of the Eritrean province. He also claimed that he never wished to see Ethiopia landlocked.”

The sultan lived everyday for Ethiopian unity and his loss was mourned by all of Ethiopia and neighboring countries.

I would like to take this opportunity as a dear family member and a dear friend of the sultan to thank all of those who have expressed their condolences through various means. I would like to personally assure all Ethiopians that we, the family of the Sultan – The Afar people, will follow in his footsteps and work for the peace and unity of the Ethiopian People!

(The writer can be reached at [email protected])

25 thoughts on “In memory of Ethiopian patriot, Sultan Alimirah

  1. This great Ethiopian patriot (Negus Alimirah)for sure will have his respected and honourable place in the free democratic Ethiopia forever
    and most of all in 80 million Ethiopian hearts and minds and Ethiopian history books as well,

    May his soul rest in peace
    My condolence for his respected families.

  2. Our decorated hero Dejazmatch Sultan Ali Mirah’s and his family history is a testimony by itself how all of us from every religion and ethnic group can be united and live in peace with mutual respect to get rid off the TPLF looters and killers, and build our country. Some of you morons who question other people’s religion need to think twice and learn from this patriotic Ethiopian life story. Thank you Dejazmatch Sultan Ali Mirah for your sacrifice and contributions for your country Ethiopia. Rest in peace our father! Rest in peace! You will be missed terribly. May God bless all your family members that you left behind.

    Thank you Amb. Kadafo Mohamed Hanfare for sharing some of Dejazmatch Sutan’s impressive life story.

  3. Indeed, Sultan Ali Mirah Hanfare, as a young man might have fought along with Emperor Haile Selassie during the second Italian invasion. It is nice to know about his views concerning the conspiratorial transfer of Ethiopian property and the port of Asab by the twin enemies of Ethiopia- EPLF-TPLF.We the people of Ethiopia need to pull our resources, talents and time together and get rid of the EPLF agent weyane leaders who are illegitimate to look after the interest of Ethiopia. May the children of the Sultan continue in the footsteps of their father and advocate the interest of Ethiopia. I wish the patriotic Sultan to rest in peace. His role and contribution to the unity of Ethiopia won’t be forgotten.

  4. We are proud of the legacy of the patriotic Sultan Ali Mirah Hanfare a great Ethiopian who will be rememered as some on who fought for one united Ethiopia where all ethnic groups live peacefully, with justice and equality. I am sure there will be many of our Afar brothers who would follow the gian’ts foot step. Our Afar brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers and childrens will one day join their compatriots in Ethiopia and shall live in peace with their fellow Ethiopians. May the almighy God rest his soul in peace.

  5. As they say “Heroes do not die they fade away”. This man is real, even at an old age he feared no one. Isayas Afewerki stormed out of the conference when he heard Sultan Alimira talk about unity. Isayas needs exorcism to be practiced on him. Otherwise this man is not normal. RIP our hero Sultan Alimira. We will remember you always. We will also fight to the last blood drop to unite the two brothers separtated by evil.

  6. Thank you very much Brother Amb. Kadafo for this very educative backgroud description of the life of our great leader Amoyta AliMirah Hanfareh Aydahis.

    Hamad Issa

  7. Please, Kedafoh, tell us the relation between Yayo and LeJ Eyasu, About the war between one side Haile Sellassie and on the other Eyassu & Yayo, and what come after the war ?

  8. Very informative. I wonder how many Ethiopians knew of the accomplishments of this great Ethiopian leader. Thank you Amb. Kadafo for sharing these details. May be one day, we will read the biography of Sultan Alimirah, the great defender of Ethiopian unity. May he rest in peace.

  9. Sultan Alimirah, may the Lord Jesus Christ bless his soul, was indeed one of the products of that great, generous, compassionate, and freedom-loving father of all Ethiopians – His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie.

    The fascinating story of Sultan Alimirah briefly narrated by Mr. Hanfare indicates King Haile Selassie had never, ever, discriminated the Ethiopian Muslims as some petty or bigoted modern Ethiopian Muslims attest he had. In fact, King Haile Selassie had promoted many Ethiopian Muslims to the highest rank, and the honorable Sultan Alimirah was one of them whom His Majesty granted the title of Dajazmach while he gave the title of Fitawrare to Yayo Hamadu, his brother-in-law.

    During the time of Emperor Haile Selassie, like many other Ethiopian Muslims, the honorable Sultan Alimirah had lived a comfortable life in Ethiopia: he had his own palace like one of the Ethiopian kings; he had sixty tractors for he was a good and a very successful farmer; he had eight bulldozers to tame the Awsa Farmlands, and above all these fortunes, he had three Cessna planes to survey his vast cotton territories. Also, he had had many servants and perhaps wives. In this case, it is safe to say Dajazmach Sultan Alimirah of Ethiopia was the Al Amoudi of King Haile Selassie; in reality, he was greater than Al Amoudi, because Al Amoudi never visited fifteen American states, never met Reverend Jesse Jackson, never met the famous Black Muslim leader, Elijah Mohamed, never got any honorary American citizenship, and never witnessed the greatness of Ethiopia and the vastness of its history because of its wise leader Emperor Haile Selassie.

