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Woyanne exclusivism in glaring display

By Teodros Kiros

Old, young, men and women came to Cambridge, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston), on a beautiful spring day to protest the stooges of Tyranny, when they dared to stage their mediocre five year plan. Tyrants are shameless beings. They speak with two ends of their mouth. On the one hand, they had a poster outside which said: “Let us resolve our differences through dialogue.”

At the same time, they converted the street into a combat zone with the unnecessary presence of armed Cambridge police and sought to criminalize the protesters outside.

Boston anti-Woyanne protest Woyannes failed on two counts. They obviously did not understand what they wrote on the poster that differences must be resolved by dialogue. Instead, consistent with Woyannes Ethnocracy, they developed a mysterious definition of Ethiopianity and decided to invite their Ethiopians to the capricious exclusion of the Ethiopians outside. Once again they proved their incompetence and miserably failed to criminalize the disciplined Ethiopians outside. Infact, they inadvertently criminalized themselves and performed their notorious obsession with ethnocracy. This is nothing new.

They failed even more at a deeper level. They thought that by criminalizing the sizable protesters outside that the protesters would be frustrated and enter into street fights. Instead the protesters remained cool and chose appropriate slogans aimed at some of the shameless participants, other than the usual cadres who are existentially rooted in the fate of the moribund tyranny, which in due time is going to be dismantled by the activities of the Ethiopian people through the spectacular model of protest- the people’s peaceful Uprising, which is being crafted patiently, smartly and appropriately at the right time, in the right place and to the right degree.

The Woyanne’s are so drunk with power that they think they will intimidate us with a military apparatus, and we the people are going to resist them with our sheer numbers, our moral intelligence and our discipline.

The protest against tyranny in Cambridge attended by an adequate number was disciplined, well organized and qualitatively impressive. For now the Ethiopian people’s yearning for freedom and dignity is not a function of numbers, as the Woyanne’s think, but a function of quality, discipline and determination.

In due time the peoples’ struggle will be expressed both in numbers and substance and will be guided by an inclusive Ethiopianity as opposed to an exclusive ethnocracy, in the spirit of Woyanne’s “ revolutionary democracy”

At Cambridge and many other places the Woyannes continue to expose their intellectual vacuity and managerial incompetence.

Their five year came as it left, preached to the usual quire but failed to attract the attention of the protesters outside, had they been invited to reflect and debate the content in the people’s agora. The ethnocratic program of tyranny is simply so incompetently organized that it did not even know how to invite opponents to a dialogue free of domination; instead of dialogue genuine Ethiopians were treated to the Cambridge police.

(Teodros Kiros, Ph.D., can be reached at [email protected])

7 thoughts on “Woyanne exclusivism in glaring display

  1. While you are sniffing for US leftover. At lest the people you call them “Woyanne” are trying to do some thing to Ethiopia “YOUR BELOVED COUNTRY”. You stupid immigrant if you love & care for that world laughing stock & THE POOREST OF THE POOR COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH, COME AND BRING YOUR MONEY AND THEN COMPLAIN IF THE GOVERNMENT IN POWER IS NOT WORKING. You are used to barging to each other about love to your country is empty gesture.

    You love your country, then show it in tangible actions not in annual meeting with your kind of people. Other wise, please shut your stupid mouth and comments and “ENJOY USA” YOU ESCAPED POVERTY IN AN IMAGINABLE SCALE. Do you know that an estimated more than 90% of Ethiopian outside Addis walk with out simple shoes and drink filthy water?

    Are you one of those Ethiopian protesting about dam building in Ethiopia? If you come to power are you going to build Nuclear power? I can imagine, you have been against successive rulers in Ethiopia. To you just to oppose every thing that comes out of Ethiopia is like ADDICTION.

    Don’t jump up & down for my harsh comment. You are not alone. There are 1000s Ethiopian out there like you. They open their mouth because they can do so.

    Chines investment in the last 10 years is extremely better than what USA & later USSR have invested for the last 50 years. USA wants Ethiopia for military base to control the surrounding junk Arab countries and their oil. I remember USSR was cheating Ethiopian port authorities by re-registering the same shipment twice or three times & charing a lot more.

    If you are frightened to go back among those poor Ethiopian to witness what Chinese are doing while you are regurgitating your endless opposition.

    Weak up & smell the coffee. What is the advantage of having this or that miners and this and that rivers unless they used by Ethiopians or the rest of the world.

    Chao Chawo Mr Empty patriotism >> Go back and serve your poor country, surrounded by barbaric Arab and their satellites.


  2. The solution is simple, the opposition should invite Girma Birru and the likes for a free dialog and draft conditions of support for the 5.2MW 4 billion dollar project. The opposition should offer conditions that will totally de-link the project from TPLF as bases for support and let TPLF accept or reject the proposal.

  3. Lemma Assefa (commentator #1):

    You signed in as Lemma Assefa, and then signed off as Belete.

    From your English, one tell you fondly learned American English, perhaps in an American missionary school. You must have liked USA then.

    From your self-admission of your knowledge of how the USSR used Ethiopia, you may be one of those students with the “down with Imperialism” slogan.

    From your standing witness to how the “Chinese built Ethiopia in the last 10 years,” one can tell where your current allegiance lies.

    If someone told you tomorrow that the Brazilians are the new “superpower,” one can tell that you would dump China in a moment’s notice and start to bow for the Brazilians.

    What does this say about you? You are neither Lemma Assefa nor Belete. You are not good for the Ethiopian people, the USA, USSR, China, Brazil, yourself, and anybody that comes after it.

    It is not people like you who first tried to stabilize the country that you were set out to destabilize and now you are trying to lecture us how you are working hard to develop the country. You have little value.

  4. Lemma Assefa,
    TPLF have been in power for a little over 20 years and since then Ethiopians have lost their freedoms, tens of thousands Ethiopians are locked up and killed, Ethiopians struggle to feed their children, it is harder to find cooking oil, sugar, fuel, medical care and other things and they cannot afford the high taxes. Yes, life is great for dictator Melese, members of TPLF and the few disgraced Ethiopian traitors who have chosen to be close to the regime that loot and massacre Ethiopians. But, ruling the country with iron fist and abusing Ethiopians, robbing poor Ethiopians and depositing it in foreign banks, is not what any sensible human being think of progress. You and the likes of you are brainless and heartless.

  5. This message is for Lemma Assefa
    What all you say is as if we did not understand what the woyane dictator doing in Ethiopia.
    Let me tell you about what you said that one of the Ethiopian who wants and go to Ethiopia a few years ago to invest in Dera dewa. He opens a glass shop and he becomes very success full. He flow all the government regulation like paying tax on time and so on. When they see his success they increased the tax by 120% and he was okay to pay but later they forced him to give up and leave the business. Now His business is owned by woyane hodam member so what you said about it.

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