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Who stole 10,000 tons of Ethiopian coffee?

When Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi announced recently that 10,000 tons (20 million pounds, or 9 million kilograms) of coffee disappeared without a trace, the Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit (ERIU) immediately went to work to find out who took it. For ERIU’s crack team of investigators it was not difficult to find out how 25,000 truck loads of coffee beans could disappear without a trace. The ERIU team has uncovered that the coffee was stolen by none other than the dictator’s wife, the mother of corruption Azeb Mesfin. Fully aware in advance that it was Azeb who stole the coffee, Meles called a meeting with traders and asked them to forget about what happened to the disappeared coffee, but warned them that if any one steals coffee against I will cut off his hands. Watch the press conference below.

48 thoughts on “Who stole 10,000 tons of Ethiopian coffee?

  1. Meles thinks all Ethiopians are ignorants. How in the world can 10,000 tons of any kind of produce can be stolen by individuals? It was easier to tell that he needs that money and disposed of the stock. At list he could have avoided insulting us. But he is stealing and showing us that we are just a bulk of nonesense. We is insulting all the people by conversation. Wake up Ethiopians.

  2. The same as the Gold which has been stolen form the treasury and replaced with iron slabs. They are trying to accumulate a foreign currency deposit for that God forsaken region of them in case they one day separate from Ethiopia. Tigray will never be a nation. They have tried to take the fertile lands of Gondar and Wello, they are looting Ethiopian resource but still they will never make it happen. The Ethiopian people will make sure that they will pay back all the stolen wealth even more. Meles Zenawi is dreaming with his diminutive and crazy mind.

  3. You know Elias,
    It is not for you but for those who consider you a valid humanbeing that I fell very sorry. You are indeed subhuman, demonic, satan. You should have died long a go.

  4. Gone are days on which trash talks like these are entertained.Election campains of the 2005 were filled with such nonsense.The era is for sweet talks like…we’r gonna have 31 universities,10000MW generating capacity and exporting electricity,thousands of condomnium houses for the low income individuals,exporting educated graduats,and having a trillion birr economy etc…Suit yourself.

  5. It was Gold then that was turned into bricks. Now, 10,000 tons coffee? Let me be blunt here. If I were Meles. I will just keep quiet. Honestly, this is the most embarrassing thing that can ever happen to someone who claims in charge of the Ethiopian nation. God! What are they like!

    Well done Ethiopian Review!Good choice of music as well.

  6. Let’s see if Meles is going to cut off the hands of his evil wife. It is unfortunate, very troubling, maddening and extremely sad that our peace loving people are under a group of Godless, evil minded, cruel and armed professional robbers. It has been proven again and again that Meles his wife and their close friends have no love of country and they came to loot even at the cost of human life and they have been exercising their evil act on our country and people for more than 20 years. The disgraceful husband and wife and their close buddies are all thieves and have the blood of countless number of innocent Ethiopians on their hands. These despicable mafia group have no shame, no sympathy, no conscience, no dignity, no empathy for no one, but their own. Soon, Meles will also be humiliated and be known around the world as a looter and murderer of innocent people, just like Mubarak. Death to Azeb, Meles and the rest of their professional heartless mafia friends.

  7. how can weyanes smart intetlligence unable to track the location of 10,000tone of coffee whereas they are caught red handed bomb before it sneak in the town? its very funny to see meles face when he lies!

  8. In a One MAN dictatorship where the dictator’s eyes and his petty paid spying agents are everywhere as well as where 99.9% of the Ethiopian votes have been willfully stolen so just within the shortest blinking of an eye stealing 10 000 tons of coffee is just a breeze. For a dictator who stole the entire country itself for himself what prevents him from stealing 10 000 metric tons of coffee.

    Even ousted Tunisian president Ben Ali’s wife just walked down to the country’s national bank cellar and shipped out some 1.2 million pure gold bars to be deposited in a secret private personal storage.

    In Wayane’s Ethiopia, NO ONE else possess the necessary and complete human and material infrastructure to steal 10 000 tons of coffee other than Wayane itself.

    It has always been the tradition and customary practice the cunning TPLF to secretly kill innocent people and come out to ask as to who committed the crime as well as secretly steal valuable resources, goods and funds and cunningly come out and publicly ask as to who committed the robbery because they think that others are either afraid to challenge, talk, investigate, and or simply the dumb of the dumbest.

    This is pure and simple cheating tragedy!