    His highness Sultan Alimirah was so impressed by America’s beauty, prosperity, and great advancement in modern technology, he called America the land of ‘milk and healthy young people.’ It seems he had read Leviticus 20:24 that said, “I will give you a land flowing with milk and honey,” but in the place of honey he had put “healthy young people.” Yes, many American people who eat honey and drink milk are healthy and young. No doubt, Sultan Alimirah’s forty-five days visit to this great nation, America, had made a profound impact on him, and he could have brought more prosperity, not only to the Afar people but also to the rest of the Ethiopian regions, using his impressions about the ingenuities of the American people. He had already made Awsa the envy of the rest of the Ethiopian peasants, and as a result, Awsa was dubbed ‘little Kuwait,’ but why not “little Japan” or “little Landon”? You see, here comes what St. Paul says: “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers” (Galatians 6:10). Of course, it is natural for us human beings to associate the name of a place or a person with the name of another place that is far away from the place where we live as far as our faith is connected with that far away place. Awsa is in Ethiopia, and Kuwait is far away from Ethiopia, but for the people of Awsa, it is easier to associate Awsa with Kuwait than to associate it with London, or Paris, or Washington or Addis Ababa because the Kuwait people are Muslims, so are the people of Awsa, so are the families of his highness Sultan Alimirah. It is not wrong to associate your place with the people of your own faith who are living far away from you or near to you.

    However, his great plans to help the Ethiopian people and to encourage them to remain united, to defend their country and respect their past history were suddenly interrupted when he witnessed the slaughter of that great general Amman Andom and the slaughters of 60 shining Ethiopian officials by the ruthless Derg. After having witnessed such horrifying blood sheds in Ethiopia, the Sultan fled to Saudi Arabia, and from there he worked hard to liberate the Afar people and the rest of the Ethiopian people from the tyranny of the Derg.

    It seems to me the generation that enjoyed freedom under Emperor Haile Selassie was the generation of his highness Sultan Alimirah. I am sure if King Haile Selassie were alive today, he could have grieved by the death of Sultan Alimirah, and he could have honored him by firing the 21 guns at his funeral service. For sure, Ethiopia has missed the two great men: Emperor Haile Selassie and Sultan Alimirah. May the Almighty God in heaven bless them all!

  10. Afar is a symbol of Ethiopianism. Bitweded Ali Mirah is a father of Ethiopia. Let us learn what unity means from Afar.

    I would like to thank and appreciate Sultan Ali Mirah in the name of Ethiopian Oromos.

    Being Oromo is fantastic. I am an Oromo. But, But it does not mean that I am super than the other. It means that I am not greater or lesser than any body. It means that I love everyone. It means that I live and work together with every one. It means I am a true Ethiopian who develops Ethiopia with all Ethiopians.

    Being an Oromo is not a division sign. Only Woyanne and Narrowist use tribal identity as a division tool.

    I am an Oromo. I am proud of it and still I am an Ethiopian which make me more proud because it makes me many, colourful, powerful, wealthier, and so on.

    Therefore, we say BEKA WOyanne,
    BEKA Narrowist
    BEKA Tribalists
    Long live diversity, long live Ethiopia
    Ethiopian Oromo.

  11. I came from an Amhara Christian background, and I cannot be more proud of the Honorable Sultan Ali Mirah. May Allah/God bless his soul. I am grateful that I grew up in the only country in African continent that was never colonized by foreign invaders because of Ethiopians who scarified their lives like Sultan Ali Mirah, my own grandfather and millions like them. Unfortunately, the country many spilled their blood and lost their lives for is now under the home grown terrorist group who are robbing and murdering innocent Ethiopians. I am deeply sorry that the Honorable Sultan Ali Mirah died without seeing his beloved country Ethiopia free from the satanic TPLF group and the master evil mind tyrant Meles.
    May Allah/God bless his children, grandchildren and the rest of his extended family.

  12. In response to Ahmed, it will be possible soon to read in amharic a biography of sultan Ali Mirah published in french in 2004 by French Center for Ethiopian studies.

  13. Sultan Alimirah is one of the few true patriots in the annals of Ethiopian history. He was a great man with an impeccable integrity. Peace be upon him!

  14. Ethiopia lost His Majesty Amoyta Alimirah Hanfare,the man symbol of UNITY. It is our responsibility to keep his legacy intact for our children.
    Thank you Amb.Kadafo for sharing us wonderful story.

