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Ethiopia: The fruits of revolution – Five million plus dead

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By Dr. Robert Ingram Powell

Although revolutions are sometimes necessary to overcome tyranny, it is abundantly clear that the biggest product of revolutions is DEAD BODIES.

The Ethiopian Civil War, now approaching its thirtieth (30th) year, records 5 Million Human Beings have been slaughtered during that period. Were the truth known, the count is more than 10 million. Include those who die from war induced causes, quadruples that number. Conservatively 20 million human beings dead over a 30 year period.

Reports out of Ethiopia evidence groups opposing the Government of Mengistu Hailemariam, not one of which have clearly announced and defined platforms and principles which might evidence who they are, their education, background, and experience to operate the Government “if” they are able to take it over.

Absolute certainty is a term that can rarely be applied to any thing but death and taxes, however, in this case I will make an exception and point out that “the replacement of one collectivist regime with another, will not solve the problems Ethiopians face,” in the same way it did not solved problem for any other bankrupt collectivist ideology, any where else in the world. Collectivism, and all of its variants – simply do not work unless a free market system “feeds them”! Without LAISSEZ FAIRE CAPITALISM such ventures are a prescription for self destruction and failure.

Throughout history the first act of take over leaders that throughout history their first act is to kill off all of the intelligencia, the only individuals who could saving them; leaving only farmers and riflemen to “wish the infrastructure and an operations govt into existence.” Such acts by the replacement butchers and robbers only inevitably usher in another dark age with the hell on earth it brings for the people who only know how to RULE BY FORCE. Ask the leaders of the potential replacement Government leaders:

1) What is it that you propose to provide the people of Ethiopia that they do not already have?

2) Who are your leaders?

3) What is the educational background of your leaders?

4) What form of government do you propose to replace the present collectivism, socialist, communist system with? a) Collectivism? b) variant of a? c) A market economic system e.g., Capitalism? d) A variant of c.? If so, what?

5) Do you propose a Constitution of by and for the people? a) That will prohibit the use of Government force to violate the inalienable rights of the people stated in a Bill Rights? b) To limits use force by government to the protection of the Rights of individuals living under its jurisdiction, internally & externally? c) That prohibits the Government from making laws, rules or regulations concerning the economic sector. d) That prohibits absolutely all presumptive, supportive victimless crime laws, and provide for automatically removal from office elected officials propose or attempts to initiate legislation in derogation of the constitution by proliferation of victimless crime laws which impose collective quilt on the people to create victims so lawyers can profit from it. e) To require GOLD STANDARD to back the currency, to keep the elected representative of the people, at the insistence of lobby groups from endlessly picking their pockets “in the name of the public good” by dilution of the currency with infusions of worthless paper money without backing and resultant government created inflation, further impoverishing citizens, and a self destructing system.

6) Do you propose a Bill of Rights to establish the Right to Life, the Right to property legally acquired, traded, inherited, the right to freedom of speech, religion and uncoerced freedom of choice, freedom of choice, freedom of movement, freedom from illegal search and seizure, the right to vote. Rights established as a function of one’s birth as a human being and not a grant of government.

7) Do you propose any free services for the people? If the answer to this question is yes? Answer this questions: At who’s expense? i.e., There is nothing in life that is free. The money, labor, materials have to come from somewhere. Do they propose to use the force of govt to take away from someone else & redistribute to those who want other to pay their way? Answer the question!

I have provided a few fundamental and essential ingredients of a system of government of, by, and for the people which ultimately would have a chance to survive, given the people are sufficiently educated to understand what they gain by its adoption.

There are no rights for some individuals which are to be provided by the sacrifice of other individuals in their behalf. Rights are conditions for mankind existence and survival as human beings. The right to life is the primary, and the ownership of property lawfully acquired, traded or brought into being through the physical or mental activity of an individual is the implementation of the right to life. The right to life presupposes the right to self-defense, to maintain ones right inviolate against criminal aggression.” A right to be a right must be co-equally held by all individuals at the same time.” If you initiate the use of force to violate another equal right to life or property, you are a criminal.

Let us ask what the opposition forces offer the people of Ethiopia, and, while we are waiting let us write our leaders all over wherever in the world DEMANDING they DEMAND that the United Nation swiftly to bring a cease-fire in Ethiopia by diplomatic means if possible. To use troops where all diplomatic attempts fail within a 30 day period fail. The continued killing and starving of 1 to 3 million human beings per year expended in the Ethiopian civil war cannot be further tolerated. Evil exists to the extent that humans sanction it, and is impotent without human sanction.

That is an axiomatic expression. The continued ignoring of the killing in Ethiopia by the U.N. is in fact the U.N. sanction of it. Now put your pens and telephones to work. The future is what you make it.

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