    “I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating”

    ~Sophocles wrote(One of the classical Athens’ three great tragic playwrights)

  9. I recomand everyone to tead the article by A.Buh on
    The looting of Ethiopia by the TPLF junta is breathtaking.

    Could Ethiopia survive the Jasmine Revolution

    By Abdikarim H. Abid Buh

    The Indian Noble-Prize winning economist, Amartya Sen, postulates:
    “Shortfalls in food supply do not cause widespread deaths in a democracy because vote-seeking politicians will undertake relief efforts; but even modest food shortfalls can create deadly famines in authoritarian societies.”

    Ethiopia is the only country in Africa, or I may say, in the world that needs pre-emptive foreign intervention to save it from total destruction as Meles Zenawi’s regime sits on a thin ice that needs a flicker of fire to pull down his domino house of power. The ongoing winds of change that engulfed the countries to the north of Ethiopia (Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan and etc) which are relatively much better, in terms of civil liberty and economic life, are bound to sweep through Ethiopia with vengeance in the very near future.

    Ethiopia under the current dictatorial regime has all the ingredients that cause to trigger uncontainable mass uprising that has the potential to melt down Mele Zenawi’s regime. The forth coming uprising, unlike Egypt or Tunisia, will result rivers of blood on the streets of Addis followed by ethnic cleansing of the Tigrean people because the regime and the army that committed untold human rights violations are entirely based on one ethnic (Tigrean) group. Besides the economic and political sectors which are colonised by ethnic Tigreans, the security sector and the Army for the first time in the history of Ethiopia became the monopoly of one ethnic group – Who is who of Ethiopia’s Top Army Brass.

    Egypt and Tunisia have a national army that can save the state but unfortunately there are no such safeguards in Ethiopia because the regime and the army are one and the same. The masses deem the Tigrean people to have colluded with the regime in its suppression of other Ethiopian nationalities. The regime kills and maims people in the name of the Tigrean people. The uprising in the pipeline won’t be limited to regime change but might go further to address the century old colonial question once and for all – the split of Ethiopia into six or seven ethnic based independent states.

    Ethiopia has a grim reading in all indicators of good governance

    Tunisia and Egypt were both flashing consistent GDP growth as Zenawi does at the end of every year but all indicators show that the wealth didn’t trickle down to the common man – even the Dergi regime registered their highest, 13.9%, in 1987 just after the famine and at the height of the internal wars. Despite the overall economic growth, obviously none people centred, in the country, Ethiopia still has one of the lowest GDP per capita in the world and also a quarter of its people are food aid dependent.

    Premier Zenawi is so fraudulent that in reaction to IMF and World Bank recommendations to privatise public owned assets; he instead legalised the theft of the whole lot in a way even the blind can see. The Ethiopian Privatization Agency (EPA) was established as an autonomous agency in February 1994 to oversee the privatisation of the state owned enterprises. In place of “hands off” free market approach, the Orwellian regime transferred the ownership of state assets to TPLF and thus transformed the state assets in to parastatals run by exclusive Tigrean people who are affiliated with party. This stifled competition and created an economy based on state sector and phony conglomerates, parastatals, whose income goes to private pockets. See the extent of corruption List of TPLF owned business

    In response to his irresponsible fiscal policy that resulted Ethiopia’s inflation to jump from 10.2 to 14.5 percent last month after a steep rise in food and non – food prices caused in part by two successive currency devaluation in less than 12 months – Premier Zenawi resorted to putting price caps on many commodities. The business community withdraw their stocks from the shelves because the market is governed by demand and supply not by circulars from the Premiers’ office.

    At the time of this writing, Thursday 03rd Feb, the Premier ruled out the possibility of another major devaluation of the Birr in the coming five years. The premier told his so called legislators, in question and answers suggestion, that the inflation is caused by the traders whom he accused are artificially inflating food prices on the back of global price increases and a September devaluation of the birr.

    The premier seems to have taken leave out of sanity because there is no expert in this world who can say there will be no inflation that can warrant to depreciating the birr for the coming five years especially when it was a general knowledge that another devaluation was to come in the following two months – this is a panic reaction induced by the Jasmine revolution.

    Ethiopia can support the food needs of its people if the government is wise enough to invest in to viable agricultural projects instead of selling the best land to flower growing companies at nominal fee of £10 a hector for hundred years lease. This sort of land confiscation policy created a multitude of landless peasants who either coerced to join the internally displaced people or toil their own land for the new foreign landlords for a very low wage. Projects of this nature are preferred by Meles regime because they pop up the GDP figures which he enjoys to brandish at all times.