  15. Hanfare Hanfare #13,

    Misuse of words: the words “His Majesty” belong to a king or queen only; I doubt Sultan Alimirah would have appreciated those who had chosen to call him “His Majesty.” Calling him “His Majesty” is simply degrading the appropriate title His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie gave him, and that title was Dajazmach. When Dajazmach Sultan Alimirah was alive, Ethiopia had only one king, His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie (ፀሐዩ ንጉሥ) before the Derg came to power and murdered the aging king and declared “The Red Terror” throughout Ethiopia. Later, the Red Terror was replaced by the “Death Squad” when Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), with his wife Jezebel (Azeb), came to power.

    Yes, His Highness Dajazmach Sultan Alimirah could have been a good king of Ethiopia since he was loved by, I think, most of the Ethiopians, but he had never declared himself a king after or before the death of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie. To declare oneself king while there is already a king is considered treason punishable by death or life imprisonment. Sultan Alimirah died peacefully, wishing Ethiopia unity, prosperity, and great advancement in modern technology; however, Gragn Muhammad died destroying Ethiopia by burning its historical documents. Ethiopians would love to see many Sultan Alimirahs in high positions, of course not many Al Amoudies, many Meleses, many Jezebels (Azebs), and many Aba Diabloses.

  16. A true son of Ethiopia, Bitweded Ali Mirah, will live in our hearts for ever. His love for our country was second to none. He was a wise leader and a unifying force, who recognised strength in unity.

  17. Assta B. Gettu

    the name your majesty will only be degrading if it wasn’t true that he was a king and he would have appreciated it if you called him that. He was currently the only king in Ethiopia

  18. There was no doubt that his Highness Ali Mirah Hanfare was a great man. But my question is as Ammare1011 said, what was the relationship between Ali Mirah and H/ Sellase on the one hand, and Suldan Mohamed Yayo on other hand since Lej Eyaso’s last days in his struggle against H/ coup was supported and protected by the Afar region valley and their leadership?

  19. I loved the Afar people and their land. As young university student I had a chance to visit the area. I was mesmerized with its people, the landscape, the plants, the Awash and other rivers that come to the arid region. I loved the young girls; the way they dressed and the way they smiled. I was shaken up by the young Adonis who accompany them with their loaded guns and turned my head and eyes away from being attacked for looking at those wonderful ladies. I am also historically connected to those people as they are one of the three powerful nations that are natives of the Horn of Africa- the Somalis, the Oromoms and The Afar. Above all the Afar is the place and origin of human species and man according to UC Berkeley Anthropologist and University of Addis Ababa scientists our ancestral mother came from the arid village in Afar. Lucy is the mother of all the people according to Anthropologists. I am very much tied to the Afar people. Our language and culture is very much tied. Even when they count and exchange their greeting it the same as my mother tongue. I do every day tune to Afar websites and listen to Afar songs and read their history. They are my people. Afar is intertwined with all the people of East Africa and in fact the whole people of the world. But they live a very harsh and hard lives. We need to really be with them materially as well as spiritually. They are very hard working people and they have been surviving in the harsh environment for a very long time in the upper section of the Rift Valley. It is tough; it difficult to survive in that environment. The temperature after 9:00 AM reaches 44 degree centigrades and animals and people cannot mover around. Water is very scarce except the rivers such as Awash and some rivulets that come to the area from the Eastern Tigray region especially from Agame and Saho area. The camels are the survival animals and goats provide meat and milk for the families. Fighting and defending from the raiding bands from Highlands of Ethiopia made Afar very skillful fighters and they command the desert from the Kilita Awallaloo and Hamamma all the way to Djibouti. The temperature is so high sometimes when birds fall sleep on the big lorries traveling from the highland area to Afar instantly day because of the temperature changes. The Afar people support their living conditions by using the Red Sea as part of their means of their survival. They cross the sea by boat and bring manufactured products and sell them to the highlands. Shoes, fabrics of different colors, guns and bullets are some of the means of generating income for the people. Their best staple crop is sorghum which ripens within 90 days. Most of the salt that provides to sweeten the food in the Ethiopian empire including the city of Makele, Gondar and Addis Ababa come from Afar region called Areho.

