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Protesters attack Libya TV station – AFP

(AFP) — Protesters in the Libyan capital Tripoli sacked state broadcast offices and set branches of the People’s Committees that are the mainstay of the regime ablaze overnight, witnesses told AFP on Monday.

“The headquarters of Al-Jamahiriya Two television and Al-Shababia radio have been sacked,” one witness told AFP by telephone on condition of anonymity.

Broadcasts on both channels were interrupted on Sunday evening but resumed on Monday morning.

A number of witnesses said protesters had torched public buildings in the capital overnight, not only People’s Committee offices but also police stations.

(Reuters) – BP has suspended preparations for exploratory drilling for oil and gas in western Libya due to growing unrest in the north African country, a spokesman for the British energy giant said on Monday.

The company does not produce any oil or gas in Libya but has been readying an onshore rig to start drilling for fuel in the west of the country.

“We are looking at evacuating some people from Libya, so those preparations are being suspended but we haven’t started drilling and we are years away from any production,” the spokesman said.

One thought on “Protesters attack Libya TV station – AFP

  1. Yes! When brutal dictators keep building brutal oppression machinery and keep brutalizing the citizens they must understand, using their small decadent fattened brains, that they are keeping huge, simmering and HOT volcano just below the surface waiting to explode at any time. That explosion is now taking place with no power to suffocate it. How can you prevent exploding volcanoes? No way! :)

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