    Well preserved forests that covers over three thousand hectares went under the hammer and is to be given to Verdanata Harvests PLC, an Indian company, against the wishes of the locals. The forest is to make way for tea plantations that would affect the ecological system of the area. Despite public outcry and Ethiopia president’s, Girma Wolde-Girogis, expressed concerns over land grabbing in the Gambella Regional State (Southwest Ethiopia), Mezghnger Zone, Guderre Woreda ; Premier Zenawi wants the project, without further consultation, to start on time because it is good for the GDP – people don’t eat distorted GDP figures.

    The annual Freedom House’s report ranks countries in the world as Free, Partly Free and Not Free based on their respect for political rights and civil liberties. The latest report notes that Ethiopia’s ranking has dropped from ‘Partly Free’ in 2009 to ‘NOT FREE’ in 2010 due to the heightened political repression, and the clampdown on independent media and nongovernmental organizations. Freedom House also notes that Ethiopia’s decline is the most significant drop in the ranking in the sub-Saharan Africa as well as the world in 2010.

    A recent ranking put Ethiopia near the bottom of the world prosperity index (107th out of 110 countries in the world) and also UNDP’s index ranked it at the bottom in UNDP Human Development Indicator (157 out of 169 countries). A statistics by shows (202nd out of 213) that Face book penetration in Ethiopia is only 0.28 percent, which is one of the lowest in Africa. Ethiopian and other independent websites are blocked and radios including VOA are jammed. The internet speed of Ethiopia is the slowest in Africa and yet has the highest censorship regime in place – now word like Egypt, Tunisia are put in the bad books of the censorship board.

    Ethiopia’s successive dictatorial regimes were traditionally legitimised and always rewarded for their unparalleled human rights violations by the international community and Zenaw’s regime is treading the ancient road in this new global village. See the latest human rights report of Ethiopia Human Rights Watch (full Report)

    Background to Ethiopia’s Tigrean Regime

    Primier Minister Mele Zenawi came to power on the back of highly disciplined communist secessionist guerrilla force, Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front, that fortune handed the crown of Ethiopia in 1991. Initially the executive committee were divided as to how to handle the new unprepared for challenge – they never thought about governing Ethiopia – of running Ethiopia as opposed to their original secessionist goal. TPLF’s secret consensus at the time was to build and develop their barren region from the treasury of Ethiopia and to superimpose their guerrilla forces and their other cadres on the institutions that held Ethiopia together. This paradigm was adopted to appease the diehard secessionist members because it provides a strong safety valve – it is simply win- win situation in the eyes of the intransigent secessionists. Zenawi was quoted to have said “if the going gets tough then we have our developed region to fall back with the added benefit that Ethiopia will never haunt us as it will cease to exist after our departure”.
    All the nationality based armed fronts in Ethiopia, EPLF, ONLF, OLF and etc stood in solidarity with the TPLF on the understanding that they could jointly thrust the multi ethnic backward Ethiopia, to the 21st century political life but to their dismay found out that the TPLF is still committed to their secessionist agenda. Within months of coming to power the TPLF implemented their hidden agenda by disarming most of nationality based armed fronts with exception of EPLF (Eritrean People’s Liberation Front) and ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front), the later seeking to liberate the Somali inhabited regions of Eastern Ethiopia and the former were their mentors which they can’t afford to touch.

    Premier Zenawi and his comrades, the executive committee of the TPLF, lost no time in replaying the scenarios in George Orwell’s classic novel “animal farm” an allegory of early history of the Soviet Union. The TPLF’s secessionist guerrilla fighters who were indoctrinated to defend the interest of their region on the expense of Ethiopia were renamed as the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). Federal Army’s rank and file is all inclusive and populated by members that hail from the nationalities of the federal states and are educated to be the guarantor of the constitution and to remain none- partisan in the local and national politics while the ethnic guerrilla forces have allegiances only to their superiors and to their region and thus see other nationalities as their subservient – bounty of war. Ethiopia has no federal Army because the country’s ambition to become federal was by design aborted by the TPLF.