    They trade their animals and imported goods with the highland people of the Oromos and Tigrayas and even the central Shaw people for centuries. Their lives are full of hardship and I am very much worried about their future. According to the narrative from the Australian TV and the witnessing of the nurse that gave up every thing and lived in the area for the last twenty years tells us a lot that all of us should care for the people of Afar. Their survival is our survival. According to the journalist there is only one engineer for the whole area. There might not be any modern hospitals that care for the people of Afar except may be in few small towns such as Asayita and Gawane. Food is very scarce and health conditions are the lowest in the country. And their living standard even by Ethiopian scale is the lowest. Therefore I call upon all the people of the country to focus and do something as the nurse from Australia dedicated herself in the saving of the children and people of Afar. Where is the Ethiopian TV journalist? Where is the Government of Ethiopian
    working hard as the Excellency supporting the Afar people? Where are African individuals who devoted their lives for caring to the people of Afar; I am ashamed. I beg powerful government agency and the FOA and the UNICEF to focus their resources and expertise in helping the Afar people survive the harsh environment. I ask the Saudi government and other Arab leaders to continue helping the Afar people with the future leaders of the Afar people. I ask the new generations of Afar scientists, engineers, doctors to focus back their energy and follow the foot steps of the Excellency. He had his parts now is our turn to do what he has been doing for a very long time. History had left big responsibilities on our shoulders. I call upon the coming and the current Ethiopian government to allocate more funds to helping the people of Afar and make sure they survive the harsh environment.

    His Excellency Ali Mirah had known the problems that existed in his kingdom and nation and that was why he devoted all his life and his energy in making sure his people will survive the harsh environment and not they become extinct. That is the message I am getting from our wise father and spiritual leader of the Afar people. May he rest in peace.

    I am very grateful for the Burkuta the people of Afar fed me while I was their guest in their beautiful country. I salute them and salute our mother Lucy from Afar and the great Ali Mirah. Above all I do thank the nurse and the journalist from Australia for giving me a life long lessons about my people in Afar. I call upon the people of Somalia, Oromia, Tigray, Eritrea and others who border their land and nation to take care of them and be very friendly with them so that we may make the dream of his Excellency become true and put smile on the face of our common mother Lucy and united and live peacefully. May our God and Allah bless the people and nation of Afar.

    Please pass the video to other websites.

    Geremew Isaatuu.

  20. April 28, 2011

    With my highest respects,

    His Highness, Bitweded Sultan Ali Mirah, a great Ethiopian patriot and a pillar of the people of Afar, and historical guardian of Ethiopia’s freedom and its historic sovereignty, will be very much missed by all Ethiopians that knew and communicated with him and his devoted family.

    Sultan Ali Mirah is a great Ethiopian patriot, and I proudly attest to his dedication and love of Ethiopians, in both good and very trying times. We shall miss his wisdom and devoted prayers for all our people and our country’s liberation and independence. His sincere devotion to Ethiopia’s unity and the freedom of the Ethiopian people is historic, over and above the call of duty. As the protector of the sea and land of the eastern shores and border islands of Ethiopia, he was a tower of strength for several generations of Ethiopians.

    Many Ethiopian patriots had partaken joint heroic ressistance battles for over two centuries. Historians shall atest the great and glorious sacrifices of the Afar people that have endavoured and preserved Ethiopia’s unity, which we are duty bound to honor, respect and preserve for our future generations to follow.

    May God rest his Soul in eternal peace, and my humble condolances and respects to his family and to all my beloved Afari friends, whom I miss very much.

    Please pass on my salutations to his great family. With my great respects and love to all Afaris. We shall soon celebrate our freedoms in a united and glorious Ethiopia.


    Lij Seife-Michael Zewde,

    Virginia, U.S.A.

  21. May god/allah rest his soul and his dream come true. Why did he however form ALF as it really means the break up of Ethiopia as well if he opposed this? I am sure, since he was in Saudi Arabia, the influence of Liberation Fronts and Egypt and Arabs forced him to form ALF otherwise it doesn’t make sense. It shows who the agents of anti Ethiopians were, the TPLF, EPLF and OLF who are lead by Arabs and some Western countries for their own agenda. This struggle will continue with outside help until Ethiopia is into pieces. TPLF made sure of the weakening of Ethiopia and now the last step is to invite all the Liberation Fronts and take their piece of pie. However something happened, the liberation fronts especially EPLF and TPLF realized that with the climate change they cannot break and the only possible is to oppress Ethiopian people and forcefullly use its economic resources. Guess what, the other conspirator, OLF is problaby the adamant one also to fulfill the dream of break up thinking they can survive without the North. So secretly, the war has now changed in secretly is between TPLF and OLF. Both for their own selfish reason wihtout regards of the Ethiopian people including what the consequences will be for their own people. It is time that we know who is who and know about the heroes of Ethiopia past and present. so many stories have been hidden to advance the agenda of greedy people and outsiders.

    Peace and love be upon Ethiopia

  22. 23 love=
    sultan alimirah or king of afar people he used to strugle for ethiopian unity he was proud by ethiopia .also when he was exiled from derg regim then to fit this regim he creat ALF ( afar lebration front )
    it dosen’t mean nothing please don’t try to give different meanig
    cos it is clear this person was great ethioian and loved by ethiopian
    R.I.P ON HIM

  23. the son of sultan alimirah hanfare.hanfare alimirah he became the latest king of afar { the sultan of afar } hope fully he will succeed he father

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