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Why is the Obama administration tongue-tied on Libya?

Maybe it is fear of coming down on the wrong side of a coup that has left the Obama administration reluctant to criticize Qaddafi’s crackdown. When asked by a reporter if Qaddafi is a dictator, “State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley remained silent and looked for another question to answer,” Fox News reports. Nonetheless, the journalist persisted, finally prompting an answer from Crowley: “I don’t think he came to office through a democratic process.”

This afternoon the State Department released a brief statement — “The United States is gravely concerned with disturbing reports and images coming out of Libya,” etc.—but so far there is nothing from the White House. This is especially bizarre since an administration that in the course of a month has witnessed two Arab uprisings should presumably have some sort of working script by now to apply to events unfolding in Libya. So why is the Obama administration tongue-tied? After all, this is not a U.S. ally, but a regime that in 2009 won, and celebrated, the release of an intelligence officer responsible for the deaths of 190 American citizens over the skies of Lockerbie, Scotland. Merely giving up a nuclear weapons program, as Qaddafi did in 2003, does not make a regime friendly to U.S. interests. Through his silence, Obama is giving the impression that the White House is standing with Qaddafi. – The Weekly Standard

10 thoughts on “Why is the Obama administration tongue-tied on Libya?

  1. What does obama will say or do ? actually it was all over CNN the US admin is confused for a reason where is this revolution stop as you see EGYPT MUBAREK was a US friend so is BAHREN now the US is partially silent until they figure out what they can or can’t do.

  2. This revolution in the Middle East is swept not only the cronies in those countries but took away the trust the people have on the US at least in standing with the them in times of democratic uprisings.The speech Obama made two years agao in Cairo and the promises the US leaders made before him were exposed to be fake and simple rehetorics. The US is behind the curve of the political development in these countries and if the Obama administration prefers to stay on course,the US will completely loose it’s diminishing trust and will definitely face to sell it’s counter terrerism strategy in the region in the future. Unless these democratic uprisings are given proper response to the satisfaction of the youth, I personally afraid that the youth will soon loose hopes and will tend to be attracted and join extremist organizations which are dangerous to the interest of the US and the region.The US has to have an emergency plan and should tell to the leaders of this region to immediately take drastic change measures including and up to surrendering power to the opposition or people trusted care takers.

  3. Americans must be frantically looking for a “yes” man in everyone of this restive states. They are trying to preemtively strtike in Ethiopia. Since our opposition is fragmented they cannot trust the opposition. Their only option is to embolden Zenawi. The opposition must wake up and form a united front. Bettewr yet form a government in exile and start negotiating Zenawi’s ouster.

  4. Obama is powerless
    can’t do anything with out those whom they are behind him, obama will say nothing untill they will give to him permit, he didn’t said anything untill the last day of mubarak, are we think the west and american’s like any govrnment whom elected by people?

  5. In Libya there is a resource curse, Oil. This resource has been ransacked by all. Democracy is advocated only when it does not bring nationalist party, when it brings parties that preach loot and let us loot. The West have been and may continue to be on the side of dictators where ever there is a resource to plunder without direct colonization. Saddam was the Western gay to wage war against the Iran revolution. Mubarak was described as “not a dictator” by vice president Biden and a “wise man” by the promiscuous Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi on the verge of his oust. The same is to Ghadafi. Remember, Ghadafi is a ruthless terrorist to his people and being guarded by mercenaries, may be from Blackwater or some drag curtails. Did you hear the speech of his son last night? I do not think even Melese has been so much condescending to his people. Now, the West is more scared because the revolution may sweep the other dictatorial allies Jordan, the third largest aid recipient from US, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, and may be, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Different dictator masterminds from Tel Aviv to DC to Rome even tried to retain Mubarak under different pretext. It is very hard when you fight with the rich, well equipped, and evilly greedy groups. It is not easy even if Obama really wants change. May God free Ethiopia and other oppressed, greedy and ruthless gangs.

  6. Please remind Mr. Obama the days of $0.75 /gal gone for good.Better associate with the people of Arabia and Africa.While bodies of the victims of Gadaffi’s mercenery forces are piling up,Obama-Clinton & Co. concern lies on the fate of a million barrel/day supply to its European allies.One has to look on the pathetic statements by the Italian foreign minister.Otherwise how one can explain Obama’s silence while civilians are bombed by airforce jets and the hypocryte talk about stability.

  7. Obama cannot do any thing at all, after all he was selected to facilitate and smoothen what Bush has started. There for obama can only be a face of hope with out any delivery fo his promises.

    People should stop counting on USA to be just as it professes to be.

  8. obama’s mentor jeremiah wright travelled with farrakhan to meet with gaddafi in the 1980’s to get a billion dollar gift from gaddafi to the u.s. based nation of islam. obama demanded mubarak step down because mubarak was a u.s. ally and had a peace agreement with israel. obama is on the side of gaddafi and the president of iran and is intent of bringing about the demise of israel and white america. his actions reflect this.

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