    The Premier and his men also renamed the TPLF as EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) to mislead the international community in to believing that the regime is broad based one. EPRDF is a Trojan horse invented by TPLF to hold on to power by false pretence. The parties that are claimed by the TPLF government to share the umbrella of EPRDF with them are but only figments in their imaginations. With the exception of TPLF none of the other parties from the EPRDF are real and legitimate representatives of their constituents. The OPDO(Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation), in the new speak, is the new name for the outlawed OLF(Oromo Liberation Front), the SEPDF is a new name that came out of the blue and the ANDM(Ahmara National Democratic Movement) is the new name of EPDM(Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement). The ONLF (Ogaden Liberation Front), OLF and ALF Afar Liberation front and others are active and engage the TPLF’s army in the country side all year round.

    Conclusion: United States should initiate a quick regime change

    United States and its western allies keep this repressive regime in power by pumping three billion dollars a year (military and non-military aid) without demanding good governance in exchange. The same money is used by the Tigrean forces to subdue the other Ethiopian nationalities – America knowingly instigates, finances and lends diplomatic support to the genocidal regime of Meles Zenawi.

    Like the dictators (Mubarik, Sainal Abdin, Melez and etc) the US government supports, America, usually wakes up when things fall apart or at the 11th hour. In the case of Egypt, the soon to come democratic government, irrespective if Islamist Brotherhood takes over or not, will be accountable to their voters who are resentful the subservient status their country is relegated to. Egypt which is strategically located at the Zeus canal where quarter of world trade goes through and which is also the centre of the Muslim and Arab world will never be the same rubber stamp but will occupy its lofty position.

    Taking in to account the dire economic, social and political situation of Ethiopia; chances of Meles regime surviving the people’s revolution is next to nil, so for the US to start regime change in Ethiopia, as soon as possible, is the only practical option that can save the second most populace country in Africa.

    The current relocation of US embassy to a safer part of Addis, at a time the country is at the brink of total disaster, is a misplaced priority. Whenever a US embassy is relocated to where they see as a safer compound, surprisingly the host government falls into black hole. The Experience of US embassy’s relocation to KM7, Afgoi road, compound just before a year Somalia imploded was a bad investment which is locally known as the mad house.-the compound was turned in to UNISOM army barrack and later in to IDP camp and I am afraid the new embassy in Addis will most probably become a future IDP camp.

    Abdiakrim H. Abdi Buh
    Email:[email protected]
    Political analyst and WardheerNews contributor

  10. He said it. “Ejachn yasgebanbet” He is confessing that the all are thieves. The whole wey-ane system is begging to be removed from power. The people are in a long sleep. What are they waiting.Some times it is better to die a heroic death trying to remove wey-ane from power than dieing miserable death caused by hunger and disease.

  11. “Mefeteriyen Telah/Meftary atsliuni lomis”

    One ex prostitute from Khartoum high school drop out looted 25,000 truck loads of coffee still leaves in the land of so many hero people. What a shameful time we are in those days????

    Shame on Woyane Generals to be such cowards to be controlled by YAREJE LEMON/MUTSAW LOMIN Azeb Gola.

    Hello, Hello Tegadalay AMORA, HAYELOM, GESSESSE AYELE etc…. Where are you, we need you so badly today come on and save us!!!

  12. Great job Elias!
    I never seen the tyrant so calm. Once again, it is very obvious that the ruthless thief was lying through his ugly teeth, knowing that he himself and his wife Azeb were the ones who stole the 10,000 tons of coffee. There is no doubt that, for the last 20 years, a lot more coffee and other goods have been stolen by Meles, his wife and their Organized Crime Group–TPLF.

  13. That has a value of $50 million. To be honest, I think Azeb is 10X worse than Meles. He is not full of greed–you can tell just by looking at them. Greed is the worst quality that anyone in power can have.

  14. People go to jail because they stole $20.00 now 10,000 tons of coffee disappeared and Meles is telling us to forget it? No investigation of any kind? He thinks we all are ignorant. This is time to stand up and make him disappear like the coffee. I can’t wait Meles and his evil wife Azeb to go to hell! How much money do they need? How much is enough? This is what they called “Vampire” They are a human bloodsucker.

  15. What are the evidences that Azeb had stolen the coffee? I am not saying that she is innocent but at least we need evidences. From his husbands explanation, he was as systematic as usual. But that is not enough. I need more evidences.

  16. Hi Tigist

    I share your concern, but we must also ask how Azeb can afford to spend millions of Eruos on a shopping spree at some of the most expensive clothing stores and boutiques in Europe, just recently? If she is indeed employed how is she able to amass millions in a country where the per-capital income is less than $1000.00/year? are among the questions that are raised in my mind.

  17. #21, have you ever seen the woyne tyrant this calm, like nothing ever happened and at the same time dismissed everything with out any kind of investigation? Come on! With out a shadow of a doubt he definitely knew to what happened to that coffee and who stole it. One don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out, just a little common sense. Meles, his wife and their gang-banger buddies are a bunch of criminals that have been robbing the country and massacring innocent people for more than two decades. And they will continue to do the same and more unless they are stopped by every means of necessary. The human sufferings and the looting of our country has to stop!!

  18. Please somebody bring solid evidence to convince Tigist that we have blood suckers in our hands. Are you kidding me? If I despise anyone above Woyane, it is this type of esoteric apologist who are levitated far beyond reality, probably pampered with Pena Colada in their hands. They are looking down on the rest of Ethiopia at best to prove they are above the frill; or at worst by basking with the looted spoil.

    TEGIST : Get out of the Woyane (BLOOD STAINED)Classroom, before it is too late.


  19. Well the problem is us and not Woyane. We do not have unity. The Oromo and Somali elities are bent on destroying the unity of Ethiop;ians. Our so called opposition parties are weak and are now inflilitrated by Woyane cadres like Gebru Asrat and murderer Seye Abraha. We need to do some house cleaning in order to create a strong United Front of Pan-Ethiopian democratic forces to remove Woyane from power and uproot the Ethno-apartheid system so that the Woyane cancer will be removed from the Ethiopian body-politic once and for all.

    Unity is the manin ingridient that is lacking now. We all need to come to the table with one and only one purpose in mind — to forge unity of all Pan-Ethiopian Democratic Forces to remove the curse and cancer, that is, Woyane.

    I, for one, am ready to do all I can to make this happen, including giving up my precious life for my beloved country.

    Thank you.
    Wondimu Mekonnen

  20. Wonderfull work Ethiopian Review… The best video of 2011…

    What is the facination of this guy to talk in guramilia. Is it to tell the public that he speaks English or what? Wow what complex.

    I love it!

  21. I don’t see any problem with them stealing it, that is expected of the third world leader and Melese and his wife are not the exception. If we believe what we read, Melese and his wife have amassed $1,200,000,000.- and his wife did spend Euro 1,200,000.- in Spain and, while hunger is stocking the population. So, unless they say they have enough loot stashed away in foreign banks, wife and husband with their Tigrian stooges are going to stay in power

  22. Kaleab or Kelb #4–you are the true little pignata of weyane. Your master is in his death bed. Soon he will be told by his makers to abandon the ship. As you are the lap dog of weyane (kelb) your thinking is not better than rock wiler. For a cahnge look at “” and you will see you dear leader meles among the 7 wonders of dectators on number 5. Who do you want to assure you that your “dear leader” is finished.

  23. Wondemu Mekonen #26, you nailed it right on the head. Yes, Woyanes use OLF, ONLF and the likes of these separatists groups to dismantle and divide Ethiopia/ns, so that the TPLF gangs keep on doing what they do best — loot, kill and destroy our country one acre at a time. These brainwashed separatists group were created by Isayas Afeworki and Meles to hate Amharas particularly with out a cause. Haile Selassie and Mengestu were not Amharas and they had never treated Amharas any better, in fact, Amharas in Gondar, Gojam and Wollo got very little from the last two regime and much, much worse from Meles. Unless Ethiopians unite, it is impossible to topple the evil man that is living in Arat Killo Palace that is looting and destroying our country.

  24. Nice evidence E:R as usuall.For me as an Ethiopian it doesnt surprice me because my mather land is invaided by the most ethnofasist,mafia and murrderer grupes of tigreans banda and they are not few of them at least 50% of tigreans are anti ethiopian and they are exactlly like (EPLF)who wanted Eritiria just for themselves and Ethiopia to be shared with them.Now is the time to rise up and get rid of (T:P:L:F)we have to know that Seye and Gebru asrat are TPLF and they were there when ethiopia and our flage were desecrated and i will never forgive them for what they did to Ethiopia.We all have to know that Ginbot really the org.which could bring change and we all have to support them.By now every body should trust G7 to take the struggel to next leavel by working with all of the armed grupes like Arbegnoch ginbar,Kefagn and all grupes who stands for unity and democracy.I hope there will never be a problem to work together.Remember what happen for those who were hero of ethiopians for short perioed of times and they wanted to be dictatores and now they are histroy.Therefore I hope every elite must know no body is above the low.Victory for us and death for T:P:L:F and there hodam supporters.God bless Ethiopia.The pillar of Africa.We have to support the opposition at home also because now they have seen what is going on in TUNISIA and EGYPT and etc.

  25. watch well.
    He was trying to control his laughter.
    Around the end he was about to LOL.
    What an Idiot and shameless shifta.
    What a disgrace for us Ethiopians mama

  26. the same old story…. bank selling iron bars as gold…. and yet he kills and imprisons innocent businessmen for making a dollar profit – meles and his gang have money hidden in the billions but they are out to destroy the country

  27. What about the stealing of GOLD. The government purchased that ends up buying gold painted iron. Has this thing ever been experienced in all the reactionary regime, It surprised me why it happens in this”democratic” govt.
    The big shame of Melese. Where is your intelligence work on this

  28. cholew meles will blame the ghost to save his wife Gwal-Gola. She is worse than Tunisian layla who was driven out of the country with her fleeing husband. She managed to clear out the Tunisian bank of all its reserve Gold weighing one and half tonne on a private aircraft to Saudi Arabia. Somebody should have hijacked that plane to make it big time. Meles’s co-thief, Gwal-Gola has deposited her gold bullion in a safe place in Swiss and USA. She only has fixed assets in Ethiopia like Gamal Mubarek, Dictator Mubarek/s son who fled with 110 luggages to Europe but his steel company in Cairo was razed to the ground by the fury of the protesters who had enough of the Mubarek family pillaging. We’ll wait and see the meles family and his private Agazzi (Agassess)militia fleeing for their lives once the people of Ethiopia rise up to spew out its fire of fury at them. Shaebia planes should be on alert to track their fleeing aircraft and escort them back to to return all their loots and tried in the court, unless the US Navy whisk their loyal dog away on a one way ship to Seattle, washington where Meles and his witch partner in crime, Gwal-Gola has a three storey mansion in a private suburb drive. Whereever they are , they should be hunted down.

  29. [maru
    & Tigist],

    Had the TPLF Polit Bureau was transparent about its Political, economic and business dealings to our citizens,then there was no need to blame right away the di-
    sappearance of the coffee upon the government and its insider operatives. The fact is TPLF is an underground political party that
    conducts stealth operation
    upon Ethiopians,as a result the public is left in dark about TPLF plan and
    TPLF is not accountable to the public .That is what Ethiopians are against up. So according to Maru he find it hard to believe Azeb and the TPLF insiders being blamed not only for the disappearance of the 9 million K.G but also
    Azb’s reported
    shop spree in Europe.
    I am of the opinion that the government is to be blamed; the fact is no one can misplace this amount of coffee but those who have inside connection, including the house hold members of the P.M-period. It is impossible to take a piece of vulture from the mouth of the lion, without consent.
    In any way melese and his insider operatives are fully responsible for its disappearance . The burden of proof is on their side, not the other way around; it is openly admitted 9 million

    k.g coffee is lost. The proper way to deal with this scandal is to be transparent, follow its lead and expose the case to the Ethiopian public.
    Until then I personally hold the regime and its operatives resposible.We must expose Melese’s total
    sell out of our country while millions live in starvation.Maru if you still have
    objection about my point please refer to this article about the secrecy of TPLF.


  30. Melese Zenawi reasure how he himself is corrupted including his wife the most and the first corrupted women in Ethiopia womens History.That 10,000 ton row coffee soled out by Azebe Misefen.Meles clearly side that we know where is the valu of the coffee and we are happy the test of the coffee but we do not need to talk about it any more however If any one tray sale any more coffee the same as my wife I will cutt off his/her hand.

    Elias kefile thank you vary much for your trustworthy and evidenced information as ususal. I always support you and your idea well don keep it up more and more. still your doing your own part vary well.

  31. If TPLF can massacre unarmed civilian Ethiopian on the streets of Addis in front of world media in braod day light, there is nothing surprising about TPLF looting 10,000 tons of Ethiopian coffee.

    Ethiopian protesters massacred.
    Ethiopian police massacred 193 people, including 40 teenagers. Six policemen were also killed and some 763 people injured. They had been shot, beaten and strangled.
    More than 100 journalists and aid workers were rounded up during & arrested, accused of treason and attempted genocide. “It is time the EU and US realise that the current regime in Ethiopia is repressing the people because it lacks democratic legitimacy”.
    Ana Gomes
    EU observer

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